Review: Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Highlighters (All Shades) and Blush (C02 Rose Duet)

Catrice's latest limited edition called Glow In Bloom is all about glowy skin with floral inspiration. It's available in April and May at most Catrice retailers. I have to say their highlighters are just amazing. Blush is also nice.


Highlighters and blush come in a plastic packaging with transparent lid and gold rim. I love that highlighters have flower embossing on them. Blush is split into two shades, one being more shimmery and one more satin.

In each highlighter is 8 grams of product and it costs 4.59€. In blush is 6.3 grams of product and it costs 4.59€ as well.


Highlighters have a wet formula and pigmentation is very good. Shades C01 and C03 have especially wet and very pigmented formula, while shades C03 and C04 have a slighty more satin look to them and therefor look less pigmented.

Both blush shades have also wetter formula, but first shade is almost creamy to the touch, while the second one is a bit drier. First more glowy shade has better pigment than the second one, which is slightly sheerer.

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Highlighters


I have all highlighter shades and there are four to choose from. In general they are for fair to light to medium skin tones.

C01 Jasmine Blossom - light metallic warm to neutral champagne gold. Gold sheen looks more neutral champagne than a proper warm gold. 
C02 Daisy Blossom - light sheer satin warm pink with a pink sheen. It's definitely not metallic, but it has visible pink sheen that is very hard to catch on camera.
C03 Magnolia Blossom - light metallic neutral to cool pinky champagne. It has visible pink tone to it, but shimmer on top is silver and gives it a cool feel.
C04 Sunflower Blossom - medium satin warm golden peach. This one also has more of a satin finish, but it's less sheeny than C02.


Catrice LE Glow in Bloom C01 Jasmine Blossom - it's the most champagne like with the coolest sheen compared to others. 
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Moonstone - more satin and more golden.
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - more peach toned and warmer. 
Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Fine Lines - darker, peach base and similar in sheen, because it's almost as metallic. 
Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Glad You Came - similar in tone, but more yellow gold and a lot less sheeny. 

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom C02 Daisy Blossom - it has brighter pink sheen and a bit warmer.
Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Rose Gold Shade 3 - less sheeny, more muted and less vibrant pink.
Catrice LE Glow In Bloom C04 Sunflower Blossom - the lightest among other comparisons and most peach toned.
theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer - darker and more bronze toned.
Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Loosing Sleep - more metallic, darker and more bronzy.
Catrice LE Glow In Bloom C03 Magnolia Blossom - lighter, more metallic and it has a more silver sheen.
Colourpop In-Nude-Endo On Tempo - darker, more mauve based, it has the same silver sheen, but isn't as metallic looking.


Formula of highlighter is fine and blends with ease. I don't have any problem picking it up with a brush. With fingers you get extremely opaque look. It's long lasting on the skin and I don't notice it wearing off through the day much.

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Monochromatic Blush & Glow C02 Rose Duet


It comes in two shades and I have the second one which is cooler pink. The other shade is more peachy looking.

C02 Rose Duet has two shades. First one is medium brick redish pink. It's more of a muted shade with bright warm golden shimmer that makes it look more peach brick like. It has shimmery glow to it. The second shade is light to medium muted mauve pink with a cool satin sheen. It's definitely not matte as Catrice says. 


MAC Blush Pinch Me - the most bright red toned.
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush Rosy Brown - the most similar to shade 1 from Catrice, just a tad darker, but it has the same muted brick tone.
Catrice LE Glow In Bloom C02 Rose Duet Shade 1 - the only shade with a golden shimmer sheen.
Catrice LE Glow In Bloom C02 Rose Duet Shade 2 - more pink toned mauve.
L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other - more muted brownish mauve and not as pink as Shade 2 from Catrice. 

Left: Shade 1, Right: Shade 2


Blushes are a bit more sheeny looking than highlighters and you have to apply it on a powdered base or it can look patchy. Shade 1 is obviously more pigmented and therefore lasts longer on the skin while Shade 2 is sheerer and can wear off a bit. In general they have descent lasting ability

Catrice always impresses me with their limited edition highlighters and this time was no different. These are really nice. I especially love shades C01 and C03, if you're like me and love a proper metallic shiny highlighter. Shimmer is just fine enough and formula is so smooth and pigmented. If you like highlighters, definitely pick some of these up. For the price it's a bargain.

Blush is also nice. I prefer first shade, because it's warmer and I love shimmery golden sheen to it. Second shade is just as pretty, but a more natural pink with satin sheen. Formula of both is more creamy and you have to build it up slowly to not look patchy, but it lasts pretty well.

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