Review: P2 Color Victim nail polish (691 Can't Get Enough!)

Hey Beauties!

Dark red is one of my favorite nail polish shades and I have added a new one to my collection. It's by brand P2, which we unfortunately don't have in Slovenian DMs, but I wish we did. I have recently Googled the brand and have found some amazing products in their range. I've also heard good things about their nail polishes, because some of the beauty bloggers have been loving their formulas. 

Temno rdeč odtenek je moj najljubši odtenek lakov in zdaj sem dodala še enega v svojo kolekcijo. Je del P2 znamke, ki pa je na žalost ni v slovenskih DM-ih, čeprav si želim da bi. Pred kratkim sem googlala znamko in našla veliko zanimivih izdelkov, ki so del njihove stalne kolekcije. Veliko dobrega sem slišala tudi o njihovih lakih, saj jih imajo nekatere lepotne blogerke zelo rade zaradi svojih formul.

I choose the P2 Color Victim nail polish in the shade 691 Can't Get Enough! and on it costs 2.97€. There's 8 ml of nail polish in it. I really like the square packaging. It's a classic glass bottle with a silver top. Don't know why, but this square packaging appeals to me more than a round one.

Izbrala sem si P2 Color Victim lak v odteneku 691 Can't Get Enough! in v spletni trgovini je cena zanj 2.97€. Vsebuje 8 mililitrov laka. Všeč mi je kvadratasta embalaža laka. Steklenička je klasično steklena s sivim pokrovčkom. Nekako se mi bolj dopade ta kvadratast videz embalaže kot pa okrogel.

The brush is somewhat classic and it performs well. Application is really easy, also because the formula is nicely liquid, but still thick enough. The polish is very pigmented, but one coat will not suffice. 

Čopič je klasičen in nanos z njim je zelo enostaven, tudi zaradi formule laka, ki je lepo tekoč, a vseeno dovolj gost. Lak je zelo pigmentiran, vendar en nanos ni dovolj za enakomeren nanos.

The shade is a really pretty raspberry deep red. It's not the classic deep red, because it also has some pink tone to it. Here you can see how it looks like with one coat and with two coats. My way of painting nail polish is always the same - first thin layer and second a lot thicker layer. I found that this polish looked really streaky, when applied thinly. The second thicker coat makes the application a lot more even, but it's still not the most even application in the world. It wasn't very long lasting on my nails at all. I also had some problems taking it off. The polish seems to bleed all over my skin.

Odtenek je zelo lep temno malinasto rdeč. Ni klasično temno rdeča, ker ima roza podton. Tukaj lahko vidite kako izgleda en nanos in kako dva nanosa laka. Moj način nanosa laka je vedno enak - prvi tanek sloj in drugi veliko debelejši sloj. Pri tem laku se mi je nanos zdel zelo neenak in črte od čopiča so bile zelo očitni. Drugi sloj je sicer popravil neenak nanos, ampak nanos še vedno ni bil zelo enakomeren. Lak ni bil preveč dolgo obstojen na meni. Imela sem tudi problem z odstranjevanjem, saj se je lak razmazal po koži in sem imela na koncu več laka na koži kot na gobici.

I guess Color Victim disappointed me, because the color is really pretty, but the uneven application on not very long lasting formula, didn't impress me. I like the formula itself in terms of how easy it is to apply it and I love the shade, but unfortunately I wouldn't decide on buying another one from this range. I am a bit sorry for not taking one of the polishes from their glitter and sand ranges.

The polish was sent to me for review by Moja drogerija and I am glad to report that all Slovenian lovers of this brand can now find most of their range on their web shop. Yey for us!

Očitno me je Color Victim razočaral, ker je barva laka zelo lepa, ampak neenak nanos in ne preveč dolgo obstojna formula, me nista nadušila. Všeč mi je formula sama po sebi, zaradi zelo lahkega nanosa in sam odtenek mi je več kot odličen, ampak se ne bi odločila za ponoven nakup kakšnega drugega laka iz te kolekcije. Malo mi je žal, da nisem izbrala lakov iz njihove bleščičaste in sand kolekcije.

Lak mi je bil poslan v oceno s strani Moja drogerija in zdaj lahko veselo poročam, da so za vse slovenske ljubiteljice te znamke, večina izdelkov iz njihove redne kolekcije na voljo v tej spletni trgovini. Jej za nas! Lak, ki sem si ga izbrala lahko kupite tukaj.

Rose Gold Makeup

Hey Beauties!

This is one of those makeup looks that came spontaneously and I decided to call it rose gold, since it is rose pink and gold. It's one of those more romantic, doll-like feminine makeups, that is very wearable and would suit anyone. I hope you like it ;).

I have actually done this makeup on some basics makeup, which I did for reviewing purposes. I had firstly applied yellow gold cream eye shadow on the lid, up to the crease. Then I added rose eye shadow around the lower lash line and in the crease and pulled it a bit up. I then added matte bright pink makeup in the crease and a bit up.

To make look more wearable and deeper in the outer corner, I used red based brown and put it directly into the crease of the eye, concentrating more on the outer part. I also used it around the outer part of the lower lash line, to make it look a bit deeper. I used gold pink highlighter in the inner corner of the eye.

This is the part, where you add winged black liner - but since I already had it, I just intensified it and put on a bit more mascara.

Very simple look. That gold eye shadow pops out anytime you close your eyes. 

I decided to use one of my favorite lipsticks, which is a mixture of pink and peach. 

As for the rest of the face, I used gold rose highlighter on the higher points of my face, a bit of bronzer around the outer part of the face and dusty rose blush on the cheeks.

I have mentioned several times that I am not a fan of pink, but those sort of dusty rose shades really appeal to me. How about you? Do you like to incorporate pink in your makeup or not?

Products used
Maybeline Color Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold
Catrice LE Eve in Bloom C02 Beauty Bouquet (lighter shade)
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V1 shade Pucker
Essence Cookies & Cream eyeshadow in 03 Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life!
P2 Glow Up! highlighter eyes and cheeks in 021 High Beam
L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black
L'Oreal  Volume Million Lashes in Extra-Black

Mac Patisserie

Revlon Colorstay foundation in 150 Buff
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transluscent
Catrice Velvet Finish concealer in 030 Velvet Beige
P2 Glow Up! highlighter eyes and cheeks in 021 High Beam
ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia
Catrice Illuminating Blush in 010 I'm Nuts About You

Review: Maybelline Color Show nail polishes (677 Blackout, 549 Midnight Taupe)

Hey Beauties!

I have mentioned that I love Maybelline nail polishes, especially because they seem to stay really well on my nails. When I had the chance to grab some from their Color Show, I went for two classic shades, that I know I'll wear a lot.

Both nail polishes contain 7 ml of nail polish and each costs 2.99 €, but I got it for 2.39€. I didn't know the Color Show nail polishes had a name. That is so refreshing and better to remember. 

677 Blackout is a regular pitch black nail shade. It's really opaque with just one coat. It's also a bit thicker in consistency, but I love that. The application was really nice. They have the regular nail brushes and I especially liked that I didn't need to put on two coats.

549 Midnight Taupe is dark taupe (brown grey) shade, which is very nice classic shade in my opinion. This one is a lot thinner than the black one and you'll definitely need at least two coats

I usually apply one thin coat and then the second very thick coat. It's not the most even application, because that would require three coats, but I just don't like to have too many coats on. If this one would be as opaque as black, it would be perfect. 

Well, I at least found my perfect black nail polish. I can't say I'm overly excited about the taupe shade, but it still looks really nice, it just takes a bit more work. They are both pretty long lasting on me, but then I do really like the lasting power of all Maybelline nail polishes. The price is also not bad at all. Now I just wish Color Show range would also be available in Slovenia.

Do you have any of the Color Show nail polishes? Which shade is your favorite?

Review: Labello lip balms (Repair & Beauty, Fruity Shine Cherry, Lip Butter Coconut)

Hey Beauties!

I am a lip balm addict and I know many of you are too. I use lip balms all year around, multiple times a day. But that's just me. My lips tend to get dry really quickly and there's nothing worse then your lips peeling off. Today I'll share three Labello lip balms and what do I think of them. You've probably all had some Labello product already. I know when I was a little, these were the first tinted lip products that I used and venture into the world of colored lips :).

Labello Repair & Beauty

This one is for those who need a bit more help than just your average moisturization. It has a dual system. The inner white part is suppose to help repair the lip surface. That's why it's meant for those who have chapped and dry lips. The outer pink part its suppose to add a little hint of rose color to the lips. It has a very interesting smell, which has a hint of mint to it. I also noticed that this lip balm tingles my lips. I'm almost certain there some sort of mint in the formulation, which I personally don't like. All in all, I think it's a good lip balm, but don't expect any major repairing. It's good if you're lips are slightly dry, but once chapped, I didn't find this helped all that much. It's almost better as a prevention method.

The packaging is a classic lip balm tube and there's 4.8 grams of product in it. It costs around 3.31€.

Labello Fruity Shine Cherry

This one impressed me the least. It's a tinted moisturizing lip balm. The scent is amazing, I won't deny that. It smells like those chewy cherry sweets - oh my god! Seriously amazing smell. It leaves light red color on the lips that also has some small silver shimmer in it. It's nothing disturbing. I find this formula the least moisturizing of all three. I prefer to use this over some drying red lipstick to add a bit of shine and moisture.

The packaging is a classic plastic lip balm tube. It's shiny and there's 4.8 grams of lip balm it it. It costs around 1.88€.

Labello Lip Butter Coconut

It may come as no surprise, that I like this one the best. Why? Well, it's coconut - need I say more?! I am obsessed with coconut smells and this lip balm doesn't disappoint. The coconut smell is really natural and nothing artificial. It's not overpowering and it just takes you onto tropical islands. I love love the smell. The formula is also not bad. If you put too much of it on, the lips start to look too white. That's probably due to the fact that it's a butter formula, which means it's a lot more heavy and moisturizing. I find that it does a nice job of mosturizing, although I only use it at home. The packaging is not the most appropriate to carry around and dip your dirty fingers in. 

The packaging is metal can and there's 16.7 grams of lip butter in it. It costs around 2.50€.

The lip balms were send to me and I sure loved trying some Labello products, because I haven't been using them since I was, well, a lot younger. If you've tried any of these let me know how you like them. My favorite has to be coconut lip butter :). What's your favorite?

Review: NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS07 Alabama

Hey Beauties!

Today I'm sharing this beautiful fall lip shade, that I found among NYX range and fell in love. You already saw it in this post. So many of you said that it looks good on me and I'm happy that I finally found deeper red lipstick that suits my skin tone.

The packaging is not the most sturdy. It's plastic and feels a bit wobbly. In the middle it has transparent plastic, which makes it easy to see the shade of the lipstick. It contains 4.5 grams of lipstick and I bought it for 7.45€. I'm sure it's a lot cheaper in some countries. 

The shade is called MLS07 Alabama and it's dark red with definite brick orange undertone. I think the orange tone to it gives it nice warmness. Don't expect it to be as matte as some of the matte liquid lipsticks, but it's definitely not shiny. I actually like this finish, because it means it's not gonna be drying. I find that it doesn't dry out my lips at all, but you definitely feel that you have something on your lips. I only find Mac lipsticks very lightweight that I don't even feel like I have anything on. It's also pretty long wearing and it does stain the lips, which is normal for such dark shade.

It has quickly became one of my favorite lipstick for this season. Even my boyfriend said it looks really nice on me, so you know - it must be true ;). It's not the most cheap lipstick, but I have no complaint over the formula, so it was still worth it. If you're looking for something similar, definitely try this one, if you have a chance.

Review: Catrice Liquid Liner in 010 Dating Joe Black

Hey Beauties!

If there's one staple look in my makeup routine, it has to be winged liner. Since I have discovered the power of a little wing and how it can make my eyes appear longer and up lifted, I have been using the trick on daily basis. I have had a lot of eyeliners and I wasn't looking for another one. But I saw Nicki Tutorials on Youtube rave about Catrice eyeliner and how precise and matte it is. I tried it and it definitely is one of the good ones :).

It costs 3.79 € and it contains 1.7 ml of product. The packaging is plastic black. The shade is called 010 Dating Joe Black. Did you see the movie Joe Black with Brad Pitt? Clever name, may I say and the movie was amazing :).

The applicator seems to be a very thin and defined sponge felt tip. It's extremely precise, which is one of the things why I really love liquid liners. Other eyeliners are never as precise as liquid ones. 

The formula is very liquid once you apply it and that may be a problem for some. But the eyeliner dries really quickly. It dries to a complete matte finish, which I adore. Once it dries it doesn't move. At all! It's extremely long lasting, just don't put any water near it, because it's not waterproof.

The shade is black, but for some reason it has a very slight blue hue. At least I think so. It's barely noticeable. 

The only problem I have with this eyeliner, despite the liquid that sometimes seem to penetrate between my lashes, is the fact that it's a mess to clean off. I always clean my eyes with micellar water and the eyeliner seem to be smudging all over my eyes and face. I haven't tried it with any waterproof remover, so I don't know if that would be the solution. However, if I want a perfect matte precise finish to my eyeliner, this is the product. I can forgive the messy removing routine :).

Here is how it looks like on the eyes. 

I find matte finish liquid eyeliner are rare. Although, I know most of Essence and Catrice liners do have that finish. It's definitely a great eyeliner and if you look for something precise, with matte finish and very long lasting power - go for it. It's maybe not for those, who have watery eyes or find liquid liners harder to work with. 

Dark red lips for fall

Hey Beauties!

If I mention fall makeup, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? For me, it's dark red lipstick. It's the perfect color for fall and it makes any makeup look so much more polished and done. Since I have finally found the right dark red shade for me, I decided to treat it with a little simple makeup tutorial. The detailed review of the lipstick will come in a separate post.

The star of this makeup is dark red matte lipstick with orange undertone. It's NYX Matte lipstick in the shade Alabama.

I paired my lipstick with the most simple eye makeup, consisting only of two shades. One matte taupe shade in the outer corner of the eye and going inward into the crease. Then I added shimmery copper shade to blend with the orange warmness of the lipstick.

Of course I added a little winged liner and mascara.

I also added a brick red blush and a little golden highlight to lift up the whole look.

What is your favorite lip shade for the fall?