Review: Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF50+ PA++++

I bought Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun sunscreen because at the time I couldn't order on Ebay my usual Asian sunscreens, so I over payed for this one. It's one of those popular Asian sunscreens and I was mostly intrigued by centella asiatica extract in it. Although, it turns out it's not my favorite in terms of texture.

Review: Bronx Colors - Face Products

I've been trying out Bronx Colors products which is a new brand that just came to Slovenian stores. I have never heard of the brand before.  Products are inspired by Bronx district from New York. They draw inspiration from textures and colors of that vibrant city. 

I have received so many Bronx products that I have decided to split my review posts into three parts - face, eye and lip products. So expect two more posts. 

New In (30)

I've accumulated quite a few of new products, so prepare for a longer post. I really should do these more often to make them more enjoyable for you.

Review: Avon 2 In One Cushion Cloud Creamy Lip & Cheek Colour - Sugar And Spice

I was usually never a fan of cream products, but now I kind of like them for a more natural makeup look, when I want to look good, but can't be bothered to apply a full on makeup look. Avon added to the creamy trend with their new 2 In One Cushion Cloud Creamy Lip & Cheek Colours

Review: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer - 00 Ivory

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser is somewhat of a cult drugstore product. It has been around for a really long time and it seems people still like its formula. I am one of those rare ones that has just tried it out right now. 

August 2020 Favorites

August has been busy and my makeup was kept at minimal. I have been testing some new skin care products which have deserved its place in this months favorites. I brought back out some of my old makeup favorites that I particularly love for hot summer days. 

Review: Avon Distillery Shadow Shots Eyeshadows and Lash'd Up Mascara

I have already talked about Avon Distillery skin care range which was first vegan range from Avon. Recently they also added Distillery makeup range with pressed powders, mascara and single eyeshadows. I have tried most of them out. Here are my thoughts on this range.

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencils - Nude Pink, Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Ever

I've always loved NYX as a brand, because it's sort of like a drugstore alternative to MAC and they always have great shade selection. Not that I've tried much of their products, because we don't have them in Slovenian drugstore, but I am always so happy when I can get some in person. Their Slim Lip Pencils quickly became one of my favorite, mostly because of the wide selection of nude shades that they offer.

Review: NYX Epic Ink Liner - Black

Since Asian products are harder to get these days, I look for alternatives that I can buy in Europe. While researching for a good brush tip liquid liner, I came upon many great reviews for NYX Epic Ink Liner. I decided to try it out and it turns out, it's as nice as they say.

Review: Viseart Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Edit

Viseart is one of those makeup brands that a lot of makeup artists swear by. It's a Parisian brand known for their eyeshadow palettes mostly, but they do other products as well. I have had my eye on them for a while, but I am always hesitant buying more expensive products before trying it in person. Usually that only happens, if there is a good deal on it and Warm Edit was on sale.

July 2020 Favorites

In July we went on a short trip to the sea and my favorites reflect that. There is a lot of new skin and body care in my routine and much less makeup, because I only used my basics.

Review: Ardell Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen - Medium Brown

I've never really been interested in these brow pens until I saw how natural, yet defined results can look. Glossier Brow Flick is one of the most popular eyebrow pens, but since Glossier is impossible to get in Europe, I heard the next best thing is Ardell Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen. I saw Katie Jane Hughes using both of these and loving, so I decided to try it out once I was placing my order for some other products.

Review: Avon Artistique Parfumiers Iris Fetiche Eau de Parfum

Artistique Parfumiers is a new collection of scents by Avon inspired by their beginnings as a California Perfume Company back in 1886. Perfumers were inspired by personal memories and created three fragrances called Iris Fetiche, Magnolia en Fleurs and Patchouli Indulgence. These scents represent journey into the craftsmanship of perfumery that began in Paris back when Avon was created.

Tropical Paradise Makeup

Tropical eye makeup to cut through this summer heat. Heavy on the eyes and very minimal on everything else. These blues and greens are calling me to tropical paradise. 

New In (29)

It's been so long since I've last talked about my new in products, so I decided to just not include all the ones that I already have review of on. Because otherwise I would have to do three posts of these. I have been repurchasing a lot of products as well as researching out for new one that could complete my skin care and makeup routine.

Review: Avon Planet Spa The Ayurveda Ritual - Soothe & Balance Face Mask and Multi-Use Oil

I think one of my first Avon products was one of their Planet Spa masks. Their Planet Spa range has been around since I remember. Every now and then they come out with new scents, but some have been staple in the collection for years. Their latest collection is called The Ayurveda Ritual and I tested face mask and multi-oil.

June 2020 Favorites

This months has been really boring when it comes to makeup and my skin was acting up so I got back to some of the basics that I know work for me. I feel like these favorites are just going to become increasingly more boring and short, because I don't really have time to experiment as much with my makeup as I used to.

Review: Avon True Euphoric Volume & Length Mascara - Brown Black

Usually, Avon mascaras don't do it for me, because most of them have a drier formula which doesn't build up as much volume as I would like. But their new Euphoric mascara is actually one of the few that I really like and has become my favorite from them. I have been wearing it every day for weeks already.

Review: Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish Liquid Lipstick - 960 Date Night

Revlon is one of those brands that always does great quality lip products. Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish is one of their latest range of liquid lipsticks. As soon as I saw the finish of these, I knew I would love them. Mine is in a wearable mauve nude shade called Date Night.

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette - Carli Bybel

Anastasia Beverly Hills is most know for its brow products, but they also make popular eyeshadow palettes. Carli Bybel is a YouTuber which is quite well known and she collaborated with Anastasia to make her own eyeshadow palette. I personally don't follow Carli Bybel, I just got this palette because it was the only shade selection that appealed to me and the fact that it was on sale. I wanted to try ABH eyeshadow formula for a while, but I couldn't justify the price.

Review: Catrice LE Sungasm Summer Glow Make-Up Setting Mist

Catrice has new limited edition called Sungasm that is already available in stores. I have tried out their Summer Glow Make-Up Setting Mist and it's a great one for getting moisturized and dewy look back to your skin after applying powder makeup or just to refresh your makeup.

May 2020 Favorites

In may I have been testing a lot of new products and to my luck, most of them turned out to be amazing, so I am feature them in my May favorites. I love whenever I find good products that were worth my money and in this post I also have a lot of very affordable drugstore options that have impressed me.

Review: Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Highlighters (All Shades) and Blush (C02 Rose Duet)

Catrice's latest limited edition called Glow In Bloom is all about glowy skin with floral inspiration. It's available in April and May at most Catrice retailers. I have to say their highlighters are just amazing. Blush is also nice.

Review: Nars Blush Orgasm and Powermatte Lip Pigment Starwoman

I got these two products as a gift from a lovely friend Astrid which I got to know through my blog and we have actually met once in person. She was so nice to send me some makeup products and I have to say, she has great taste. I loved everything she picked out for me. Among these I was most excited for iconic Nars Orgasm blush and their red matte lipstick in shade Starwoman.

Review: L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush - 60 Be The Next She.E.O.

I fell in love with L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush formulas. First I had one shade and now I bought a third one called 60 Be The Next She.E.O. It's just one of those blushes that has great pigmentation, doesn't need to be build up and lasts all day long. 

Review: Maybelline City Bronzer - 200 Medium Cool

Bronzers and highlighters are probably one of those makeup products I can never have enough of. It's the two products I almost always use whenever I do makeup on myself. Bronzer gives my face dimension and color that makes me look alive. You'll know what I'm talking about, if you're on the pale spectrum as well. I have heard only great things of Maybelline City Bronzer and I finally decided to get a shade to see how it goes.

April 2020 Favorites

April was pretty much quarantine month. If someone said to me before that life as we know it would come to a stop, I wouldn't believe it. I took full advantage of this time at home with gardening, cleaning and spending more time outside. I still did my makeup every now and then and I finally used up some products that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. 

Rimmel: Exaggerate Eye Definer, Wonder'Swipe Liner to Shadow and Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara

I received a package from Rimmel a while ago. It was inspired by a London look which I can see with these color schemes. I already have some of my favorites from Rimmel and I was excited to try new products out. 

Review: Avon Mark Supreme Shadow Playbook Eyeshadow Palette

Avon came out with a pretty big eyeshadow palette for them called Supreme Shadow Playbook. It's in a book format and you get two sides of eyeshadows. Their mattes have always been impressive and those in this palette are just as nice. It's a different color selection than what I am used to these days.

Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - NC13

When I researched MAC foundations, Studio Fix Fluid was the most popular one that everyone recommended. It's apparently one of those good coverage foundations that also lasts well on the skin. I am usually not a fan of MAC base products, but I keep trying new products out hoping I will find that perfect one that I can say is worth the price. 

Purple Haze

Spring always inspires me to play more with colors. It's that time of the year that is definitely the most vibrant and colorful. Many makeup artist play with colors so well and I especially like monochromatic eye looks created by using different tones of just one color. That's what I tried to create with this purple look. 

Review: GLOV Makeup Removers, Noelle Brush, Wet n Wild Highlighter

A really long time ago I got this super cute pink package from lič All the products in it are vegan and drugstore priced. My package smelled like Christmas cookies because of the O.W.N. Candles Happy Holidays Wax that was in the package. 

Review: Avon Herstory Eau de Parfum

Avon released new fragrance for International Women's Day called Herstory. It celebrates women around the world and encourages them to say their story. It's one of woody floral mixes.

Review: Catrice Professional Brow Palette - 010 Light to Medium

Catrice came out with two brow palettes that are now in their regular range. It's a part of spring/summer 2020 revamp. I was most excited about this product when I first saw PR photos. It seemed like something that I would actually use a lot. 

March 2020 Favorites

My last month's favorites are a good mix of old and new products that I reached for. To be honest, there wasn't much makeup going on this months and my skin is acting up, so these are those products that I grabbed the most and have impressed me so far. 

How-to: Soap Brows

Soap brows aren't anything new. I believe it is a method that has been used in the past as well, but it's gotten a bit more popular in the past few years. Many makeup artist that I follow swear by this method and this kind of brows are almost signature for their aesthetic. I have been avoiding them for a long time, but since trying it out and making it adjust to my style, I have grown to really like it.

Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 600 Coral Sass

I believe these Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours are one of the better ones in drugstore, if you like matte liquid lipstick. I am not a fan of such formulas, because my lips are too dry to handle wearing them. 

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Nude Beige, Mauve, Mahogany

I bought two of these NYX Lip Pencils in Bipa in Austria once and ever since, I loved the formula and wanted to get more. I got one more shade, but would love to try out even more in the future. It's that regular lip pencil formula, but the thing that got me the most is the shade selection. There is a ton of nudes to choose from. 

Winged eyeliner for slightly hooded eyes

I've gotten questions here and there about how I do my winged eyeliner, since I obviously have slightly hooded eyes. Obviously, on my makeup photos I lift my brows to make my eye shape look lifted, because otherwise you wouldn't see all the pretty colors I have on. In real life I can go from slightly hooded to almost completely hooded eye shape, depending on how tire or puffy my eyes are. So I thought I would share one of the ways to do winged liner, if you're like me and you still want to wear it. 

New In (28)

These are products that I got a while ago and I already had the chance to test almost all of them out. These new ins are usually quite long and that's because I forget to post them and then there's suddenly too many new products to talk about. But just skip to those that interest you. I have a short review of all of them. 

Review: theBalm Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary-Dew Manizer was on my wishlist for a while. My lovely friend got it for me for my birthday. I've had it on my wishlist, since I've always loved the shade and sheen of Mary-Lou Manizer, which is pressed version and this one is the same, but in a liquid formula. Liquids always tend to look more natural, but I love that this one still packs a punch of shine, if you apply it heavier. 

February 2020 Favorites

I am so predictable in my makeup ways. Whenever I get something new, I have to test it out and if I like it, that's all I'll use for a while. Here are some of my favorites that I've been using a lot this month. 

Review: Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner Waterproof - 010 Black Waterproof

I almost never get excited about drugstore eyeliners, because I in general dislike felt tip and regular liquid formulas. So when I saw Catrice was coming out with a brush tip, I knew I had to try it out. I am always trying to find European version of my beloved Clio Kill Black Liner, because it's a hassle to get it from Asia. I think this one might be a good enough replacement. 

MAC Studio Face And Body Foundation - C1

MAC is one of those staple makeup brands, because it has been on the market for a while and they were one of those brands that always had a wide range of shades. I often get a bit disappointed with their products, because my expectations are too high. Their Face and Body Foundation is one of those staples that a lot of makeup artists swear by and I too wanted to see, if it will impress me that much.

Review: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel Matte 77 Black and Duraline

Inglot is one of those brands that I didn't hear a lot about before I started to get more into makeup. Back in the day on YouTube everyone seemed to be using their gel eyeliner and since then I've always wanted to try out some of their products. I already reviewed some of their pigments and contour powder and now I'll talk more about two of their most popular products - AMC Eyeliner Gel and Duraline.

Flushed and Rosy

I'm posting it on Valentine's Day, because it's a very romantic flushed and rosy makeup look. I had this very flushed sheeny cheek in my mind and I created the rest of the look around it. There's just something romantic about this look to me and I feel like it would work for many skin tones and eye color.

Review: Benefit I'm Hotter Outdoors Set (Hoola, Roller Lash, Gimme Brow)

I came upon this cute tin set of three Benefit products called I'm Hotter Outdoors and it was actually on sale. It costed less then the Hoola bronzer itself, which was on my wishlist for so long. I way eyeing it and this was the perfect opportunity to finally get it. 

January 2020 Favorites

January may be one of the most depressed months, but it's one of my favorites, because it's my birthday month. And to me it always resembles sort of a new start, since it's the beginning of a new year. I have received quite a few new makeup products and some made it into my favorites and I've been using them a lot. 

New In (27)

It's been a really long time since my last New In post and I've accumulated quite a few new products. Especially over the holidays, when I treated myself with new products and I also got sent some packages from brands. I've already tried all of these out and loved most of them.

Review: Avon Mark Prism Lipstick - Orbital Lust

Avon Mark Prism is a new range of Avon's lipsticks. I've had the chance to try out shade Orbital Lust. It's one of those creamier formulas that contains small shimmer which should give it that prismatic sheen on your lips.