Review: Bronx Colors - Lip Products

Here is the last part of Bronx Colors reviews and it's about two of their lip products. Matte Lip Tint and The Legendary N°2 Lipstick. One was love at first try and the other one complete opposite. 

Matte Lip Tint - Naked


It comes in matte black packaging and the bottom is transparent so you see the shade inside. It has doe foot applicator which holds enough product for one application and is pretty precise. 

In it is 5 ml of product and it costs 7.99€.


It's very liquid formula which has great pigmentation. One swipe is more than enough. You can even wipe applicator down for a more sheerer application that doesn't look as thick.


There are 18 shades available - some nudes, pinks, purples and reds. Naked is pale cool pinkish nude. It has sort of a lavender cool tint to it. It's so light that it makes me look dead, sort of like those concealer lip shades that were so popular back in the days.


It dries down in few seconds to a complete matte finish which feels drying and looks quite obvious, but that maybe because of this light shade. It feels heavy on the lips and is definitely transfer proof. I put this in one of those cement like matte lip formulas, which I dislike, as they are not comfortable to wear despite surviving almost anything.

The Legendary N°2 Lipstick - Nutmeg


It has metal black packaging which is sleek, long as feels quite expensive. You need to twist the bottom to pull out the lipstick. Bullet is oval and thin so it's very easy to apply lipstick precisely.  There is no need for lip liner.

In it is 2.2 grams of product and it costs 9.99€.


It's a very creamy formula which just glides on the lips with such ease. It's got that creme finish with a bit of sheen. Pigmentation is very nice. You don't need to keep going over the lips.

There is so sweet vanilla like fragrance to it.


There are 8 shades available. Nutmeg looks like the most wearable shade out of all of them.

Nutmeg is light to medium muted coral pink which has a mix of some peach, pink as well as some dirty brown tone to it. It's the perfect everyday shade with just a hint of color to brighten up complexion. I love it.


This feels so comfortable on the lips. It applies like a dream and doesn't emphasizes dry patches. It feels soothing on the lips. As it dries down it becomes less shiny. It's creamy, so not transfer proof, but doesn't bleed and stays on well. If you blot it down, it's more of a satin finish. 

The Legendary lipstick is my favorite product out of all Bronx Colors products I have tried out. It's so comfortable to wear and the shade is also lovely for every makeup look. Their Matte Tint is my nightmare lip formula as it's so drying, but I know some will love cement lips, because it means it doesn't move. The shade is too light even for me and the cool undertone clashes with my warmth. 

*Products were sent to me.


  1. Naked does not make you look dead. Je pa še meni presuh. Te druge šminke pa sploh nisem videla na spletni strani. Me sicer zelo mika naročit puder, ki mi je res super sodeč po testerju. Korektor tudi veliko uporabljam, ostalo je pa šlo v druge roke.

    1. V živo izgleda še hujše :D. Ja, ta druga šminka mi je pa fantastična. Res dobra formula. Samo škoda, da nimajo več nude odtenkov, ki bi mi bili všeč. Jaz bom tudi večino predala naprej, so pa tudi cvetke. Senčila npr. so mi res všeč.