Review: Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks

Maybelline Superstay Ink Liquid Lipsticks have gained a lot of love, when they first came out. I remember many loving them as one of the more long lasting formula that is readily available in drugstore. I wanted to try it out and it turns out these are nice for when you want something that lasts, but don't want your lips to suffer too much.


These come in plastic square tubes with different colors that should represent color inside, but don't count on it completely. It has petal doe foot applicator which holds quite a lot of product. I don't apply these with applicator, because I prefer brushes with matte liquid lipsticks. It gives it thinner layer and more effortless look.

In it is 5 ml of product and it costs around 11€. I got most of these on Notino as they have these on sale often at half the price. 


Formula is very pigmented and sort of creamy, not particularly liquid. It dries in the matter of seconds to a proper matte finish. Right after application these are sticky so avoid pressing your lips together in the mean time as it can create patchiness.

They have sort of sweet vanilla scent to them.


Maybelline constantly adds new shades and some are limited edition, but there is a huge range of standard shades as well. I believe all together 41 shades

I chose mostly nudes as well as some pinks, but I also mix these up to create in-between shades without buying all of them. 

05 Loyalist - warm pale peachy brown nude. 
65 Seductress - neutral light mauve brown nude.
70 Amazonian - warm medium caramel brown.
175 Ringleader - warm medium muted pink.
15 Lover - cool medium purple pink.

Secutress is my favorite shade out of all of these. It's that perfect light neutral nude that will suit most light skin tones. Amazonian is definitely the most unusual shade, because it's quite warm and very brown. Ringleader and Lover are both great to mix with neutral shades to get a pinkier warmer or cooler version. Loyalist is pretty pale, so I love it for toning down other shades. 


As I've mentioned, I apply these with a separate brush. Use fluffy one to get the lightest layer. I feel that with applicator these look too heavy and sometimes paler shades can further emphasize any texture. 

In general these are proper matte liquid lipsticks and they are transfer proof. They are also very long lasting, you'll need to remove them with cleansing oil. They'll survive most things except greasy food. I also like that when applied in light layer, they don't feel heavy or overly drying. It's not moisturizing by any means, but it also isn't deadly drying and I can handle wearing these on special occasions when I want that staying power. Lipstick will emphasize any dry patches you may have. I notice some stickiness even as it dries down completely, but I try to tap it down with tissue. 

I also love to apply these as liquid blushes, because they last well. I apply them with a fluffy brush to get light layer and you have to be quick before it dries down. 

If you know me than you know I have fairly dry lips and I don't particularly like matte liquid lipsticks. Most can feel very heavy and drying on the lips. However, I feel like Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks are good option, if you want that lasting power, something transfer proof and that is still comfortable enough to wear. Apply these with a brush in lighter layer for lighter feel and look. I also like that the shade selection is fairly big and the fact that you can get these in most drugstores. The only thing I don't like is that slight stickiness that lingers on the lips, it can be annoying. 


  1. Super swatchi :). Čeprav je pohvalno, da so precej razširili izbor odtenkov, meni še vedno nekaj manjka. Seductress izgleda še najbolj zanimiv, samo bi na zelo svetli koži bil manj pink. So mi pa tile super ker res ostanejo na ustnicah forever.

    1. Hvala. Ja itak, nikoli dovolj nude odtenkov, sploh za vse vrste polti. Ampak napram drugim drogerijskim znamkam je to ena izmed linij, ki ima kar nabor - čeprav jih pri nas tudi ni vseh odtenkov. Seductress bi na tebi bil ziher bolj nude, to sva že večrat ugotovili kako drugače potegne barva na nama :D. Res je, obstojnost je odlična. Ravno zato so mi všeč za posebne priložnosti. :)