Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette - Carli Bybel

Anastasia Beverly Hills is most know for its brow products, but they also make popular eyeshadow palettes. Carli Bybel is a YouTuber which is quite well known and she collaborated with Anastasia to make her own eyeshadow palette. I personally don't follow Carli Bybel, I just got this palette because it was the only shade selection that appealed to me and the fact that it was on sale. I wanted to try ABH eyeshadow formula for a while, but I couldn't justify the price.


It comes in a pale grey cardboard packaging with a 3D pink pearls looking design. I am not a fan of the design, it looks sort of cheap to me. Single colored design of a palette with naming on it would be chicer looking. But that's just my opinion. It has magnetic closing and is quite bulky.

With the palette you get a dual sided eyeshadow brush which has a more tapered blendable side and a more straight cut lid brush. I don't like it. The quality is too cheap for such a high end product. It's not particularly soft and I don't use it. 

In it is 10.50 grams of product and I got it on sale for 33.60€ regular price is around 50€. There is much less product in it than it looks at first. I have smaller palettes with more product in them and are more affordable.


Matte shades have a drier formula, which can be harder to swatch, but they pack a pigment when you apply them with a brush. Satin and shimmery/metallic shades have a wet formula and those that give foiled finish are extremely creamy and are best applied with just your finger not a brush. 

I feel like ABH eyeshadow formula is known for being really pigmented, but it's loosely pressed which means there is more fallout and kick-up in the pan as well. I would say do your eye makeup first with darker colors and then apply face makeup, because I have had noticeable fallout as well. Especially matte shades are very pigmented and you don't want to dip in too much. Mandala is the most sheer shade from this palette and it has unique small shimmery satin finish.


There is a nice mix of neutral, cool and warm tones which makes this a pretty universal palette. I find it a nice alternative to my otherwise all warm palettes.

Boli - light satin neutral pink beige with sparse silver glitter specks
Bybel - medium matte neutral brownish mauve
Mandala - light shimmery cool mauve with purple blue sheen
Libra - medium satin neutral taupe brown
Jode - medium shimmery (foiled like) gunmetal grey
OA - medium glittery gunmetal grey with purple sheen and purple, green, blue, cranberry and gold glitter sparkles
Boie - dark matte cool mud brown
Bear - light matte neutral beige
Moo - light metallic/foiled neutral gold
Chai - medium matte warm caramel brown
Cindy - medium matte peach
Stev - medium matte neutral scarlet red
Aura - glittery/foiled cranberry pink red
My Angels - glittery/foiled antique gold

My favorite shades are Chai which I love in the crease, Boie which is my liner or outer V shade, Bybel which is one of the best mauve matte shades for the crease, Moo which is my favorite for all over the lid or inner corners because it's a classic light gold and OA which is just the most unique shade in this palette and such a beauty all over the lid because of multi-colored glitter.

Here are some of the makeup looks that I created with this palette.


Crease: Bybel, Chai, Boie
Lid: Jode
Inner corner: Boie
Liner: Catrice Ink Tattoo Liner
Mascara: Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Cocoa Kisses

Cool Taupe

Crease: Bybel, Boie
Lid: Libra
Inner corner: Boli
Liner: Nabla Velvet Eye Pencil Bombay Black and Boie
Mascara: Benefit Roler Lash and Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Essence Stay 8h Lip Liner 03 so default and Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain 23

Halo Eye

All over: Bear
Crease: Cindy, Stev
Lid: Moo
Inner corner: Boli
Liner: Catrice Ink Tattoo Liner
Mascara: Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Avon Mark Epic Lip Lipstick Rosy Outlook and Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Snow Day


All over: Bear
Crease: Chai
Outer V: Boie
Outer id: My Angels
Inner lid and inner corner: Moo
Lower lash line: Chai, Boie
Liner: Catrice Ink Tatoo Liner
Mascara: Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor Forever


Crease: Bybel
Lid: Mandala
Inner corner: Boli
Liner: Boie
Mascara: Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Berry Blast

Antique Gold

Crease: Chai
Outer V: Boie
Lid: My Angels
Liner: Boie
Inner corner: Moo
Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash and Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Essence Lip Pencil 11 In the Nude and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Athens and London


Crease: Chai, Stev
Lid: Aura
Liner: Avon Supershock Eye Pencil Berry Blast and Boie
Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash and Rimmel Volume On Demand

Lip: Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Cocoa Kisses and Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner 501


Crease: Bybel
Outer V: Boie
Lid: OA
Inner corner: Boli
Liner: Catrice Ink Tattoo Liner
Mascara: Rimmel Volume On Demand

NYX Lip Pencil Nude Beige and Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Lipstick


Matte eyeshadows blend really well without much effort. You just have to be careful how much you dip in, because the pigment is strong and you don't want a lot of kick-up in your pan or you'll be wasting product. More metallic shades can be harder to blend out, because of the emollient base. I think applying them with fingers is the best way of getting the maximum pigment. I always use eyeshadow primer under and with it eyeshadows lasted on me the whole day.

As it's expected from a high end brand, this is a formula that is very blendable and pigmented. It can't be compared to a drugstore standard, but the price is definitely up there. There is less product in it than for example in Viseart Warm Edit (which is tiny) and that  one is cheaper, but the quality is just as good, if not better.

If I could choose another ABH palette, I would probably get Soft Glam, because of the neutral shades, but I wouldn't want to pay the full price of these. It also depends on your preference with what kind of formulas you prefer to work with. These are looser, but very pigmented and you have to be careful not to over apply. Because they are so loosely packed, you will go through them faster and there isn't a lot of product. If you like something less pigmented and more foolproof, these might not work for you either.

Color selection is a good mix of colors with which you can create natural as well as very glam evening looks, so you get a bit of everything which I like. Overall, I think you can get just as good quality eyeshadow palettes from other brands at cheaper price.


  1. Aura odtenek je waw <3 Mi je všeč paletka, ampak najbrž je nebi kupila, je res ful draga in menim, da dobiš kakšne boljše paletke za tako ceno, hihi.

  2. Pa ja, meni se zdijo precenjene. Saj ne, da ne bi bile kvalitetne, ampak taka cena je pa res pretirana. Bolj me moti, da niti ni tako zelo veliko produkta v njej za to ceno. So pa odtenki tudi meni lepi. Taka dokaj raznolika.