Review: Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks (All Shades)

I adore Avon new lipstick launches, because in my opinion lipsticks are one product that Avon does best. They always have interesting and comfortable formulas with a good range of shades. I was really excited to try their new Avon True Supreme Nourishing lipsticks

In the range is 15 different shades. There's a huge range of pinks, some reds, some purples and some nudes. Lighter shades would suit light skin tones and darker shades would even suit dark skin tones. Most have a creme finish with regular formula (some also have some shimmer to them) and then there are some that have very visible shimmer in them and almost looks a bit metallic.

Packaging is the usual lipstick packaging. This range has regular shiny black plastic packaging with the combination of rose gold details that look really pretty. On the bottom of each is a sticker with name of the shade. Bullet has gorgeous marble design and it looks like a nourishing cream is mixed with lipstick pigments. So far I've only used one lipstick so far that I came to the nourishing layer. What happens then is that the lipstick becomes sheerer, because there's more of nourishing cream going on the lips and not as much pigmented part.

In each lipstick is 3.6 grams of product. The regular price of these is 8.50€, but they're currently on sale for 4.90€ (Slovenia).

Before I talk about the formula, let's go through the shades. 

Nurturing Nude - warm pinkish based nude brown. It has warm gold shimmer in it. Good pigmentation. 
Silky Peach - warm muted orange peach. Good pigmentation.
Smooth Mocha - warm chocolate brown. Good pigmentation. 
Revitalising Raspberry - warm muted pinkish red. Sheerer.
Coral Caress - warm coral pink. It has cool silver shimmer in it. Good pigmentation.

Softest Peony - cool fuchsia pink. It has cool silver shimmer in it. Good pigmentation.
Perfect Pink - warm medium pink. It has silver shimmer in it. Sheerer.
Rose Revival - cool purple pink. It has blue shimmer in it. Good pigmentation and metallic finish.
Loving Lilac - cool fuchsia. It has silver shimmer in it. Sheerer and metallic finish.
Supple Magenta - cool bright magenta pink. It has blue shimmer in it. Good pigmentation and metallic finish.

Plum Perfect - warm medium purple plum. Good pigmentation.
Nourishing Pink - warm medium redish brown. Good pigmentation.
Crimson Dream - warm red. It has gold shimmer in it. Good pigmentation and metallic finish.
Red Creme - cool classic blue toned red. Good pigmentation.
Conditioning Cherry - cool dark burgundy red. Good pigmentation.

I also did a few comparisons with my other lipsticks.

Nurturing Nude is that pinkish based nude that looks similar to a lot of different lipsticks. Avon 3D Plumping lipstick in In The Buff is lighter and a bit more baby pink based. It also seems to be a bit warmer. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm has that similar mauve pink tone to it, but is in fact more pink than a nude compared to others. It's also darker. Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence in Honey Flower is the most pink of these all. It's lighter and brighter.

Silky Peach instantly reminded me of Avon 3D Plumping lipstick in Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is two to three shades darker and more of a brick orange instead of a bright orange based. Golden Rose Vision Lipstick in 123 is also similar, but has even more of that dirty brown undertone to it and it's also darker.

Smooth Mocha is unique and I have no similar shades in my collection. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Marvelous Mocha is one of those peachier browns. It almost has a bit of pink to it too. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London is the lightest of these all and the most peach based. Smooth Mocha is more a true chocolate brown.

Coral Caress has that similar tone to Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipsticks in Peach Flatters. But Coral Caress is a lot more pink toned, brighter and has a cool sheen to it. Peach Flatters is more muted.

Supple Magenta looked similar to Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick in Bitter. Magenta is in fact more pink toned, but has that similar blue sheen to it. Bitten looks a lot cooler and a lot more blue toned.

Loving Lilac doesn't have any dupes in my collection. I compared it to Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Ideal Lilac. Ideal Lilac is a lot darker and a lot brighter fuchsia.

Perfect Pink looks similar in tone to Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Pure Pink. It's that muted pink, but Pure Pink is a lot darker and more pigmented. Avon Shine Burst Stick in Rose is also similar in shade. It doesn't have silver sheen to it, but the base is similar to that dirty pink.

Softest Peony I compared to Avon Shine Burst Stick in Fresh Fuchsia. They both have that bright pink tone to it, but are totally different. Fresh Fuchsia leans on fuchsia side and is a lot brighter.

Plum Perfect is another unique shade. It's the most purple with actual blue tone to it. Avon 3D Plumping lipstick in Berry Cute is more of a berry plum shade with a bright pink undertone to it. Catrice Supreme Fusion in 070 Remarry Berry is the most mauve of these three and the most dirty muted shade.

Conditioning Cherry is a bright dark red with almost a bit more pinkish undertone to it. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds lipstick in Cherry Jubilee seems similar, but it's darker and less vibrant. It almost seems to have more of a plum base to it.

Crimson Dream is that classic red with a twist. It has very warm golden sheen to it, which makes it warmer. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds lipstick in Scarlet Siren is similar in tone, but darker and deeper red. Avon True Colour Perefectly Matte lipstick in Red Supreme is very vibrant and bright, but has slightly cooler undertone than Crimson Dream.

Avon True Supreme Nourishing lipsticks should give your lips colour, make them nourished and moisturized. They say that lipsticks give even colour payoff, are deeply moisturizing for up to 24 hours and have a very nourishing formula. Ingredients in it are jojoba oil, honey and bees wax. Lipsticks also have sun protection build in with an SPF 15.

I can say that this is dry lips dream formula. I've said many times that Avon lipsticks have one of the most comfortable formulas and this is definitely one of those. Formula is very buttery and it gives you a bit of shine. It has lovely slip when it goes on the lips, so it's perfect for dry lips. Finish is creamy with a good amount of shine, but not nearly as much as their Shine Burst Sticks, although the formula reminds me of these a lot. It's like taking Avon 3D Plumping lipsticks and adding a lot of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that give lipstick very smooth application and feel moisturizing on the lips. It's probably my favorite lipstick formula so far, because it's perfect for winter. This won't dry out your lips and it actually does a good job of applying over dry patches as it doesn't further accentuate them.

You may not get an even colour payoff with all the shades. Pigmentation depends from shade to shade, but in general, lighter shades are less pigmented, while darker shades have good pigmentation. Lighter shades fade really quickly, especially from the inner corners of the mouth (in about half and hour), but darker shades wear better for up to one hour. It's definitely not long lasting formula

This is a lipstick for all of those that hate that heavy feel of lipsticks and want something really comfortable to wear with good amount of pigmentation and no drying effect.

They have that slightly sweet fruity scent that most Avon lipsticks have.

I also applied each shade on my lips for you to get the idea of how it looks like on my NC15 skin tone.

My favorite shades that I wear on daily basis are Nurturing Nude (most neutral shade), Silky Peach (perfect everyday dirty peach), Smooth Mocha (absolutely gorgeous chocolate brown) and Revitalising Raspberry (wearable redish). For a darker look I love these two: Nourishing Pink and Plum Perfect. My choices of statement lips with that almost metallic finish to them would also be Loving Lilac, Supple Magenta and Crimson Dream. 

Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks are perfect for those that want good pigmentation, but would give much more for a comfortable, nourishing and moisturizing formula. They are not long lasting and you will need to reapply them. They wear off fairly evenly and have sweet fruity scent. They have creamy finish and some even look metallic because of shimmer in them.

If you have constantly dry lips or hate the feel of heavy super pigmented lipsticks then I highly recommend you to try these. If you're looking for something highly pigmented and long lasting then I would advise you to stray away from these.

*Products were sent to me.

Obožujem kadar Avon ustvari novo linijo šmink. Po mojem mnenju so šminke njihovi najboljši produkti. Avon vedno ustvari zanimive formule, ki so izredno lahko nosljive in ponujajo dokaj velik nabor odtenkov. Bila sem navdušena nad testiranjem novih Avon True Supreme šmink.

V naboru je 15 odtenkov. Veliko je roza odtenkov, nekaj rdečih, nekaj vijoličnih in nekaj nevtralnih odtenkov. Svetli odtenki so primerni za svetle polti. Temni odtenki bodo pristajali celo temnim poltem. Večina ima klasičen kremni sijaj (nekatere z dodatkom bleščic). Nekatere vsebujejo veliko bleščice, zaradi katerih izgledajo skoraj kovinsko.

Embalaža je tipična za šminke. V tem naboru je Avon združil klasično sijočo črno plastično embalažo z roza zlatimi detajli, ki izgledajo čudovito. Na spodnji strani vsake šminke je nalepka z imenom odtenka. Šminka ima čudovit marmorni dizajn. Izgleda kot da se hranilna krema preliva s pigmenti šminke. Do zdaj sem samo pri eni šminki prišla do sloja, kjer je več hranilne kreme kot pa pigmentiranega dela. Takrat se zgodi, da šminka postane bolj prosojna in ni tako barvita.

V vsaki šminki je 3.6 grama izdelka. Redna cena šminke je 8.50€. Trenutno jih lahko dobite za 4.90€ (tukaj).

Preden povem kaj več o formuli, si oglejmo odtenke.

Nurturing Nude - toplo rjav nude odtenek z roza podtonom. Vsebuje zlate bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana.
Silky Peach - toplo umazano oranžno breskvast odtenek. Dobro pigmentirana.
Smooth Mocha - toplo čokoladno rjav odtenek. Dobro pigmentirana.
Revitalising Raspberry - toplo umazano roza rdeča. Prosojna.
Coral Caress -  toplo koralno roza odtenek. Vsebuje hladene srebrne bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana.
Softest Peony - hladno fuksija roza odtenek. Vsebuje hladne srebrne bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana.
Perfect Pink - toplo srednje roza odtenek. Vsebuje srebrne bleščice. Prosojna.
Rose Revival - hladno vijolično roza odtenek. Vsebuje modre bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana in ima kovinski finiš.
Loving Lilac - hladna fuksija odtenek. Vsebuje sive bleščice. Prosojna in ima kovinski finiš.
Supple Magenta - hladno živ magenta roza odtenek. Vsebuje modre bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana in ima kovinski finiš.
Plum Perfect - toplo srednje vijoličen odtenek. Dobro pigmentirana.
Nourishing Pink - toplo srednje rjav odtenek z rdečastim podtonom. Dobro pigmentirana.
Crimson Dream - toplo rdeča. Vsebuje zlate bleščice. Dobro pigmentirana in ima kovinski finiš.
Red Creme - klasično hladno rdeč odtenek. Dobro pigmentirana.
Conditioning Cherry - hladno temno rdeč odtenek. Dobro pigmentirana.

Nekaj odtenkov sem se odločila primerjati z drugimi odtenki iz moje zbirke. 

Nurturing Nude je roza nevtralen odtenek in izgleda precej podoben večim odtenkom. Avon 3D Plumping šminka v odtenku In The Buff je svetlejša in ima bolj svetlo roza podlago. Izgleda tudi toplejša. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream v odtenku Stockholm ima podoben vijolično roza podton, ampak je bolj roza v primerjavi z drugimi nevtralnimi odtenki. Je tudi temnejši. Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence v odtenku Honey Flower je najbolj roza odtenek izmed vseh. Je tudi svetlejši in bolj živ.

Silky Peach me je takoj spomnila na Avon 3D Plumping šminko v odtenku Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe je dva do tri odtenke temnejša in ima bolj opečnato oranžno podlago. Golden Rose Vision šminka v odtenku 123 je prav tako podobna, ampak je še malo bolj umazano rjava in temnejša. 

Smooth Mocha je unikaten odtenek in nimam nobenih podobnih. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Marvelous Mocha je bolj breskvasto rjava. Ima skoraj malo roza pridiha. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream v odtenku London je najsvetlejša od teh rjavih odtenkov in ima najbolj breskvast podton. Smooth Mocha je prava čokoladno rjava.

Coral Caress je podobna Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminki v odtenku Peach Flatters. Coral Caress je veliko bolj roza, bolj živa in rahlo bolj hladna. Peach Flatters je bolj umazan odtenek.

Supple Magenta je izgledala podobno Avon 3D Plumping šminki v odtenku Bitter. Magenta je bolj roza, ima pa podoben moder sijaj. Bitten je hladnejši odtenek in ima več modrega podtona.

Loving Lilac nima nobenih podobnih odtenkov v moji zbirki. Primerjala sem jo z Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminko v odtenku Ideal Lilac, ki je veliko temnejša in bolj živa fuksija.

Perfect Pink je podobna Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminki v odtenku Pure Pink. Imata podoben umazano roza odtenek. Pure Pink je rahlo temnejša in bolj pigmentirana. Avon Shine Burst Stick šminka v odtenku Rose je prav tako podoben odtenek. Nima srebrnega sijaja, ima pa podobna podlago umazano roza odtenka.

Softest Peony sem primerjala z Avon Shine Burst Stick šminko v odtenku Fresh Fuchsia. Obe imata živ roza odtenek, ampak sta popolnoma različni. Fresh Fuchsia se nagiba bolj k fuksiji roza odtenku in je veliko bolj živahna.

Plum Perfect je še en unikaten odtenek. Je najbolj vijoličen z plavim podtonom. Avon 3D Plumping šminka v odtenku Berry Cute je bolj jagodičasto vijolična z živim roza podtonom. Catrice Supreme Fusion šminka v odtenku 070 Remarry Berry je najbolj sivkasto vijoličen odtenek izmed vseh in najbolj umazano vijoličen odtenek.

Conditioning Cherry je živo temno rdeča s skoraj roza podtonom. Avon True Perfect Reds šminka v odtenku Cherry Jubilee izgleda podobna, ampak je temnejša in manj živa. Izgleda skoraj kot bolj jagodičasto rdeča.

Crimson Dream je klasično rdeča z dodatkom zlatih bleščic, ki ji dajo zlat sijaj. Zaradi tega je odtenek precej topel. Avon True Reds šminka v odtenku Scarlet Siren je podobna, ampak temnejša in bolj rdeča. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Red Supreme je zelo živahen odtenek, ampak je rahlo hladnejši kot Crimson Dream.

Avon True Supreme Nourishing šminke bi naj ustnicam dodale barvo, jih nahranile in navlažile. Avon pravi, da šminke nudijo enakomerno barvo, so izredno vlažilne tudi do 24 ur in imajo hranljivo formulo. V tej se nahajajo sestavine kot so olje jojobe, med in čebelji vosek. Šminke imajo tudi zaščito pred sočnimi žarki z SPF 15.

Ta formula je ustvarjena za vse s suhimi ustnicami. Kot sem že večkrat omenila, Avon vedno ustvari izredno udobne formule šmink in te prav tako spadajo v ta nabor. Formula je zelo maslena in daje ustnicam kar nekaj sijaja. Z lahkoto se nanašajo na ustnice, zato so odlične za suhe ustnice. Finiš je kremen z precej sijaja, ampak niso niti približno tako sijoče kot Shine Burst Sticks. Formula me sicer precej spominja nanje. Je kot bi Avon vzel formulo Avon 3D Plumping šmink in jim dodal veliko negovalnih in vlažilnih sestavin, ki pripomorejo h gladkemu nanosu in vlažilnemu občutku na ustnicah. To je verjetno moja najljubša formula šmink, ker je popolna za zimo. Te šminke ne bodo izsušile vaših ustnic in niti ne bodo pretirano poudarile suhe predele ustnic. 

Vsi odtenki ne omogočajo enakomernega nanosa šminke. Pigmentacija je namreč odvisna od odtenka in na splošno so svetlejši odtenki bolj prosojni, temnejši pa bolj pigmentirani. Svetli odtenki hitro zbledijo, še posebej v notranjih kotičkih ustnic (v pol ure). Temnejši odtenki ostanejo dokaj enakomerno na ustnicah do ene ure. Formula zagotovo ni dolgoobstojna. 

Šminke so odlične za vse, ki ne marajo težkega občutka klasičnih šmink na ustnicah in želijo nekaj zelo udobnega za nošenje. Prav tako so solidno pigmentirane in ne izsušujejo ustnic.

Imajo tipičen rahlo sladkasto saden vonj, ki ga ima večina Avon šmink.

Vsak odtenek sem nanesla na ustnice za lažjo primerljivost. Moja polt je okrog NC15. 

Moji najljubši odtenki za vsakdanje nošenje so Nurturing Nude (najbolj nevtralen odtenek), Silky Peach (popoln umazano breskvast odtenek), Smooth Mocha (čudovita čokoladno rjava) in Revitalising Raspberry (vsakodnevna rdečkasta izbira). Za temnejši videz bi izbrala Nourishing Pink in Plum Perfect. Za poudarek na ustnicah bi izbrala odtenke, ki delujejo kovinsko in sicer Loving Lilac, Supple Magenta in Crimson Dream.

Avon True Supreme Nourishing šminke so popolne za vse, ki si želijo dobro pigmentirane šminke, ampak bi še raje imeli take, ki se nosijo udobno, so negovalne in vlažijo ustnice. Niso dolgo obstojne in vsekakor jih boste morali večkrat dnevno ponovno nanesti. Iz ustnic izginejo dokaj naravno in enakomerno in imajo sladek saden vonj. Formula je kremasta in nekatere izgledajo skoraj kovinsko zaradi velike vsebnosti bleščic.

Če imate konstantno suhe ustnice in sovražite težak občutek običajnih šmink, potem so te zagotovo za vas in vam priporočam nakup. Če pa iščete nekaj zelo pigmentiranega in dolgo obstojnega, potem vam svetujem, da pozabite na to oceno. Verjetno vam ne bi bile všeč.  

*Izdelki so mi bili poslani.