October 2020 Favorites

October has been a month of testing several new products that I received and I am featuring some of them in my favorites. Autumn is in its full swing and I've also brought out some of my seasonal favorites that I am falling back in love with. 

SVR sent me so many of their testers along three full size products that I have been testing them all month and am still using them. I've talked about this in my review post, but I had to update my experience with [A] Ampoule. I guess retinol isn't as gentle as I thought in the beginning. After using it for few days in a row, I've noticed my skin got more irritated and flaky. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle, I just thought it was super gentle, but it's actually stronger. So I've cut back on it and I'll slowly introduce it back. I loved how smooth it makes my skin and it also helps with breakouts. [B3] ampoule is niacinamide and hyaluronic acid serum which makes it nicely hydrating. I love viscose texture of it which coats the skin and feels so soothing. I especially loved using it after that retinol to help rehydrate my skin and it did the trick. I like this more and more and am thinking of investing in a full size bottle.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette - Nude Awakening

I mostly wore this and Catrice's eyeshadow palette this month, because I've been testing them both and neither disappointed me. Mattes are super soft to the touch and blend out well. Shimmery shades also have nice payoff and you don't need to build them up. I really like this color combination, it's perfect for fall. First transition shade is actually one of my favorites, because it's the perfect neutral medium brown for the crease. As the palette also has black for eyeliner and blinding inner corner shade, it makes it so well rounded and just lovely for everyday use.

Catrice The Coral Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette - 010 Peach Passion

I haven't had many experiences with Catrice eyeshadows in the past, so I didn't know what to expect, but they are quite nice and at a good price point. These are definitely a bit dustier and there is kick up in the pan, but that's mostly because they are so finely milled and not pressed in hardly. Which means you can pick them up quickly, but you'll use them up fast. Mattes are incredibly smooth and soft. They blend out effortlessly and sometimes that means you'll need to build lighter shades up. Metallics have one swipe intensity and pick up great with a brush or fingers. There are some really reflective shades in this palette which I love. Color scheme is a bit odd to me. Most matte shades are neutral (apart from that brick orange), some leaning cool, but metallic shades are more on the warm side.

Catrice 24h Brush Liner With Coconut Water Longlasting - 010 Ultra Black

Catrice knows how to make good eyeliners and this one is one of my favorites. It reminds me a lot of their felt tip eyeliner - I think it's Joe Black named, but with a brush version. It's just liquid enough and dries down fast and doesn't move. There is no transfer and no cracking. Brush is small enough and thin, but it takes some getting used to, if you're more familiar with felt tips or brush pens. But you can create thin lines. It sort of runs a bit between the lashes which is for some reason quite hard to take off in between them. I also love the fact that it has completely matte finish, most of these eyeliners tend to have a bit of sheen, not this one though.

I don't know what is it with me and cream products?! I've just been using a lot more cream makeup products than ever before. This is one of those blushes that I would use on those minimal no makeup days for when I want to look just a bit put together, but not like I'm actually wearing full face of makeup. It's the perfect redish brown color that just adds a bit of autumn color to my cheeks and isn't too pigmented. It has sort of sheerer look to it and slight sheen to it. I pair it with some concealer and maybe liquid highlighter and I'm good to go.

As you can see, this has been heavily used and looks a bit abused already. I think it's coming to an end and I feel I need to share it in at least one more favorites, because I love it that much. It's one of those smooth to the touch bronzers with slight sheen to it, but not as buttery as Physicians Formula for example. That one is also more cool toned, while this one has more warmth to it despite its name. It does still have just a slight grey tone to it. It was almost a bit light for me in the summer, but in the winter I have to use it with light hand. I like how effortlessly this applies and that it gives me just enough color, but doesn't look too warm nor too cool or completely matte. I was thinking for repurchasing it, but I'm not sure yet. I feel like I would need something lighter for winter, though their lighter shade looks too warm for my liking.

Catrice Plumping+Maxi-Lip Lip Liner - 020 What A Doll

This is such a nice color. It's that perfect medium mauve pink that will suit most skin tones. It has creamy formula which applies smoothly, but isn't too waxy or slippery. It also doesn't feel particularly drying, but has matte finish. I sense some mint in it which tingles just a bit, but fortunately it just lasts a few seconds and then it's gone. 

I got this one in mini size with a purchase few years ago from Colourpop and to be honest, I haven't used Satin Lips from Colourpop that much, because they always felt too drying on me. But I have been able to wear more matte lipsticks now and I used that chance to bring out some of my favorite shades and Frick N' Frack is just that. It's that perfect muddy redish brick brown shade that speaks autumn to me. I prefer using these kind of matte lipstick in a more sheerer way. I usually apply them with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and diffuse the edges for a more laid back look. It also means lisptick is more lightweight on the lips and thus not as drying.

Ortenia Apartments 

We went on a three day getaway to eco apartments called Ortenia in Podčetrtek (Slovenia). It has been such a nice way of taking some time for ourselves and just enjoying each others time and spoiling ourselves a bit. The package included some nice perks like massage (did I mention I loooove massages, but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me to enjoy them often), 5 course dinner at a near restaurant which has a whole herd of deer and some private spa time. I always thought I would dislike sauna, because sauna is a daily thing for me in the summer. I can just sit outside and sweat like a pig. So the thought of doing this intentionally was just crazy to me. But thanks to Corona, Ortenia personnel scheduled private time in their spa with two saunas and jacuzzi, so it was an enjoyable experience in privacy. We've also spend some time in surrounding nature and apartment itself was so nice. I loved nature inspired design and huge windows with lots of natural light. It was small, but had everything - kitchen, shower, couch and bed. I can't recommend it enough, if you're ever considering going there. Personel is also very nice and ready to help with anything. You can read more about Ortenia here

The Good Fight

I have just discovered this TV show and now I'm hooked. If you love shows like Suits, you'll probably like this one too. It follows lives of lawyers at a diverse law firm, but what makes it so much fun is the fact that there is so much current politics included in it. Along law cases you're also following side story of how to prevent Trump from winning next elections and all other society issues like black lives matter for example. There is also lots of comical dialogues and I find it perfect mix of laugh, disgust and intrigue.


  1. Love this post! It looks like you used some great eyeshadow shades last month :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Sem šla malo gledat SVR stvari, sestavine seveda in je šel A Ampoule Lift na wl. Mi je bilo potencialno zanimivih še par stvari, samo so cene visoke.

    Catrice paletka je kar kul. Zdaj ko sem dobila DIY Adventni se vidi kakšna je razlika v kvaliteti s prejšnjimi. So precej napredovali. Clean ID se mi je zdela v trgovini še malenkost boljša, ampak bi morala sprobat na očeh.

    Eyeliner je super - res črn, nič se ne paca in zdrži. Edino kar me je začelo motit je, da ga ne morem nanest brez da bi dotaknila trepalnic in potem se mi tam ne posuši hitro in ko zaviham trepalnice se mi odtisne na veko. Potem ga je pa zelo težko zbrisat z veke. Vem, čudna stvari, bolj povezana s tem da sem štorasta pri nanosu, ampak pri Liquid Liner-ju teh težav nimam. Pa še bolj natančen je.

    Blusher je hud! Moram napisat nekam barvo. Samo nazadnje sem bila v ljubljanskem HM verjetno lani. Maybelline bronzer sem pa razmišljala če naj ga vzamem, ker moj edini je many years old (ne povem kok ker me je sram :D). Samo bi morala kupit prek spleta in bom 100% zgrešila odtenek.

    1. Meni so tudi SVR izdelki kar dragi. Čeprav ok, sestavine so po večini res dobre in formule tudi zelo lepo nosljive. A ampula se mi je na začetku zdela nedolžna, potem pa ko sem jo nekajkrat zaporedoma uporabila, sem pa čutila učinke retinola. Ampak mi je še vedno všeč, samo manj ga moram dozirat za mojo kožo. Meni je B3 tako zelo všeč, za to že razmišljam, če bi kupila full size. Zanekrat imam še testerje :D.

      Meni se tudi zdi, da so bile prej njihove palete bolj meh. Mi pa še vedno manjkajo pri njih take res metalik senčke z večjimi bleščicami. Mat so pa prav buttery, odlično se blendajo.

      Vem kaj misliš. Ko sem imela še daljše trepalnice - od serumov - včasih ni bilo mogoče nanesti tekočega eyelinerja, da ga na bi dobila še na trepalnice. In potem imaš hooded eyes in ko pogledaš gor je vse še na veki. Včasih je tudi težko priti s čopiči ravno za trepalnice, tako da te razumem. Je pa drugače res fantastična formula <3.

      Joj, meni je tako žal, da ne morem H&M dobiti nikjer blizu sebe. Ker so mi njihovi blushi res fajni. Ta je tak pravi jesenski odtenek, ki je ravno dovolj umazan, da ne izgleda preveč živahen. So pa večkrat znižani, tako da potem se res splačajo :D. Haha...meni lahko. Če bi videla, kako dolgo imam jaz ene izdelke v kolekciji. Lahko bi me bilo sram, ampak me ni, ker če ne smrdi ali ni čudno, ga še vedno uporabljam :D. Po mojem bi težko izbrala odtenek...ker kljub imenom cool, so se meni zdeli res vsi topli odtenki. Tebi bi po mojem pasalo kaj bolj hladnega. The Body Shop, bi mogoče bil bolj zate :).