Review: Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil

Hey Beauties!

I finally found another hair jewel. It's Avon's hair oil, which is surprisingly not silicon based. I have tried the infamous Morrocan Oil in their Light version and didn't like it really. I think it's overrated. Today's version is a lot cheaper and surprisingly it should be for all hair types.

Avon's Advance Techniques Morrocan Argan Oil comes in this paper box. It's a hard glass bottle and it has a nice pump on top of it. 

It contains 30 ml and it costs from 6.50 to 3.30€. You can get it really cheap on sale.

The pump works really nice. You can control the amount you want to come out and it's really well made. The hole is just big enough. I usually use one and a half pump, because I do have really dry hair.

Here is the ingredients lists for those, who are interested.

Oil is  yellow and pretty runny. The scent reminds me of typical bubble gum Avon scent mixed with some oriental strong notes - which might just me the natural scent of argan oil. Don't expect the scent to last on the hair for days. 

I have very dry and very thin hair. My roots get greasy quickly, but my ends are very dry. Most of the oils can feel too heavy on my thin hair, but this one doesn't at all. I think you can overdo it, so don't put more than one and half to two pumps, if you have fine hair. It says to apply it on towel dried hair, which I do. I also may put some on after I blow dry my hair, if they feel super dry. 

The effect that I like the most from using it, is that my hair feels really soft. It seems to make them a bit more smooth and healthy looking in general - more moisturized. I have to say the effect doesn't last long on me, but that's just because my hair get really dry the second day. 

Highly recommend this oil to everyone. If you're hair is healthy, this is just a good way of keeping it this way. If you have damaged and dry hair, this will at least temporary make them look better. It might even benefit from it in a long run, since argan oil is one of the best oils for hair. The price is also amazing. 

Have you tried it? Do you like it too?

Peach Perfect

Hey Beauties!

Peach is probably one of my favorite shades for makeup. I especially love it for blushes and lipsticks. Today's look is inspired by this shade. Pretty much all of the makeup has some shade of peach included. 

I put shimmery light peach shade all over the lips. Then I darkened the crease with a warm matte brown. I then added coppery shade on the lid.

On the center of the lid I added the first light peach shade, because it gives the most shimmer to the eye makeup. I also put light vanilla shade in the inner corners and darkened around the lower lash line with matte warm brown shade.

Instead of going for black liner, I choose chocolate brown, to keep the look more warm and light. Then I just added black mascara, since I don't have a brown one.

I used the same shade that I used on the eyes as a base, as a highlighter on tops of my cheeks. For the blush I used a really pretty peach shimmery shade. 

I also used peach shade of lipstick to keep the look very glowy. 

So, this is my peach shade used almost all over my face:). It's a more wearable look for an everyday occasions and I think peach really suits my skin tone. What is you absolute favorite makeup shade? 

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation
MAC Pro Longwear concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder

Essence 3D eyeshadow (Irresistible Vanilla Latte-all over peach, light vanilla)
Avon True Color Quad (Mocha Latte, Shade 2-warm matte brown)
Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run palette (Hide Behind Me-copper)
Elf Cream Eyeliner (Coffee)
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

Essence 3D eyeshadow (Irresistible Vanilla Latte-highlighter)
Milani Baked Blush (05 Luminoso)
Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder (St. Lucia-bronzer)

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipstick (Honey Flower)

Review: Essence Hidden Stories nail polish (01 Enter Wonderland)

Hey Beauties!

I usually stay away from Essence nail polishes, because they always disappoint me in terms of how long they last on me. But I am a sucker for white nail polishes and especially for matte finish nail polishes. So, I totally abandoned my principals and got one.

It's from their Hidden Stories limited edition and it's called 01 Enter Wonderland. It's a standard glass bottle and it contains 10 ml of nail polish. It costs 1.49€

The brush is also very standard, nothing special. However, when it's time for application it leaves stripes. One coat is not enough, since it's not opaque enough. Two coats are needed. My problem with matte nail polishes is that they always pick up on every crack of the nail. So if you have uneven nails, maybe not the best choice.

The formula is pretty thick. It goes on glossy, but dries really quickly into a matte finish. My disappointment was also when I saw the real shade of the nail polish. It's not snow white, but it has a very obvious grey tone to it. It's actually a very light grey shade. What a shame. In the bottle it looks pretty white. Plus, like any Essence nail polish, it cracked on me in about a day. Why am I even trying? No more Essence nail polishes, although I really like this matte effect. 

What did you get from this Hidden Stories LE?

Review: NYX Butter Gloss (Apple Strudel)

Hey Beauties!

I've heard a lot of good things about NYX Butter Glosses and when I had the chance to buy one, I took it. Unfortunately in Germany there weren't all the shades, so it seemed like I was picking among more pink or less pink shades. Should have just gotten with a bright orange one. Anyway, I still got to like their formula and will try to introduce it to you.

I got my NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Apple Strudel. The packaging is plastic standard lip gloss , there's 8 ml of product in it and I think it cost me somewhere around 5€

The applicator is a standard lip gloss applicator and I think it distributes the product just fine. I'm not demanding when it comes to applicators.

The shade is too pink for my taste. It looked like a pretty pale peach in the shop, but on my lips it looks more like a peach baby pink and I hate pink lip products. Especially those kind of soft baby pink shades. 

In my opinion it is pretty well pigmented for a lip gloss. More than most of which I had in the past. It feels very buttery on the lips (go figure!) and it gives a very glossy and colorful look to the lips. It doesn't feel very sticky on the lips, but I also don't find it to be non sticky. It's a gloss, so don't expect longevity. The formula is definitely very nice for wearing on a daily basis and the packaging is cute and practical. I just wish I would have gotten either more neutral shade or more orange peach. 

Do you own any NYX Butter Gloss? Which shade?

Review: Models Own Disco Pants nail polish (Roxy)

Hey Beauties!

I totally forgot to show you this beautiful shade of Models Own nail polish. I've already reviewed one of their amazing red shade here. I can honestly say that I really like their formulas.

This one is from their Disco Pants collection and the shade is called Roxy. There's again 14 ml of nail polish and it costs 5.95€ on Click2Chick.

Shade Roxy is gorgeous dark purple that has a blue shine to it. It reminds me a little of the galaxy. The formula is a dream to apply. The little shimmer in it is purple and blue and it's not difficult to take off, but it gives a really beautiful shine to the nails. The brush is standard, but does the job well. 

One coat is more transparent, so two coats are needed. The more coats you apply, the darker the shade. I like it even more, because it lasts for a pretty long time on my nails. Up to 4 days, which is a miracle for my nails. I'm kind of sorry, I didn't try their nail polishes before :).

As I mentioned before, the nail polish reminds me of the galaxy, so I topped two nails with the Essence Effect Topper in 21 Icy Fairy. Looks kind of galaxy like, right? :)

Review: Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks

Hey Beauties!

Avon has launched new line of lipsticks. I decided to purchase testers of few shades. Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks intrigued me, because of their moisturizing gel formula. As much as I love matte finish lipsticks, they do tend to dry out my lips. Don't even get me started on the state of my lips right now. Sahara has nothing on me and you'll even see that on some of the photos from this post.

I chose five shades and those are Honey Flower, Red Tulip, Rose Bouquet, Red Dahlia and Chocolate Rose. I've just realized right now that they all have flower names. 

Those testers cost 0.25€ each and for those of you who didn't know that, you can ask a person that orders your Avon products, to order you some lipstick testers. Most of the lipsticks that are in the current catalog have testers available as well.

Full size lipsticks will currently cost 4.90€ and contain 3 grams of product.

Honey Flower is a subtle peach nude shade. It's warm toned and nicely pigmented. 

Red Tulip is a vibrant classic red shade. I find it to be classically blue toned, but very vibrant in color. It's also super pigmented. 

Rose Bouquet is a warm toned rose shade, that seems to have purple and brown undertones to it. It's a very muted almost mauve shade.  It's also nicely pigmented.

Red Dahlia is a dark whine red shade. It's actually not as pigmented as most of the other shades. I think this line can be problematic with darker shades. Also because the moisturizing formula may lack in the pigmentation department when it comes to dark shades. The shade is more on the cool side.

Chocolate Rose is, as the name suggests, a chocolate deep brown with red undertones. It's definitely warm toned and the least pigmented of all the shades. In fact, I think the pigmentation might be a problem with this shade. Unless you have naturally really dark lips, then this will just add some moisture and shine.

The formula is an absolute dream. It slides on the lips effortlessly. It feels really nice and it doesn't dry out the lips at all. I find the gel formula to give a really nice shine and comfort on the lips. It's also non sticky. Seriously love the formula of these lipsticks. A dream to wear. I just think with moisturizing lip shades it's always safer with lighter shades. Because darker shades seem to be lees pigmented, therefore can look more patchy on the lips. This will stuck on dry patches. However, it's a dream formula for those of us who tend to get really dry lips. Now, I just wish I would order more neutral shades and that the range would actually offer more nude shades. 

The second part of the swatches is here.