December 2020 Favorites

It's the end of this year, which if you'd say it was a shitshow, it would be understatement. I'm finishing with my December favorites which were lots of creamy makeup and some new skin care I loved. 

Skintegra Infrared Concentrate

I always hear only great things about Skintegra skin care, but I never tried anything before. On Black Friday I decided to try Infrared serum which was on sale at the time on Superskin. It just read so well, there are all ingredients in it which I love - azelaic acid, niacinamide, panthenol, Centella asiatica, madecassoside and many more. I haven't had any azelaic acid, but I hear it's great for brightening and I can almost say I see results on my sallow skin around mouth. This is calming serum which calms inflammation, hydrates and corrects skin imperfections. It's even recommended for sensitive skin. I noticed just the slightest sting on my skin sometimes when I applied it over freshly opened blemish wounds, but I don't find it irritating at all and my skin seems to love it. It hydrates well, soothes the skin and helps it heal faster. I can't say about any long-term brightening effects, because I would need to use it for longer, but there is slightest difference or maybe I'm just imagining it, I can't say. But this is great serum for anyone that wants something very soothing yet effective at calming the skin and repairing it in a gentle way. It's transparent, slightly viscose texture which soaks in fast, but leaves that nourishing protective layer on the skin. Now I am very interested in trying more skin care from Skintegra.

Balea Vital+ Intensiv Serum Mit Calcium und Sojaöl

I keep liking and using this serum. I use Infrared in the evening and this one in the morning. It's milky white serum with super spreadable silky finish which gives your skin healthy glow and is perfect as a light primer under makeup since it makes the skin feel so smooth. It's also moisturizing. It has faint sort of creamy scent to it and I don't get any irritation from it. This is one of those lightweight smooth serums perfect for under the makeup.

I've been using this primer almost as a highlighter and sometimes I even mixed it in with more matte foundations to give them some sheen. It's slightly thicker creamy formula which dries matte, but has tiny shimmer in it and a bit of champagne color to it which gives your skin very natural sheen. On no makeup day this is that undetectable highlighter and mixed with foundation it gives you a bit of sheen without the greasy feel. I think this sadly isn't sold anymore, but Catrice probably has a replacament already.

This is foundation, but it's much too dark for my skin tone, so I use it as a creamy bronzer instead and it's perfect for that. This is that creamy thicker formula, but it has good slip to it, so it's easy to pick up with synthetic brushes. I apply it as a bronzer over foundation. It's just dark enough for my skin tone and has that warm undertone to it which matches me well. Lately I've been loving creamier products, because my skin can get dehydrated in the winter from all the central heating. 

I've made it my mission to use up as much older products as I can, since I have tendency to just use whatever is new and rarely finishing some products. This is another product that is too dark for my skin tone. It's just slightly too dark compact powder which I now use to set Max Factor creamy bronzer shade to just stay in place. I use it lightly. Sometimes I even use this on its own as a powdery bronzer, but it's very light bronzer shade for me and has that yellow tone that matches me well. This is also a good tip for anyone, if you can't find bronzer to match you, try to find darker powder, because those usually come in more shades and shades are more similar to natural skin tones anyway, so you'll find a better match for your fake tan shade anway.

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Cameo Pink

If you haven't tried H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushes, you're sleeping on a very affordable and good blush. This is my fourth powder shade and fifth H&M blush. I love these blushes, because they have lovely soft powdery texture, they aren't too pigmented (so you can build them up slowly) and they have the best muddy or dusty shades of blushes I have seen in drugstore range ever. Cameo pink is that muddy pink that isn't too pale and is fairly neutral in tone. It gives light skin tone that perfect flush of pink cheeks that look so natural and will go with any look. If you hate vibrant and bright blushes, you will love these. And they are often on sale for 4 or even 2€, which is just a steal.

Nabla Liberty Twelve Customizable Palette

This was part of my Black Friday order on Beautybay. I have large Z Palette and Beautybay used to had these, but now I can't find them anywhere. So I was desperately searching for another empty palette that I could depot my Viseart mini palettes in. I found this Nabla palette which holds 12 of their larger pan single shadows and it worked out great for my Viseart Warm and Paris Edit eyeshadows. I deliberately deppoted these in a way that they have the same shade position as in original palettes, but I could fit at least 11 more Viseart mini shadows in it, one would be left out. Other brand single shadows have larger ppans, but for Viseart this turned out well. I just don't like the original three fold packaging. This way it's easier to reach and I use it a lot more. 

Catrice Plumping Lip Liner + Maxi-Lip 010 Understated Chic

I have this pencil in 020 What A Doll which is more mauve pink nude. I love this formula so much that I also got a more warm peachier brownish nude which is 020 Understated Chic. There is a descent choice of nudes in this range and I like that all of them are more muted so they look very natural on the lips. I've been wearing this shade a lot. Formula is nicely creamy with a bit of mint feel to it, but it fades quickly. 

Legendary matte lipstick formula with velvet design on it that most makeup artists love is also one of the best matte lipstick formulas I own. I only have it in shade Velvet Ribbon which is classic neutral red that will suit all skin tones. It's highly pigmented and feels surprisingly light on the lips and doesn't make them any drier. It's a very comfortable and very pigmented formula. I've work this red around Christmas days. It's truly the perfect classic red.

Avon Lucky Me Eau de Parfum

Avon also does minis of a lot of their perfumes and I like to buy these to try out the scent. It gives you enough uses to really make your mind up about the scent and I love Lucky Me. It's one of those great oriental sweet perfumes that Avon does so well. Base notes are exactly what I love the most - vanilla, amber and white sandalwood. In the middle are jasmine, vanilla orchid and gardenia and on top are champagne, Italian mandarin and white currant. This is a bit fruity and very faintly floral in the beginning and it's drying down to that sweet oriental base. Another very sophisticated oriental fragrance. Full size bottle is gorgeous with its purple blue bottle. 

Remington Keratin Protect S8540 Hair Straightener

I had about 10 years old Remington hair straightener which died on me, so I had to buy another one. I am a cheap ass when it comes to investing in hair tools, so I decided to go for a middle cost option and got this one which is actually really nice. Ceramic plates are wide enough to put large enough hair strands in it and it definitely straightens the hair well. It has several heating options, but I don't go pass 160°C anyway on my fine hair. It also heats up in the matter of a few seconds. I was most in awe by the fact how smooth my hair ran through it, boy did I have damaged plates on my old one. My hair kept stuck in it and I could never get a smooth line. But this one is like 100% better than that old one which was ready to be thrown away about 5 years ago. 

Pandoo Coconut Set - Two Bowls and Two Spoons

Ever since I posted my wishlist, my friends have been getting me those coconut bowls and I now already have four of them. My breakfasts suddenly looks so cute every day. I am a huge coconut lover and these bowls always looked so cute to me. The one I have on a photo came in set with two bowls and two spoons which are made of coconut palm. It's Germand brand Pandoo that those these. They are cute to use for breakfast, snacks or even as decor. 


  1. Ok, tale serum od Balee bom verjetno kar kupila, ker ga tako hvališ. Sicer ga rabim ene toliko kot korono, ker imam itak CV Pink Glow za zjutraj, ampak me res mika. Sicer že nekaj let, odkar sem videla pri eni na IG da ga redno uporablja že leta in ji je super. Tebi pa sploh zaupam. Skintegra koncentrat mi je tudi zelo zanimiv.

    H&M blushe imam na wl že leta, pa sploh skoraj nikoli ne grem v ljubljanski H&M. Tistih nekajkrat ko sem pa bila tam in se jih spomnila pogledat so bili pa dragi, če se prav spomnim. So pa same take barve, ki so mi všeč.

    Lucky Me sound interesting. Imam občutek, da bi mi bil všeč. Sem pa itak že fan obeh prvih Luck parfumov, brez predzadnjega modrega za katerega ne vem kako diši.

    1. Saj to je taka cena, da se splača preizkusit. Po mojem ti bo vsaj za pod makeup všeč, če že drugače ne bo nekega efekta. Jaz po pravici nikoli ne kupujem Balea stvari, ampak ko sem videla eno makeup artisto uporabljati tega na modelu pred podlago, me je pa takoj zamikal. In je res taka fajna tekstura praktično namesto primerja. Zaenkrat mi je Skintegrin serum res všeč. Bom mogla preizkusit še kakšen njihov izdelek v prihodnje.

      Jaz pa sem ravno 1x bila v LJ v H&Mu in so bili ravno takrat precej znižani. Sicer sem tega zadnjega kupila preko spleta. Ob splošnih znižanjih imajo včasih blushe tudi znižane.

      Je kot neka veliko bolj nežna in manj lesena verzija Twilight Woodsa. Tak simpl, ampak všečen vonj. Se mi zdi, da bi bil večini všeč.