Review: Catrice LE Sungasm Summer Glow Make-Up Setting Mist

Catrice has new limited edition called Sungasm that is already available in stores. I have tried out their Summer Glow Make-Up Setting Mist and it's a great one for getting moisturized and dewy look back to your skin after applying powder makeup or just to refresh your makeup.


The mist comes in small plastic transparent bottle. Top is metallic bronze like you would expect for a summer collection. It has black plastic spray and the mist is quite nice and fairly fine for a drugstore product. 

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs 5.09€. It will be available in most Catrice retail stores from June to July


Glycerin is the star of this formulation which means this will be a moisturizing product that will make your skin look healthy glowy, but without any added shimmer like I expected from this at first. I thought this was similar to their discontinued Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray which had small shimmer in it that gave your skin a bit of that rose gold sheen.

In this formula is also coconut and papaya extract. It has the most gorgeous summer scent to it, which smells sort of tropical and coconuty, which might also be due to those two fruit extracts, but it also contains perfume. 


Catrice says this can be used as a primer, setting mist or just a refreshment. I used it as a setting mist. After I've applied my makeup I spritzed it all over my face. It gives skin moisturizing healthy looking finish which blends any powder products together and creates a very healthy sheen on your face. 

Depending on your skin type this can dry out fast and the glow is gone or it can stay moisturized looking. On my combination skin this stays moisturized and a bit dewy looking through the day. 

There are some claims of prolonging the makeup, but I haven't notice any major difference. Usually alcohol based setting sprays work better for that than moisturizing ones. 

Sungasm collection features some classic summer products like bronzers, body highlighter, bronzing pearls, tinted mousse and this mist. Name glow confused me, because I was expecting something with a shimmer, but it's essentially moisturizing mist that helps to blend makeup together and set it in a healthy natural glow finish. It smells divine and for the price this is a nice product. This would work best for those of you that your makeup tends to look dry or powdery. This mist would give you that natural sheen that oily skin produces and it's a great refreshment through the day as it smells nice as well.

*Products were sent to me. 

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