August 2017 Favorites

August is my favorite month of the year, because that's usually when I go on my vacation by the sea. I'm a summer person more than anything. This month's favorites are summer colored. There's a lot of my summery must have products as well as some new products that I really enjoyed using. 

Fa Coconut Milk Shower Gel and Avon Senses Sunny California Glow Shower Gel

This one from Fa is not a proper coconut scent, but it definitely had that coconuty paradise scent to it. Obviously I love it for the scent, because I love coconut and the milky gel is not bad either. It leathers well and doesn't dry out my skin. Another favorite shower gel scent of this month is California Glow from Avon which is a very tropical scent. It kind of reminds me of mandarins, but it's a bit more exotic tropical scent. I love the tangerine color of it and it's a more milky consistency, leathers well and isn't drying. I hate their openings, because they are so hard to open. So I just leave it open, instead of trying to break my nails whenever I want to shower. 

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture + Argan Nourishing Dry Oil Body Spray

This is exactly what it claims to be, a dry oil for body. I like it because of the convenience. It's so quick and easy to just spray it on your body and spread it a bit. It soaks in well and doesn't leave a too greasy finish, but it's still very shiny. It's nourishing well, but not too heavy. I don't like the scent, because it's somewhat artificial. It might be the argan oil, which I don't like the scent of. Second ingredient is alcohol and you definitely notice it as soon as you spray it, but then there's also oil in it, which prevents it from drying out the skin.

I have a regular version of this oil which is almost finished and I'm seriously debating getting it - because the price is just a lot (even though it lasts a long time). In the summer I love their Or version, because it contains small golden shimmer which makes your skin look so nice. I usually don't apply it on my body on its own, because it can be too much. Instead I mix it in with my regular body moisturizer and it gives you such a nice glow. It's especially pretty over a bit of tan. The scent is also divine. Kind of nutty and oriental. I have a review of it here

I've already wrote a whole review of it here. It's a hair color that you can use to add highlights to your hair in that natural balayage way. I love the results I got with it. That perfect sun kissed highlights that match my color well. I also didn't notice any major damage which was a plus. It looks so perfect for summer and I recommend it to those that have already experimented with hair coloring at home. 

I also have a review of this here. On the photo is my second bottle, because the first one is already half empty and the label has come off. It's one of those really lightweight oils that smells lovely of grapes and does its job. It removes my face makeup well and doesn't leave my skin greasy nor drying. I really like it. 

I've been relaying on this face sunscreen whenever I go on a vacation. It's the only face cream so far that I've tried that really protects me from the sun and almost doesn't get me tanned at all. I do get just a tiny bit of color, but in general this has some amazing SPF power. In the summer I always look like a ghost on my face and then my body is a lot darker - like 4 shades darker than my face. It's a bit awkward to walk around without any foundation like that, but I value my skin on the face so much more. The face is the first to show the signs of aging and I'm trying to avoid it from getting sun burnt. I obviously apply SPF on my body too, but I use SPF 30 and somehow always get tanned (in spite of applying it almost every hour - oh the joy of greasiness when you're getting in the sea, I bet shark couldn't grab me, because I'm so slippery). I have a review here

My Beauty Diary - Black Pearl Brightening Mask

I bought this because Mateja liked it so much. I finally tried it and loved it too. It has a thin mask that is well saturated and it feels kind of soothing. It has strong floral scent to it, but it doesn't seem to be irritating. I was surprised that it dries out faster than some of other sheet masks I've been trying out. Maybe it was my skin, it felt a bit dry these days. I loved how brightening it was. My skin tone was so much brighter and evened out. Even my discoloration around the mouth was gone. Unfortunately, it quickly came back after about an hour of using it, but I loved the mask in general. It felt nourishing, moisturizing and the brightening effect is really there. I'm probably going to order it again.

I realize I don't put some of my favorite products that I use most of the time in my monthly favorites. This palette would be in every favorites, because I just use it so much. It's my most used palette of this year and my absolute favorite. The quality is amazing - one swipe and you're good to go. Shade selection features mostly warm toned shades with a few pop out shimmery shades to some perfect mattes for the crease and blending out. I've already hit the pan with Universal Delight. It's my favorite crease shade. I have a full review of this palette with makeup looks here

Maybelline Lash Sensational is my favorite mascara of all time. I usually buy it in a black or intense black version (although I don't see much of a difference between these two to be honest). When I was in France, I mistakenly bought a brown version and finally started using it now. It's just as good as the black version. I love this formula and brush, because it gives you volume, a bit of length and above all it also gives you nice definition (I hate clumpy mascaras). The brown color is like a grey brown, just slightly lighter than black. I love brown eyeliners, especially for summer and fall and now I love pairing it with this brown mascara. It's just slightly less intense and makes the look a bit more subtle and romantic. I have a review of black version here

This is one of Essence's newest fall and winter products. It's like a mousse eyeshadow in a lip gloss packaging with sponge applicator. This shade is a taupe based purple with lots of silver shimmer, which almost looks glittery, if you apply it lighter. I love glittery eyeshadows that don't crease and stay on all day. This is just that. Recently I also bought a gold version, which is not as intense, but I like it too. Highly recommend you to check this out, if you like shimmery eyeshadows. Full review is here

I've been neglecting it, because I've mostly been using Becca's Moonstone. But as soon as the summer comes around, this baby is out. It's one of the best champagne gold highlighters that gives you a lovely shine, lasts a long time and just looks perfect for the summer. It's one of my favorite highlighters ever. A full review is here

I've hit the pan on this. I'm shocked. It wasn't even that long ago that I bought it. It just means I really like it. Bronzer is like a sunscreen for me in the summer. An absolute essential and I use a ton of it. Especially when I'm trying to match my face to my body in the summer. It's my favorite to use, because it gives you a natural sheen, has the perfect warm toned color for my skin tone and lasts well on the skin. I also like the tropical scent, which is a bit artificial, but still nice. Full review of it is here

If August was a color, it would be Lady Danger. I've been using this color so much. It's my all time favorite red, as it has an obvious orange tone to it. It just matched my warm yellow skin tone so well and I like the matte formula as well. It's not too drying and it looks absolutely perfect with a basic bronzed or golden eye look. Full review is here

This is my new colorful favorite nude. Usually my nudes are very brown toned, but this is a perfect colorful version. It's more pink toned, but also slightly dirty based, like a peach and brown undertone. Basically a great mix of all three shades - pink, brown and peach. It will suit many different skin tones and I love it when I want something subtle, but slightly colorful. This is also my favorite matte lipstick formula as it glides on like a dream and doesn't feel drying. Full review is here

Medulin (Croatia) - Park Plaza Belvedere Hotel

This month I've also been on a vacation by the sea. Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Medulin this year. The hotel was amazing. Great rooms, great service and friendly staff. They also had two outdoor pools and one indoor pool with salty water, which is essential to me, even though I spent most of the days on the beach and in the sea. I am definitely a summer person and if I could, I would live by the sea. Ah... maybe some day. I enjoy listening to the sea, swimming, snorkeling, reading a good book and relaxing my mind by not having to think about anything. It's a true therapy, not only for my mind, but also for my skin. I have had skin allergies since I was four and I recently also got eczema. There is no better therapy for skin allergies than a lot of salty water. Truly, it's the only thing that helps me more than any cream on this Earth. One day we also went to see Kamenjak, which is a national park. We went on the spot were there is cliff jumping. It's a stunning natural beach with high cliffs. If you're near there, definitely go see it. 

Review: Avon Sun+ - Magic Tan Self-tan Bronzing Mousse, Moisturizing Self-tan Lotion and After Sun Body Butter

Unfortunately, the summer is almost over. So I'm trying to post reviews of summer body products that I loved using. Avon has a Avon Sun+ range with sunscreen, self-tan and after sun products. Something to use on holiday or when you want people to think you've been on holiday. 

Avon Sun+ Magic Tan Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse With Firming Complex

It comes in a plastic bronzed bottle with a transparent plastic top. On top is a pump with fairly huge opening that turns liquid that's inside the bottle into a mousse consistency as it comes out. 

In it is 150 ml of product and the regular price is 8€

This is a basic mousse self tanner. I am not a tanning guru. Actually, I very rarely self tan, so I don't know much about this topic, but I've heard mousse is the most natural looking. From any brand, mousse consistency in general that is. 

As you push it out, it transforms the liquid into a mousse texture. If you're like me and you're afraid to mess up the application, use a tanning mitt. Which is basically a sponge glove that you put on your hands and apply self tan with. I use the one from Kiko. It is the best way of getting a flawless and even application.

My experience with Avon mousse is that you need the tinniest amount possible, if you are as fair as me. I am about NC15 in my winter time (although I get really tanned naturally while being on the sun). I use one pump of this for example for my one half of the leg, one pump for my other upper part of the leg, one pump for my stomach and so one. Just use it sparely to get the most natural looking result.

The mousse blends into the skin lovely and leaves no visible layer on the skin. It sinks in well. It has a tropical artificial scent to it, which makes for a nicer application. Not gonna lie, you do notice a bit of that burnt self tan scent the next day, but it's actually really subtle. 

I applied this in the evening and then let it dry for about 20 minutes before getting dressed up and going to bed. In the morning I had an even subtle tan. I only had a bit of streaky legs, which was my fault, as I didn't apply it carefully enough. But the rest of my body was fine. I did use it again that next day. Two applications are more than enough for a light skin to get a natural looking and not too dark tan.

This gave me a warm toned kind of yellow tinted tan. I have naturally a warm undertone in my skin tone and I naturally tan warmer too. I get a more yellow tinted natural tan which can turn olive. So this shade suited me perfectly and looked natural on me. Obviously, if you are very fair and have a natural cool undertone, this will look too warm on you.

The amount should last your for about 8 to 10 full body applications, if you apply it lightly like I did. 

Avon Sun+ Magic Tan Moisturizing Self-tan Lotion For Face And Body - Light/Medium

It comes in a plastic bronze tube packaging. The opening is small.

In it is 150 ml of product and the regular price is 8€.

It has a liquid lotion pearly white consistency with small gold shimmer in it. I don't really get the shimmer, I'd like it more, if it was without that. Not that it's really noticeable, it's just unnecessary. 

I've only used this on my face, so I can't say how it works on the body (as I said, I rarely use these products), but I've heard some say that this can look a lot more uneven. So I'd say stick to the mousse for your body.

I mixed it in with my moisturizer - the tinniest bit possible - and applied it on my face with a face brush. This gave me a really subtle bronzed kind of look in the morning. I just wanted something to even out my skin on the face to somewhat match my tan on the body. It didn't look the most even, but the effect was really subtle, because I used so little. I probably wouldn't use this on my body as I feel it just doesn't apply as evenly as mousse. Or maybe I don't know how to apply it evenly. 

It also has that tropical fragrance to it, but it's a lot less noticeable and not as pleasant as with the mousse.

Avon Sun+ After Sun Soothing After Sun Body Butter

It comes in a plastic light blue pot. The top is a screw on. Not the most practical, but it's doable.

In it is 200 ml of product and the regular price is 7.90€.

This is an after sun body butter that should keep your skin moisturized and prevent the peeling, if you've been sunburnt.

I've been using this on my vacation while I was by the sea and I'm glad to report, there was no peeling of my skin, even though I did get a bad sunburn one day.

It has a thicker white creamy consistency. It's not as hard to the touch as most body butters are. To me this is like a mix between a body butter and a cream. It needs a bit of massaging to completely soak into the skin and not leave behind a white cast, but it's spreadable enough, so that it's not hard to do. On the skin it leaves a matte finish with a slight sheen that you can feel on the skin as a moisturizing barrier. It also feels a bit soothing, almost like it's colder than the usual body lotions. Or maybe that's just due to the fact that it's colder in temperature than your body.

The scent is artificial subtle sleepy. It reminds me of shea butter. Shea butter extract is among the ingredients, so it might be what I'm smelling and since I hate shea butter natural scent, I'm not a fan of this one either. But I can live with it. It doesn't bother me too much.

It was impossible for me to take a photo of before and after, because I work with natural lighting, which is different every day. But I still wanted to post two photos. One from before is taken inside, so obviously it's darker and the after is taken with a phone on direct sun. But you can still probably notice the difference in darkness of my legs.

I was positively surprised by the self-tan mousse and I really liked the effect of it. I usually don't use self-tanners, because they just seem to be so complicated to use. But with a tanning mitt, I got such a natural looking result and I was excited to look a bit darker with no actual sun exposure. I'll definitely use it again, when my natural tan fades and I'll want to look a bit darker. This is easy to use, has nice fragrance and the result is very natural for my warm light skin tone.

I am not impressed by the lotion version and I hate shimmer in it. Especially for the face. I'll still use it on my face, because I have nothing else to use on the face and I usually have a very pale complexion on my face despite getting some natural tan on my body. I always use SPF 50 and protect my face with a hat. The face is just such a delicate part that I don't want it to look aged. I'd say go for the lotion, if you're experienced with self tanning and know how to evenly apply it in a lotion form.

After sun body butter was also great. It left a lovely matte finish to the skin (no greasiness), feels soothing and keeps the skin well moisturized. I don't like the artificial scent to it, but some actually like it. I feel like this is perfect for those that hate greasy and shiny body products - like your male companions. Because it looks almost matte, but still moisturizes and protects it well.

Na žalost je poletja skoraj konec. Zato poskušam napisati ocene izdelkov za telo, ki so me to poletje navdušili. Avon ima linijo Avon Sun, ki združuje izdelke za zaščito pred soncem, samoporjavitvene izdelke in izdelke za uporabo po sončenju. Torej nekaj za s sabo na počitnice, ali pa za uporabo, da bodo drugi mislili, da ste bili na počitnicah. 

Avon Sun+ Magic Tan Samoporjavitvena pena

Nahaja se v plastični steklenici bronz barve s prozornim plastičnim pokrovom. Na vrhu je pumpica, ki ima dokaj veliko odprtino in spreminja tekočino v peno. 

V embalaži je 150 ml izdelka in redna cena je 8€.

To je osnovna samoporjavitvena pena. Nisem vešča v uporabi samoporjavitvenih izdelkov in jih zelo redko uporabljam, zato ne vem veliko o njih. Slišala sem, da je pena najboljša za uporabo, ker zagotovi najbolj enakomeren nanos. 

Ko pritisnemo na pumpico, ta spremeni tekočino v peno. Če ste kot jaz in se bojite porjavitvenih izdelkov in tega, da jih boste napačno nanesli, uporabite gobice v obliki rokavic. Te so ustvarjene za enakomerno nanašanje samoporjavitvenih izdelkov. Jaz uporabljam to od znamke Kiko

Moja izkušnja z Avonovo samoporjavitveno peno je ta, da potrebujete res majhno količino za dober izgled. Sploh če ste svetle polti kot jaz. V zimskem času je moja polt odtenka NC15 (čeprav poleti kar hitro dobim zagorel odtenek, če sem na soncu). Zato sem sama uporabila eno pumpico za npr. spodnji del noge, eno za zgornji del, eno za trebuh in podobno. Uporabite manj kot mislite da rabite in dobro zabrišite. 

Pena se čudovito zabriše in vpije v kožo in za sabo ne pusti nobenega motečega sloja. Ima umeten tropski vonj, ki olepša sam nanos. Zjutraj se čuti malo tega zažganega vonja, ki je tipičen za samoporjavitvene izdelke, ampak je dokaj nežen in ni moteč. 

Sama sem peno nanašala zvečer in pustila približno 20 minut, da se je popolnoma vpila. Šele nato sem se obleka in šla spat. Zjutraj sem se zbudila z nežno zagorelo poltjo. Imela sem malo neenakomernosti okrog nog, kar pa je bila moja krivda, ker pri nanosu nisem bila dovolj pazljiva. Vse ostalo je bilo enakomerno. Zato sem zvečer še enkrat ponovila nanos. Dva nanosa sta več kot dovolj za svetlo polt. 

Z peno sem dobila topel odtenek z rumenim podtonom. Sama imam rumen podton kože in tudi ko se naravno posončim, dobim rumenkast odtenek, ki lahko s časom postane oliven. Zato je ta odtenek na meni izgleda zelo naravno. Seveda, če imate naravno hladno polt, vam ta izdelek ne bo ustrezal. Izgledali boste preveč topli in nenaravni. 

Količina izdelka bo zadostovala za nekje 8 do 10 nanosov celotnega telesa, če ga uporabite bolj malo kot sem ga jaz. 

Avon Sun+ Magic Tan Losjon za samoporjavitev za obraz in telo - Light/Medium

Nahaja se v bronz plastični tubi. Odprtina je precej majhna.

V embalaži je 150 ml izdelka in redna cena je 8€.

Ima tekočo losjon teksturo z perlasto belim odtenkom in majhnimi zlatimi bleščicami. Res ne razumem zakaj so dodane bleščice. Meni bi bil losjon ljubši brez njih. Saj se jih ne opazi tako zelo, ampak ni potrebe, da bi bile v losjonu. 

Losjon sem uporabila samo na obrazu, zato ne morem povedati kako deluje na telesu (kot sem rekla, bolj redko uporabljam samoporjavitvene izdelke). Od nekaterih sem slišala, da losjon ustvari bolj neenakomerno zagorelost. Torej bi vam za telo vsekakor bolj priporočala peno.

Sama sem losjon zmešala v kremo za obraz in ga nanesla s čopičem za obraz. Zjutraj sem se zbudila z zelo rahlo zagorelostjo. Želela sem samo rahlo izenačiti obraz s telesom, da ne bi bila razlika preveč očitna. Meni efekt losjon ni izgledal tako enakomeren kot s peno, ampak je bil odtenek res nežen, ker sem nanesla zelo malo. Verjetno losjona ne bi uporabljala na telesu, ker se mi zdi, da moj nanos ne bi bil dovolj enakomeren. Očitno ne znam tako enakomerno nanesti losjona. 

Tudi losjon ima ta tropski vonj, ki pa tukaj ni tako očiten in niti ne tako čudovit kot pri peni.

Avon Sun+ After Sun Blagodejno maslo za telo za nego kože po sončenju

Nahaja se v plastični svetlo modri embalaži. Pokrov je na navoj, kar sicer ni najbolj praktično.

V embalaži je 200 ml izdelka in redna cena je 7.90€.

To je maslo za telo, ki ga lahko uporabljate po sončenju, da bi kožo ohranili navlaženo in preprečili lupljenje.

Sama sem maslo uporabljala, ko sem bila na počitnicah na morju in z veseljem lahko poročam, da se nisem lupila. Kljub temu, da sem se en dan opekla malo bolj rdečkasto.

Maslo ima gostejšo belo kremasto teksturo. Ni tako trdo na dotik kot večina masel za telo. Zame je bolj kot mešanica med kremo in maslom. Potrebujete nekaj časa, da maslo dobro vmasirate v kožo, da na njej ne ostane bel sloj ins e lepo vpije. Se vseeno veliko prej vmasira v kožo kot običajna masla. Na koži pusti mat finiš z zelo rahlim sijajem. Na površini kože se čuti kot sloj zaščite, ki jo vlaži in pomirja. Daje precej pomirjujoč občutek in skoraj malo hladi. Verjetno je tudi tak občutek, ker je maslo pač hladnejše od temperature telesa.

Ima umeten zaspan vonj. Mene spominja na karitejevo maslo, ki je ena izmed sestavin tega masla. Sama ne maram vonja karitejevega masla, zato mi tudi vonj tega izdelka ni najbolj všeč. Ampak je dovolj nežen, da me ne moti preveč.

Nemogoče je bilo fotografirati moje noge prej in potem. Ker nimam studijskih lučk in delam z naravno svetlobo, je nemogoče dobiti popolne primerjave. Vseeno sem se odločila, da vam pokažem dve fotografiji. Prva slika je iz notranjosti hiše. Druga je iz direktne sončne svetlobe. Upam, da vseeno lahko opazite razliko v tem kako temne so moje noge. 

Pena za samoporjavitev me je pozitivno presenetila. Efekt mi je bil zelo všeč. Po navadi ne uporabljam samoporjavitvenih izdelkov, ker se zdijo preveč komplicirani za uporabo. Ampak s pomočjo rokavice za nanašanje, lahko dosežete zelo naraven izgled. Bila sem navdušena nad tem, da sem čez noč izgledala rahlo temnejše, brez nepotrebnega izpostavljanja sončnim žarkom. Vsekakor bom peno še uporabila, ko moja naravna zagorelost izgine in ko bom želela malo več obarvanosti. Je preprosta za uporabo, ima dober vonj in rezultat je zelo naraven na mojem toplem podtonu.

Losjon me ni tako navdušil in ni mi všeč, da vsebuje bleščice. Še posebej, če ga uporabljam na obrazu. Vseeno ga bom še uporabila na obrazu, ker nimam nobenega drugega izdelka za to in ker sem v obraz vedno svetlejša. Na obrazu uporabljam SPF 50 in ga zaščitim še s klobukom. Je pač del telesa, ki je dovolj ranljiv in nočem, da bi prehitro izgledal postaram. Losjon priporočam samo tistim, ki so vešči uporabe samoporjavitvenih losjonov in jih znajo enakomerno nanesti.

Maslo za po sončenju je dobro. Ustvari mat videz kože, ki mastno, je pomirjujoče in dobro vlaži kožo. Ni mi všeč umeten vonj, ampak nekaterim je. Maslo je perfektno za vse tiste, ki ne marajo mastnih in sijočih finišev na koži - kot na primer vaše moške polovice. Je skoraj mat, ampak še vedno dovolj dobro vlaži kožo in jo ščiti pred izgubo vlage.

Review: Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - 02 Stars & Stories

I am all for glittery and shimmery eyeshadows and when I first swatched this one in the store, I knew I had to get it. I've said in my review of Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow in 020 Champagne Shower that I really wish they'd make this version with glitter in it. I guess that's what they tried to do with these new Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadows (or at least with some). The glitter is much more visible here. 

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadows come in a plastic transparent lip gloss like packaging with a black plastic top and silver details. In it is 3.5 ml of products and it costs 3.79€.

It has that fluffy lip gloss applicator which looks like a cone shape from the sides. It's diagonally cut. With one coat you can coat your entire lid and it applies eyeshadow softly and fairly evenly

The texture of it is creamy and quite spreadable. It almost feels like a moussy texture

If you apply it heavily, you get a very opaque metallic finish. You can also blend it out and it looks like a metallic base with more pronounced shimmer or small glitter. If you apply it very sheer, you get mostly glitters and just a bit of that metallic sheen. The pigmentation is in general great

It has an artificial scent to it, but you don't notice it once it's on the lid.

The color 02 Stars & Stories is a cool toned taupe based purple with silver glitter. In the packaging it looks like a warmer mix of brown and purple, but on the lid it looks very cool toned, because it has strong silver glitter and shimmer in it which gives it that cool sheen. The base looks like a taupe tinted purple. 

You can chose among 7 different shades, although some don't have as much glitter in them. Mostly they are more metallic than shimmery. 

Once this dries down, it doesn't move. It didn't even crease on me and it stayed on for the whole day perfectly, so it's very long lasting - but not water proof at all. There is also no glitter fallout.

Here you can see how it looks like applied really heavily. You can definitely get that opaque metallic shimmery look. I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice. This sparkles so pretty in person that the camera just doesn't catch its true beauty.

I almost prefer to wear it applied lightly. I usually put it on the back of my hand and use my fingers to apply it on the lid. I also sheer it out, so that I get a lot of glittery particles and it looks much more shimmery and less metallic. Obviously you can also put this on top of other shadows to add glitter. I did that a lot too.

On this photo I applied it very sheer on the lid and then I also applied it as an opaque metallic liner on top of black eyeshadow liner. Just to give you an idea how this can look different depending on how you apply it. It also works as a shimmery inner highlight. 

I have been wearing it a lot ever since I got it, which means I really like it. I've wanted a cheaper brands to come out with some glittery or shimmery eyeshadows that look pigmented and don't have a fallout and this is just that. It's like a less shimmery affordable choice for Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. It applied lovely, you can choose how metallic or shimmery you want it to look, it lasts all day and doesn't move. I am particularly in love with this shade, because it has a stronger shimmer or glitter to it. If this was a regular metallic eyeshadow, I wouldn't care for it. It just looks really luxurious on the lid with very little effort. Essence definitely did it with these and I highly recommend you to get this shade, if you like glittery and shimmery eyeshadows that don't move or loose intensity. 


I have a fair skin tone, but once I go on vacation to the sea, the sun always tans me a bit. I reapply SPF often and use SPF 30 on my body, but somehow still get pretty tanned. My face stays almost the same color as I use SPF 50 and wear a hat. This is the only time in the whole year that I have a chance to try out darker foundations and really play up that bronzed makeup look that I love so much. So I decided to do just that, another bronzy makeup look. I just love these shades so much.

I kept the eye makeup pretty simple with just a few shades. On the crease and a bit above it I used a mixture of warm brown and a yellow brown. I usually keep my crease colors matte to give it more depth. Then I applied shimmery darker gold shade on the lid and blended it a bit into my crease. Because the eyeshadow colors are warm and light, I wanted to add definition with a softer brown liquid liner. I extended the wing out and made it a bit more elongated looking. 

I applied the same mixture of matte browns around the lower lash line. In the inner corner I used a champagne light gold shimmer shade, which I also used as a highlighter on the face. I also used brown mascara to keep the look in that warm softer scheme.

The eye makeup is warm and it reflects that sun glow from the summer. It looks simple, yet dimensional. 

When you have a natural tan and you're trying to mimic this on your face, use a bronzer that has a slight redish undertone. I mixed one more greyish redish toned bronzer with a shimmery yellow toned bronzer to get that perfect natural sun tanned look. If you keep it completely matte, it won't look as natural, so use a bronzer that has a bit of natural sheen to it. Highlighter will look amazing on darker complexion and I applied it on tops of the cheeks, above the brow arch, on the center of the nose and on my upper lip. I chose a champagne golden color with small shimmer. For this look I skipped blush, because I wanted it to look very natural glowy and bronzed. Blush would distract from that bronzy look. But if you have a more redish fresh sunburn, then incorporate a bit of natural pink blush to make it look more realistic. 

To bring this look out and make it really vibrant for that summer feel, I used a bright orange toned red. You can choose which ever bright red shade suits you most. To keep the look more effortless looking, I applied lipstick with my finger and almost made it look smudged. Keeping the outer line softer will make you look more modern and playful.

Gold and orange are my favorite colors and this makeup reflects the kind of makeup colors that I like the most. It compliments sun kissed tan and makes you look naturally glowy. 

Products used

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua Foundation - 20A
Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer - 020
Paese Rice Powder
Misslyn Beach Please! Bronzing & Contouring Powder - 51 Holiday Hooray!
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer - Bronzer
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Wax Paper
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Universal Delight + Nabla - Caramel 
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Kathleenlights
Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner - 02 Brown
Maybelline Lash Sensational - Brown
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

MAC Lady Danger

Review: L'Oreal Colorista Effects Balayage And Washout Peach

I have been coloring my hair since I was about 14 years old. It started with wash off foams, a few highlights here and there and all the way up to experimenting with permanent colors. My natural hair color is what I call cool mousy grey brown. Some may even call it dark blond. Obviously I hate that color. If you know my makeup style, you know I'm all about warm tones and that's how I like my hair as well. Anyway, I saw that L'Oreal launched a huge Colorista range. You get effects colors, which are permanent and you can choose among balayage, ombre or bleach. Then there are temporary colors in a spray (last you only one day), washout temporary colors and permanent colors. You can also get a fader shampoo which washes out temporary color quicker - which I don't get the point of using, unless you're really unsatisfied with your result. I was intrigued and tried out Balayage as well as Peach Washout color. 

L'Oreal Colorista Balayage

I've always wanted those effortless looking highlights in my hair and always felt like hair dressers near me don't know how to do it or I was afraid of what color it would come out. In general, I have trust issues with hair dressers and I prefer experimenting myself, so that I have no one else to blame but me. Brands previously had these types of ombre colors, but this one seemed a bit less harsh. I don't want to ruin my hair completely, because my hair is in general very fine and prone to damage. 

It comes in a white paper box with a holographic design. The design is modernly minimalistic, just enough informative and definitely eye catching with that holo effect.

In the box you get developer cream (60 ml), lightening cream (20 ml), lightening powder (18 g), brush applicator, gloves and conditioner (I forgot to include some on the photo). The price in Slovenia is 7.49€.

The brush has three rows of bristles, which are silicone and really bendable. I guess the comb is designed to give you that balayage natural look by just putting it on your hair and pulling it downwards. I wouldn't know, because I don't believe you can create a natural look with that. That's why I got my boyfriend to color the hair and I chose the balayage technique that Guy Tang uses. Btw if you need some hair inspo, you should definitely check out his YouTube channel. If I could, I would scrap up my last savings and go to his salon. 

These balayage sets are sort of like a pre-step before applying on washout colors. You can use balayage to create natural highlights, ombre to get a more intense color or bleach to completely blank out your natural color. After that they of course advise you to apply one of those washout colors for a more fun colorful effect. 

I have to apologize for my photos. I work with natural lighting which changes often and I took photos myself, so it may not be perfect. But I think you can still see the before and after effect. 

I usually use Golden Brown color (Garnier Olia 5.3) for my hair and I've recently just been coloring my roots, so the length of the hair has been kind of washed out, a bit lighter golden brown than usual. On that base my boyfriend applied balayage color. The highlights started a few centimeters from the root to look more natural. I should state that I only used half of the color, because I wanted a really light effect and because my hair is shorter and very fine. The color itself is quite thicker and is nice to apply. It won't drip down at all.

I left it on for about 25 minutes. On the box it says to leave it on 25 to 35 minutes. If you want the color to be lighter, leave it on longer. 

I hope you can see the difference. I got very natural looking highlights and they were more concentrated at the ends. The color that came out was like a golden yellow strawberry blond color. It's actually the same color that I get once my hair color either washes out or gets lighter naturally on the sun. I usually come home from beach holiday looking almost blond, but very yellow or as some would say brassy.

Be realistic when buying this color. It will either react with your natural color and pigment in your hair or with that base color that you have. Because I have golden brown color, I got golden highlights. If you have a lot of red pigment in your hair, you'll probably get warm highlights as well. I think it's unrealistic to expect that perfectly toned cool blond color from it. For that I would advise you to get it done by a professional. 

It did make my hair slightly dry, which happens with most stronger hair colors. Especially ends, but I didn't see a lot of damage, which was nice. My hair is a bit more tangled now, which I assume is due to some damage, but it's definitely not bad and not really visible. 

Btw the hair conditioner that comes with these hair colors is the bomb. Always keep it and reuse it the next time you're washing your hair.

L'Oreal Colorista Washout Peach

Washout colors are inviting you with colorful hair models and simplistic design. There is 13 shades to choose from and you literally get all you could possibly want - mint, pink, lilac, blue, turquoise and many more variations. Some are pastel and some are slightly darker designed for darker hair. These should only stay on your hair for a few washes about a week or two, depending on how often you wash your hair.  

It comes in a much smaller paper box, because there is just one main product inside and that is the actual hair color in a pretty peach plastic tube. With the box you also get set of two gloves, one for applying the color and one for using when you're washing it off.  

You get 80 ml of color for the price of 7.49€

In the tube is 80 ml of color and I think this is too small amount to use on your whole hair, even if you have it as short as I. I used only one tube and came out with a bit uneven result. It might just be due to a non-permanent color formula, but I think I would need two tubes to perfectly cover every strand of my hair. But then again, L'Oreal had it designed to only be applied on top of that highlights that you create with effect colors. 

I also got my boyfriend to apply this color as well, from the roots to the ends. I just wanted the same wash effect all through the hair, because I knew it won't be that visible, since I didn't have as light base as I should have for a pastel peach color.

This cream is darker peach shade when it comes out and it's thinner and a lot wetter. It won't drip and you can definitely apply it yourself, because it's not meant to look perfect. It also has a built in conditioner, so there's very little chance of damaging your hair with it. It's definitely very gentle to use on all hair types.

I left it on my hair for 25 minutes. It says to leave pastel colors on for 15 to 20 minutes. While I was washing it out, it felt like I was washing out hair conditioner - which is actually what it was, just a tinted one. My hair was ultra smooth. You definitely don't need to use any conditioner after using this. The hair is left hydrated and smooth.

Hair color showed up more on some strands and less on others. As I said, I think this is due to the fact that I would need two tubes to completely cover every hair. I got slightly yellow toned golden highlights, some looked light orange peachy colored and some looked a bit more pinkish peach colored (coral). I guess a proper peach color is a mix of orange and pink and that's how my hair came out. Obviously the color is lighter over those highlights from balayage and darker on my other hair. 

I actually liked the color, it screamed fall to me. I've had copper hair many times, but this color has a tint of pink in it, although it's still very much a golden peach. I think it would look coral on proper blond hair.

Since I've applied this color, I've washed my hair two times and it has mostly washed off. I'm back to my balayage result. There's a hint of peach color here and there, if I look really closely, but mostly it's all gone. So the 2 to 3 shampoo claim on the box is right.

I also did a compilation of photos. From left to right: my previous golden brown color, my hair with added highlights from balayage color and my hair with peach washout color all over.

As I said the lighting is different in all three photos, but I hope you see the main difference. I think my phone picks up color difference better than my camera. Again from left to right: my golden brown color, added balayage highlights and added peach color. 

Here are my final thought for those of you that got through that. I just wanted to be informative, because I sometimes search for hair color reviews and there are none. Hopefully mine is a bit helpful.

L'Oreal Colorista Balayage

If you've always wanted to add subtle highlights to your hair, but didn't want to damage it too much, I recommend you to check out this set. Keep in mind that you don't know what kind of lighter colors you'll get, unless you've already experimented with hair colors. I assume it will mostly come out warmer yellow blond shade, unless you have a very cool natural undertone to your hair. It's not too damaging - my copper hair colors usually did even more damage than this one. It's permanent effect, so don't do it, if you don't want it to last. You can obviously apply another color over it, if you don't like it, and it would look just slightly lighter as a base. The price point is also not bad for the effect and the fact that there's enough product in it, to do a subtle highlights all through your hair.

L'Oreal Colorista Washout Peach

The color that is shown on the box is pretty accurate, but will look like that only if you have a proper almost bleached out blond base. Otherwise this will just look like a slight tone of peach on top of your base color. I think it won't show up on medium to dark hair. In my opinion this is overpriced, because you get a small amount of color (especially if you want to apply it all over your hair) and it's a washout, which means the effect will only last you for about 2 to 3 washes. To me this is too expensive to experiment with a lot. I think L'Oreal could easily priced it at like 4€ and they would have the income they want and we would experiment more. But obviously they saw the appeal of it and the fact that people would want to use it, so they overpriced it, knowing it would sell out anyway. I would rather buy a permanent color for that effect, because washout color is not that noticeable on hair that is not bleached and it doesn't last either. It's more of a special occasion fun color to do or something that you can try on before getting a permanent color to see if those kind of colors even suit you.

I also hate the fact that these colors are sold only in certain DMs. In Murska Sobota no DM has it, the nearest one that has it is in Gornja Radgona. You might as well go to Austria for it - I saw it in Bipa. I don't get their logic on deciding which stores would have it and which won't. Kind of confusing. Here is the list of DMs in Slovenia that sell this Colorista range.

I'm glad that brands are coming out with these fun colors and it's nice to experiment, but I just wish these fun colored washout colors would be lower priced. These are also more or less designed only for blond hair, it kind of defeats the purpose on anything darker than blond. I guess I think they're really fun and unharmful, but just overpriced for a hair color. But grab those effects kits, if you've always wanted to experiment with highlighting your hair. If you do it right, the results look really natural.