Colorful Melting Face

I wasn't going to do Halloween makeup this year, because the situation is just what it is. Let's be honest, most of the world is staying in at home and there aren't any activities. But hey, maybe I'm wrong and there will be Zoom parties going on. Anyway, I got last minute idea to include face mask into my look, as masks have become the new norm in Western world. I didn't know what to call this look. It sort of reminds me of ninja in a way,  but then the face should look like it's melting. 

Review: SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique - Liftiane Creme, Sun Secure Fluide SPF50+ and Xerial 30 Creme

SVR is a french dermocosmetics laboratory which understands sensitive skin and how problems with skin can affect your emotions and well-being. I, as a person with skin problems my whole life, can completely relate to that. Brand was created by Simone and Robert Veret. They believed that dermatology makes you more beautiful. SVR offers products to accompany you every day to help you feel good about yourself. 

Review: Avon Creme Legend Lipstick - Iconic

I am almost always impressed with Avon lipsticks. Every new range that they come out with, is usually a success in my book, especially if I like the general description of formula. Creme Legend is their newest range of lipsticks with creme finish and build in primer. It's your best bet for everyday creamy comfortable lipstick.

Review: Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette

After purchasing Warm Edit palette by Viseart, I knew I would want to get more. Luckily, Paris Edit was also on sale and I though this shade selection was perfect to add to my collection. It's a very romantic colored palette with which you can create variety of colorful or more muted looks. 

Review: Bronx Colors - Lip Products

Here is the last part of Bronx Colors reviews and it's about two of their lip products. Matte Lip Tint and The Legendary N°2 Lipstick. One was love at first try and the other one complete opposite. 

Review: Bronx Colors - Eye Products

Continuing my review of Bronx Colors, here are all the eye products I got the chance to try out. There is a bit of everything from brushes to mascara. 

September 2020 Favorites

September flew by like crazy. Days are getting shorter and I am starting to feel cold all the time again. Summer has quickly turned into fall. This months I actually didn't experiment much with makeup. Here are just some products that I reached for over and over again.