May 2020 Favorites

In may I have been testing a lot of new products and to my luck, most of them turned out to be amazing, so I am feature them in my May favorites. I love whenever I find good products that were worth my money and in this post I also have a lot of very affordable drugstore options that have impressed me.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Multi-Use Concealer - 00 Ivory

This is probably one of the most popular drugstore concealers that has been on the market for pretty long time and it's seems it's still going strong. I am probably the last person to try it, but in our drugstore I couldn't find the right shade for me. I bought it on Notino, which has larger shade selection and I think I picked good. Shade 00 Ivory is actually very pale shade - even lighter than NC15. It matches my pale neck perfectly, so this is sort of my highlight shade for the face. I love it under the eyes and on the center of the face where I have darker pigment. This light to medium coverage has a mousse like texture which gives soft matte finish. I love to use it as a brightening concealer when I don't wear foundation. By the way, this is a lighter foundation works great all over the skin. Sponge applicator is fine, but I would prefer just a regular doe foot applicator. So far I like it more than I thought I would.

My face has been breaking out more than usual and since I don't like piling on heavy foundation all over my face, I went back to MAC Studio Finish Conealer, which is pretty old already and I am trying to use it up, but this little pot lasts me a life time. This is one of those very high coverage thicker cream concealers that are great for spot concealing. I use a tiny nail art brush and apply it only on blemishes and it covers perfectly. Shade NC15 matches my skin tone well. I also always set it with powder.

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Monochromatic Blush & Glow - C02 Rose Duet

This LE by Catrice is definitely one of the prettiest from them in a while. In general, Catrice makes some amazing formulas for their limited editions. This is two toned blush. One is a more brick redish shade with a high shine and the other is more of a satin mauve which is very everyday appropriate shade. I love them both. Formula is more wet and creamy, but it applies well and actually stays on good as well. 

Catrice LE Glow In Bloom Highlighter - C01 Jasmine Blossom

All of highlighters from this collection are just amazing. I am always in awe of how good formulas of highlighter Catrice makes. In my opinion it can easily compare to some much more expensive brands.  Formula is wet and creamy, it applies like a dream and stays on well. Shade Jasmine Blossom is my absolute favorite, because it's the best for pale warm skin tone. It has sort of a champagne neutral tone with a golden tint. It's very shiny, metallic looking, in-your-face highlighter. So if you are a lover of unseen highlights, this is definitely not for you. I love me some good shine and this is one of the best shades for pale neutral to warm skin for sure. 

Catrice LE Sungasm Summer Glow Make-Up Setting Mist

This LE Sungasm by Catrice should already be available in stores, but I haven't seen it yet. This mist intrigued me as soon as I read Glow in it. I was sure it will be similar to their discontinued Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray which had tiny golden pink shimmer in it that gave your skin such a fun glowy sheen. But it actually doesn't contain any shimmer. It's transparent and the second ingredient in it is glycerin, which makes this a moisturizing mist. It does just that, sets your makes and makes your face look a bit more dewy and moisturized. I love this for that healthy no shimmer glow that it gives to skin and sort of melts powders well together. Plus it smells so amazing! Sort of tropical, a bit coconuty. 

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Edit

Viseart is one of those eyeshadow brands that every makeup artist raves about and I have been eyeing their palettes for a while, but their large ones are pretty expensive. So when these smaller versions came out, I was sure I will finally get to try one. Warm Edit was actually on sale on Beauty Bay and that was enough for me to finally invest. I love that all of these can be popped out and placed in an empty magnetic palette, plus it's fairly easy to pop them out. They are smaller pans, but I feel like you will get a good use out of it, because they are very pigmented. Metallic shades have a more wetter formula, but they all pick up good, don't have a lot of fallout and last on the eyes all day with a primer. Warm Edit is a very warm shade selection, which I have at home already, so the shades weren't new to me. You can create more neutral golden as well as colorful orange looks with it. I think the price is worth for the quality and I like that it's so small, great to travel with. I would love to get Rose and Dark Edit as well.

NYX Epic Ink Liner - Black

Since Asian market is harder to shop at this time, I looked for drugstore versions of brush tip liquid liners and this one by NYX has rave reviews. I got it in a classic black color, but they also have brown, which I would love to get as well. Clio has been my favorite for years, but I might just say that this one beats it. Clio's has more of a foil like finish which didn't look as smooth as the pen was drying up over time, but this one by NYX has smoother formula with a more matte finish and isn't as thick in texture. Brush tip is great - thin, precise, so far hasn't frayed on me like the new Catrice Brush Ink and the tip is well saturated. I really like it and if it will last me as long as Clio usually has, then this is my new winner that I will repurchase.

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish - Date Night

Revlon makes amazing lip products as well as foundations. Their Ultra HD matte versions are one of my favorite liquid matte lipsticks, because they apply shiny and dry down very slowly to a comfortable matte finish great for those with dry lips. So when I saw they came our with new Vinyl formula that is shiny, I knew I would love it, because I have been loving wearing lip glosses lately. This is similar formula to their matte, but it's like a liquid lipstick and condition lip balm hybrid with a bit of lip gloss shine. It's pigmented like a lipstick, has a bit of shine but not as much as a proper lip gloss and feels ultra soothing and nourishing like a lip balm. You can apply it thinly like a soft stain or heavy with a opaque finish. It's not sticky and as it dries of it leaves a wearable stain. Date Night is one of those wearable mauve brown shades that will go with every makeup look and would be a perfect nude for medium to dark skin tones. I love this formula so much that I would love to get some more shades, especially nude. At first I wanted to get Act Naturel, but I am afraid it will lean too peachy coral on my skin tone. I hope Revlon comes out with even more nude shades. 

I've said it many times, Joico K-Pak is my favorite hair care brand and line and I have been loyal to it for  seven years already. This was one of the first products I got from Joico and it is one of their bestsellers for a good reason. It's a mask treatment for damaged hair. After I use it, my hair looks healthier, ends look less damaged and the hair is nourished as well as well moisturized. It has funny almost masked banana like consistency and it also smells a bit banana like. But it works great on damaged hair and it isn't overly expensive like some other high end brands. I am so happy I finally invested back into this, because my ends have been particularly damaged these days and they need good nourishment. 

My New Glasses

I am sure most of you don't know, but I wear glasses. Most of my photos are taken without them, because I want to feature my makeup, not glasses. Anyway...I broke my glasses while we were still in quarantine and since there were no optic shops opened, I couldn't get new glasses. So I just glued them back together and now I finally got new ones. Plus my old ones were like 9 years old, it's a wonder they lasted as long as they did. I can have 50 lipsticks, but when I have to replace something that I wear all day, it seems too expensive. Sometimes I wonder...but I got feedback from a lot of you saying you're the same. Glasses have become much more than just useful, they can also give you different vibes and style options. If my budget was higher, I would definitely have more to interchange, because I love different shapes. In the end I choose a bit bigger ones this time with a slight turn up at the end (not complete cat eye) and rounder bottom. I've always preferred warmer brown frame colors, because it matches better with my skin tone and hair color. I think they suit my face shape, but most importantly, I like them. It's Vouge brand and I got them in my local optic shop. 


  1. That Catrice highlight sounds amazing! x

    1. I really like it. Such a nice formula. Catrice has some amazing LE highlighters :).

  2. Še zdaj sem res presenečena, da ti Maybelline 00 ustreza, ker to je moj prefect match. Si očitno svetlejša, kot imam v mislih vsaj na vratu, čeprav praviš, da bolj tvoj highlight shade za obraz :) Ta formula je moj rešitelj, ko mi nekdo zadnjo sekundo reče, da kam gremo in ni časa za nanest puder. Se tako lepo zlije s kožo, tudi če ga nanesem samo na nekatere točke. Pri drugih korektorjih jim vedno manjka puder v kamor bi se zbledali.

    Meni resno manjka bolj fin šimer v Catrice blushu in highlighterjih. So res božanski za pogledat, ampak bi jih imela raje, če bi bila kvaliteta kot v Luminice paleti.

    Si delila favourita Sungasm. Ta vonj je tako neverjeten. Je bolj tiare flower kot kokos na meni.

    Joico je pa itak a godsend za lase. Praktično zmožen delat čudeže :)

    Zelo ti pašejo ta očala :) Jaz sem pa lani zamenjala očala po 12 letih. Nisem hotela zamenjat okvirjev ker mi je večina modernih okvirjev grozna. Še zdaj mi gre na jok zaradi cene, ker so bila moja stekla neverjetno draga, ampak pač, očala vsak dan nosiš. So pa zelo podobna tvojim po obliki, isto gor tak "mačji videz" samo spodaj so pa brez okvirjev.

    1. Moj vrat je najsveltejši del na telesu in tam sem res dejansko tako svetla. Je pa potem set to, da na telesu iam pa več barve - še od prejšnjih sezon od sonca. Obraz imam tudi relativno obarvan, sploh okrog ust in je bolj nevtralen kot telo tako da je potem to prava mostrovina najt pravi odtenek za vse skupaj :D. Ja formula je res fajna, če bi jo naredili kot podlago bi bilo tudi super - večjo količino.

      Hvala <3. No jaz sem pa itak rabila ravno nov okrvir in mi paše malo spremembe. Pa tudi ta ima dejansko večjo površino za skoz gledat kot prejšnji, kar je tudi bolj priročno. Res kaj, očala pač nosiš vsak dan, ne moreš šparat. Če dnevno razdeliš denar je pa to praktično nič za 12 let :D. Tebe nisem še vidla v očalah, ampak sem prepričana, da ti pašejo po opisu sodeč:).