September 2017 Favorites

This month I'm mostly featuring new products in my favorites. It has been a month of various new products testing and some really impressed me. I also have a few other favorites, especially tv shows I've been loving watching.

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath

This is a blast from the past. To me it smells like those Bazooka chewing gums and I love it. A true pink bubble gum scent. In general I love Avon Bubble Baths, because you get a huge amount for affordable prices. These also create a lot of foam, although it does vanish after time. It also gives off a subtle, but noticeable scent that makes your whole bathroom smell nice. This Bubble Gum scent is super cute. 

Bilou Chocolate Cupcake Cremiger Duschschaum 

My first shower foam ever. I have to say I like this more out of the pure joy of using a foam instead of a regular shower gel than the actual scent. The Chocolate Cupcake to me smells like that slightly burnt brownie or chocolate muffin. It has a chocolaty sweet scent with a hint of baking burnt scent to it. I love it, but it could be more chocolate like. I especially like dense white foam that comes out of the bottle. It spreads on the body easily and is just a pure joy to use. The scent lingers on my body for a while. 

Avon Naturals Sensational Wild Berries And Pomegranate Yoghurt Body Shake

I remember when I first smelled this in the catalog. It was a love at first sniff. It smells sweet of berries but with a creamier note to it. It's one of the best scented body products I've used in a while. Not only that, I also love the formula. It's a thicker white cream, that actually feels lightweight on the skin, but leaves a slightly shiny layer. It's like the perfect lightweight, yet slightly greasy cream for your body, if you have dry skin. You need a bit more to blend it in completely, because it can leave white residue, but it's easily spreadable and feels kind of nourishing.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream For Normal To Dry Skin

I think this was recommended to me by Vesna from Chunky Cheeks. She also had problems with eczema and mine has just gotten worse and worse lately. I was so happy that I found this cream on iHerb and since it was affordable, I gave it a go. Because of eczema I have very dry skin on my hands and regular heavily perfumed hand creams are just further irritating the problem. I read that ceramides are the key ingredient to look for, as they strengthen skin's barrier and prevent further irritation. This is a universal cream for normal to dry skin, but it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid in it. It's a firm white cream that feels lightweight and spreads with ease. It soaks into almost nothing and looks velvet matte on the skin. But you can definitely feel a nourishing layer on top of the skin. It feels like it protects the skin and keeps it moisturized. It also has no noticeable scent, which I love. It's that perfect invisible, but still nourishing and moisturizing cream that I use on my hands every day. 

Avon Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

If you follow Caroline Hirons, you've probably heard about this. She talked about it here. I trust her reviews, because she seems well read and has a lot of experience and since I saw this product in a pre-promotion for an affordable price, I got it. I am 28 years old and feel like I have to step up on this anti-aging game. I haven't tried any retinol based products before and that was the main reason I tried this. I am still afraid of retinol and those harsher ingredients, especially because of my sensitive skin. It's in my favorites purely because of the texture of the cream from side 1. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks (retinol side for only 6 days) so I can't say if it really works. But the texture of both creams is firm, lightweight and has just enough of the nourishing layer to it, that it can be used on its own. I think it's good for normal, combination and oily skin. Very dry skin, might need to use something over it for more moisture. It has an artificial scent to it, which is not bad, but it's nothing distinctive either. Side 1 is just really lovely. I'm not sure about side 2 yet. I was putting it all over my face as well as around the eyes, as this is the area that I want to correct - small wrinkles. But after about 5 days of using side 2 I noticed my skin around eyes becoming sensitive, drier and just more irritated. I think it might have been a bit too strong for my under eyes. Ont he rest of my face I didn't feel any discomfort. I'll use it more and then do a full review. 

It's one of the best loose powders I've tried. I like it so much because it's so finely milled, never makes me look cakey, has a transparent white color and keeps my skin matte for longer. It sort of feels like it absorbs excessive sebum through the day. It won't keep my skin matte for the whole day, but it does prolong the matte effect. I usually get really oily around my nose and chin area. With this one you can reapply it and it never really looks odd. I believe it's due to the fact that it feels so light. If they came out with a compact version of this, I would be even more thrilled. 

This is such a great affordable highlighter. If you like that more natural sheen on the skin with no visible shimmer, but a really nice glow from withing look, you'll absolutely love it. Swatched it looks meh, but on the skin it looks like perfection. It's more of a cool toned sheen than for example my Becca Moonstone or theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, but it looks a lot more natural than both of these. For the price you really can't go wrong with it. Only downside, it's not for a very fair skin tones. I still have some leftover summer tan so I'm fine.

Essence Hololighter Brush

Before I got this, I didn't even know I need a precision brush for highlighting. It's almost like a large fluffy blending brush for eyes, but it works so great as a detail brush for applying highlighter. With this you can really concentrate that glow only on a certain part. Like the very top of your cheeks, under the brow bone, on top of the brow bone, down the center of the nose... You can also just use it for those highlighters that are really pigmented and you don't want to apply those heavily, but just on a certain part of the cheek for example. It's super fluffy, soft and picks up the product well. My only complaint is the holo handle design which has already started to rub off mine and the fact that the brush handle is shorter than most of my other brushes so it's harder to scoop it out from my makeup brush holder. 

E.l.f. Highlighting Brush

I like it so much that I already ordered another one. I have to say E.l.f. face brushes are one of the bets affordable brushes that you can get. I love their Blush Brush as well as Ultimate Blending Brush and Small Tapered Brush. Their brushes are super soft, don't shed and really affordable. This brush can definitely be used for highlighting, if you like a more overall glow look, but I really like it for contouring. It has that perfect tapered tip that is small enough for a precise contour and it blends it out perfectly. This could also be used for a blush or precise powder placement.

I feel like I never talk about this, but it's one of my have-to-have-in-my-stash-at-all-times product. This is the perfect grey toned light brown color for my brows. My natural brows are a bit more grey than this pencil, but my hair color is warmer, so I like my brows to be slightly warmer too. It's a more hard pencil, which means it won't budge through the day and it stays put. It's not the best if you want super precise application or for drawing in individual hairs, but this is great for when you just want a bit more color to your brows and you want it to be done quickly. I always have one of these at hand. I also love the spoolie on the other side. Perfect for brushing through the hair and softening the color. 

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow 01 Solar Explosion

I've used this even more than the 02 Stars & Stories color that I bought before this. It's a metallic golden shade with silver and gold shimmers. I love applying this on the inner corners or on top of colorful eyeshadows to add the sparkle. It can look opaque metallic or sparsely shimmery. Once it dries it doesn't move. Amazing product for the price, if you want something metallic and shimmery or almost glittery.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor 645 HD Forever

I give this the award for the most comfortable liquid matte lipstick formula ever. It feels like you're wearing ultra nourishing lip balm/lip gloss hybrid which eventually dries down to a matte finish. If you have constantly dry lips like me, try it. I'm sure you'll love it. I already have Devotion which is a pink shade and I don't wear pinks on every day basis. So when I saw a discount on these I didn't hesitate on buying another more nude version. Forever is essentially a brown color, but it has a mauve pink undertone to it. So it's very my-lips-but-better kind of shade. I still want to get Seduction, but it just felt so similar to my other nude shades, so I got this one instead. To me this is a perfect fall nude shade and it just sits so comfortably on the lips. 

While we're on the topic of matte liquid lipstick, I have to mention this one by Paese as well. It's not as comfortable as Revlon. It's more of a true really liquid and pigmented matte liquid lipstick formula, but it's a lot more comfortable than most I've tried. This one as well doesn't feel drying on the lips and the color 707 is just perfect medium mauve shade for fall. I was expecting it to be more drying, but it feels a lot more comfortable on the lips than I expected.

As a nail polish contender in this monthly favorites, I had to include this one by Essence. How can I not like a glittery topper?! It looks magical and totally unicorn worthy in my opinion. For a glittery nail polish it is surprisingly densely packed with glitters and you only need two coats to completely cover the nail. It will stay on your nails for days. I hate taking it off, but because the glitter is very small, it's not too difficult.

The Catch

I was just starting to get into this TV show when it was over on Fox Life and I realized they won't be making another season. Apparently it didn't have enough views which sucks for me. I really liked it. It had a bit of humor, action and romance. I grew to love the characters. Mireille Enos, the lead actress, looked especially pretty with her red hair and I loved how "classy" these con men dressed.



Another TV show that I started to watch now and have been really liking it. It's about a young woman who is a con artist that marries different people and then disappears with their money. I find it interesting as a character, because I can't imagine someone living like her. The past catches up to her, because three of her ex-husbands and even an ex-wife, decide to hunt her down while they also become very good in coning other people, since they don't have financial resources to go after her (she took all of their money). Imdb describes it as a dark comedy, but I get more of a drama from it. It even has some disturbing action scenes in it. It's basically similar to The Catch with younger cast and darker side to it. 

Review: Avon Mark Nail Style Studio Pink Illusions - Digital Illusion and Glam Rock

Avon has a new range called Mark Nail Style Studio Pink Illusions. These are all different finishes and effects mostly in the pink family. Two have gel finish, one is satin matte, one is metallic finish and one is 3D glitter finish. These may be intended to use on their own, but the shades are so light and sheer that I almost look at these as a toppers. Read on to see how I combined them with other colored nail polishes. 

These come in a regular square glass bottle with a white plastic top. The brush inside is straight cut and on the thinner side. It works fine for applying nail polish. In it is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 5.90€. Currently they are going to be on offer for 3.30€ (Slovenia).

Digital Illusion

This is what Avon describes as a satin matte finish. It's the only shade that confuses me as it's not really pink and the range is called Pink Illusions. 

The base looks like a very pale and sheer white color. It might have just a hint of pink in it, but I don't really notice it. If you look at it at a certain angle, you see this dark green blue sheen which is small shimmer in it.

If you apply it on the nails on its own, it can looks very sheer with a greenish blue sheen and a satin matte finish or it can look a lot more white based. Depending on how much you apply it. I feel like the more you apply, the less matte it looks. Like those thicker layers loose that true satin matte finish. On the photos below you can see different versions. From left to right: one coat, two coats, three coats. 

I love a satin matte finish. It's not completely matte, because the shimmer in it gives it that satin feel and sheen. It's really pretty, but very sheer in a way and very light.

I applied it over a muddy olive shade (Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Stonewashed Clay) and it turned it into a grey blue shade with small shimmer. I love how it transformed that base color into something totally different and it gives it that lovely matte finish with small shimmers. 

Glam Rock

This is a 3D glitter finish or so it's described by Avon. It looks salmon pink colored with a purple sheen to it, if you look at it from the angle. 

I would describe it as a sand finish, because it has small particles in it that give it that 3D look, but it's definitely not glittery or shimmery. It's again on the sheer side and you definitely need at least two coats to make it look cute, but I also tried applying three coats. The more coats you apply the less textured it looks.

The cool purple sheen is not as noticeable on its own, it comes in play more when you apply it over a colored nail polish base.

On the photos below you can see different versions. From left to right: one coat, two coats and three coats.

I decided to apply it over a sky blue shade (Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender) and it made it look pearly purple. It gave it that frosty look with a purple sheen that sometimes looks pink toned and sometimes more blue toned. This combination looks so pretty, almost magical. The 3D finish isn't as noticeable as if you apply it on its own, but it's still there. 

Both of these have a sheer and more liquid formula. The pigmentation is definitely sheer. Application is easy with both shades. It's even applied and can be build up as many times as you want. They both dry fairly fast and that's when you get to see their true finishes. 

They also both lasted above average on my nails. For about 3 to 4 days before there was any chipping and even that didn't look as bad as with some other regular nail polishes. Glam Rock is a textured polish so it obviously lasts longer without chipping, but Digital Illusion was just as long lasting. Which is surprising for a matte finish. It's probably due to a thin formula.

These are cool effect nail polishes to use on its own or apply over a colored base to give it a different feel. The formula is nice to apply, dries fast and they both actually last a fairly long time on my nails.

*Products were sent to me. 

Avon ima novo linijo lakov imenovano Mark Nail Style Studi Pink Illusions. Vsi imajo drugačne finiše in so večinoma iz roza družine barv. Dva sta gel finiša, en je satenasto mat, en je kovinski in en je 3D bleščičast finiš. Verjetno so namenjeni kot laki, ki se nanašajo sami zase, ampak so tako prosojni, da jih lahko kombinirate tudi z barvnimi podlagami. Torej kot zanimive nadlake. V nadaljevanju si poglejte kako sem sama kombinirala ta dva odtenka z barvnima podlagama. 

Imajo običajno kvadratasto stekleničko s plastičnim belim pokrovom. Čopič je ravno odrezan in malo tanjši. Z njim z lahkoto nanašamo lak. V laku je 10 ml izdelka in redna cena je 5.90€. Trenutno bodo na voljo za 3.30€ tukaj.

Digital Illusion

Avon tega opisuje kot satenasto mat finiš. Je edini odtenek v tej liniji lakov, ki me je rahlo zmedel. Ni ravno roza, čeprav se linija lakov imenuje Pink Illusions. 

Podlaga je zelo svetlo in prosojen bel odtenek. Mogoče ima ščepec roza odtenka, ampak ni ravno opazno. Če ga pogledate pod določenim kotom, vidite da ima temno zeleno moder sijaj, ki so majhne bleščice. 

Če ga nanesete na nohte na tanko, lahko izgleda zelo prosojen z zeleno modrim sijajem in satenasto mat finišem. Če nanesete več slojev, bo izgledal bolj bel. Več slojev nanesete, manj mat je. Kot da bi debeli sloji izgubili prav satenasto mat sijaj. Na fotografijah lahko vidite več verzij in sicer z enim slojem, dvema slojema in tremi sloji. 

Všeč mi je satenasto mat finiš. Ni popolnoma mat, ker mu bleščice dajejo rahel sijaj. Je zelo lep, ampak precej prosojen in izredno svetel odtenek. 

Nanesla sem ga preko umazano olivnega odtenka (Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Stonewashed Clay) in nastal je sivo moder odtenek z majhnimi bleščicami. Všeč mi je kako je popolnoma preobrazil odtenek te olivne podlage. Poleg tega je spremenil tudi finiš v mat z majhnimi bleščicami. 

Glam Rock

To je 3D bleščičast finiš. Vsaj tako ga opisuje Avon. Ima losos roza podlago z vijoličnim sijajem. 

Sama bi ga opisala kot peskast finiš, ker ima majhne delce, ki dajejo nohtom 3D izgled. Vsekakor pa ne vsebuje bleščic. Je spet bolj prosojna formula in zagotovo boste potrebovali vsaj dva nanosa za lep izgled. Poskusila sem nanesti tudi tri. Več slojev nanesete, manj teksture ostane na nohtih. 

Hladno vijoličen sijaj ni tako očiten na nohtih kot je v steklenici. Bolj se opazi, če ga nanesete preko barvne podlage. 

Na fotografiji lahko vidite tri verzije: en sloj, dva sloja in trije sloji tega laka. 

Odločila sem se, da ga bom nanesla preko nebesno modrega odtenka (Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender). Rezultat je bil perlasto vijoličen odtenek. Nohti so izgledali ob določenih kotih bolj roza, ob drugih bolj modri. Ta kombinacija se mi je zdela skoraj magična in res lepa. 3D finiš sicer ni bil tako opazen kot če ga nanesete samega. 

Oba laka imata bolj prosojno in tekočo formulo. Pigmentacija je zagotovo bolj prosojna. Nanašata se z lahkoto in enakomerno. Intenzivnost odtenkov lahko povečate z več sloji. Oba odtenka sta se posušila dokaj hitro. Šele, ko se sušita, vidite pravi finiš laka. 

Oba sta se na mojih nohtih obdržala nadpovprečno dolgo. Minili so trije do štirje dnevi, preden sem opazila kakšno okrušenost. Glam Rock ima teksturo in je zato rahlo bolj obstojen kot Digital Illusion. Čeprav je tudi Digital Illusion presenetljivo dobro ostal na nohtih. Sploh glede na to, da so mat laki ponavadi slabše obstojni. Predvidevam, da se je ta obdržal dlje ravno zaradi tanke formule. 

Laka imata zanimiv efekt in ju lahko nanesete sama ali preko barvnih lakov za drugačen efekt. Formula je enostavna za nanos, se dokaj hitro posuši in je dobro obstojna. 

*Izdelki so mi bili poslani. 

Review: Catrice LE Dawid Tomaszewski Wild Matt Lipstick - C01 Unconventional Violet

Catrice came out with another very artistic and fashionable looking Limited Edition. It's in collaboration with a fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski. I'm not up to date with fashion designers, so I haven't heard about him before, but I saw that the design was very appealing in its art deco feel. I was intrigued by matte lipsticks, although I haven't had much experience with Catrice lipstick formulas before. Today I'm showing you Wild Matt Lipstick from this range called C01 Unconventional Violet

It comes in metal rose gold packaging with a lovely lines design. I actually really like the packaging. It looks luxurious and the rose gold shade is on point. 

It doesn't say how much is in it, but it's a standard lipstick tube and it costs 4.29€.

Even the bullet of the lipstick looks like it's leather. That's some really nice detail work. I was impressed. It also has Catrice sign embossed in it.

Shade C01 Unconventional Violet is a dark cool eggplant purple. I absolutely adore this shade. It's one of the few really dark lipstick shades in my collection. Not the shade you would wear on a daily, but a great vampy statement lip. Because it's so dark and cool toned it will also make your teeth look almost a bit whiter. It's not that typical purple that would contrast the yellowness of your teeth. 

The formula is slippy enough to apply without tucking the lips, but it's definitely not as smooth as for example Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks which feel almost silicon like and glide on like a dream. It feels a bit more waxy.

The pigmentation is average. I could even say that it looks sheer with just one swipe. You definitely need to go over it two or three times to get it opaque. That's my main issue. Then it starts to look thicker and can start feel heavy on the lips. It'n not the heaviest I've tried, but it's definitely not a lightweight formula. It also accentuates dry patches.

I also have a problem with its wear. It sort of becomes more drying the more I wear it. The formula is not sophisticated enough, so it starts to gather in the lines and can look cracked up when you smile, like I tried to show you on the photo below. It lacks some slip and movement

It also doesn't look completely even and it wears off uneven too. I guess that is to be expected with most darker formulas, but I still had high hopes.

Finish is definitely not completely matte like they describe it. It's more of a velvet finish, because you can still see some sheen on the lips. 

It's not hydrating and it almost feels a bit drying over time. If you have dry lips, you need to prepare them. Hydrate them with a good lip balm and exfoliate in order to avoid dry feeling and making it look uneven.

It has a pleasant proper vanilla scent which I adore. 

I love the shade and how it looks like on me, just wish the formula would be better.

In this Limited Edition you'll also find a lovely blushed pink colored beauty clutch. It has that same art deco design on it and the Dawid Tomaszewski logo. 

The price of it is 5.29€.

It's actually a bit small for me to use it as a makeup bag, but I can put in a few lip products and a concealer to have in my bag on the go. It's very well made. It has leather look to it and seems durable. 

The zipper is rose gold and works great. I just find the simplistic design and this color so pretty. Before I've never really liked pink things, but this year I'm all about those blushed dirty pink colors. 

I love the shade of lipstick as well as luxurious design and packaging of it. Unfortunately, the formula disappointed me. I expected something more matte and more movable. It just seems a bit rigid. It feels a bit drying and heavy on the lips. Pigmentation is not all there and it can look uneven. In this Limited Edition you'll also find another red shade of lipstick. I have a feeling that the red would have a better formula. Just because darker shades can often times look more uneven. 

Beauty clutch is just a lovely rose colored makeup bag to throw in the bag. I love the design of it and it will be a great decor piece. 

There are some other luxurious pieces in this collection: eyeshadow palette, eye pencils, nail polishes and cream highlighter. Ivona already reviewed eyeshadow palette. Check it out here. Ana also talks about their eyeshadow palette as well as that red lipstick shade. Click here for her review. 

Limited Edition is already available in Müller. It should also be available in DM, Tuš Drogerija, Lič and

*PR products

Review: Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette - Luxe

So Makeup Revolution got its place in one of our drugstores - Tuš Drogerija. On that occasion Lič sent us bloggers a package of few Makeup Revolution products. I like that it's now available in physical stores, because I find it to be affordable brand with good quality. It's especially nice for those that can't shop online. Here is my first part of this review and it's of Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette in shade Luxe

The palette comes with a black paper box. The packaging of the palette is that shiny black plastic material. It's actually quite a huge palette. I expected it to be smaller. It also has a huge mirror inside which is a big plus. You can do whole face of makeup using just this mirror and I love it for that.

In it is 30 grams of product and it costs 19.99€. You can buy it on Lič or in Tuš Drogerija. You can also buy it on their official online store for 16.80£.

In this palette you'll find 35 different colors of eyeshadows. Luxe shade range is neutral warm. It has lots of gold, brown, copper, purple and even some green colors. These are basically my go to colors. I love warm toned shadows. Most are shimmery, but the last row is all mattes. So you get a nice variety of finishes as well as shades.

Btw Cocoa came broken, that's why it looks different textured. But I fixed it with a bit of alcohol. 

The ingredients list for those interested in it.

Next are swatches of all the shades and descriptions.

Woke - shimmery light yellow toned gold white
Low Key - shimmery light pink white
LIT - shimmery light peach white
High heels - shimmery light nude white
Gold Chainz - shimmery light bronze
Sell out - shimmery light antique gold
WCW - shimmery light copper
Obsessed - shimmery medium plum toned brown

Savage - shimmery medium olive toned taupe (creamy, better pigmented)
Selfie - shimmery medium bronze copper (slightly creamy)
GTFO - shimmery medium bronze brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Couture - shimmery medium red purple brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Boss - shimmery medium red toned brown (better pigmented)
Don't stop - shimmery medium copper with slightly bigger gold shimmer (slightly creamy, better pigmented)
Damn Girl - shimmery medium cranberry red (slightly creamy, better pigmented)

Hashtag - shimmery medium purple toned cranberry (really creamy, really pigmented)
Light it up - shimmery medium taupe
Fancy - shimmery light antique gold (better pigmented)
Snatched - shimmery medium cool violet (really creamy, really pigmented)
Bye Felicia - shimmery dark plum with bigger pink shimmer (creamy, better pigmented)
Straight Up - shimmery medium cranberry red (creamy, really pigmented)

High Maintenance - shimmery dark warm plum violet (creamy, really pigmented)
Werk - shimmery light yellow
DM Me - shimmery light olive bronze
Pick 'n' Mix - shimmery medium cranberry with purple sheen (creamy, really pigmented)
Vexed - shimmery medium gold toned brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Shook - shimmery dark cool taupe brown (better pigmented)
Slay - shimmery medium chocolate brown (slightly creamy, better pigmented)

Basic - matte light peach (wet, better pigmented)
Blended -  matte light pink toned brown (really wet, really pigmented)
No Filter - matte light  warm brown (really wet, really pigmented)
GET IT - matte light yellow toned brown (really wet, really pigmented)
Player - matte medium warm brown (really wet, really pigmented)
Cocoa - matte medium peach brown (wet, really pigmented)
Aesthetic - matte blue toned black (dry, better pigmented)

Some shades look really similar. There is some repetition going on and maybe that's due to the fact that they tried to put in one palette 35 shades. But then again I am also missing some shades. I miss more matte shades. One of the essentials shades for me is a bone colored matte shade that is in similar tone as my skin. I usually use this kind of matte shade to set a primer and make other shades blend better. It's also nice to highlight brow bone with it, if you don't like shimmery highlights. I also miss a darker matte brown shade. Cocoa is a medium shade, but I would like to have at least one darker. As far as shimmery shades goes, the selection is huge and there isn't really anything I miss.

The formula differs from shade to shade. Some are on the dry side, some are wet feeling and some even feel like a cream. Matte shades are actually very wet feeling, but they apply a bit chalky. Which is usual with matte shades. That doesn't mean the pigmentation is not there, because it is. It's just a different finish.

 A lot of the shades also have a fallout. Matte shades all have it and most shimmery shades too. So it's best to apply eye makeup first and then your base. Especially, if you're using darker shades. 

Pigmentation mostly depends on the formula. Those that are creamier and wetter, have better pigmentation. Dry textures have poorer pigmentation. In general, the pigmentation is actually good. You will need to build up the color and you loose intensity with blending, but it's a good quality nonetheless. They laso blend well with no problems. Just don't expect anything compared to Zoeva pigmentation for example or Too Faced palettes. 

They are long lasting, but fade a bit through the day. I always use them with eye primer and none of the shades creased on me, even when it was still sweaty outside.

Here are some of the looks I've worn. I've tried almost every shade by now, maybe I left out 4. But I think I got a good test out of these to give you my final thoughts. 


Crease: Basic, GET IT
Inner lid: Sell Out
Outer lid: GTFO
Inner corner: LIT
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Nurturing Nude

Matte Brown

Crease: Basic
Lid: Player
Inner corner: Woke
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Essence LE Coast 'n' chill Velvet Matt Lipstick 01 Smooth & Move

Purple Liner

Crease: Basic, Blended
Outer lid and outer v: Damn Girl
Inner lid: Don't stop
Inner corner: High Heels
Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 29 Berry Fantastic
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon Luxe Shape Sensational Lipstick Incredible


Crease: Basic, Player
Outer v: Cocoa
Lid: DM Me
Inner corner: Woke
Clio Kill Black Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Makeup Revolution Lipstick Wishful


Crease: No Filter
Upper lid: Vexed
Middle lid: Shook
Liner: Aesthetic
Inner corner: Woke
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Length And Curl
Makeup Revolution Lipstick Wishful


Crease: No Filter
Outer v: Snatched
Lid: Bye Felicia
Inner lid: Straight Up
Inner corner: Low Key
Clio Kill Black Pen Liner
Paese Blacker Than Black
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho

Nude And Wing

Crease: Basic, Player
Lid: Selfie
Liner: Aesthetic
Inner corner: LIT
Paese Silky Mat 707


Crease: Basic, Cocoa
Outer lid: Couture
Inner lid: Hashtag
Inner corner: Werk
Lower lid: Basic, Cocoa, Couture
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Essence LE Coast 'n' chill Velvet Matt Lipstick 01 Smooth & Move


Crease: Basic
Lid: Savage
Inner lid: Gold Chainz
Inner corner: LIT
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Au Naturale

I won't pretend that I don't have similar shades in my other eye palettes, because I do. I love the selection of colors, because those type of colors are the ones I love wearing the most. I especially like gold and bronze variations as well as purples. Some of my favorite shades from this palette are Savage, Sell Out, WCW, Bye Felicia, Damn Girl, Werk, DM Me, Player and Cocoa. I'm just a bit spoiled from using better formulas, so I probably won't get much use out of this one on daily basis. But it's in no way bad.

The formula and pigmentation is different with every shade. But in general pigmentation is much better than in the Makeup Revolution palettes that I own from before. I feel like they made an effort and made them creamier, which also means more pigmented. It's still not nearly as good as my Zoeva palettes. But for a drugstore brand this is actually good. They last well (tend to fade a bit through the day), you need to build the color up (so more work, but you'll get there) and they don't crease on the lids, if you use an eyeshadow primer. If you want descent quality eyeshadows, love warm neutral colors and are looking for something that you can buy in the drugstore value then you might just like this one. It's a descent palette for the price.

*Product was sent to me.