Review: Ardell Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen - Medium Brown

I've never really been interested in these brow pens until I saw how natural, yet defined results can look. Glossier Brow Flick is one of the most popular eyebrow pens, but since Glossier is impossible to get in Europe, I heard the next best thing is Ardell Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen. I saw Katie Jane Hughes using both of these and loving, so I decided to try it out once I was placing my order for some other products.

Review: Avon Artistique Parfumiers Iris Fetiche Eau de Parfum

Artistique Parfumiers is a new collection of scents by Avon inspired by their beginnings as a California Perfume Company back in 1886. Perfumers were inspired by personal memories and created three fragrances called Iris Fetiche, Magnolia en Fleurs and Patchouli Indulgence. These scents represent journey into the craftsmanship of perfumery that began in Paris back when Avon was created.

Tropical Paradise Makeup

Tropical eye makeup to cut through this summer heat. Heavy on the eyes and very minimal on everything else. These blues and greens are calling me to tropical paradise. 

New In (29)

It's been so long since I've last talked about my new in products, so I decided to just not include all the ones that I already have review of on. Because otherwise I would have to do three posts of these. I have been repurchasing a lot of products as well as researching out for new one that could complete my skin care and makeup routine.

Review: Avon Planet Spa The Ayurveda Ritual - Soothe & Balance Face Mask and Multi-Use Oil

I think one of my first Avon products was one of their Planet Spa masks. Their Planet Spa range has been around since I remember. Every now and then they come out with new scents, but some have been staple in the collection for years. Their latest collection is called The Ayurveda Ritual and I tested face mask and multi-oil.

June 2020 Favorites

This months has been really boring when it comes to makeup and my skin was acting up so I got back to some of the basics that I know work for me. I feel like these favorites are just going to become increasingly more boring and short, because I don't really have time to experiment as much with my makeup as I used to.