Review: Avon Distillery Shadow Shots Eyeshadows and Lash'd Up Mascara

I have already talked about Avon Distillery skin care range which was first vegan range from Avon. Recently they also added Distillery makeup range with pressed powders, mascara and single eyeshadows. I have tried most of them out. Here are my thoughts on this range.

Avon Distillery Lash'd Up Mascara - Black


It comes in a white plastic packaging with bronze details. Shape reminds me of a test tube and I hate that it's not flat on the top, because I can't put it down without it rolling everywhere. It has one of those natural bristled wand which has fairly sparse and short bristles. Surprisingly, it still manages to coat each lash well. 

In it is 10 ml of product and it usually costs 14.90€.


Avon says it's eco-conscious and vegan formula with naturally derived waxes (sunflower and rice bran wax) and pure mineral pigment. It should coat each lash with creamy, rich black color and even volume from root to tip. Apparently it's a mascara for intense color and double the lash volume

It's one of those formulas that doesn't feel wet nor too dry. Something in the middle.


It comes in black color and it's nicely pigmented


It's a very lengthening mascara, because that first layer makes my lashes very long and gives them a subtle definition. It defines lashes and doesn't clump them. The more you apply, the thicker your lashes will look, but there will still be nice amount of definition. I'd say this is definitely for those of you that want your lashes to look longer and defined with a subtle volume. It doesn't drop my lash curl, but I don't usually have a problem with that anyway. 

Avon Distillery Shadow Shots Eyeshadows


It has cardboard white and bronze packaging with magnetic closing. I actually like this sort of packaging more than plastic. 

In it is 2 grams of product and it usually costs 14.90€.


Avon says mineral eyeshadows give color in one swipe. Apparently they contain purified, high impact mineral pigments which are blended with vegan emollients to deliver potent punch of buttery soft texture. They are vegan and eco-conscious

I only tried three shades, because I know I won't use them all, so I'd rather give others away to someone that might like it better. I've tried two mattes and one shimmery and all have a nicely buttery formula. Mattes are softer to the touch and shimmery are wetter. Pigmentation is good.


There are 7 shades available. I have 5 of them. Two neutral mattes, one smoky shade and two colorful ones.

310 - neutral matte beige
330 - cool matte dark chocolate brown
407 - shimmery cool lavender
473 - shimmery charcoal
425 - shimmery cranberry

Even 310 and 330 which are matte have the slightest sheen to them which is barely noticeable. 

I tried 310 which is one of those bone colored neutral mattes that you can either use as a primer setter or as a light transition shade. 330 is one of those cool toned dark chocolate browns which is great for adding darkness, smoking shadows out or using as an eyeliner. I mostly use it for liner, because it's a softer color than black. 407 is the brighter color in this range and it's a shimmery cool lavender shade with cool silver sheen. It's almost satin like, but with more shine to it. Photos don't do it justice, I think it looks more dimensional in person. I usually prefer something more warm toned, but this one all over the lid as a pop of color looks pretty cool. 


They apply smooth and blend out easily. Darker matte shades can sometimes look darker in one place. Shimmery shades apply smoother and evenly. I always use eyeshadow primer under eyeshadows and they last all day without fading or creasing. 

Avon Distillery Shadow Shots Eyeshadow - 407 all over the lid and 330 as a liner, Distillery Lash'd Up Mascara

Avon Distillery Shadow Shots in 310 in the crease and on the lid, 330 as liner and in the outer v, Distillery Lash'd Up mascara

This vegan range of makeup is sort extension of their Distillery skin care range. Mascara is just as nice as any other regular formula. It's perfect for those of you that want longer and nicely defined lashes with just a bit of volume. I have to say I still prefer Euphoric mascara, because I like my lashes to look massive. However, Distillery one is perfect for defining lower lashes.

Eyeshadows are surprisingly nice. Color choice is a bit basic and odd when it comes to colorful one, but if you like any of these shades and you're not particularly a fan of palettes, you'll like these. Pigment is there and they blend fairly easily plus there is no problem with wear time. I am not a fan of singles which I can't put in an empty palette, for that I prefer palettes and I have a lot of similar shades in my other palettes already. 

Even though this is vegan, it doesn't compromise on quality. In fact, I feel like these eyeshadows perform better than their regular ones. I am upset about the pricing. It's definitely high for only 2 grams of product.

*Products were sent to me. 

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