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I am very late on my New In posts, so this one features mostly the products I already have full reviews on. There is a few skin care bits that I haven't talked about yet, but I am trying out as well. Expect another new in very soon with some more new products I got.

Inglot Set Travel Size 2*

So I received this travel size skin care kit from Inglot and to be honest I didn't even know Inglot has skin care. I have some of their makeup products which are amazing, but I never heard of their skin care before. Inglot is now also available in Slovenia which is lovely, but I am still waiting for a physical store nearer me, so I can go see makeup shades in person. They have to travel size skin care products and this is set 2. It costs 49€ which is definitely expensive in my eyes. You get 25 ml of micellar water, 10 ml of day serum, 10 ml of night serum and 9 ml of oil. You can buy it here

Inglot Micellar Water*

Micellar water is transparent and liquid as most are. I didn't like it. Yes, it removed my makeup, but wasn't the best at removing long lasting or waterproof makeup. I didn't like that it made my skin around the eyes irritated and red. I'm not sure if it's something in the ingredients list, but nevertheless I am loyal to my Bioderma micellar water which never irritates me. I dislike most other micellar waters in general, because they always seem to irritate my skin. This one isn't scented.

Inglot Hydrating Day Serum*

This is water based serum with glycerin, lots of oils and some hyaluronic acid as well as Q10. It has milky white serum consistency. Viscose slip to it makes it easy to spread and it feels very smooth, but also nourishing and moisturizing on the skin. It's also a great base for makeup, because foundation sticks to it well. Texture is really nice, because it moisturizes skin, looks smooth on the skin and still provides nourishment through the day that isn't heavy feeling or greasy looking. There is no added scents.

Upper photo: Hydrating Day Serum, Lower Photo: Revitalizing Night Serum

L to R: Hydrating Day Serum, Revitalizing Night Serum, Dream Drop Oil

Inglot Revitalizing Night Serum*

Another water based serum, but this one has more argan oil in it and there is also some hylruonic acid and Q10 in it. It's runnier than day serum and it has yellow tinted color. It has that same very nice slip to it which spreads lovely. It also has that nourishing layer aspect, but it's even more lightweight than day serum and sinks in faster. On skin it leaves the slightest nourishing and moisturizing layer, but if you have dry skin you'll definitely need to go in with another moisturizer on top. This one also doesn't have any added scent, but the natural scent is quite strong.

Inglot Dream Drop Face Oil*

This is mix of multitude of oils like cotton, jojoba, coconut, chia, strawberry and some more. It's pretty runny yellow tinted oil which feels sort of thinner and lighter than natural oils. It spreads easily and leaves that shiny oily layer, but in general feels light on the skin. Natural herbal scent to it is pretty strong and it's not my favorite. On the skin it feels good, but oils are more occlusive, so don't expect any hydrating from it. I use oils to seal in all my other lighter skin care underneath and to give my skin that protective layer. 

This was summer collection that I just got around to testing. Avon Naturals products usually focus on one or two scents at most. This is more milky coconuty with floral tiare scent to make it more tropical. It's standard shower gel, body scrub and scented spritz which I use to refresh room with, but you can also use it as perfume.

I have review of those two as well. Brush pens apparently became pretty popular and now drugstore brands do them too. I tried both of these and they are different. Essence is more transparent in color, has thicker felt tip and gives you more soft powdered look, while Catrice is brush tip, more precise, more pigmented, but it leaks out of the packaging and spills all over. I preferred Catrice version, but since it's been spilling out so much, I don't want to use it. None of these are a hit for me.

Catrice's advent calendar for 2020 is full of their discontinued products from regular range and there are also eight limited edition products. I have tried limited edition ones, but most other products I will give to others that get more use out of it. It comes with cute paper bags that allow you to create your own advent calendar.

Hello, Good Stuff is a regular range that has joined Essence family as vegan, more natural alternative that features some skin care as well as makeup products. I have already wrote full reviews of these products. Skin care in this range feels very smooth on the skin and all products have really nice scents, some natural some added. 

I also had the chance to try some of Wet n Wild products. I already had some previously, but these were all new to me. My favorite out of these is Nude Awakening eyeshadow palette which is the perfect nude palette for autumn. You can read full review in a separate post. 

It's my favorite lip oil that I have tried so far and I keep repurchasing this one. This must be my fifth bottle already. It's feels very soothing, nourishing and gives you nice shine, but also sticks to the lips well. 

This is now my favorite mascara, because it gives me lovely volume, but keeps definition of my lashes and slight makes them longer as well. I like that this isn't as clumpy ad L'Oreal Paradise. It dries out a bit faster, because it's not very wet formula. I ordered another in brown black which I loved as well as blackest black which is your ordinary black.

This has be renamed since my full review of it, but the formula is the same. I like this oil, because it's thinner in consistency, so it spreads easier and I don't use it as much. It breaks down makeup well, but isn't recommended to be used on the eyes. I don't mind that, because I use micellar water to remove eye makeup anyway. I have repurchase it many times. 

I love Avon lipstick formulas and this is another amazing one. It's cream finish with lovely creamy pigmented formula. Shade Iconic is one of those very wearable mauve nude shades that are my-lips-but-better shade which will suit many skin tones. I keep reaching for it for an effortless nude shade that goes with everything.

Balea Straffende Hydrogel Gesichts Maske Mit Diamant-Puder und Hyaluron

This is hydrogel mask with diamond powder and hyaluronic acid. It comes packaged among two plastic papers, so you can unfold hydrogel mask easier. Hydrogel is thin, soaked in essence and sticks to skin well. It has tin foil color to it. Mask comes in two parts one for the chin and one for the upper face. It's fairly good fit, except mouth hole is a bit big for me.

It feels cooling and soothing on the skin. Artificial scent is quite subtle. There is a lot of leftover essence, more than in any other mask I have tried so far. My skin looked plumper after I used it, moisturized and there was slight tacky layer left on my skin. Skin had nice sheen to it. But in general this is your basic hydrating mask. There were also some silver shimmer particles left on my face, which might be diamond powder?! Whatever that may be. I found it a bit annoying and unnecessary. 

Balea Vital+ Intensiv Serum Mit Calcium und Sojaöl

This is serum that is moisturizing, nourishing and should strengthen your skin. It contains anabolic calcium, soybean oil and hyaluronic acid. There is also some panthenol in it which is great for soothing the skin. It has milky serum texture, that isn't too runny. There is such a smooth glide to it which spreads with such ease and makes your skin look very smooth. I think this is perfect for makeup application as it sort of wears as a good primer. It gives the skin a bit of sheen and moisturizing layer which is enough for normal to combination skin. There is also like fabric softener scent to it which is very soothing and comforting in a way.

Here is a few of new products that have been added to Catrice range for autumn and winter. These are al very nice it all depends on which texture you prefer. My favorite is new Plumping Lip Liner formula which I already purchased in another shade as well. I have a separate post with full review of these products. 

Afrodita Clean Phase Sensitive Solution Cleansing Oil Fluid

When I was in Rogaška Slatina I stopped at the headquarters of Afrodita, because they also have store their. I didn't really need anything and the professional range products were quite expensive, so I just bought some testers and one body peeling which I haven't tried yet. This is very thick balm like texture, which squeezes out like a gel, but is very hard to spread on your dry face. However, if you let it melt between your fingers a little, it's easier to spread. It melts makeup fairly well, though isn't good for anything more long lasting or mascara. Once it gets in contact with water it turns milky and washes off, but still leaves that nourishing a bit greasy layer on top so you have to go in with second cleanse. I heard that on the full size of the bottle it says to apply by wetting it, but that way you get a milk and you can't really melt all that makeup with it. So I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. I like that it didn't have any added perfume.

Afordita Clean Phase Sensitive Solution Tonic

I just can't seem to get along with Afrodita tonics. I bought this one that it says it's for sensitive skin and it still sort of burns my skin and I don't understand why. Based on the ingredients list I thought I would like it, but no. It's just a regular liquid tonic which doesn't really do anything for my skin, because it sort of irritates it and adds another layer that isn't particularly hydrating either. 

Afrodita Clean Phase Hydra Solution Tonic

I haven't tried this one yet, I just hope it won't be as irritating as the one from Sensitive range.

*Products were sent to me, PR products. 

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