Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - NC13

When I researched MAC foundations, Studio Fix Fluid was the most popular one that everyone recommended. It's apparently one of those good coverage foundations that also lasts well on the skin. I am usually not a fan of MAC base products, but I keep trying new products out hoping I will find that perfect one that I can say is worth the price. 


This comes in a transparent glass bottle with a velvet matte top and no pump. Ridiculous, if you ask me. You have to buy pump separately. I absolutely hate this, since foundation is already expensive enough without the additional pump cost.

In it is 30 ml of products and it costs around 30€. Depends on where you buy it. I got it in Douglas for 35€. Pump is additional 5€. You can buy MAC also on Lookfantastic. 


It has a creamy formula with a good spread ability. It's not liquid, but also not thick. Once you apply it on the skin, it has a good amount of slip to it, so you can spread it easily. With the brush you get better coverage than with a sponge.

Coverage is medium, but you can build it up to a full. It will even out skin tone and cover imperfections like red spots and blemishes. Finish is matte, but you can make it dewier looking by applying moisturizing skin care underneath. 

It has sort of a clay, wall paint scent to it and SPF 15. There is no flash back.


It's MAC foundation, which means there are all skin tones covered with several shades available. I got NC13 which is one of the lightest shades available and it's a fair to light yellow toned shade. It's actually almost a perfect match for me in the winter, just a tad more yellow than my complexion - which is slightly more olive. My neck and decolletage is however even lighter than NC13, but the rest of my body is darker, so I always have a hard time matching everything.  

I also got a much darker shade NC45.5 to mix with other foundations. I love using two tones of foundations to create more of a dimension on the face lately. 


MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation N2 - light cool pink tone
MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation C5 - medium warm yellow tone
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC13 - fair to light yellow warm tone
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC45.5 - medium to dark yellow warm tone
Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Foundation 150 Buff - light yellow to neutral tone, it's the most similar to MAC NC13, but Revlon is more olive and MAC is more yellow toned


As soon as I apply it on the skin, it turns a shade darker than it looks straight from the bottle. It doesn't sit in the pores or emphasize fine lines, but it will stick to any texture or dry parts and emphasize them. It looks obvious on the skin, specially in the beginning. Through the day my natural sebum comes through, even though it says it's oil-controlling formula and as it mixes with foundation, it looks more skin like. Much more natural and there is a sheen on the skin. 

I don't think this would work on very oily skin without touch-ups and some powder. On dry skin it might look a bit too obvious, unless you spray some mist over it. It does make your skin look perfected from afar and almost flawless looking. It lasts well on my skin, I don't have a problem with it disappearing much or looking patchy. 

I feel like I always expect too much of MAC base products. It's not a bad foundation at all. It has great coverage and would be perfect for normal or combination skin that needs to cover imperfections. It almost makes you look like a doll - flawless and you can alter the finish by applying more moisturizing skin care underneath to give it some healthy sheen. Shade blends well into my skin tone and actually looks the most me like. I just have a problem with it looking a bit obvious on the face and it's not the most long lasting or transfer proof foundation I have tried either. I would use this for special occasions when I want a really flawless finish. I just expected a more refined look on the skin, because of the price and being it's MAC. 

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