Review: Wet n Wild - Nude Awakening Palette, Balm Stain, Lip Liner and Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

Wet n Wild isn't a new brand in Slovenia. It was here already, but then it sort of disappeared for a while and now it's back. I remember their lipsticks being really popular back in the day, especially Bare It All shade, though I never tried any. I have quite a few of their face products - highlighters and blushes which I really like. 

It's one of the brands that has been cruelty free from the beginning, they came out with first drugstore black nail polish and keeps their prices as low as they were in the beginning, which is one of the reasons I love them. Their products are affordable, but the quality is also good.

Wet n Wild Coloricon - Nude Awakening


It comes in black plastic packaging with transparent lid. In it is 10 g of product and it costs 6.29€.


Some of these shades are very smooth to the touch, buttery and they have good pigmentation. Some feel drier to the touch and those need to be build up. In general mattes are just as good as shimmery ones, some even better, because they are smoother. 


I think in Slovenia there are available 8 different palettes. Nude Awakening is selection of mostly neutral nude shades with some copper and burgundy. I love that there is everything, nude matte, shimmery inner corner highlight, neutral matte browns for the crease and even black for eyeliner. It's a well rounded color scheme. I took this palette on a short vacation, because it has everything you may need for a look. 

1 - matte medium neutral camel brown
2 - matte pale neutral cream
3 - shimmery medium warm copper
4 - light satin neutral camel brown
5 - matte dark neutral burgundy
6 - shimmery neutral champagne with silver glitter particles
7 - satin dark chocolate neutral brown with purple berry sheen
8 - satin to shimmery light warm brownish copper
9 - matte dark black with a more blue tint
10 - matte medium cool taupe

My favorite shade is 1 which is perfect neutral medium brown to put in the crease. I also love 2 as an all over shade to set eyeshadow primer and 9, because it's nicely pigmented and works great as a liner. Shimmery shades are on the softer side, I like something wetter and more metallic looking, but out of these my favorite is 6 which perfect for inner corners and 3 which is great for all over the lid. I think shade 4 is quite unique, because it has such a subtle satin sheen that picks up just a bit of light and is perfect for all over the lid one shade look. 


Most of these shades blend out nicely, but those that feel drier to the touch like shade 5 can be harder to blend out and apply evenly. However, I was surprised by mattes like 1 and 10 which blended really well. Shimmery shades are best applied with fingers for ultimate impact and color payoff. I also tried to apply them with some setting spray and it looked more opaque as well. They last descent on the lids, though I notice some fading through the day. 

Here are some looks I did with this palette.

Crease: 2, 1
Outer v: 10
Lid: 4
Liner: 9
Inner corner: 10

All over: 2
Crease: 1, 5
Lid: 3
Liner: 10
Inner corner: 6

Lips: Avon Creme Legend Lipstick in Iconic

Crease: 2, 1, 4
Outer Lid: 7
Inner Lid: 8
Liner: 9
Inner corner: 6

Megaslicks Balm Stain - Coral of the Story


It's one of those plastic chubby pen formats with bullet that comes out by twisting the bottom. In it is 3 grams of product and I am not sure how much it costs. I forgot to look it up in the store.


This is that balmy comfortable formula that just glides on the lips with ease. It leaves a bit of sheen on the lips. Color payoff is pretty good for a balm, it looks very vibrant with a few swipes over the lips.


I am not sure how many shades are available. I have Coral of the Story which is coral pink, quite vibrant. It looks more pink on photos, but looks more coral on me in person. 


It's indeed very moisturizing formula that feels comfortable on the lips, but I sense some sort of menthol on the lips though it doesn't say it's in it on the packaging. But it has to be, because I feel it on my lips almost evaporating. It's not uncomfortable though and fairly faint. As it wears off or you take it off, it leaves strong stain on your lips. So even though this isn't long wearing because of balm formula, it leaves behind strong color which lingers on the lips until you take it off with an oil cleanser. 

Coloricon Lip Liner - 717 Berry Red


This is one of the longest lip liners I have seen in my life. It will probably last me a life time. It comes in the color that's inside with plastic cap. This is regular pen that needs to be sharpen. In it is 1.4 grams of product and it costs 1.99€.


It has smooth and creamy formula which applies very evenly. I love how it glides on the lips and feels modern, not at all waxy.


In out stores you can choose among 6 colors. I hear shade 666 is quite iconic as it should complement many skin tones, though it looked dark in the store. I 'm kind of intrigue now to try it. 

717 Berry Red is a classic medium neutral red. It's that perfect red that will pair well with most classic red lipsticks. 


It leaves just slight sticky layer which also makes it fairly lasting. There is some transfer, but very little. 

Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick - Berry Recognize


It comes in small plastic transparent tube. Applicator is fluffy and shaped to hug lips better. In it is 6 grams of product and it costs 4.99€.


It has creamy formula which isn't too liquid and not as thick as most matte liquid lipsticks and has really good smooth glide to it. While it's still wet, you can adjust it and move it. In the matter of few seconds it dries down to complete matte finish. Pigmentation is somewhat of a medium. It's not full on as most such lipsticks. It might be just with this shade, I can't say for sure.


Here in Slovenia we can choose among 7 shades. Some neutrals, pinks and reds. Berry Recognize is medium to dark berry mauve shade. I really like this kind of color in a matte formula, it looks so good especially for autumn.


It's matte liquid lip which means it's transfer proof. There is slightest bit of stickiness which isn't bothering. If you have dry lips, you will find it drying as with most such lipsticks. I like that it's a bit thinner formula than usual, so it doesn't feel as heavy, especially if you apply it sheerer, though I can still feel it on my lips as with most matte lipsticks. It's long lasting, if you avoid greasy foods.

I really liked this eyeshadow palette. Colors are all pretty neutral and there is good selection of lights, darker shades and even black. For this price, you really can't go wrong at the drugstore. Mattes are definitely stars in it, shimmers are more subdued, but perfect for everyday looks, I just prefer my shimmers more metallic. 

You can buy Wet n Wild in Slovenia here: Interspar Citypark Ljubljana, Leclerc Maribor, Tuš drogerija Planet Celje and Ljubljana Moste, parfumerija Beauty World Maribor and drogerija Ilirija. Online it's available on Beauty WorldTuš drogerija, Zate and Petrol Eshop.

Lip liner is another no brainer. You get huge lip pencil, lots of product and it has such nice creamy formula that applies so evenly. I'm kind of sorry I didn't get more shades when I had the chance. Especially that famous 666 shade. Balm stain didn't impress me, but that is because I don't like these kind of coral shades. If it came in a nude brown and without the annoying menthol in it, I would like it. Matte liquid lipstick is thinner in formula than most such drugstore lipsticks which I really like. It's still a bit drying on me, but this berry shade looks so good on the lip I might sacrifice my dryness and actually wear it this autumn. If you apply it in a sheerer stain like application it wears more comfortably. 

I would love to try their Coloricon Bronzer in Ticket to Brasil, though I don't know how shimmery it would actually look like on the skin. I also had their Photo Focus foundation on my wishlist for a long time, but I recently took it off as I'm not sure it would suit my skin. I definitely recommend highlighters, if you like metallic shine. 

*Products were sent to me.

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