September 2020 Favorites

September flew by like crazy. Days are getting shorter and I am starting to feel cold all the time again. Summer has quickly turned into fall. This months I actually didn't experiment much with makeup. Here are just some products that I reached for over and over again. 

Nivea Soothing Oil Face & Eyes With Natural Grape Seed Oil Sensitive Skin

I mentioned in new in that I don't think this is my new favorite cleansing oil, but I've grown to love it. It's very liquid, but feels more oily than some other oils I have tried which is actually a good thing for removing makeup, because you need less of it to break down makeup. More oily feel is especially nice for colder months when you want something heavier. However, it leaves layer of oil behind even when you cleanse it off and it becomes milky. I go in with a second cleanse anyway so it doesn't bother me that much. I like that it has no scent and isn't irritating on the eyes.

SVR Cicavit+ Creme

I've repurchased a bigger tube since I have tried several small ones. This is my go to for whenever my skin is acting up with atopic dermatitis and I have red dry patches that itch. Inevitably, there are some scars from scratching and I feel like this one speeds up healing process. It's not fragranced and doesn't irritate my skin.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 020 Light Beige

Cult favorite that I always go back to. I use my "darker" color still, because I still have some tan. This is good medium coverage concealer which isn't drying and doesn't look cakey. It's been my staple ever since it came out and I hope Catrice never discontinues it. This one works great on more mature skin as well as it's more hydrating than other good coverage concealer and it doesn't catch into fine lines. 

Catrice Glow & Care Primer

Unfortunately, this primer is discontinued and I got it when it was on sale. I don't use it as primer rather as a highlighter or to mix in with matte foundations and give them more sheen. It's perfect natural highlighter for no makeup days when you just want a bit of that sheen. Shimmer in it is fine and the color is somewhat of a peachy champagne which actually blends into nothing, but leaves behind natural looking champagne sheen. I don't like the scent, because it smells like plastic to me. 

Avon 2 in One Cushion Cloud Cream Lip & Cheek Colour Sugar And Spice

Cream products are really growing on me, especially for those natural makeup days when you don't want to look like you've tried. This is the perfect muted mauve shade that will fit so many skin tones. It's a thicker cream like consistency which blends into skin effortlessly and leaves matte finish on the skin. Color looks so natural and the fact that it's a cream it blend into the skin without leaving additional layer on top. I really like this blush.

NYX Epic Ink Liner Black

I think this is now my favorite liquid liner. Reason being it has brush applicator with fine tip and it's always very saturated. I noticed that it can be a bit runny, if you store it upside down, so you could probably store it laying down as well. It sets quickly and once it does, it doesn't budge at all. This stays on for the whole day and doesn't transfer which is all I ask from it apart from precise application.

Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting 040 Ash Brown

Catrice revamped their range again and in the new line up is this brow brush pen. I believe this is the closest and cheapest I'll get to the popular Glossier Brow Flick. It has brush applicator which comes to a fine point and if you have light touch you can create very thin hair like strokes. There is a learning curve with this kind of product, because you have to apply very little pressure to draw believable hair like strokes. Color is medium brown, but it's still a bit warmer than my natural brows which are very grey toned. If you have descent brow this helps you to draw in brows where you have bold parts and you can create that very fast and it looks quite natural. 

Avon Creme Legend Lipstick Iconic

When did I not like Avon lipstick?! Their lipstick formulas are just always on point and in my opinion lipsticks are their best makeup products in general. They just came out with new formula called Creme Legend which is basically a creamy lipstick with very good pigmentation and a build in hydrating primer. It's your perfect everyday formula that wears so comfortably. Currently they offer only 10 shades, half of those are nude and half reds. I am actually impressed with nude selection, because usually Avon only offers two to three nudes, but here are five to choose from. I got Iconic which is medium brown mauve and it's one of those nudes that will suit many skin tones. I can see this being the most popular option. It goes with pretty much any makeup look. 


Falls is probably my favorite season right after summer. It has the best colors. If my clothes would be a season, it would be fall. There is just something about crisp air, leather jacket, cozy sucks and chestnuts. Fall isn't a fall for me, if I don't eat chestnuts. I already had one batch this year and I'm just about to go make some right now. My parents also have a vineyard and we already picked all the grapes this week. It's another fun seasonal chore.

Calluna Vulgaris

This year I've started to garden quite a lot, because we moved to out own house and I've sort of fallen in love with plants. Apart from my garden, which was pretty successful this year, I've also gotten into decorative plants or flowers. I am trying to reproduce roses as well as having a few bushes of hydrangeas. I am also adding new plants into pots little by little like this calluna vulgaris. I just think this bright green plant with metal pot and brown leather hooks it's a vibe. It was also super cheap. I got it in Lidl. Sometimes it's all about the small things that make you happy.

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  1. Chestnuts are awesome - I love to roast them over the holiday season. I'll definitely have to buy them when I see them next. Thanks for sharing!
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