August 2020 Favorites

August has been busy and my makeup was kept at minimal. I have been testing some new skin care products which have deserved its place in this months favorites. I brought back out some of my old makeup favorites that I particularly love for hot summer days. 

SVR Liftiane Creme

I have been testing some SVR products for a while. But my first love of theirs was their Cicavit+ Creme which help heal my skin and nourish it. This time around, I am trying more of skin care products for my face. Liftiane Creme is lightweight cream which contains anti-oxidant resveratrol and two types of hyaluronic acid. It spreads with ease and feels light on the skin. There is a bit of sheen that it leaves behind and in genera it works well with my combination skin. It's fragrance, but I find it subtle enough that it doesn't bother me. It also doesn't feels irritating on me. I can say, I like this formula. My skin seems to like it too, because it's moisturized, has a good sheen to it and feels smoother as well. 

SVR Sun Secure Fluide SPF50+

I have heard so many rave reviews of the mousse version, but I decided to go for the classic fluid. This is a more liquid white cream which spreads good, but it sets fairly quickly, so you have to massage it in fast. It doesn't leave any white cast once you blend it in. There is a visible sheen to the skin which may be a deal breaker for oily skin. I actually don't mind it that much, although my skin gets pretty oily in summer. For the winter this will be perfect. It contains chemical filters. I have been using it every single day and it hasn't broke me out which is surprising considering how strongly scented it it. It has sort of a summery scent to it which is so strong. If you fragrance sensitive, you will hate it. I needed some time to get used to it. But other than that, it seems to work well with my skin and so far I like it, though I feel I will like it even more in the winter. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot - Soft Ochre

As much as I love transparent thin eyeshadow primer, I sometimes want something covering. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots are somewhat of a cult product by MAC. They have been around for a while and I just tried one. Soft Ochre is like a light yellow nude shade which I thought would look too yellow on me, but it blend with my skin tone perfectly. This is nicely covering, but just as nicely lightweight and doesn't apply thick. It prolongs the wear and intensity of eyeshadows as well as prevents them from creasing. I like it a lot, it creates a prefect one toned base and lasts so well.

Bronx Colors Single Slide Baked Shadow - Venus

This is the perfect bronze shade summery shade. It's very pigmented and applies like a dream. Shimmer is fine and the shade contains many different pigments which gives it such a universal shade and dimension. On me it sort of looks like a slightly coppery red bronze shade. I apply this all over the lid as just one color eyeshadow look and it looks so nice. It lasts well too. The purple Amethyst shade is nice as well.

Avon True Euphoric Mascara - Brown Black

I just finished this mascara and am considering repurchasing it. This is by far my favorite Avon mascara. It makes my lashes thicker, adds volume, but still gives me nice definition without it clumping up. It might just become my new favorite mascara. Plus the color Brown Black is so much nicer than the regular black, because it looks softer on the eyes. 

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Highlighter - C04 Sunflower Blossom

Since I am tanned, I can use my slightly darker shades on the face and this highlighter is slightly darker, peachy gold shade which actually matches my skin tone now perfectly. It has much more subtle sheen to it than other shades from this same LE, so it doesn't look as metallic which is a good thing. In summer I have enough of my natural sebum that I sometimes avoid adding too shiny highlighters. I have been using this one a lot. I assume new Catrice highlighters will be very similar to this one.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Natural

This is officially my favorite nude lip pencil. It's the perfect shade that looks like my lips, but better. It's not too pink, just cool toned enough, muddy brown and slightly darker than my natural lip color. Formula is pretty classic, just creamy enough, but not particularly drying or long lasting. I love most of the nude shades from this range, but Natural is my absolute winner.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - London and Cannes

Another one of my favorite lop formula that I've had for a while, but I particularly enjoy in the summer when my lips aren't always dry. It's sort of like mousse formula which makes it thinner than usual matte liquid lipsticks. Shades are again amazing. Lots of nudes to choose from. London is my favorite muddy brown and I choose Cannes whenever I want something slightly pinkies, but still very much nude. It's a formula that applies creamy and slowly dried down to a matte finish. 

Chicatella Cream

This is Slovenian brand cream created by a fellow makeup artist which also had problems with eczema on his hands. I was intrigued by his story right away, because I could relate. Now, I am way past believing that there is a miracle cream that will fix my hands, but I still use a lot of creams to maintain my eczema under control. This is a very thick occlusive white cream which reminds me of those pharmacy creams that they mix up in the pharmacy for you personally. It's actually quite hard to find very thick creams in drugstore - unfragranced of course - that would give your skin that moisturizing barrier to last you through the night. Most creams just sink in on dry skin and your skin is dry in the matter of few minutes again. I use this cream on top of lighter formulas to sort of lock it all in. Especially at night time. It coats your skin with thick layer that keeps your skin moisturized for longer. Put on some cotton gloves and it may prevent them further drying out. It contains lanolin, petrolatum mixed with some oils like olive and almond. 

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