Review: Avon Naturals Aloha Monoi Coconut & Tiare Flower - Scrub, Lotion And Scented Spritz

I'm a little late posting about this Avon Naturals collection named Aloha Monoi. It was released in summer and features very summery scent of coconut and tiare flower. The whole collections includes shower creme, bubble bath, body scrub, body lotion and scented spritz. I tried out three of those.


Collections is packaged in transparent plastic tubes and bottles. Design is inspired by Tahiti featuring white sand and turquoise water. Very tropical and pretty.

Body Scrub

It's white cream which contains small scrub particles. Those are even smaller than sugar, more like regular salt. You can spread it well and massage into the skin easily.

It's quite gentle scrub for the body, I am used to bigger scrub particles. But it still exfoliated skin physically and leaves it nicely soft after you wash it off. Scent of it linger for a bit as well.

In it is 150 ml of product and it usually costs 2.20€.

Body Lotion

It's one of those light gel cream lotions. Texture is very spreadable and so lightweight that it almost feels like you're applying gel on your body. You need very little of it to cover your whole body. 

It sinks into the skin fast and leaves velvet finish with the slightest sheen, which is perfect for hot weather. It feels just enough moisturizing, but lightweight. Milky tropical scent lingers on the skin for a while.

In it is 200 ml of product and it usually costs 2.20€.

Scented Spritz

These scented spritzes are basically scented alcohol waters. You spray them on your body or even use it to refresh the room. It gives you scent, but isn't as powerful or long lasting as proper perfumes, though it still lingers on body and clothes for a descent time.

Out of all three products this one has the most prominent scent. To me it doesn't smell that much of coconut, it's more like a creamy coconut milk base on top of tropical floral scent which must be tiare flower. It's very creamy and sort of cozy, but very much summery scent. I liked this for using at home when I wasn't going anywhere and I still wanted to smell nice.

In it is 100 ml of product and it usually costs 2.50€.

I think this is fun summer collection of body products with creamy tropical scent. Scrub is gentle, but helps to remove that upper layer of dead skin cells, body lotion is lightweight and sinks in fast and spritz is just scented enough that it lingers long enough, but won't make your head hurt.

Avon also sold all three of these products in a set for 5.90€. They have many different scents of Naturals sets as well, so you can choose more season appropriate scents like cranberry & cinnamon. I have gifted some of them to my friends already in the past. They are fun, because scents are more one to two dimensional, so if you know someone that loves vanilla for example, you can't go wrong with vanilla sandalwood body set. 

*Products were sent to me.

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