My Favorite - Foundations and Concealers

I got the idea to do these posts when one of my readers Sarah wrote to me and ask me, if I could do a round-ups of my favorites according to the type of product. I do monthly and yearly favorites, but in the wave of new products, I forget to talk about those staples that I actually love the most. In these posts I'll try to talk only about the products that are still available to buy, so there won't be any limited edition products here.

I'm starting this series with the basic - foundations and concealers. When it comes to foundations, I like a good coverage, although I also have some with lighter coverage for those good skin days. Semi matte finish is what I usually go for, but for winter I like something with a bit of sheen. I have about NC15 skin tone, when I'm not tanned and my skin type is combination and tends to get drier in the winter. When it comes to concealers I just love a good coverage as well, even more so than with foundations. Doe foot applicator is my favorite as well as liquid concealer formulas in general. 

Review: Asian Sheet Masks - Innisfree, Etude House, Missha, My Beauty Diary, Papa Recipe, Mizon

Sheet masks are one of those products that you either love or hate. Some love pampering their skin with these every once in a while and others seem to either hate the feel of a cotton sheet on the face or think it's unnecessary step in the skin care routine. I love a good sheet mask, more than I like regular clay masks. Reason being, that I associate it with pamper time and I love the feeling of sheet mask on the skin as well as the glowy effect that it leaves on the skin. It's the perfect base for special events makeup or as an extra nourishing treatment for when you're skin is just a bit meh.

Sheet masks originated in Asia, so I tend to go for their brands of masks more than European, although European brands have also been making their versions. I have decided to put all the Asian sheet masks that I have tried so far in this post. This will give you a brief review of each that I've tried and hopefully, help you decided, if it's for you or not.

Marble Nails

I've just been loving marble design on everything lately, especially paired with blushing pinks. My first attempt at marble nails was a disaster, so I looked up some of tutorials on YouTube. I used the same technique that Kristin Gardner showed in her tutorial. I think it definitely made it look the most realistic with the littlest of effort.

Trend Alert 2018: Pink Eyeshadow

Pink is usually reserved for spring. But it's making a comeback in the form of an eyeshadow this fall. I've been seeing pink eyeshadow looks on famous beauty bloggers as well as Hollywood superstars. Apparently, you'll be looking through pink colored glasses this season. Pink eyeshadow is not the easiest to wear, since it has a certain 80's vibe, but it can be done. You can create subtle rosy hues or go for bold vibrant pink shimmery lid. It's all up to your personal style and level of commitment to this trend.

New In (19)

This time I mostly have products that I purchased or repurchased. There are also some that I bought specifically for my seaside holiday. Also included are some interesting new PR products that you can already find in stores.

Review: Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Highlighters, 143 Shadow and On Board Glossy Lip

I always say, I'm not buying from Colourpop anymore, because of the customs, but then I'm tempted again. Colourpop is just one of those brands that I love and would love to buy more, if they had European shop. They really need to do that asap. Anyways, I got a few more bits from them, when they had a sale going on. I never buy full price for Colourpop products, because the shipping is expensive enough.

Review: Essence Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish - 02 razzle dazzle

I'm continuing my reviews with another Essence product that has been added to their range for this upcoming season. It's their Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish. I remember Essence having a peel off base nail polish that you'd apply on the nails and then go over with a glittery nail polish. The base would suppose to just peel off, but it didn't. However, seems Essence finally figured it out, because this one definitely peels off in one piece.

Review: Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow, Camouflage+ Matt Concealer and Soft Contouring Lipliner

I picked up some of the new products from Essence standard range and I've already had the chance to test them out, so here are my thoughts. I have to say, I picked well, because I like all of these products. If you don't know, Essence changes their standard range every spring and fall, so it's not the best idea to get attached to their products. 

August 2018 Favorites

August has left the building and so has summer. I'm finishing this post on a rainy afternoon, but my favorites are still very much connected to those hot summery days. I mostly have some new products that have impressed me this month, but also some that have been in my stash patiently waiting to be used again.