Review: Elf Blush Palette (Light)

Hey Beauties!

Blush is one of those things that I always buy in singles. When I saw that Elf has a whole palette of 4 blushes for a very good price, I couldn't pass on that chance. To my surprise the pigmentation and shades amazed me in a positive way.

Elf Blush palette comes in a black matte plastic packaging. It opens and closes nicely and it has a huge mirror inside.

It costs 7.95£ here (they are currently out of stock I think) and you get 4 grams of product.

As you can see on the bottom you have a chance to pop each shade of blush out. It's practical if you want to make your own palette and maybe buy some more shades from Elf to mix and match. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I already had an accident with this popping out. Basically the system is not flawless. The blushes are stuck in pretty hard and you have to hold the edges when you try to pop it out, otherwise the blush will be flying across your room. Like I did with one. Agrh! I was so angry. I just had to pop it out, before I even took photos of it! Go figure! So yeah, I don't know how much this popping out system can actually be useful. 

I think they have three different shades of blush palettes. I got the Light version, which of course has shades suited for light skin tones. I numbered the blushes so you'll know about which I'm talking about. 

I swatched the blushes in this order: shade 1, shade 2, shade 3 and shade 4. 
1 is matte cool toned light pink, which for some reason looks warm on my skin tone. 
2 is matte light brown peach
3 is matte warm red toned pink
4 is red toned orange, which has small gold shimmer in it, but it's almost unnoticeable on the skin. It's actually a bit odd, because the shimmer is so sparse in the blush that you get very little shimmer particles in one swipe. It looks like the shimmer has fallen in by mistake. 

I have to apologize that the lighting on photos is different. They were taken at different times, but I hope you'll still see how the blush looks like on me.

Shade 1

Shade 1 has a very noticeable cool blue tone to it, but for some reason it turns into a warm pink on my yellow skin tone, which of course I really like. 

Shade 2

Shade 2 looks too brown in the palette, but actually looks like a nice very light peachy brown shade on the skin. It's one of my favorites.

Shade 3

Shade 3 is almost berrry dark pink shade, which looks pretty peachy red on my skin for some reason.

Shade 4

Shade 4 is most my kind of shade, it's  redish orange that looks most natural with my skin tone and hair color.

As far as the texture goes, it's nice powder. Not to dry, it seems like it has that moist feeling to it. All the shades are extremely pigmented. I was very positively surprised. When I take the brush and dip it in, I have to use a very light hand, otherwise I'll end up with a lot of color on my cheeks. I also love the fact that you get 4 different shades to pair with all different looks. It's really amazing. 

One thing, this pop out packaging is not my favorite, since you have to be careful not to pop them out every time you hold the back of the packaging. I guess it's nice that it doesn't pop out immediately when you touch it, but that also means it's harder to get it out without breaking it. 

I would say definitely get it, if you want variety of good very pigmented shades. I'm thinking of getting some more myself. Elf has been warming up to my heart, lately. I've liked most of their products so far. 

Review: Models Own Hyper Gel nail polish (Powder Blue)

Hey Beauties!

Models Own came out with some new ranges of their nail polishes. One of which is also their Hyper Gel range. It's the trend that has been going on among nail polish companies, making nail polishes that give you that gel-like finish with beautiful shine.

Spodaj tudi prevod v slovenščini.

Hyper Gel range is suppose to be highly pigmented nail polish. It will give you that gel-like professional finish and shine. It's enriched with lotus flower oil. 

The packaging of those nail polishes is pretty classic. Glass bottle with plastic top. The brush is also pretty standard. No weird edges and it's just enough thin or thick for that matter.

It costs 5.95€ on Click2Chic and you get 14 ml of it. For some unknown reason, I didn't find my shade among their range, but you can see all the other shades.

I got it in the shade Powder Blue, which is a really nice light baby blue shade. I actually don't like blue shades of nail polish, except for this kind of blue. It reminds me of one of Maybelline Mini Colorama nail polishes, which I adored, but they've been discontinued for a long time. It's basically the perfect spring shade.

The texture of this nail polish is pretty thick. It's nicely pigmented for a light shade. You will obviously need at least two coats to get even color. Down bellow you can see how it looks like with one thin layer and the second thicker layer on top. 

I find that the polish has a nice shine to it, but I always follow up with a top coat anyway. I will say it did not last as long on my nails as some of the other Models Own nail polishes. But I guess that also depends on the condition of my nails, which are horrible these days. 

If you like the shades of those Hyper Gel polishes and you want pigmented nail polish with a beautiful shine, than this is for you. I especially love this shade. The only thing, the texture could be a little less thicker for me, because the application is not super even. The product was sent to me by Click2chic.

Models Own je k svojim stalnim linijam pred kratkim dodal nekaj novih. Med njimi tudi Hyper Gel linijo. Gre za trend, ki je priljubljen med različnimi blagovnimi znamkami. In sicer gre za lake, ki dajejo videz gel finiša z lepim sijajem. 

Hyper Gel linija naj bi vsebovala dobro pigmentirane lake, ki bodo imeli gel finiš profesionalne manikure in sijaj. Laki so obogateni z oljem lotusovega cveta.

Embalaža lakov je standardna. Gre za stekleno stekleničko z plastičnim vrhom. Čopič je prav tako standarden, ni preveč širok, niti preveč ozek. 

Cena za lak je 5.95€. V njem je 14 ml izdelka in ga lahko kupite v trgovini Click2Chic. Iz meni neznanega razloga, mojega odtenka nisem našla med ostalimi. Lahko pa si pogledate druge odtenke.

Moj odtenek laka se imenuje Powder Blue. Je zelo svetlo modre barve. Sama nisem ljubiteljica modrih lakov, razen takih odtenkov. Ta odtenek me spominja na enega od Maybelline Mini Colorama lakov, ki ga obožujem, ampak ga na žalost več ni v prodaji. Je perfekten odtenek za pomlad.

Tekstura laka je precej gosta. Je dobro pigmentiran za tako svetel odtenek. Seveda boste potrebovali vsaj dva sloja za enakomerno prektivnost. Na fotografiji lahko vidite kako izgleda lak z enim tankim slojem in kako z dvema slojema (drugim debelejšim).

Po mojem mnenju ima lak čudovit sijaj, ampak jaz vedno nanesem prek še nadlak. Priznati moram, da na mojih nohtih ni zdržal tako dolgo, kot kakšni drugi Models Own laki. Seveda je obstojnost odvisna tudi od stanja nohtov in moji so zadnje čase grozni.

Če so vam všeč odtenki Hyper Gel lakov in si želite pigmentiran lak z čudovitim sijajem, potem so ti laki zagotovo za vas. Meni je predvsem všeč ta odtenek. Edina stvar, ki bi mi bila bolj všeč je, če bi bil lak rahlo bolj tekoč oziroma, ker je težko nanesti neakomerno plast laka. Izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno od Click2Chic.

Spring haul

Hey Beauties!

Another haul post. I've grown to love these, as I can feature some new products and my thought on them. Because a lot of products never get on my blog, so this is nice. Mateja, Sandra and I, recently ordered some products from Kiko. We decided to split the postage and ordered some really nice products. I also decided to finally invest in Depend Gellack nail polish system.

Starting with Kiko, I knew I had to get some of their nail polishes. I only have one nail polish from Kiko and that one impressed me so much that I wanted some more. I got this very bright yellow Quick Dry nail polish in the shade 853. It actually has a lime green shine to it. It's very bright, perfect for spring and summer. I also got one of their regular nail polish line in the shade 322, which is a really nice light milky brown shade. I also really wanted to get their 3 in 1 Mat top coat. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't report on it.

Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 853 Pearly Light Yellow, 3.90€
Kiko Nail Lacquer 322 Caffe Latte, 1.00€
Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base Coat, Top Coat, 4.90€

I think all of us got at least one shade of their Long Lasting Stick 8 Hour No-transfer Eyeshadow. I got the shades 06 and 21. 06 is taupe bronze brown, it's actually very similar Maybelline Color Tattoo in 35 On and On Bronze. 21 is an interesting shade. It's a mixture of peach and pink. It looks very bright on the eyes. I won't go too much into detail, because reviews of these products will be in another post soon.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick 8 Hour No-transfer Eyeshadow 06 Golden Brown, 6.90€
Kiko Long Lasting Stick 8 Hour No-transfer Eyeshadow 21 Passion Fruit, 6.90€

Mateja was so nice to actually send me some huge testers of some of the products that she has and I've mentioned in the past that I would like to try. You gotta give it to her, she did not hold back when pouring these products for me. Seriously over-sized testers! :) 

I've only tried this Dove Purely Pampering Oil with Shea Butter and Vanilla once on my hand. It smells so lovely fruity sweet. The oil gives a beautiful subtle shine to the skin. I don't find it very greasy, but my skin is very dry these days. I think this will be amazing for summer. The shimmer in it is so small, that I don't even detect it on my skin. It just gives a really pretty sheen. 

I've already tried The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil a few times and I love it. The smell is so nice and comforting. The oils works great, removes all of my makeup and makes my skin feel very soft and nourished. I really like it and will sure get it, when I have the chance. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body, it's a good coverage foundation. I know Mateja uses this as a concealer and I tried it for that too. It works great. It is a very good coverage and the shade seems to match my skin tone really good. It's especially nice for under the eyes, since it is so light. I only used it on my face once and I loved it. Would need to try it more, to report on it.

She also included MAC Vanilla pigment, which surprised me. I always thought it has an obvious pink shine to it, but it's actually very light white golden shade, that has a pink and gold shine to it. It's just such an amazing mixture of shades. It's now on my wishlist.

Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! This was the first thing I noticed when I opened the package. It didn't spill or anything, but the smell was somehow present in there. It's such a sweet vanilla caramel scent, that will make you wanna eat it. I've decided, I definitely need to get this one. It's just so sweet and so good.

I've had the old version of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and since I used it up, I decided I need to get the new one. Lately, my skin has been very dry and this foundation is the only one that looks really good on me and also moisturizes it. I have to say, I think the new formulation is darker. Don't know why, but it just seems way too dark. I haven't notice any other differences, but then again, I haven't been using it for a long time.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 Light Vanilla, 14.99€

As I've mentioned before, I finally decided to splurge on Depend Gellack nail polish system and I admit, my heart felt a little uneasy spending that much money for a starter kit, but it is worth it. I also had a coupon for 30% off, so it was a bit cheaper. Starter kit includes their before and after cleanser, base coat and top coat. It also has UV light, which helps to dry the nail polish faster and some nail file and those cuticle wooden remover. I think it's worth for the UV light if nothing else, because I dry my other nail polishes underneath it and it really helps to make nail polish dry faster. I'll have to use it more, to decide if it also prolongs the wear of nail polish.

Depend Gellack Starter Kit, 46.99€

I only bought one shade of nail polish and that was black. It's my most versatile shade and I decided I'll just paint something on black to make it more interesting. I'm sure I'll expend my color range in the future. I wanted to add some other brands of nail polish, which I can buy on Ebay for a very cheap price.

Gellack Depend 039 Black as Night, 6.99€

And since I was at it, I also got their Remover Oil, because I already made my nails with this kit once and I did have a bit of trouble getting the nail polish off. It left my nail surface a bit uneven, which is not what I want in the future. 

Depend Gellack Remover Oil, 2.99€

My coworker has this system and she landed it to me once, so that I could try it before I bought it. My nails stayed nice for about a week. I think the wear time might get longer with more uses. I love changing up the nail polish colors and all that, but sometimes I just don't have time to reapply the nail polish. This will come in handy for when I want my nails to stay pretty for a longer time. Think summer vacation, long working weeks and such. 

Review: La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I was a lucky winner and won this La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche moisturizing cream for sensitive skin on Sandra's blog The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. I never thought I would like this cream so much, but then again La Roche-Posay is an amazing brand, so it's no surprise. 

It's a cream for sensitive skin and it's suppose to soothe, hydrate and moisturize your skin. It's meant to be as a daily care to make your skin feel comfortable and reduce any skin sensitivity. Texture of the cram is enriched with shea butter. It also contains hydrolipids and La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. 

It comes in a plastic squeezable tube and it's one of the most hygienic packaging for a face cream. The prices are different from one store to another, but it costs around 14€ and you get 40 ml of product. 

Here is the ingredients list.

As I've mentioned a few times, my skin is more on the combination side and pretty oily in the summer. However, the winter has done it's job, so I'm religiously using rich creams to insert some life into my skin. This cream is a rich version, but they have light version as well. It's for dry skin. The texture is pretty light for a rich cream. It's not thick, not runny, something in between. It's very smooth and spreads on the face with no problem. It does feel pretty rich once you start to massage it in. It has that slippery feeling of butter mixed with cream. That being said, it soaks into the skin really fast. It leaves behind surprisingly matte finish, but it still feels like it's locking in the moisture underneath the skin surface. Skin feels amazingly soft afterwards. The texture surprised me. Most of the rich creams are very greasy and leave that finish behind, but this soaks in and almost gives you a matte finish, incredible. The skin still gets the moisture and it looks pretty plumped. 

I also have a pretty sensitive skin and this cream worked great. No red patches, no itchiness. It does have a subtle smell to it, but for some reason it doesn't irritate my skin at all. It's a really good cream and I've been using it every day. Now I'm kind of afraid I got addicted and will need to buy one, when I use this one. It's not the cheapest, but it's a really good light moisturizing cream for mixed or dry skin. If you hate rich greasy creams and have sensitive skin that needs moisture, than I highly recommend this one. 

Review: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Hey Beauties!

It was sale on Feelunique that sparked my interest in finally getting one of the most talked about highlighters, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. I don't usually splurge a lot of money on makeup products, because I'm a student and have limited budget - still. But if you know me, you know that I am obsessed with highlighters and because of that I decided, if I'll splurge on something, it has to be highlighter. 

It costs around 19.58€ on Feelunique, but it was on sale for 16.64€. You'll get 8.5 grams of product. It comes with a cute paper box. The packaging is plastic, silver and well made. It's made like a mug shot of vintage looking woman and it's so clever made, including description of the highlighter.

Here is the ingredients list.

Inside is also a mirror, which can come very handy.

Now, let me say that this highlighter looks pinkish on most of the photos in the packaging. Don't be mistaken by that. It's actually completely gold toned. 

The texture is really silky, almost a bit wet. The pigmentation is amazing. It's yellow toned light gold. It actually has almost an orange shine to it, if you really pack it on your skin. The shimmer in it is very small, but for most of the people this would be an obvious highlighter. No glitter, just a really high shine, which is exactly how I like it. 

I also wanted to compare it to my other highlighters. Terra Naturi has a lot more orange undertone and it's more for a medium skin tones, or for me when I'm tanned. It also has smaller shimmer than the other two. Essence highlighter from their Metal Glam LE is actually really similar to The Balm. It has that same silky feeling of wetness to it and the size of shimmer is pretty similar. The difference is in the shade. Essence is a lot more metallic and very very light gold shade. The Balm is a lot more yellow gold, therefore darker than the Essence and not as metallic looking as Essence one. So, if you own Essence Metal Glam highlighter, thumbs up for you, because it's really similar to The Balm one, except for the shade.

I figured that you can build up the intensity of The Balm highlighter. You can use very small amount of it on the brush and it will give you a nice subtle sheen on the skin. You can also pack it one again and again, like I do most of the time (guilty!) and you'll get a very noticeable shine on tops of your cheeks. Like Desi Perkins says, you'll be seen from the space ;).

On the first photo it's a bit more light, as for on the other two photos I put a lot more on, as you may notice.

I will say if you really like highlighters, like I do, then go for it. You won't regret buying this one, Especially if you are on the fair side of the skin and have more of a warm skin tone, although I think it would also suit cool tones in a way. It's definitely worth the money, because it's beautiful and you'll get a good amount of it. I've been wearing this highlighter every day since I got it and completely forgot about all the other in my collection. I really like this one.