Review: Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish Liquid Lipstick - 960 Date Night

Revlon is one of those brands that always does great quality lip products. Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish is one of their latest range of liquid lipsticks. As soon as I saw the finish of these, I knew I would love them. Mine is in a wearable mauve nude shade called Date Night.


It has transparent plastic packaging with plastic top that has the color of the shade inside. There is fluffy doe foot applicator that holds more than enough product to put all over your lips.

In it is 5.9 ml of product and it costs 12.25€ in Tuš Drogerija (they often have Revlon products 40% off).


Revlon says it's liquid lipstick that delivers the high-pigment, high-shine lacquer finish with a non-feathering formula that doesn't settle into lip lines or creases

It's probably my favorite formula, because it feels as comfortable as a lip balm, but it has the color of a proper liquid lipstick. It's slightly thicker, so it holds on better and pigmentation is good. You can get it fully opaque or sheer it out for a more stain like effect. It has a bit of sheen to it, but it's not as shiny as for example proper lip gloss.

It has that sweet dessert scent to it.


There is 12 shades available, but I think in Slovenia you can't get them all. As per usual, there are reds, pink, purples, corals as well as just a few nudes. I hope Revlon extends this range to add more nude shades.

960 Date Night is neutral to warm medium brownish mauve shade which is actually one of those wearable shades that will suit most skin tones. I adore this shade, it's definitely my kind of nude, because it's darker and has that natural mauve tone to it, but still is sort of brownish.

It's darker and more purplish mauve than for example Forever from the Ultra HD Mattes collection, which is lighter and much more pink toned as well as warmer.


Because it has that balmy thicker texture it sticks to the lips well and doesn't wear off quickly. It can  be just a bit sticky, but nothing too bad. You definitely feel it on the lips, but in a good soothing way as a thicker lip balm.

There is some of that inner rim of the lips rubbing off, but in general it wears off evenly and leaves behind a comfortable stain on the lips. Obviously, it will transfer. As Revlon says, this sort of glides all over your lines and makes your lips look smooth and doesn't feather outside the lines.

This is probably my favorite formula of Revlon lipsticks so far. I am one of those that can't wear matte lipstick everyday, because my lips get way too dry. This formula has both of best worlds - comfort of lip balms and color of liquid lipsticks. Plus it's not sliding all over the lips, stays in place well and gives you extra sexy finish. I just wish there were more nude colors available, because so far I only noticed Act Naturel which seems a bit too coral peachy for my taste.


  1. Odkar sem v živo videla Birthday Suit je na najvišjem mestu na wishlisti. Kok je to lep odtenek. Samo čakam na kakšen popust v Müllerju, če sploh bo. Tale se mi je v živo zdel zelo temen in nisem prepričana, da bi bil zame. Tebi sicer perfektno paše <3

    1. Birthday Suit je čisto tvoj odtenek. Prava pink nude :). Meni se je Date Night tudi zdel malo temen, ampak je na koncu prav dobro izpadel. Ton mi je nekako res všeč, zato me ne moti, da je temnejši. Hvala :) <3