My 5 best Ebay finds

Hey Beauties!

Finally a bit different post today. I wanted to share with you what are 5 of my favorite products that I bought on Ebay. I'm a bit addicted to Ebay, since I can always find some great affordable new products there. I usually buy them on Ebay UK. 

Smile Bag

I think I always searched for this one using the term "smile bag". It's a Celine inspired bag. They are usually big, but I intentionally bought smaller. It's really small, petite in fact, which means it's perfect for me. I love it. It's well made and it fits just enough - my wallet, mini makeup bag and small bottle of water. 

I bought it for 25.48£. The seller I bought it from, doesn't sell these anymore.You can buy it here.


I've never been a watch person. Since I started working at another student job, I wanted to have a watch so I can count the minutes to the end. No...I'm joking. But I do feel like I needed a watch. I love simple watches and you know I love gold details. These two were perfect. I first bought the white version and then black. Now I prefer the black one. I will say the band isn't all that, you may see that I already ruined it a little. But for the price it's an amazing simple watch. If you don't like spending on brand watches, these are perfect for you. 

I bought it for 2.51£ here.

Lipstick Holder

This is such a nice looking product. It lets you display your lipstick and it's a good storage. I'll admit I need another one, because I don't have any more place in here for all my lipsticks. It holds 24 lipsticks and it's acrylic. 

I bought it for 2.67£. The seller I bought it from, doesn't sell these anymore, but you can buy it here.

Blush Brush

This is Real Techniques Blush Brush inspired brush. I don't know how to properly address it. It's not a fake, since it has no brand name on the handle, but it's exactly like the Blush Brush from Real Technique. Let's be honest here, we all know those brushes are coming out from the same factory in China. I bought it, because I was wondering what the quality was like and let me tell you, I like it even better than the RT. The hair on this brush is softer than on the RT brush. One difference I noticed is that this one feels a little less thick. It seems like it has less hair, then the RT. That's also the only difference and the fact that it's softer. 

I bought it for 1.79£ here.

Foundation Brush

Talking about Real Techniques brushes, I got another inspired one. I'm not sure which one exactly, help me out?! I think it looks a bit like the expert face brush. It doesn't even matter. I bought this one in the set of four brushes, but I only use this one, because I really like the shape of it. It's perfect for foundation and the hair is really soft. I have the original RT Buffing Brush and I hate the hair. It literally scratches my face and I never use it. This one from Ebay however, amazing.

I can't even find the link in my purchase history and the price. You can buy it here.

Brush Guards

Amazing product! If you buy one thing from this post, buy this. Those are brush guards for your makeup brushes. They keep the hair of the brush in place and therefore prolong the shape of it. I use them whenever I clean my brushes. I clean them and while they are still wet, I put these on. They dry in a perfect shape and then you just pull it off. Seriously amazing. This is also amazing if you're travelling with your brushes. The hair will stay in place. I bought the pack of 15 brush guards of different sizes, so they fit bigger and smaller brushes. 

I bought it for 0.99£. The seller I bought it from doesn't sell these anymore. But you can buy a set of 10 here.

So what have been your best Ebay finds? If you bought anything that you really love for an amazing price, do leave me the link. I always need new ideas for shopping :).

Review: Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base and Top Coat

Hey Beauties!

One nail polish that I was most looking forward to getting, is this Kiko's Mat Top Coat. I love matte finish nails. I guess, anything that's not usual or common, it's more attractive to me. Most nail polishes are shiny and so I love matte nails. If you like that finish as well, I promise you, you'll love this top coat.

Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base and Top Coat costs 4.90€ and you get 11 ml of nail polish. It comes in a cute square glass bottle with silver top

I guess this is also a base, if you want it to be, but I just used it as a top coat

The brush is pretty regular, straight cut, but I find that it expends nicely over the nails. That means you can cover a lot of the nail in one swipe. I personally love this, especially with the top coats. Because sometimes if you play for too long, you may ruin the design. 

It dries fast, so you have to be quick. I think it's like that with most of matte top coats. I also find it to be a really good consistency. It's not too think, but also not thick in any way. Just the perfect consistency that allows you to apply it quickly and it still spreads nicely. 

I tried it with many different brand of nail polishes and I think it has a descent staying power. It won't last like Seche Vite, but it doesn't chip the second day, either. 

I tried it on top of Kiko nail polishes, because it should work best with those. Here I used Kiko Quick Dry nail polish in 853. 

You can see that it looks completely matte, once it's dry. I love, love that finish!

I also used it on top of Maybelline Color Show nail polish in 341 Orange Attack.

I think black nail polish still looks best with a matte top coat. Here I used Maybelline Color Show in 677 Blackout. 

And for the spring season, you can make your pastels look so much cooler with matte finish. Here I used Models Own Hyper Gel nail polish in Powder Blue.

I've seriously worn this top coat, ever since I got it. You'll even see I used it in some nail art designs. I just love the matte finish and I wanted a good matte top coat. This one ticks all the boxes. It dries fast (but not too fast), it doesn't chip quickly, it definitely has a matte finish and the consistency it's a dream to work with. If you're looking for a good matte top coat, I highly recommend this one. 

Day makeup using Avon products

Hey Beauties!

Today I will show you natural day makeup look with little pop of color and two lip choices. Avon offered to send me some of their products, which I haven't tried yet and wanted me to do a day and night makeup. Today is part 1, a simple day makeup and you can expect part 2 night makeup soon. They also send me some extra product that I can give away. Yey! It's a photo heavy post, so get prepared.

Spodaj tudi prevod v slovenščini.

Avon Luxe Eyeshadow in Cocoa Couture

This is a pretty neutral brown palette with a little pop of pink color in the middle. You get 9 grams and it costs 8.90€ (regular price 13.50€). You can choose from 7 different color combinations. I especially love the gold packaging from the Luxe range. I'm a sucker for gold. 

The shades are pretty well pigmented. The first matte pink nude is a bit less pigmented. The second colorful matte pink shade is actually the least pigmented in my opinion. The third very light brown has very little shimmer and good pigmentation. Fourth olive toned dark brown also has small shimmer and good pigmentation. The last chocolate brown matte shade is the most pigmented shade in the palette, which surprised me, since it is matte. 

I started by using the fourth dark brown shade in the crease to get some definition. The I used second pink shade in the outer part of the lid as a base. This will give me some colorful base. I then went over the entire lid with the third light brown shade, to achieve a very neutral shade with some color. I also used the same light brown shade all over the lower lash line.

Avon Alway On Point Eyeliner in Lavender Grey

This is a pencil eyeliner, but it seems to be more like a cream eye pencil. I have to say it's genius. I don't know how exactly it works, but I assume the product is in the cap or the top of the packaging. When you swirl the cap on the pencil it makes a click sound. It puts the product on the top and also perfectly sharpens the pencil to a point. That means whenever you use up the tip, you just screw the cap back on and voila, perfect tip. Isn't that just genius? Where was I when this was invented?! I hate eye pencils for this reason, because I don't feel like sharpening them up 5 times in between creating my liner.

I got the shade Lavender Grey, which is indeed a grey shade with a lavender undertone. It has a metallic finish and a lot of shimmer in it. That means it will be more of a reflective eyeliner. 

Unfortunately I didn't find the liner in the catalog and when I asked the representatives they said that it won't be available for a while. Such a shame.

Then I used an eyeliner and did my wing as always. You can do it without the wing, if you prefer that. 

Luxe Volume Extravagance Mascara in Caviar Black

The mascara costs 8.50€ (regular price 11.90€) and you get 7 ml of it. I have to say this didn't really impress me. It's a volume mascara and I do get some volume, but if I put too much on, it also makes them a bit sticky and doesn't separate them. I guess if you like that thick volume effect, you'll love this one.

I'm also not crazy about the very big and fluffy brush. It's a personal thing. I prefer silicon small brushes. I find this brush to be too big for me. It's sometimes hard to get to the very roots of the lashes.

After curling the lashes I applied the mascara.

Avon Luxe Lipstick in Lustering Nude

Luxe lipsticks cost 6.50€ (regular price 9.90€) and you get 3.6 grams of product. You can also choose from a range of 16 shades. The packaging is again pretty luxurious gold plastic.

I got the shade Lustering Nude, which I think it's the wrong name. It's definitely not nude for me. It's light peach red shade with shimmer. The shimmer in the lipstick gives your lips that shine that makes them look bigger and juicier. I know the shimmer might bother some people, but I think the range is geared toward mature users and I get the idea. The shimmer makes the lips fuller and as we all know they do get thinner with age. I personally love the look of shimmer and this very sheer peach red shade, but I hate the fact that when it wears off, it leaves behind shimmer. That's annoying. 

And that is my pretty natural makeup for the day or for anyone that doesn't want to wear obvious makeup and wants to just enhance the natural features of the face. 

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lipstick in Petal Pink

It costs 5.70€ (regular price 8.50€) and you get 3 grams of product. You know my love for the Ultra Color Indulgence range, so I won't go into detail. They are basically very pigmented moisturizing lipstick that give you nice shine and amazing color. You can read my reviews and see the swatches of these lipsticks here: Part 1, Part 2 and other.

I got another shade that I can ass to my collection and it's called Petal Pink. Petal Pink is a cool toned fuchsia pink. It's actually very similar to Hibiscus. I guess Petal Pink is a bit more cooler (blue) toned than Hibiscus. It's also a bit lighter. Hibiscus is a tiny bit darker and more pink. 

I wanted to show you a bit more colorful version of day makeup. One of the easiest things that you can do is use colorful lipstick. Now this one is not my first choice, because it doesn't necessarily compliments my skin tone, but it would look amazing on maybe a bit more cool toned skin. Previous peach variation was for those with warmer yellow skin tone and this would be better choice for those with cooler pink skin tone. 

Here are the swatches from left to right: Avon Always On Point Eyeliner in Lavender Grey, Avon Luxe Lipsticks in Lustering Nude and Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lipstick in Petal Pink.


Avon was also kind enough to get me some extra makeup bits that I can give away to you. You can get Avon Luxe Eyeshadow palette in Cocoa Couture, Avon Luxe lipstick in Lustering Nude and Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance mascara in Caviar Black. 

I'm sorry, but this is for Slovenians only, because the shipping is too expensive. So, if you like any of the makeup products that are in the giveaway, feel free to fill in the boxes in the Rafflecopter below. I will contact the winner through email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Danes vam bom pokazala nevtralen makeup z malo barvitosti. Predstavila vam bom tudi dve verziji šmink. Avon se je ponudil, da mi pošlje nekatere njihove izdelek, ki jih še nisem preizkusila. Z njim bom ustvarila en dneven in en nočen makeup. Danes je tukaj prvi del, preprost dnevni makeup. Drugi del lahko pričakujete kmalu. Poslali so mi tudi nekaj izdelkov, ki jih bom podarila na koncu te objave. Jej! Objava je polna fotografij, zato se pripravite.

Avon Luxe paleta senčil v odtenku Cocoa Couture

To je precej nevtralna rjava paleta z dodatkom barvitega roza odtenka na sredini. Cena za paleto je 8.90€ (redna cena 13.50€) in v njej je 9 gramov izdelka. Izbirate lahko med 7 različnimi kombinacijami. Še posebej mi je všeč zlata embalaža iz Luxe linije. Kaj naj rečem, obožujem zlato.

Odtenki so kar dobro pigmentirani. Prvi mat roza nevtralen odtenek je malo manj pigmentiran. Drugi barvit mat roza odtenek je po mojem mnenju najmanj pigmentiran. Tretji svetlo rjav odtenek z majhnim šimrom je dobro pigmentiran. Četrti rjav odtenek z olivnim podtonom in bleščicami je prav tako dobro pigmentiran. Zadnji čokoladno rjav odtenek je najbolj pigmentiran odtenek, kar me je presenetilo, glede na to, da je mat.

Paleto sem uporabila tako, da sem najprej uporabila četrto temno čokoladno barvo in z njo ustvarila malo definicije v gubi očesa. Potem sem uporabila barvit mat odtenek na zunanji polovici veke. Ta odtenek mi je služil kot barvna podlaga. Preko celotne veke sem nato nanesla tretji svetlo rjav odtenek, da sem ustvarila precej nevtralen očesni makeup z kančkom barve. Enako svetlo rjav odtenek sem uporabila tudi okrog spodnjih trepalnic.

Avon Always On Point svinčnik za oči v odtenku Lavender Grey

To je svinčnik za oči, ki pa izgleda kot kremen svinčnik. Povedati moram, da je genialen. Ne vem kako točno deluje, ampak predvidevam da je izdelek v zgornjem delu embalaže oziroma v pokrovu. Ko dam pokrov na svinčnik, je produkt prenesen na vrh svinčnika. Prav tako je perfektno ošiljen. To pomeni, da kadarkoli porabite vrh izdelka, pokrov spet navijete na izdelek in voila, popolnoma ošiljen vrh. Ni to genialno? Kje sem bila ko so to izumili? Sovražim svinčnike za oči ravno zaradi tega, ker jih moram med eno uporabo petkrat ošiliti.

Dobila sem odtenek Lavender Grey, ki je siv odtenek s sivkinim podtonom. Ima kovinski finiš in veliko šimra. To pomeni, da je bolj refkletiven liner. 

Na žalost izdelka nisem našla v katalogu in ko sem po njem vprašala predstavnico Avona, mi je rekla, da ga še nekaj časa ne bo na voljo. Škoda.

Potem sem uporabila svinčnik za oči in naredila rahel wing. Če ne marate tega izgleda, lahko samo navadno obrobite oči.

Luxe Volume Extravagance maskara v odtenku Caviar Black

Cena maskare je 8.50€ (redna cena 11.90€) in v njej je 7 ml izdelka. Moram povedati, da me ta izdelek ni preveč navdušil. Je maskara za volumen in res da nekaj volumna, ampak če uporabim preveč, postanejo moje trepalnice lepljive in jih ne morem več ločiti. Če vam je všeč efekt debelih trepalnic z volumnom, potem vam bo ta maskara všeč.

Tudi ogromna krtačka mi ni všeč. Tukaj gre čisto za osebno preferenco. Jaz imam na sploh raje silikonske majhne krtačke. Zame je ta krtačka prevelika. Včasih je težko doseči koren trepalnic.
Potem ko sem zavihala trepalnice, sem uporabila to maskaro na spodnjih in zgornjih trepalnicah.

Avon Luxe šminka v odtenku Lustering Nude

Cena Luxe šmink je 6.50€ (redna cena 9.90€) in v njih je 3.6 gramov izdelka. Izbirate lahko med 16 odtenki. Embalaža je spet lepa luksuzno zlata plastika.

Dobila sem odtenek Lustering Nude, ki ima napačno ime. Zame vsekakor to ni nude odtenek. Je svetlo breskvasto rdeč odtenek z veliko šimra. Šimer v šminki daje čudovit sijaj in z njim ustnice izgledajo večje in sočne. Vem, da bo šimer verjetno marsikatero motil, ampak mislim, da je linija namenjena starejšim uporabnicam in razumem idejo. Šimer naredi ustnice polnejše, ker vsi vemo, da ustnice z leti postajajo bolj tanke. Meni osebno je šimer všeč, prav tako ta lahko breskvast rdeč odtenek. Ni mi všeč, da ko šminka zbledi, ostane na ustnicah samo šimer. To je lahko res nadležno.

In to je moj precej nevtralen dnevni makeup za vsakogar, ki noče nositi na daleč vidnega makeupa, ampak vseeno želi malo poudariti svoje obrazne poteze.

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence šminka v odtenku Petal Pink

Cena šminke je 5.70€ (redna cena 8.50€) in v njej je 3 grame izdelkov. Poznate mojo ljubezen do Ultra Color Indulgence šmink, zato ne bom šla v podrobnosti. V bistvu so zelo pigmentirane vlažilne šminke, ki dajo ustnicam lep sijaj in čudovito barvo. Moje ocene šmink si lahko preberete tukaj: del 1, del 2 in ostalo.

Dobila sem še en odtenek, ki ga lahko dodam moji kolekciji. Imenuje se Petal Pink. Petal Pink je roza fuksija z hladnim podtonom. Je zelo podobna odtenku Hibiscus. Petal Pink je bolj hladen odtenek (z modrim podtonom) kot Hibiscus. Je tudi malo svetlejši odtenek. Hibiscus je malo temnejši in bolj roza.

Želela sem vam predstaviti bolj barvito verzijo dnevnega makeupa. Ena najlažjih načinov kako  dodati barvo v makeup je, da dodate barvito šminko. Ta odtenek ni moja prva izbira, ker se ne ujema preveč z mojim podtonom kože. Izgledala bi odlično na nekom z hladnim podtonom kože. Prejšnja breskvasta verzija je bolj primerna za te z toplim rumenim podtonom kože, med tem ko je ta roza bolj primerna za nekoga z hladnim roza podtonom kože.

Na fotografiji lahko vidite kako izgledajo izdelki od leve proti desni: Avon Always on Point svinčnik za oči v odtenku Lavender Grey, Avon Luxe šminka v odtenku Lustering Nude in Avon Ultra Color Indulgence šminka v odtenku Petal Pink.


Avon je bil tako prijazen, da mi je poslal nekaj makeup izdelkov, ki jih lahko podarim vam. Lahko dobite Avon Luxe paleto s senčili v odtenku Cocoa Couture, Avon Luxe šminko v odtenku Lustering Nude in Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance maskaro v odtenku Caviar Black.

Nagrada je na voljo za vse slovenske bralce. Če so vam kateri makeup izdelki všeč, izpolnite Rafflecopter obrazec. Zmagovalca bom kontaktirala preko elektronske pošte. 

Other products used:
Borujois Healthy Mix foundation
Makeuo Revolution The One foundation in shade 1
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Avon Ideal Flawless concealer in Fair
ELF High Definition Powder
MAC Pinch Me blush
Elf Blush palette - shade 1
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia - bronzer

Review: Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Hey Beauties!

While I was shopping in Müller and looking around, I saw that they have Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists. I was really surprised, because I never saw these before. I've been wanting to order them on Ebay, but wasn't sure I'll like the smell of it. So when I sniff this one, I just had to have it.

The mist comes in a plastic bottle with a spray top. It's a cheap packaging, but you can definitely carry it around with you. It costs 9.99€ and you get 250 ml of it. It's not a bad price considering the amount. Of course you should also consider that it's a mist, not a perfume. 

I decided for the scent called Coconut Passion. Oh-my-God! If I would be a fragrance, I would be this. It's basically vanilla and coconut. The formula is also infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.

I seem to smell more vanilla than coconut. But it's such a warm intoxicating scent. It takes you to the beach. I also find it pretty classic, because of the vanilla scent, since a lot of people love vanilla. It stays on for a good amount, but don't expect perfume long lastingnes. I spray it like a perfume and it always ends up in my hair. At the end of the day, my boyfriend still smells it in my hair.

Spray works great. Very fine mist, but you get a lot of product out in one mist. 

I also included the ingredients list.

I can't say much about it. It's a fragrance mist and you can use it as a perfume, body mist or just spray it everywhere. I LOVE this smell and it's why this product is now one of my favorite. The smell sells me. I find the packaging to be also very practical to carry around and I'm sure I'll be using this in the summer on holiday. If you haven't tried any yet, go and sniff some, I'm sure you'll find a scent for you.