Review: Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette

After purchasing Warm Edit palette by Viseart, I knew I would want to get more. Luckily, Paris Edit was also on sale and I though this shade selection was perfect to add to my collection. It's a very romantic colored palette with which you can create variety of colorful or more muted looks. 


It comes in a pink cardboard packaging. There is a small ribbon attached to it which makes it easier to open up. It has magnetic closing and small mirror inside. I would prefer one fold palette, because it folds three times and you can sometimes scratch pans with the third wing. 

Pans can be taken out and placed into empty magnetic palette. That is a big plus as well as downfall of their packaging. I love that I can transfer these into my own empty palette, but it also means pans can fall out, because they're not glued in which means broken eyeshadows. Like it happened to me. 

In it is 12 grams of product and it costs 33€. I got it for 28.35€ on Beauty Bay when it was on sale. 


Matte shades are drier than shimmery ones. Some shimmery shades are very creamy and they transfer foiled looking on the lid. In general pigmentation is good, but I've written which are drier or wetter next to each shade description. 

I have to point out these eyeshadows are lightly pressed which means they have good color payoff, but also crack easily. Palette dropped down from my shelve and most of the shades turned into dust. I lost half of pans of some of these just a few days after purchasing it. You can imagine how mad I was at myself. Pans can be taken out, so they all dropped out.  


It's a romantic pink and mauve toned palette. Most of the shades are pretty neutral toned, but there are also some warm and cooler tones. In general this is a very wearable palette which would suit many different eye colors and skin tones. It was inspired by the most romantic city in the world - Paris. It would make a great bridal palette

Petale - matte neutral pastel dusty pink
Champs-Elysees - shimmery light white gold - very light white base with yellow gold shimmer on top (dry texture)
Creme Brulee - matte medium neutral caramel brown
Fleur - matte medium neutral dirty mauve
Opera - metallic/foiled medium neutral pink with cool silver glitter (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)
Beaux-Arts - shimmery medium warm copper bronze with good amount of gold sheen (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)
Tulle - matte medium neutral salmon pink (the most dusty and least pigmented)
Cerise - matte dark neutral redish brown with silver specks of glitter
St. Germain - shimmery cool charcoal grey with denim blue undertone, sheeny (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)
Marais - shimmery medium warm brick bronze, sheeny (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)
Pirouette - metallic/foiled medium warm copper bronze with silver shimmery sheen (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)
Tuileries - satin dark neutral purple with berry pink sheen (wet texture, amazing pigmentation)

My favorite shades are Creme Brulee (one of those rare neutral camel browns), Fleur (perfect mauve for fall), Cerise (such a lovely alternative to black as liner), St. Germain (party shade, because it looks dimensional and has nice sheen) and Pirouette (foiled copper shade perfect for all over the lid as a shiny statement).


Crease: Petale, Creme Brulee
Outer third: Cerise
Inner second thirds: Pirouette
NYX Epic Ink Liner

Lips: NYX Slim Lip Liner Peekaboo Neutral and Catrice LE Lipstick


Crease: Petale, Creme Brulee
Outer v: Fleur
Lid: Beaux-Arts
Inner corner: Champs-Elysees
Liner: Cerise

Lips: Essence Stay 8h Lipliner 03 so default and Avon True Perfectly Matte Berry Blast Lipstick

Purple Nude

Crease: Petale, Creme Brulee
Outer v: Cerise
Lid: Marais
Inner corner: Champs-Elysees

Lips: Avon 2 in 1 Cushion Cloud Creamy Lip & Cheek Colour Sugar And Spice


Crease: Creme Brulee
Lid: St. Germain
Inner corner: Champs-Elysees


Crease: Petale, Tulle
Outer v: Fleur
Lid: Opera
Inner corner: Opera
Liner: Cerise

Lips: Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipstick


Crease: Creme Brulee
Outer v: Fleur
Lid: Tuileries
Inner corner: Champs-Elysees
Liner: Cerise


I always use eyeshadow primer underneath any eyeshadows and those wear all day without creasing. They are long lasting and don't fade much. They blend out with no problems.

I was so disappointed with the fact that I broke most of these eyeshadows and lost so much product. They are very delicate, but the quality is there. Pigmentation is good, they blend like a dream and the price isn't as bad when you calculate how much product you get compared to some other high end brands. Paris Edit is a very romantic color scheme. You'll like it if you love pinks, mauves, coppers and neutrals to pair them with. I might get some more palettes from Viseart in the future, but right now no color scheme speaks to me. I sort of wish for one with more cooler neutral tones which I'm missing in my collection. 


  1. Love these looks - the colors are so natural and neutral, which is totally my kind of makeup palette!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Kar pri srcu me je zabolelo ko sem brala kako se ti je pol senčk razletelo :( Ni ravno poceni. Drugače je lepa, odtenki ti zelo pašejo in kot vedno si naredila krasne looke :) Jaz bi zase seveda nekaj hladnejšega :)

    1. Ah kako še mene. Sploh pa ko je še nova, nedotakljenja in jo že skupi. Sem bila tako jezna nase. Hvala :) <3 Ja, ti imaš raje hladne. Moram priznati, da so znamke res slabe s temi hladnimi odtenki. Ok, najdeš še take kao nevtralne palete, ampak v celoti hladno je pa skoraj nemogoče najti. Kar je prav bedno. Morala bi biti izbira za prav vse želje.