Favorite Repurchased Products

I'm always mentioning new products in my favorites as well as in my reviews, but I don't get to talk about those products that I repurchase and truly love on daily basis. This is why I decided to do a whole post dedicated to those products that I'm loving and have repurchase multiple times. I think it speaks volumes when you repurchase something. It means you really like it. Especially in this day of ages where you're bombarded with new products all the time. 

Review: NYX Pro Foundation Mixer - White

I realize this review should have been written a while ago. I had this product for about 10 months now, plus white foundations tend to be more sought after in the winter time, but nonetheless, I finally made up my mind about this. It's definitely one of must have products for all of your that like higher coverage and find most drugstore foundations to be too dark for your skin tone. 

Kissy Nails

I once did lip design on my nails, but I never posted that manicure on the blog. So I decided to do this lip design again, but on nude base which I really enjoy these days. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure and everyone seemed to think I stamped it on, but it's actually a free hand design.

Avon Summer Beauty Box

Avon has another beauty box and it's a summer edition. I was a bit more excited to try this one, because it has large spectrum of different products in it not just makeup. It comes in a summery sleeve which you take off and see purple ribbon design with A on it. It has magnetic closing and will be nice to reuse. 

New In (18)

Usually, my new in posts are full of makeup products, but this time I have a lot of skin care, body care and hair care. I also made a few repurchases of my favorite products that I've ran out of. I also wrote short reviews for some new products that I have tried out.

Review: Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Ingot Highlighter

Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that makes releases more often than I cut my hair. It seems like every week there is something new coming from them. I've had the chance to try out one of their highlighters and I have to say, it's really nice. They seem to be constantly upgrading their quality.

Review: Hemptouch konopljina mazila

Ker gre za slovensko znamko, sem se odločila, da za spremembo objavo napišem kar v slovenščini. Hemptouch je slovensko podjetje, ki ustvarja naravne negovalne izdelke. Večina izdelkov temelji na konopljinem olju in kombinaciji zelišč. Hladno stiskano konopljino olje vsebuje veliko antioksidantov, ceramide in maščobne kisline. Konopljino olje pridelujejo kar sami. Njihova kozmetika ne vsebuje dražečih kemikalij, parfumov, barvil in alkohola. 

Sama sem se odločila, da preizkusim dve mazili, ki bi lahko pomagali mojim suhim rokam, ki so posledica ekcema. CBD mazilo je primerno za bolj akutna kožna obolenja, mazilo za kožne težave pa je univerzalna dopolnilna nega za vse, ki imajo probleme s suho kožo. Kombinirala sem obe mazili, ker naj bi bilo CBD mazilo samo po sebi premalo vlažilno. 

Avon Beauty Box Zmagovalec

Nagradna igra za My Avon Box From Nude to Glamour je končana. Zmagovalka je...

June 2018 Favorites

I feel like I have been testing mostly new products this month, so those made it to my favorites. My makeup was either more colorful or very basic. There have also been some new products in the body care range that have impressed me enough to talk about them in this month's favorites.