Review: Bronx Colors - Eye Products

Continuing my review of Bronx Colors, here are all the eye products I got the chance to try out. There is a bit of everything from brushes to mascara. 

Eyebrow Pen & Smooth Brush - Auburn 


It has black plastic packaging. On one side you have slanted triangular shape of pen which you don't need to sharpen. On the other side there is a brush which looks like a soft toothbrush in oval shape with which you can brush through your brows. I still prefer regular spoolie when using eyebrow pens. 

In it is 0.25 grams of product and it costs 10.99€.


It's a soft creamy formula which has very good pigmentation. You really don't need to go over one line. It's that sort of product that you apply and blend out wit a brush for a soft haze of color all over your brows. It's not super precise where you could draw individual hairs.


You can choose among 6 shades. Auburn is the second lightest and for me a bit too warm. It's medium brown with redish undertone. In the bullet it looks grey toned, but on my skin tone it turns warm redish. I prefer cooler tones to match my natural brows, but this would be a good color for those with copper or red hair. 


I didn't have any problem with how this wore. It stayed on for the whole day and there was no smudging.

3 in 1 Full Body High Volume Mascara


It comes in a signature yellow plastic packaging with some fun New York design on it. Natural bristled brush has wavy shape to it and the bristles are sparse. 

In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 9.99€.


It's regular formula which means not too dry nor wet. I find it to be fairly thin so you really need to build it up, if you want to achieve more volume. 


It comes only in black color.


One coat made my lashes longer and darker looking. You loose definition as you're building it up, but don't gain any significant volume. It's definitely lengthening mascara. I prefer something with more volume. There was no smudging or flaking. The curl was also still there.

Urban Line Beauty Stamp & Eyeliner - Heart


Another yellow packaging paired with black. On one side you have felt tip eyeliner and on the other side you have heart shaped stamp. Felt tip is stiff, but has a nice point to it so it's easy to apply.

In it is 1.4 grams of product and it costs 11.50€.


It has classic liquid formula which doesn't run all over the place and has intense black color from the start so you don't need to build it up. 


It comes only in black, but you can choose among three stamp designs - heart, star and Bronx Logo.


It applies smooth, but dries fast and can look crunchy, if you go over the line a lot. Which means it can also start to flake off, if you overdo it. Otherwise it stayed on my lids for the whole day and there was no smudging or transferring. It just doesn't look as smooth on the lids and felt tip is a bit stiff for my liking as I prefer brush tips. 

Stamp side is cute as well. I wouldn't necessary wear it on my eyes, but it would be a fun product to use for any festivals. It stamps evenly, but blends just a little.

Single Slide Blush Body

This is small black compact with transparent lid in which you can place two single eyeshadows or blush from Bronx Colors. I actually quite like this as it's so compact and great to travel with.

It costs around 5€.

Single Slide Shadow and Baked Shadow - Venus and Amethyst


These come in pans which you can then slide in their compact or any empty magnetic eyeshadow palette, which I really like. Customization is always useful. 

In each is 2 grams of product and single slide shadows cost 3.99€ and baked version costs 4.99€.


Both eyeshadows have slightly wet to the touch formula. Pigmentation is very good


I can't find single slide shadows online anymore, but I know there are plenty of shades to choose from. There is also 12 baked eyeshadows you can choose from.

Venus is baked formula and has a mix of several pigments in a marbled design. It's perfect shimmery medium warm bronze shade which leans a bit on copper red side. I really like this color for just an easy all over the lid look. 

Amethyst is regular single shadow formula. It's shimmery medium purple with cool blue sheen on top. Purples are hard to make, but this one is very pigmented. I really like these kind of pops of colors. This is a unique color in my collection. It may not be for everybody, because it's quite a statement.


With eyeshadow primer these wear like any other shades - stay on for the whole day without fading noticeably. They both blended out lovely and applied smooth as well. 

Magnetic Urban Brush - Blending Brush


It's a yellow black plastic design brush. It has small tapered tip which looks like a smudging brush to me, but they named it blending brush. Bristles are soft, but densely packed. Bottom has magnet in it which means you can put it on top of any magnetic surfaces and it will stand. Bronx Colors also sells magnetic plate which you can use to store all your brushes on top of.

It costs 6.99€.


You can choose among 13 magnetic brushes, some are for the face and some for eyes and lips.


I use this for my bottom lash line or to smudge anything out, because it's so dense, but still soft. It picks up color good and smudged it out well. I wouldn't use this for blending though, it's too small and too dense. 

Eyeshadow Palette Australia

I also received this eyeshadow palette called Australia, but I didn't test it, because I have so many similar colors in my other eyeshadow palettes that I know I won't use this one. Instead I might give it away to someone that actually will use it. 

In it is 12 grams of product and it costs 16.99€.

Out of all eye products I tried single shadows are definitely my favorite. Baked formula is so unique, because it mixes several pigments and creates gorgeous shimmery sheen on the lids. Amethyst is another very unique shade and they both have great pigmentation and blendability. I would definitely get more of these, if there are shades that I miss in my collection.

With brow pencil I prefer something more precise and the color wasn't up to my liking. Eyeliner isn't bad, but just feels a bit marker like. It doesn't have super smooth tip and can look crunchy so you can't really build it up slowly. But the color is intense black and it wears good too. Mascara is definitely a no no for me, because there just isn't enough volume for my liking. If you want something solely lengthening, it might be ok. Brush is nice as well, I have nothing bad to say about it. 

*Products were sent to me. 

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