DIY: Bead bracelet

Hey Beauties!

Today I have another DIY bracelet using beads. It's very simple to do, but it gives an exciting look to it :).

What you'll need:
1. color beads, I used glass beads because I like the way they look. I bought mine on Ebay. You get about 600 to 1000 beads for prices like 1 to 3€, so it's pretty cheap. You can also chose one color or randomly mixed colors.
2. smaller beads as a spacer beads. I recommend spacer beads being smaller than color beads, because the design will look more interesting that way. I used gold to match with the gold chain.
3. chunky gold chain, which was actually a belt. This was a belt from H&M and I destroyed it to make about 7 new bracelets. What can I say, it was worth it. I couldn't find chunky chain anywhere and on Ebay it was too heavy to ship. You can use the regular aluminum jewelry chain, I did some with those too.
4. steel wire (3.80 € for 1 meter) in capuccino color. You can use anything that's not elastic, but bends easily.
5. magnetic clasp (don't remember the price, it's around 5 €, would be cheaper to buy on Ebay).
6. one jump ring

Before you start I recommend measuring the chain. Measure it so it covers half of your wrist-if you want the end result to be half chain and half beads. 

Cut the wire-leave it a bit longer and fold it around the end of the chain.

Then hold the wire and the chain and twist the chain in the circle a few times to prepare the wire for the first bead.

Take one spacer bead (gold) and take one end of the wire and put it through the hole.

Then take the other hand of the wire and put it through the other side of the hole-just not the same side of the hole as you did before. The wires should cross like it shows on the photo.

Then you pull on the both ends of the wire and hold the spacer bead in place. If it's more on the one side, try to fix it. The first bead is crucial and the hardest to set in the middle. 

Now take one end of the wire and pull it through your color bead. Take the other wire end and on that one also put one color bead.

Now all you need to do is repeat. Again take one spacer bead, put one end of the wire through one side, and other end of the wire through the other side, so that they cross through the gold bead. Pull both wire ends and secure the bead. 

Then again take two beads and put them on both ends of the wire and so on...

In between check the length if you are satisfied you can finish. Keep in mind that you'll put on one jump ring and a clasp, which will make the bracelet a bit longer. 

Then get one half of the magnetic clasp and secure it as you did a spacer bead. That means put one side of the wire end through one side, and the other through the other side of the clasp, so that the wires cross. Pull on both wire ends. 

Then take one side of the wire: for example take the right end of the wire and go around with it through the other end of the clasp hole (so that you create a loop like seen on the photo) and pull it through. 

Then take the other wire end-the left one and go around creating the loop, going through the other side of the clasp hole and pull through. The wires should cross.

Then take one end of the wire and pull it through one side of the spacer bead hole. (right wire, through the right side of the bead)

Take the other side of the wire end and put it through the spacer bead hole. (left wire, through the left side of the bead)

Take one end of the wire and pull it through the color bead.

Take the other wire end and pull it through the color bead.

Then again cross both wires through the spacer bead. What you're doing is basically breading the wires back into the beads to secure it, because this wire is hard to make a knot out of or end so that it would look nice.

When you feel that the wire is breaded enough you can stop and cut of the ends of the wire. On the photo I cut them when they were through the spacer bead. I recommend cutting it one step before that, so when the wires are through the color beads-it will be less visible and more professional. I did so on the other, just forgot to take the photo of it :).

Take one jump ring open it up and put on the other end of the magnetic clasp. 

Put the jump ring on the other end of the chain.

That's it. And this is how it looks like finished.

You can also do it with lighter version, with smaller aluminum chain. The only difference is in the size, the weight and the style of the chain. Chunky chain is differently cut and it's bolder. I like both looks. Lighter is great for pairing with other arm candy and the chunky bracelet is great as a statement piece. 

Really easy to do. If you try to make it, make sure to send me some pictures, I would love to see your versions :).

Catrice Ketch-me-up lipstick

Hey Beauties!

I got another red lipstick. I know, I know. But I don't have that many lip products, so I am forgiven :). This lipstick was on sale and I think it's going to be discontinued, but I am not sure, so don't take my word for it. I know Catrice is starting with a new range of products in fall, and some of the regulars are going to be discontinued. So if you like it, grab it now.

It's Catrice lipstick in shade 130 Ketch-me-up (it reminded me of ketchup ;) ) and it's from their Ultimate Shine range. The package is a nice silver color and it's pretty heavy, so I can't decide if it's made out of only plastic or also some heavier material. I like that it's heavier than some plastic packages. It's translucent in the bottom and their is also the color from the packaging, which is nice for storing.

The lipstick is red with an orange tone to it. It's definitely warm red. It will suit anyone with warm skin tone and darker skin tones.

The texture is very moisturizing and very shiny. That is why the lipstick is not heavy pigmented, but you can definitely build up the color. It does stain the lips.

one coat

more coats

not on direct sunlight

stains the lips
The price was 1.99 € and probably still is and for that you get 3.5 g, which I think is amazing.

I like the color. For me it's a nice change to a more orange, warm red. I don't like the fact that it is so sheer and moisturizing. The result of that combination can be: lipstick going over the lips and patchiness. Especially if the lips have any dry patches. I like to use it on top of long lasting red lipsticks. Because it gives me a warm tone to the base lipstick and it adds moisture and shine.

Do you own this lipstick and how do you like sheer lipsticks? 

My first giveaway

Hey Beauties!

I am finally also going to see some sea. I am going on Slovenian coast for six days and I am exited to swim, do nothing and relax. Although, I feel like I have been relaxing almost too much :) In the mean time I have some posts ready, so that I still keep up with my blog.

I had this giveaway in my mind for a long time. I wanted to give away products that I like and hope that whoever gets them will like them too. Just know that everything I am giving away I really like and am not giving away something just for the sake of it. I have had a great start creating this little blog of mine and it really makes me happy, whenever you comment my creations and give me some feedback. That's why I wanted to give one of you some of the products as appreciation.

The giveaway is open for everyone. I think the post office can ship this little package anywhere :).

Ok. I am giving away one of my all time favorite shower creams and it's Fa Cream & Oil Cacao Butter & Coco Oil. It smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it moisturizes the skin nicely. I think it's the perfect smell for the summer. Next is my all time favorite formula and color for summer as far as nail polishes goes, and it's Maybelline Mini Colorama in the color 95 Green Park. It's a really pale minty color. You need to paint a lot of coats, but it stays a really long time. And that is why I love this nail polish, if you pair it with the right top coat, I guarantee you, it will stay put. The next product is Beauty Woman pack of little rhinestones that you can decorate your nails with. I love this and the price for this is the best. The lip liner that I recently reviewed and I really like is the Essence lip liner in 10 Femme Fatale, which is gorgeous red that will suit anyone. If you haven't read my review, you can do it here. Next is Avon Perfect Kiss lip gloss in Mauve Kiss. It's very neutral color, very moisturizing on the lips and I just love the formula. You can see the color of this lip gloss here. And the last thing is this Face Brush from some Chinese brand. To be honest it looks extremely like Real Techniques expert face brush. Don't know what's up with this, but if it went through the customs, I think it's good enough ;). I have ordered 3 of these brushes on Ebay and fell in love. This one is my favorite of them all and I use it to apply my liquid foundation. The reviews of these brushes I will post in the near future.

As an addition I also threw in one of my DIY bracelets. The winner gets to choose between one of the 4 styles of bracelets and can choose also the color. I will also made it custom to the winners wrist.

Style 1: Bow bracelet. The bow can be in a peach or minty color and gold chain.

Style 2: Cobra braid bracelet. It comes in this light blue or black-which I forgot to photograph :/.

Style 3: Beads bracelet with medium size gold chain. The chain here is aluminum and it's very light, medium size. You can choose the color of beads: blue, violet, green or black.

Style 4: Beads bracelet with a big gold chain. The chain is metal, so it's a lot heavier. You can also choose the color of beads: blue, violet, green or black.

The rules:
1. You need to do is be my visible follower on GFC or Bloglovin. You can also follow me on Pinterest or Instagram. For that you get additional entry. So for example if you follow me on Bloglovin, Pinterest and GFC I will enter you 3 times.
2. You need to leave a comment on this post saying what you would like me to do more on my blog: such as...make up looks, nail designs, DIYs....or any other suggestions are welcome.

That's it. Oh God, that was so long. I know I tend to over explain. I will choose a winner with If you don't like what I am giving away, then please don't comment below, so I won't enter you :)

The giveaway ends on 2nd September.