Favorites of 2013

Hey Beauties!

I've seen these posts of 2013 favorites and I loved reading them all, so I decided I have to join the club :). It seems like a nice way to have all the most used products in one place :). Let's, see what I've been using the most. Don't be surprised if most of the products look disturbing, since they really were most used in 2013.


My favorite foundation has to be Maybelline Affinimat. I love the medium coverage and especially the matte finish. I also love the light shade, since I finally have the right shade match for colder days. My favorite concealer goes to Revlon Colorstay. The best for under eye area, since it's moisturizing enough and pigmented enough to cover imperfections. My favorite powder is Rimmel Stay Matte. This is my third repurchase. I love that it doesn't look cakey on me and it keeps my skin matte for a few hours. I also like the transparent shade, which I can use in the summer and in the winter.


Actually those products belong also to the face, but you know what I mean. I have really liked BYS Blush and Bronze mozaik. I use it as a bronzer. What I like is that it's a nice product for contour, since one of the shades in it has a slightly greyish tone to it. I also love it in the summer, since it is shimmery. My really abused and favorite blush is Deborah in 24 Rame. The shade is bronzed orange and I like that it looks really natural on my skin tone. My favorite highlighter of course goes to Essence Metal Glam highlighter in 01 Gold Digger. The thing I love the most about it is the gold neutral shade.


I have fallen in love with deep red shade Racy Red of Avon's Perfect Kiss lipstick. Perfect shade for anyone who likes deeper shades or in my case, perfect for fall and winter. Next is IQ Cosmetics Beige collection lipstick in the shade 24 Nude. Really nice nude to brownish shade. I have also really liked Avon's Perfect Kiss lipstick in Natural Glow. The most used every day lipstick. Nude with shimmer.


My favorite brow product has been Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-tone. The perfect shade for me, because it has grey tone to it and my natural brows are pretty grey. My favorite mascara is Bourjois Twist Up the Volume. This is my second repurchase. I love the volume it gives me.

My most used palette has been MUA Undress Me Too. I wore those shades almost every day. I love the shades in the palette. Neutral and great for every day. You see what a mess it is - proof :).

I can't left out one of my all time favorite eye products -  Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos. As you see I have already bought 4 shades of them. My favorite and the one I recommend it to everyone has to be 35 - On and On Bronze.


My favorite and most worn nail polish shades were: Maybelline Colorama in 51 (white), Maybelline Colorama in 77 (light pink), Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar (light yellow), Bourjois 1 Seconde in 22 Turquoise block (turquoise mint) and Maybelline Colorama in 261 (dark wine red).


I won't talk about my favorite shampoo, because I always use the same one (Nivea Pure Color) - because of dandruff prevention. My favorite conditioner has become Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil conditioner. I really like it, because it feels very moisturizing and my hair feels like it has oil on the ends, if I let them dry on the air.

For everyday hair drying I've liked Schwartzkopf Got2Be Guardian Angel heat protect. It doesn't feels sticky - not much to say about heat protectants :). I also used a lot of Moroccan Oil Light treatment. I've used this after the blow dry. It gives me nice shine and tames the frizz.

For blow drying I loved Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique  Heat- activated reconstructing milk. I love to use this when I want my hair to feel really sleek, healthy and straight. I also love the fact that it's a sort of a mask that gets activated by heat. My favorite hair mask has to be Redken All Soft Heavy Cream. Amazing mask that makes my hair feel so soft and shiny and tamed. Great product.

That's if for my favorites. Technically, I haven't been blogging all 2013 year, since I've started blogging in March this year. But I think I can still safely choose my favorites. Since this is the last blog post of this year, I wish you all a very happy and successful new year. I hope you have fun on new year's eve, wherever and how ever you decide to spend it ;)

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Review: Stargazer glitter eye liner

Hey Beauties!

This will be a review of a glittery eyeliner, which I used in my last makeup look here. I have been watching this liner in the store for a while. My friend Sabina from She dreams in color, bought it for me for Christmas. Yey! She does that a lot. You know.. creep on me and then makes lists on what to buy me, whenever we go to store together.. :) Just kiddin! But yes, she listens and she always gets me one of the things that I really want. Thanks Sabina ;). Check out her blog!

Now on to this glittery thing. This is a perfect eye liner to sparkle up your look, especially for this holiday season or any party, really. My eye liner is a yellow gold shade, but they have a lot of different shades. I didn't find any naming of the shade. It has pretty big glitter in, but that's the beauty of sparkle :). The glitter actually looks like it's silver and gold, or is it silver in gold liquid? I can't decide.

The liner brush is very thin. You can make either very thin lines with it or press it down harder and make a thicker line. If you are using it as a liner, you will need to go over the line a few times to get a lot of glitter on. Otherwise the glitter will be here and there, but not really covered all over the line.

It's very long lasting. I have tried it on my hands and on my eyes. If you use it on the eyes all over as I did in my makeup look, make sure to let it dry before blinking. It will go into crease a little, be aware of that. If you let it dry, which takes a few moments, it won't move. I actually pressed hard on the liner and moved my finger all over it. A few glitters came off, but because I was pretty violent with it. Otherwise, I think it's really long lasting.

The packaging is plastic and contains 5.8 grams of product. It costs something around 5 €.

New Year's Eve makeup (gold green)

Hey Beauties!

We've survived Christmas, now it's time for New Year's Eve. Isn't it great this holiday season? So many excuses to make new makeup looks :). I feel like I tend to stay in my safe colors. Well, nothing has changed for this makeup look. But I promise, I will try to make a bit more colorful looks. It's hard, because I don't have the most pigmented colored eye shadows. I guess I really need to buy one of the Sleek palettes. Do you recommend any colorful palettes?

Now, let's get on with this look.

I started with forest green shade putting it into the crease. Then I put copper shade on the inner and outer third of the eye. In the middle I put gold shade.

I added copper shade on the center of lower lid. In the outer corner I put greenish brown shade. I did winged eye liner in black. I also darkened the crease a little with a greenish brown shade.

Then I took a gold glitter eye liner and put in on the lid all the way up to the crease and winged it out on top of black liner. I added mascara and false lashes.In the inner corner of the eye I put light gold shade as a highlight.

On the lips I put light warm nude lipstick that has a bit of gold shine to it.

That is a simple glitter eyes with pretty nude face. Gold glitter will pop anytime you'll look down or flirt with a cute guy ;). The focus is on the eyes and everything else is clean and easy to maintain. 

If this is not enough color for you and you want a bit more, then just add red lipstick and the look becomes a lot more colorful. Don't forget to add a bit more of blush :).

What makeup will you wear into the new year?

Products used:

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette (green, brown and light gold)
MUA Undress Me Too - Fiery (copper shade)
MUA Undress Me - Shade 6 (gold shade in the center)
Essence gel eyeliner (black)
Stargazer Eye Liner (gold glittery liner)
Bourjois Twist Up the Volume mascara
Kiss Juicy X Volume false lashes (Black 016)
Artdeco Adhesive for lashes and sparkles

Maybelline Affinimat foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
MAC Studio Finish concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder

Essence Metal Glam highlighter
Maybelline Colorama blush in 101 (nude look)
Essence Miami Roller Girl blush (red look)
Essence Sun Club bronzer

MAC High Tea lipstick (nude)
Avon Ultra Colour lipstick in Lava Love (red)

Review: Avon True Color Quad in Mocha Latte

 Hey Beauties!

Today's post is about an Avon product, which I somehow wanted to buy for a very long time, but never did. I finally took the courage and bought it. All the good reviews were responsible for this purchase.

It's Avon True Color eye shadow. It's a Quad of 4 eye shadows and the shades that I chose are named Mocha Latte.

The packaging is pretty sturdy, shiny and black. It contains 5 grams of product and the price changes a lot. The original price is 8 €, but you can get it a lot cheaper. I bought it for 7.50 €, but now it's available for 4.90 €. It has a mirror on one side, which is always nice. It also has one of those applicators, but I don't use them, anyway.

It comes in a box on which there are also instructions on how to use the eye shadows. Where to put each shade. That's why each shade has imprinted number to know where to put each shade. Helpful, may I say, especially to those who don't know much about makeup.

The packaging opens when you push little button in. So it's safe to have in the bag or anywhere else. It shouldn't open.

I would have to agree with most of reviews, that the shades actually swatch the same as they look in the packaging. I was very surprised by how pigmented and dark matte shades are. 

Shade 1 is a very light warm nude to white shade that has a very little shimmer in it. Almost invisible. Shade 2 is a warm taupe matte shade. Shade 3 is a shimmery bronzed brown to orange shade. This one is the most shimmery of them all. And shade 4 is dark warm chocolate brown shade. 

All the shades are warm toned and perfect for anyone with warm skin tone. Shade 1 is a very very subtle highlight shade great for the inner corner and for brow bone. Shade 2 is a great contour shade, which I use in the crease of the eye. Shade 3 is an all-over-the-lid shade. Shade 4 is great for darkening the outer corners of the eyes or using it as a liner shade. 

Shade 2 and 4 are extremely visible, which surprised me the most, since matte shades usually have a poor color payoff. Shade 1 is very subtle, almost invisible. Shade 3 is shimmery, but not enough pigmented for me. I am used to shimmery shades being very visible, which this one isn't.

Oh, the shades are also very velvety to the touch. I really like the texture of these eye shadows.

Here is how the shades look like on me. I used 1 in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone, 2 all over the lid, 3 in the crease and 4 on the outer corner of the eye and as a liner.

The shades are all pretty subtle, but true to what they look like in the packaging. I think this palette is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time doing their eye makeup. It's easy with the instructions, the shades are very wearable for every day look and you can't really go wrong with them. They blend nicely and they are subtle enough. 

I really like the matte shades and subtle white highlight shade. I don't care much for the bronzed shade, because I like my over the lid shades to be very pigmented and very shimmery. But that's just me. 

Conclusion: very nice every day shades, pretty good pigmentation (especially worth it because of the matte shades), very fool proof palette, worth the price (especially if you get it on sale) and I love the velvet texture of them.

Have you tried any of these Avon True Color Quads? What do you think of them?

Maybelline Colorama 150 nail polish

Hey Beauties!

If you saw my last nail art you saw this beautiful classic red nail polish from Maybelline. I wanted to make a separate post about this shade. I really like the classic red nail polishes and funny enough don't have more then one of these shades. You know my love for Maybelline nail polishes and when I saw this classic, I had to get it.

Its a beautiful classic red, with a more orange undertone. Perfect for this holiday season and anyone who loves classics.

The nail polish is pretty thin and one coat can still show through some of the nail. Two coats should be enough, but don't expect crazy creamy and pigmented nails. I think that is exactly the beauty of Maybelline's nail polishes. They're very thin in consistency, which makes them pretty long lasting. And I love long lasting nail polishes.

For the price of 2 something € you get 7 ml of product. Totally worth it.

Christmas tree nails

Hey Beauties!

So Christmas is almost here :). This year I tried to create an abstract Christmas tree. You decide if I got it right or wrong ;).

For this nail art I used red nail polish (Maybelline Colorama 150), emerald green (Essence Multi Dimension in 53 All Access), gold (Max Factor Max Effect-don't know the color, ) sparkly gold and red (Essence Colour and Go in 121 Gold Fever) and top coat (Essie Good to Go).

I painted my nails red. Then I used emerald green nail polish to create a long wavy line to represent the tree. Going from the widest curve to the narrowest. Curves can be tricky to create on the nails, but slowly that goes as well. Then I took gold nail polish and made a few dots to represent the ornaments. After that I took gold and red glitter nail polish and went over the whole tree. To kinda make it look sparkly. This should represent all the lights and reflections. Finished with top coat. Very simple ;).

Which shade or nail art are you wearing this Christmas?

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DIY: Christmas tree ornaments (part 2)

Hey Beauties!

As promised, here is my part two of the Christmas tree ornaments DIY. You can see my first part of DIY here. Finally no more classes - yeeey :). My Christmas mood is on and here is one more idea on how to make your tree ornaments. I already hung up mine on my mini Christmas tree :).

Beads ornament

I worked again with those transparent balls that can be taken apart in half. First one is very simple. I chose three different colored beads and heart pendants, which I had laying around from my DIY chandelier project.

I just filled them in one half and put both halfs together.

I also used some leftover decorative ribbon and made a knot. Then I also made a little bow and tight the end so I can hang it on the tree. As I said, very simple this one, but I think pretty chic :).

Santa Clause in the woods ornament

For this one I used a little figure of Santa Clause, which was originally a part of a little snow globe, but it broke. I still had Santa Clause in my storage and used it for this ornament. I took some evergreen plant from our backyard and glued it around him with hot glue gun.

I also added a little pine cone and some more of this plant.

Then I placed it in the half of the ball and measured where I need to put the glue. I used hot glue gun again and attached it to the first half of the ball.

Then I just added a bit of my fake snow, which I used in the first part of this DIY. I also put the snow in the other half and then I just put them together.

I added white decorative ribbon and made a bow on top. Also pretty simple, right?

That's the end of my Christmas tree ornaments DIY. Here you can also see my mini Christmas tree, which is in my room. I make it the same every year: red and gold ornaments and white lights. This year I added my DIY ornaments as well :).