Review: Tangle Teezer

Hey Beauties!

Today it's about a product, that will tame your unruly mane. It's about the infamous Tangle Teezer.

I have to admit I wanted it for a long time, but somehow just always forgot to buy it. Now, I finally did, and I am very glad. I was skeptical of it's performance and it proved me wrong.

I ordered it on Feelunique, when it was on sale, for 9.56€. Now it's 11.48€. I bough the original in black.

Tangle Teezer came in plastic box, which had a nice United Kingdom flag design inside. The box has all the important things written on-like technology behind it, who invented it and how to use. The product is very light-which is a nice change from all those heavy regular hair brushes.

The bristles are very thin and they alternate between short and long ones. The dots at the end of the bristles are really small. Bristles are soft and they can easily bend. I think that is the main reason, why brushing through the hair gets a lot easier. The bristles seem to bend and because they are so thin, they go through the hair with a certain ease and don't pull out your hair or stop in the middle.

It's also designed to fit in your palm. I think it is the perfect size for an average women palm.

I really like how it performs. I have been using it for a few days and I have to say, I am not going back to those regular hair brushes-ever again! I have a lot of split ends and a nest on the back of my head. Tangle Teezer has copped with this like a pro. No more pulling the hair, no more rescuing the brush out of the hair and especially no more additional breakage. I love it so much, that I seem to brush my hair few times a day, for no reason at all. It just feels so nice :)

I find Tangle Teezer to be great for brushing dry or wet hair. Of course, I don't recommend brushing wet hair, because you can still damage it. It also gives you a really nice head massage, if you use it on the roots of the hair. Heck, it is even great for scratchy scalp days :).

I guess, you have all realized by now, that I just really like it and would recommend it to anyone. Especially to those, who feel like they pull and break a lot of hair with a regular brush. Which is what I used to did, and damaged my hair further on.

Do you own any Tangle Teezer products and how do you like them?

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Beauties!

So, I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award by Petitebeautyblogger, so make sure to check out her blog. Thank you so much, for nominating me :).

These are the rules:
1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I am nominating:

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Ok, so here are 7 random facts about me:

1. The only pastry I tend to bake and that it actually comes out eatable, are cupcakes or muffins.
2. I was a hip hop dancer.
3. I love everything that has to do with bamboo, coconut and leopard print.
4. I study media communications.
5. I love to be sarcastic sometimes, but some people don't get it.
6. I would love to own a french bulldog-ahhh...someday when I have my own place.
7. I tend to come across unapproachable, just because I look to serious sometimes.

So that's it. I hope you have learned some more about me and that you'll let me know if you do it as well, so can I learn more about you.

Have fun ;)

Maybelline Colorama 77 (light pink)

Hey Beauties!

I am not really pink-kind-of girl. I don't seem to go for typically pink colors. As far as nail polishes goes, I own maybe three pink shades and they are all bright pink colors.

So obviously, I thought to myself, why haven't I bought any light pink nail polishes?! Since that question popped in my mind I have been looking for this kind of color, but no one impressed me enough. Until, I saw this baby among a few of Colorama nail polishes. They are on sale here, so there were very little shades left. I bought it, not knowing how pretty it really is.

The shade is 77. So sad, that they don't give them names :(. As you can see it's a really milky baby pink color. I would have to say typically girly girl pink. I really like Maybelline nail polishes anyways, so of course, I liked this texture. I have to say it covers really nicely after just one application. Of course you can still see some nail through, so I recommend applying it twice to get a perfect color.

As you can see, I added some gold half circles on top of every nail.

Here, it still costs 1.99 for 7 ml. The packaging is transparent glass with a black screw-on top and name of the nail polish line written on it. Brush is typical, nothing special or new about it.

If you like this kind of pink I recommend getting it, because I always recommend Maybelline nail polishes, because they seem to stay on a lot longer than some other drug store brands. I seem to have fallen for this baby pink-who would have thought :)

What is your favorite pink nail polish?

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Cool skin tone makeup (violet, fuchsia, pink)

Hey Beauties!

I created this makeup that I think would suite perfectly anyone with cool skin tone. I created violet eye look, with light violet and a deeper blue toned violet eye shadow. I used the same cream blush in pink/fuchsia color to go on the cheeks and lips. All colors used are very cool toned and would blend well with the skin with cool undertone.

I started with a light wash of lighter violet all over the lid. I added deeper blue toned violet to the outer half of the eye.

I added even darker almost black violet on the outer v. On the bottom lash line I put the first light violet eye shadow. I also put light pearl pink in the inner corner of the eye.  

I added deeper blue toned violet and darker black violet on the outer corner of the bottom lash line. This dark violet I also used as a liner on the upper lash line. I finished with mascara and a lot of curling. 

On the cheeks I put cream blush that looks like a mix of purple and fuchsia color. On top of the cheeks I put a very light pink pearl eye shadow as a highlighter. I used the same blush on the lips. Why not? I don't own that kind of lip color so I experimented and I think, I actually like the finish on the lips :).

-88 Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette (light pear pink)
-Catrice Glamazona C01-I Got The Flower! (lighter violet)
-Essence Return to Paradise 01 Cockatoo (deeper blue toned violet)
-Essence 26 Disco Queen (dark black violet)
-L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black

-Essence Guerilla Gardening Cream to Powder Blush 01 Mission Flower (blush) 

-Essence Guerilla Gardening Cream to Powder Blush 01 Mission Flower (blush)
-Catrice  340 Oopos..Nude Did It Again (highlighter)

-Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer
-Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
-Revlon Colorstay Concealer
-Catrice Camouflage Cream

What is your favorite pink/fuchsia/magenta lipstick?

DIY: Three-in-one watch bracelet

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I made this watch bracelet, that is actually three bracelets in one. I wasn't sure if I would post it, because it wasn't anything particularly new or hard to do. I still decided to share it with you.

For this I used:
-leather cord
-jump rings
-pear beads
-old watch

Firstly I measure the chain to go around my wrist two times. Then I made a regular knot with the leather cord. On one end of the cord I started putting on pearl beads, until I got the length of half of my wrist.

After that I took the old watch and removed the belt. I used my mothers old watch, which doesn't actually work anymore. I just wanted it as an extra element to my bracelet. Of course if you have one that works, use that one - function and design ;).

I folded the cord in half and put it through both ends of the watch, so that a loop was sticking out of one end. Then I created two knots on one end and went through the end, under the watch again. On the other end I pulled it through between the cord loop. Then again I made a regular knot, because I wanted to have the same knot as on the other end of the watch.

After that I just put pear beads on the other half of the cord, made a knot and put jump ring at the end.
On the other side, where there is chain, I put on a jump ring with lobster clasp.

I know the watch bracelets where popular a while ago. I remembered it when I saw this old watch of mom and decided to make it into a bracelet. I also loved the idea, that I saw on the internet, to make a bracelet that looks like two or three different styles in one. The beauty in this is, that you have different styles, but only one to put on. Makes it easier to dress up in a hurry :).

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DIY: Brush cleaner

Hey Beauties!

I was getting sick of cleaning my brushes while abusing my hands. My hands usually got dry like Sid from the Ice Age, when he drank salty water. It was just not kind to my hands anymore. I made a brush cleaner, so that my hands are now free.

For this you will need:
-plastic surface (folder, cover)
-permanent marker
-hot glue gun

I tried this brush cleaner with transparent plastic folders, but the glue burnt them and left holes in it. So I recommend using something that's a bit thick and plastic, so the glue can't leave holes in the plastic. I used plastic folders, which I used for my study notes. You can also use plastic cover from some old notebooks.

The permanent marker was to make it a bit more interesting and personal. I drew on a desired design on which I will later put the glue. This made it a bit more interesting. And you know I love animal print, so I just drew on animal print patterns from the smallest to the largest.

Then I took the hot glue gun and played a little game called connecting the dots ;). It's hard to finish the hot glue at any point, so instead of getting clean lines between each leopard dot, it became a picture of connecting the dots. Oh well! :) I also went over tiger striped and giraffe pattern.

I let it dry and tried it out. Since it is plastic, you can run water over it, and it will stay the same. I pour some soup on the brush cleaner and swirl the brushes. The glue serves as a bump on which you swipe around the make up brush to get all the dirt out of it, instead of using your hand. Smaller leopard prints are for the smaller eye brushes and the bigger patterns are for the big face brushes.

How do you clean your make up brushes?