Review: Avon City Rush perfume

Hey Beauties!

It's been so long since I bought any new perfumes. The reason being, I believe I have too many, as it is. Do you have a lot of perfumes as well? But this smelly thing, was on my wish list since I tested it in the Avon catalog and then once, I just bought it. In general, I really like Avon perfumes, especially because they have amazing sizes (mostly 50 ml of product) for very reasonable prices. 

The perfume I bought is called City Rush. In my opinion it's the perfect spring perfume, because it has quite strong, yet fresh smell. It's of course more on the stronger and sweeter side, like all my perfumes. For some this wouldn't pass as a day smell, but for me it does.

Top notes: Ivy, Bergamot and Plum
Middle notes: Vanilla Orchid, Rose and Dahlia
Base notes: Musk, Patchouli and Woody Notes

It starts very fresh and later becomes pretty strong woody smell. I like the fact that I can smell some sweetness as well as the woody muskiness in it. Pretty strong as far as the formulations goes. If you don't like strong smells, this is not for you. On me it's very long lasting, but then again, most of the perfumes are. This really depends on your skin. 

The bottle is nice, very sturdy. Perfume looks a bit yellow in the bottle and the graphic on it is gold. Definitely  looks nice on any shelf. 

The perfume contains 50 ml of product and the price varies, like do all the prices in Avon. I bought it for 17 € and I think the full price is 30 €. 

I would recommend this smell to anyone who likes very strong, a bit more sophisticated smells, with a very strong woody note to it.

Slovenian Bloggers 17. - 23.2.2014

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Lightly bronzed skin and bright orange lips

Hey Beauties!

One of my favorite spring / summer makeup trends has to be orange lipstick. Orange and red usually go really well with my skin tone, so I was more than excited to create one of this seasons makeup trends. The orange shades of lipsticks that are really trendy are really really bright oranges, but I went with a bit darker choice. It's still pretty bright, even though it doesn't look as such on those photos.

I left the eyes very simple. I used a mixture of a matte bronzer and a shimmery bronzer and blusher all in one. Those mixed shades I put all over the lid and on the bottom as well. I didn't want to line my eyes heavily, so I used berry brown eye liner to get some depth around the upper lash line. I also lightly put some champagne highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Finished with lots of mascara. Just very simple eyes.

For the face I applied my usual foundation and concealer. Then I used a mixture of those two bronzers, I talked earlier, and put them across my cheeks, nose, temples and my neck. Just to get the overall sun kissed look. I didn't go overboard with this, like I would go in the summer, it was just a little to give my skin some glow. I also used highlighter on tops of my cheeks and a bit on the end of my nose. Slightly shimmer bronzer and highlighter give a very beautiful glow to the skin, which many people need after a long dull winter.

As far as the lips - my favorite part! - a bright orange lipstick. Ah..doesn't this shade looks amazing? I love it. I ordered a tester from Avon, just because I didn't have any bright orange and look what I got? Beauty! It's Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in the shade Tangerine Tango. This is, in my opinion, a pretty wearable slightly red warm undertoned lipstick that will suit a lot of people. Probably not the best choice for very cool toned skin, though. 

Would you wear orange lipstick?

Products used

-Maybelline Affinimat and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
-Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Finish concealer
-Rimmel Stay Matte powder
-Essence Sun Club bronzer
-BYS Blush & Bronze in 02
-Essence Metal Glam highlighter in 01 Gold Digger

-Essence Sun Club bronzer
-BYS Blush & Bronze in 02
-Essence Metal Glam highlighter in 01 Gold Digger
-Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry
-Bourjois Twist Up The Volume mascara

-Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Tangerine Tango

I'm selling black smile tote bag

Hey Beauties!

I'm sorry, but I'm selling this bag only to my Slovenian readers, because of the shipping costs. That's why this post is going to be in Slovene. 

Pred kratkim sem preko Ebaya naročila črno smile tote torbo, ki je na žalost prevelika za mojih 157 centimetrov. Ne vem kaj sem premišljevala ob naročanju, saj je imel prodajalec lepo napisane mere zraven fotografije. Nekako sem mislila, da ne bo tako velika. Torba sama po sebi je zelo lepo narejena. Je iz umetnega usnja, črne barve, znotraj je kremno roza podlaga, ki je prav tako zelo lepa. No, zdaj sem obupana, ker bi rada naročila manjšo verzijo S ali M (tale je L). Če bi katera koli želela imeti to torbo ali je kdaj razmišljala o nakupu, bi bila vesela, če jo prevzame od mene, da si bom jaz lahko naročila manjšo verzijo.

Prodajam jo po popolnoma enaki ceni kot sem jo kupila 35 €. Torbe še nikoli nisem nosila, je popolnoma nova. Imam tudi zaščitno prevleko. Pošljem kamor koli v Sloveniji. Torba ima tudi dodaten pas, da se lahko nosi na več načinov. Spodaj pa sledi še nekaj fotografij za boljšo predstavo in mere torbe.

Tudi torba ima dva izgleda. Če raztegnem stranske dele izgleda bolj široko, lahko pa so stranski deli pospravljeni in je bolj ozka in dolga.


Review: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + (Plus)

Hey Beauties!

I was invited to attend the presentation of new La Roche-Posay product. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the event, because of my study obligations. The PR representative was very kind and sent me the new Effaclar Duo + product. Of course, I was very happy about that. I had reviewed two of La Roche-Posay products on my blog here, before. After trying the Effaclar Duo, I got a hold of the whole sized product and loved using it, when I started getting breakouts. I didn't even know that they also made a newer version. 

The main difference between the previous and newer version is that Effaclar Duo + also helps preventing permanent damages on the skin, like red and dark spots. Those with acne prone skin, now what I mean. As the previous version, this one also helps to prevent clogged pores, which means preventing breakouts. 

The innovative ingredients in this product is Procerad, a patented ceramide which helps to protect against the appearance of red and brown marks. The product says that after 24 hours the imperfections look visibly less red, after 8 days localised imperfections appear significantly reduced, after 4 weeks pores look unclogged, skin texture looks refined and it controls the appearance of shine. 

The new texture is a gel-cream, which promises 24 hydration and lasting mattifying effect, non sticky, non oily finish. It's also an excellent makeup base. 

This product couldn't have come in a better time. I was just having some nasty breakouts, probably because of the studying and exams. I've been using it for one week and I believe I already see some of the results. My skin got cleared after one week, no breakouts anymore. Which probably means unclogged pores as well. I love the texture, which is white, a lot more creamier than the previous version. The previous was very much like a transparent gel. I also like the feeling better. The new version feels more like a regular cream and feels a lot more soothing. As many of you now, I have pretty sensitive skin and the new version reacted good to my skin. No red spots or itchiness. I like that a lot, because the previous version was a lot more irritating for my skin. This one is definitely better for sensitive skin.

Here you can see the difference in the color and texture. The new version still glides on like dream and it has a certain gel texture to it, but feels a lot more like cream. I would dare to say that it's also a bit more moisturizing. It soaks into the skin very quickly. I still believe that it's a great makeup base, as it was the older version. It leaves this a bit sticky surface, which is perfect for makeup, so that it adheres to the skin better. I don't need an extra moisturizer on top of it, because my skin is combination to oily. For a really dry skin, this on itself, may not be enough. It's definitely not oily. The smell is very fresh citrus like.

Left: Effaclar Duo, Right: Effaclar Duo +
Left: Effaclar Duo, Right: Effaclar Duo +
As far as the applications goes some say that this is too much for the entire surface of the skin, especially if you don't have horrible breakouts or acne. You can just use it on the certain parts. If you have bigger problems, than you can use it all over the skin. I used it on the parts of my face, where I get breakouts like my forehead and around the cheek area. I've heard that this new version is also more suitable to use all over the skin, not just on the certain areas. But you'll figure out what works best for you.

To conclude my impressions of Effaclar Duo +, I can say that I really like it, better than the older version, especially because of the new texture, which feels a lot more soothing on my skin and is more appropriate for my sensitive skin. I don't have acne or huge skin problems, but when I do get breakouts, I love this sort of product. It definitely helped me clear the skin in one week, which is great. 

Here are also some photos from the event, that I didn't attend, but wanted to share some of the other bloggers that were there. 

La Roche-Posay team and skin experts
Slovenian bloggers
I believe this is PR team

* This product was send to me.

Au Naturel nails

Hey Beauties!

I've been researching nail and makeup trends for spring and summer 2014. In the nails section I've seen a lot of au naturel nail trends and I have to say, I like it. My nails have been horrible lately and I had to shorten them quite a bit. In order to give them a little break from all the crazy colors, I decided to share with you how I tried to recreate this au naturel trend, my way. 

I could start by giving my nails a nice bath, but since I did that one manicure before, I skipped it. Next is of course creating the shape of nails with a little help of nail file. I like mine to be straight, but rounded on the edges. 

Before applying any nail polish, I like to take nail polish remover and go over my nails in order to clean any sort of grease. I find that doing this step helps me to prolong the wear of my nail polish.

This is a really fun step. I used Alessandro Pro White Effect Nail Polish, which is a little blue toned. That neutralizes the yellowness of the nails, which can be the result of too much usage of nail polishes. I know my nails are pretty yellow most times. Applying this nail polish makes them instantly white. Like a teeth whitener, this is nail whitener. See the difference below.

After that I decided to apply a very light nude nail polish. I put on two coats. The Revlon nail polish in 005 Sheer Blush is extremely fair color, almost a bit transparent with just a little flush of nude yellowish color. 

Finished with Essie Good to Go top coat and done!

Do you ever wear your nails au naturel?

Slovenian Bloggers 10. - 16.2.2014

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Review: Le Couvent Des Minimes - Baume Du Sourire Smile Lip Balm (Pear Aroma)

Hey Beauties!

This French title is a mouthful. I know I can't reed this properly, so let me explain what I'll be reviewing. It's a lip balm from this Le Couvent Des Minimes brand, which I researched a little and like the philosophy behind their brand. They offer simple skin care products and don't over promise. The ingredients are supposed to be natural and only those that are necessary. I also like their tradition, since the brand has started out of a little French village, where monks had their convent and the place was surrounded with beneficial plants. That's why this cute vintage design of their product and staying true to the original recipes.

I got his lip balm from my fellow blogger and friend Sabina. We saw it in the store, tried and were both obsessed with how good it felt on the lips. I also immediately loved the smell. So she got it for me for my birthday :).

This Smile Lip Balm can be used as a daily treatment  to soften and supple lips or as an intensive treatment to repair damaged and chapped lips.

He're is the ingredients list.

The balm is very liquid, gel like, more as a lip gloss than a balm. It's very greasy and it definitely leaves your lips shiny but not as much as Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. What I really like is that it spreads over the lips very easily, it's very moisturizing and yet not sticky at all. On the lips it just feels very smooth. It's definitely not a lip balm in a proper meaning, it's more of a lip caring lip gloss in my opinion. It's not completely transparent, because it has some slight white to it, but it looks transparent on the lips. The thing that I really like is the fact that it feels moisturizing and stays on for a pretty long time. It smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Now, I was never a fan of pear smells, but this one is just amazing. A true sweet pear. Every time I wear it, I want to eat it :). Talking about tastes, it doesn't taste bad at all. Kind of sweet. You can also get it with orange blossom or mint aroma. 

The packaging is a tube. The product you can squeeze out and it's pretty practical. The only problem being, that if you don't use it for a while, once you squeeze it out, out comes only liquid and not gel. I think that's due to the fact that the texture may separate if you don't use it for a while. 

It contains 15 ml and I'm not sure how much it costs, I think it's around 8 €. You need very little of it, so I think it will last me a long time.

If you want a moisturizing like lip gloss treatment for your lips and are crazy about nice smelling, non-sticky products, than this is for you. I highly recommend just trying it in the store, if you find it and you probably won't be able to resist it.

Now, I have to mention this pretty cool hand peeling that Sabina made for me. Yes girl, I'm calling you out! I wanted to get a recipe, but she was a bit mysterious, so I hope she'll need to share it with all of us, including me. I think it includes olive oil, sugar and cocoa powder. Smells divine and feels divine, even on my dry and cracked hands. And how cute is the gift wrap? :) I need the right measurements to recreate it once I use it up. Why I like it? Because when I'm using it, I crave hot cocoa and the olive oil is so subtle that you can only feel it in the end, nothing too greasy. The formula also develops through the time. You apply it and it's more as a peeling and than it starts to become more and more balmy. I love it. Share it Sabina! :P

Valentine's Day Makeup & Nails

Hey Beauties!

Valentine's Day is here. I thought about joining Živa's Valentine Project from Nothin' Fancy. Really. So, I created a little makeup look and quick nail design. Valentine's Day is a great business day for flower and candy shops. I think it's important to love each other any day of the year. However, the Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to get your bum up, go somewhere and enjoy you're loved ones. It's also an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate goodies and treat yourself, because you should love yourself first and then others. 

As for my makeup look, I wanted to accent the eyes, because they truly are a window to the soul. I think eyes are the sexiest part of your face and use eye shadows that will accentuate them. I always think purple goes well with my dark eyes, so I went for a soft champagne purple eye makeup, glowy cheeks and nude lips. 

For my nails I painted them red and pink. On one of them I drew lips and on the other two little hearts. Pretty simple and the colors are perfect for Valentine's.

Be happy today and treat your loved ones or yourself ;)