May 2016 Favorites

Hey Beauties!

May has been a lot about taking care of my skin care and dealing with warmer days, which meant my makeup melting down. I have a few previews of my future reviews and some oldies but goodies from the past. 

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

It's a low pH cleanser for sensitive skin. It has BHA that exfoliates skin. It also contains tea tree oil to control oil and tighten pores. It's a gel that creates a very small light foam. The smell is very strong of tea tree oil. I've gotten used to it by now. In the colder days I felt like this might have been too drying for me to use in the morning and evening, but now that it's quite hot outside, I love it. It's gentle, removes any leftover makeup (I use it as a second cleanse) and you do feel the skin being a bit tighter and just refreshed. It's definitely my new favorite morning cleanser as well as second cleanse in the evening. 

COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

This is toner for various skin problems. It contains BHA and AHAs, propolis, tea tree oil and some other really lovely natural ingredients. It's suppose to get rid of dead skin cells, control sebum, add moisture and calm the skin. This is definitely my new favorite acid toner. It's transparent liquid and it has the same strong tea tree oil scent as the morning cleanser. I really like it, because I feel like it helps to keep my skin clearer and smoother. I've had less pimples and clogged pores since I've been using it. I still have clogged pores and bumps, but I just feel like this toner helps to diminish them in a few days and really clears out my pores. It's also very calming and kind of hydrating too.

Balea Cleansing Oil

I've heard from Mateja that apparently Balea is discontinuing it (I'm not sure if only in Slovenia or everywhere). It's the stupidest decision ever, since this is ah-mazing! I'm sure they'll just repackage it and sell it at a higher price (it often happens with other brands). This is very greasy, thicker oil that gets rid of makeup like nobody's business. It's better than L'Occitane 5% Shea Cleansing Oil. I like it better, because it's thicker (yes that means you need more of it, but it's so cheap that it doesn't matter), it breaks down the stubbornest makeup a lot quicker and it doesn't irritate my eyes (because it has no fragrance). It costs less than 3€ for 100 ml. I've already bought 3 more and you should go and buy one right away, if you like cleansing oils. 

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in 21

I think I've been wearing this for the whole month of May (maybe I used something different once or twice in this month). It's such a good BB cream. I'd say coverage is light to medium and it's definitely buildable. Shade 21 looks a bit greyish, but it adapts to my skin tone really well. It gives a luminous finish without being too dewy, although I need to powder it anyway (especially now in hotter days). Looks fairly natural and wears of nicely. I love the lighter shade, because it really matches me almost perfectly. I will for sure be buying another tube as soon as I finish this one.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15

I've decided that I have to use up MAC concealers, because otherwise they'll become too old. I've been watching PONY Makeup on YouTube and saw her use creamy thicker concealers on top of other liquid concealers under the eyes to really brighten up any darker areas. It works for me too. I've been using it on top of Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, but only on those small areas where darkness still shows through. It makes my under eye area look really flawless and bright. I love it, because it's thicker and it provides nice coverage. 

Avon Concealer Brush

Since I got Avon Angled Face Brush, I was determined to try some other ones as well. I like how the hair is really soft and I needed something flat to apply concealer on smaller areas like I described it with MAC's concealer on top of Catrice's before. This brush also has very soft synthetic hair. I like that it's straight cut and fairly small. It is a bit thicker for my liking, but I really like it for applying concealer only on selected areas.

Essence LE The Beach House Beach Glow Fluid

I was fortunate enough to get some products from Essence's new Limited Edition called The Beach House and I already tried them out (review will be up soon). This Limited Edition will be in stores from June. Beach Glow Fluid is definitely my favorite product from this collection. It's a very orange toned bronzer shade with a bit of sheen and small shimmer in it. The shimmer could be smaller, but I like the almost metallic look that cream gives it. It's basically like a bronze tint in a bottle and you can apply it all over your body and face. I like to use it as a bronzer or mix it with moisturizer for a beachy glow on the body. It gives you a nice bronzy glow and I can't wait to use this on my body, when I get a bit of tan.

Zoeva Mixed Metals Eyeshadow Palette

Since Zoeva is constantly raising their prices, I decided to get one more palette before it costs me 40€. I've got their Cocoa Blend palette and it's the perfect palette for my liking. But I wanted to add some colors and Mixed Metals has a mix of colors that I would use (they're not all me, but most of them are). It's inspired by metals. I adore upper row of purple taupe, yellow green, olive green, bronze brown and copper red shades. I haven't played much with the bottom row, but I'm sure I'll get a good use out of this palette. I like to mix it with Cocoa Blend shades. 

Be Creative Make Up Eyeshadow 024 Bewitched

I actually already reviewed it here. This is perfect light peach shade for the inner corners or as a pop on top of other lid shades. It can be build up to a supper metallic finish and I just adore this shade. It can be used in so many ways. I'm sure I'll also use it as a highlighter when I get a bit of tan. 

Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade Caramel Brown
My hair color recently got a bit lighter and also a bit warmer (see here) and I like to match my brow color to my hair color. When I am darker, I go for cooler taupe tones and when I have warmer hair, I like to have warmer brown products. Caramel Brown is the perfect shade for me now. It's a warmer (yellow toned) medium brown. The cream is very thin and almost a bit too creamy, so you have to be careful how you apply it or you can go over the brow lines. Once this sets, it has a really nice staying power. I also like that I can really fill in any sparse areas, whereas sometimes pencil just doesn't stick to that part of the skin. 

Avon Khol Eye Liner in Ocean Blue

This is my favorite shade of blue for an eyeliner. It's not too bright, not too cool and also not too dark. It's just my kind of blue and I've been wearing it as an eye liner this month. It's such a nice colorful alternative for warmer months. Formula of these khols is a mix of soft and hard and I like the rubber on other side, which makes it easy to pull it out in a wing like motion. I have a review here

E.l.f. High Definition Powder Sheer

I've had this for so long and I didn't even write a review for it yet. Recently I fell back in love with it. It's a very fine transparent or white loose powder. I didn't think much of it in the beginning, but since I started using it again, I've grown to really love it. It's super fine and it creates such a matte and smooth surface. The smoothness gets me every time. I especially like to set concealer under my eyes, since this almost creates a silicon like smooth matte finish. It might look a bit too matte for me at the beginning, but my natural oils always come through and it looks much better. I also really like it for taking photos, since I feel like it almost diffuses the skin. I already repurchase another one. 

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

It's been really hot these past days in Slovenia and my makeup is always dewy, weather I want it or not. I have more of a combination type of skin and my T-zone can get really oily in summer. This setting spray is a life saver. It definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup. I also really like it, because it takes off any cakiness that I might create with too much powder. It instantly gives you worn like look (without being powdery or dewy) and it helps makeup not to move. I sometimes spray it in the middle of the day just to take off any excess cakiness and to make the face look fresh again. I have a review here

Belweder Stick Lip Balm with Melissa, Green Tea and Propolis

I'll also post a review of Belweder products soon and this one has been my favorite this month. They have those EOS inspired ones as well as those in stick form. Green tea is my favorite scent and I really like stick formula, because I find it thicker. It's not sticky like Burt's Bees lip balms nor light as Labello lip balms. Something in between. It's a great lip balm to use after lip stick is becoming dry or just through the day when you might feel some discomfort. Plus the brand uses natural ingredients. 

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel in Rain Washed and Mauvelous

I already reviewed the whole Avon Gel Shine collection here. Obviously, I've been painting my nails with those nail polishes this month. I like a lot of shades, but Rain Washed and Mauvelous are the winners for this month. Rain Washed is such a nice really light pastel blue that is a nice twist on a usual white nail polish. Mauvelous is the most unique shade in this collection and it's really wearable dirty mauve shade. It might seem a bit more fall shade, but I love to wear it in the spring. It's a pop of color, but not too obvious. 

L'Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Femme

I've had this perfume for so long that I had to use it up this month. It's a shame, because I really like this scent. It's the most gorgeous powdery sophisticated scent that is not too strong. It's definitely a sweet scent, but nothing like a cheap sweet smell. Whenever I wore this I felt expensive in a subtle way.

Review: Be Creative Make Up Eyeshadow - 024 Bewitched

Hey Beauties!

A while ago the sweetest person ever - Astrid sent me a gift package. In it was also this Be Creative Make Up Eyeshadow in the shade 024 Bewitched. Thank you Astrid ;). I adore this eyeshadow. I got it in colder months and didn't find too much use out of it, but for the spring and summer it is just incredible. The shade is right after my own taste. 

Be Creative Make Up is an unknown brand to me. I've only seen it being sold in Marionnaud online and I believe it's a brand from Netherlands. Single eye shadows are actually their best sellers and I can see why. They have a quite big variety of makeup.

Eye shadow comes in a classy plastic matte black packaging, which almost feels a bit rubberized. It's light, but well made. I also find it travel friendly as well as stacking friendly, since it is a square shape. The lid is transparent so you can easily see the shade through it.

In it is 2.5 grams of product. It costs around 9€ in Mariounnaud online store, but I am not sure what are the prices in other stores and countries.

Astrid got me the shade 024 Bewitched and I adore it. It's my kind of neutral shade. 

It's really light peach shade with small shimmer that makes it look almost metallic. The sheen on this shade is just gorgeous, warm and golden. If you have a medium skin tone you can totally wear this as a highlighter. I do this sometimes too, although it is a tiny bit too dark for me as a highlight.

On the photo it looks a bit more golden, but in real life it has more of a peachier base with golden sheen.

Texture is on the wet side, almost a bit creamy. As you can see on my finger, you can build it up to a very metallic finish. I once used it wet and it created metal like finish. If you use light application, it can be sheered down.

Shimmer in it is so small that it's almost not visible. You just get a gorgeous shiny sheen.

It's long lasting on me. I can wear it all day and it will still look vibrant. It's the same as for example Zoeva eye shadows. It might go into the line, if you have very oily lids, which mine are in the hot days. 

I compared it to my other peachy golden eye shadows and I don't really have a dupe for it as you can see. It's almost the lightest peach that I own with a very sophisticated sheen. 

Left to right: Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette - Medal, I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette - Double Dip, Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run Eyeshadow Palette - Don't Have to Hide Away, Essence 3D Eyeshadow - Irresistible Vanilla and Be Creative Make Up Eyeshadow - 024 Bewitched. 

For demonstration I applied this shade all over my eyes. I also used light matte brown in the crease to give me some structure. Usually I use it in the center of the lid and especially in the inner corners. It gives you such a nice sheen and brightness. It would also be great on the lower lash line to seem more wide awake.

I think it's obvious that I really like this shade. The texture is creamy, it has a very sophisticated non glittery bright sheen to it and the shade is just totally me - light peach with gold sheen. It wears nicely and it gives an instant brightness to any eye look. That is why I love it so much for the spring and have been using it a lot lately. If we'd have this brand in out country, I would definitely try some other shades and other makeup. Their foundations seem surprisingly fair. And if their highlighters are anything like their eye shadows, they must be amazing. If you have a chance to see this brand in person, I highly recommend you to check it out. 

Tropical Eyes Makeup

Hey Beauties!

I get stuck in my neutral zone and I often use lighter shades on my eyes, especially when I have lighter hair like I have now. But since some of you commented that you seem to like darker shades on me and because I've been getting so much inspiration from makeup artists on Instagram, I finally did something colorful again - well colorful in my terms. You know me, I am always more of a wearable type of makeup lover, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy combining colorful shades. Today's makeup is just that.

I started my eyes with a skin like matte shade all over the lid. Then I added taupe matte in the crease. I deepened it with matte dark brown. I also added matte petroleum shade to make it a bit more blue and green. 

Then I added shimmery greyish blue on the center of the lid, but left out the inner part of the lid. There I went in with shimmery yellow toned green to make it look more tropical and less just blue. I also used taupe, brown and petroleum on the bottom lash line, but only in the outer corner.

In the center around lower lash line I applied turquoise khol to give some life and pop of color. I also added shimmery yellow green on the bottom and I applied shimmery light gold in the very inner corner of the eye. For eye liner I went with dark navy blue. 

I finished the look with mascara. False lashes felt like too much, since I wanted this look to be wearable and for you to actually see the shades on my lid. 

When I was deciding how to call this look, it just seemed very tropical to me. Shades of warm greens and blues are always on my mind when I think of paradise. Even though this is a bit darker look, I still think it reflects that mood. 

Since eyes are fairly bold, I used BB cream for some luminosity and lightness. I covered imperfections with liquid concealer and powdered my face with loose powder. I also thought it would be only appropriate to bronze up the skin, if the look is tropical. For that I used matte warm bronzer. I contoured just a tiny bit and that was my cheekbones and nose. I also used metallic light gold highlighter on tops of cheeks, nose bridge, Cupid's bow and on top of brow arch. For blush I went with a mix of redish peach and brownish peach to look in tune with my hair color and not to overpower my eyes. 

On the lips I used a very neutral lighter brown shade to make the eyes focal point. Obviously you can go bold on lips. Some orange reds would look amazing, but I wanted to keep it wearable and a bit understated.

Products used

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - 21
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer - 005 Light Natural
E.l.f. HD Powder - Sheer
Essence LE Light of Orient Bronzer - 01 Sunkissed Beauty
Essence LE Metal Glam Highlighter - 01 Gold Digger 
MAC Pinch Me + H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Brown Sugar

Avon true Colour Matte Eyeshadow Quad - 1
Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Palette Today's Tonight - 14
theBalm Nude'tude - Sleek
Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Precious Shells 4
Zoeva Mixed Metals - Ore Stone
Zoeva Mixed Metals - Neo Brass
Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless - Angel
Avon Khol Eye Liner - Turquoise Waters
Avon Khol Eye Liner - Cobalt Blue
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara - Intense Black

Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade - Caramel Brown

Born Pretty Store Charming Lipstick - 17 

Avon Gel Shine Giveaway Winner

Hey Beauties!

Today ended my colorful Avon Gel Shine Giveaway and the winner is Neža. Congrats girl! I already sent you an email. Please write me back within 24 hours.

Thank you all for entering and Avon for providing this pretty colorful prize.

Hear you in the next one,
Petra :)

Review: Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Today's Tonight Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Beauties!

In all the flood of new makeup launches is sometimes hard to keep up. Freedom Makeup is especially up to date with all the new trends and constantly revamping their range and adding new items. I got two of their products and so far I like them both. Today's review will be of their Pro Decadence Today's Tonight eyeshadow palette

It's a fairly neutral eyeshadow palette with 20 different eyeshadow shades. The box that it comes in, is copper metallic look alike. Very eye catching. Underneath it's a basic black shiny box for added security. 

Palette itself is some what standard black shiny plastic. It's sturdy and fingertip magnet. With the eyeshadows also comes double ended sponge applicator which I never use. 

It costs 10.95€, in it is 18 grams of product and you can get it on or on their official online store here

On the lid part there's also a mirror. I am not one of those that gets really excited and thinks that mirror is a must have on every product. If there ain't any, I'm not bothered by it. But for some reason I really like it in this palette, because I can fold it in half and get really close to the mirror while applying on eye makeup. It's also quite big for all of us who need to be touching the mirror to actually see what we're doing. 

Eyeshadow range looked a bit boring to me, when I first opened it. The colors seemed muted, but once I applied each shade on the lid, it looked so much prettier than in the pan. This palette has mostly neutral shades with certain pops of colors, which are still a bit muted and very wearable

1 - matte neutral skin like beige. It's more dry with just a touch of wetness and has good pigmentation. 
2 - shimmery warm champagne nude. It has a wet creamy texture and good pigmentation. 
3 - matte warm light brown. It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
4 - shimmery warm medium brown. In the pan it looks more taupe. It has wet texture and crazy good pigmentation.
5 - matte warm dirty pink (brown pink). It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 
6 - shimmery warm light brown. It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 
7 - shimmery cool dark brown (taupe based). It has wet texture and crazy good pigmentation.
8 - cool grey with chunky shimmer. It has dry texture and good pigmentation.
9 - matte black. It has wet texture and crazy good pigmentation.
10 - blue based greyish black with chunks of glitter. It has wet texture and crazy good pigmentation.
11 - matte warm yellow toned beige. It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
12 - matte warm very light brown. It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 
13 - matte warm light burgundy (almost looks like dirty brown red). It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
14 - matte cool taupe brown. It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
15 - shimmery warm very light champagne beige. It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
16 - shimmery warm brown. It's very similar to 4, but has a lot less sheen, is less metallic and slightly more yellow based. It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 
17 - matte cool light lavender (very grey based). It has wet texture and good pigmentation.
18 - matte cool dark violet (grey based). It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 
19 - shimmery warm light cranberry red. It has wet texture and crazy good pigmentation.
20 - cool dark brown with red and purple shimmer. It has a very purple sheen which makes it look warm. It has wet texture and good pigmentation. 

I was really impressed by the quality of eye shadows. Actually quite shocked, because I didn't expect much from it. They have a really wet buttery texture. Matte shades are really pigmented and blend with such ease that is unheard of drugstore eye shadows. Some really shimmery shades almost seem like they're creams and not even powders anymore. They just feel so incredibly buttery and wet to the touch. Those shades are 4, 7, 9, 10 and 19.

Matte shades blend really well, while some glittery shades might loose intensity with blending. For those shimmery and really creamy shades is almost better to pack them on the lid with fingers. Especially if you're doing a look with shimmery shade in the center of the lid.

Matte shades are obviously a bit more crumbly, but they almost don't have any fallout. The same goes for other shimmery creamier shades. Some that have bigger chunks of glitter might have that glittery fallout and you need to be careful with them.

They don't really get into creases, except for those really buttery ones that feel like creams. Those may get in crease after a long day of wear. 

If there's one negative thing to say about these eyeshadows is that they fade through the day. They don't have the lasting power of high end eye shadows. If you want super intense eye shadows than I probably wouldn't get this for you, but if you're looking for something on the budget with amazingly buttery eye shadows, good pigmentation and fairly neutral tones then this is definitely the palette to go for.

Now let's see a couple of makeup looks I did. I always try to use all the shades in makeup looks to show you how they actually look like on skin.


All over: 11
Crease: 12
Outer crease: 14
Lid: 4
Inner Corner: 2


All over: 1
Crease: 3
Lid base: 5
Over the lid base: 16
Outer v: 13
Lower lash line: 5 and 3
Inner corner: 15

Redish purple

All over: 1
Crease: 17
Lid: 19
Outer corner: 20
Inner corner 15
Bottom lash line: 17


All over: 11
Crease: 5
Crease: 13
Outer v: 3 and 14
Lid: 19
Inner corner: 2


All over and inner corner: 1
Crease: 5
Lid and crease: 17
Outer v: 18


All over: 1
Crease, inner and outer lid: 7
Inner lid: 6
Outer corner: 7
Outer v: 10
Inner corner: 4
Eyeliner: 9
Bottom lash line: 6,7,8 and 10

The palette pleasantly surprised me with buttery and pigmented quality of eye shadows. This palette has a range of neutrals for your every day use. The shades blend with ease and some have almost creamy texture to them. They are on the muted, neutral side and are definitely not super vibrant or intense. I would recommend this to someone that wants affordable, really good quality and understated choice of neutral eye shadows. 

*The product was sent to me. 

V vsej poplavi novih ličil je včasih težko spremljati vse. Freedom Makeup je znamka, ki še posebej rada konkurira dražjim znamkam in je vedno v trendu z novimi izdelki. Dobila sem dva nova izdelka iz njihove linije in do zdaj sta mi oba všeč. Današnja ocena je o Pro Decadence Today's Tonight paleti senčil.

Je precej nevtralna palet z 20 senčkami. Škatlica je kovinsko bakrenega videza. Zelo vabljiva. Pod njo je še ena navadna sijoča črna škatlica za dodatno zaščito. 

Paleta je standardno sijoča plastika. Je stabilna, se dobro zapira, vendar je magnet za odtise. V paleti je tudi dvojni aplikator z gobico, ki pa jih jaz nikoli ne uporabljam. 

Stane 10.95€, v njej je 18 gramov izdelka in lahko jo kupite na ali na njihovi uradni spletni trgovini tukaj

Na pokrovu palete je ogledalo. Nisem ena tisti oseb, ki potrebuje ogledalo na vsakem izdelku in sem popolnoma nesrečna, če ga ni. Če ga ni, me to pač ne moti. Navkljub temu, mi je to ogledalo zelo všeč. Predvsem zato, ker se paleta popolnoma prepogne in lahko pridem čisto zraven do ogledala, da dejansko vidim kaj nanašam na veke. To je za vse nas, ki smo na pol slepe. Poleg tega je ogledalo precej veliko.

Senčila so mi na začetku izgledala precej dolgočasno. Šele, ko sem jih nanesla na veke, so prišli do izraza pravi odtenki. Odtenki v paleti izgledajo bolj umazani in dolgočasni. Na koži izgledajo veliko lepše. Paleta ima večinoma nevtralne odtenke z kakšnim bolj barvitim odtenkom, ki je vseeno zelo nosljiv in nikakor živ. 

1 - mat nevtralen odtenek bež. Je bolj suhe teksture z malo vlažnosti in je dobro pgimentiran.
2 - šimrasto topel šampanjasto nevtralen odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
3 - mat toplo svetlo rjav odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
4 - šimrast topel srednje rjav odtenek. V paleti izgleda bolj sivkast. Ima mokro teksutro in noro dobro pigmentacijo.
5 - mat toplo umazano roza (rjavo roza) odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran. 
6 - šimrast topel svetlo rjav odtenek. Ima mokro tekstuor in je dobro pigmentiran.
7 - šimrast hladno temno rjav (s sivo podlago) odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je noro dobro pigmentiran.
8 - hladno sivkast odtenek z večjimi bleščicami. Ima suho teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
9 - mat črn odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je noro dobro pigmentiran.
10 - sivkasto črna z modro podlago in večjimi bleščicami. Ima mokro teksturo in je noro dobro pigmentiran.
11 - mat topel bež odtenek z rumenim podtonom. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
12 - mat toplo svetlo rjav odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
13 - mat toplo svetlo rdeče rjav odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
14 - mat hladno sivo rjav odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
15 - šimrasto topel zelo svetel šampanjasto bež odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
16 - šimrast toplo rjav odtenek. Je zelo podoben odtenku 4, ampak ima manj sijaj, je manj kovinski in rahlo bolj rumenkast. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
17 - mat hladno svetlo sivka vijoličen odtenek (z zelo sivim podtonom). Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
18 - mat hladno temno vijoličen (tudi s sivo podlago). Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.
19 - šimrasto topel svetlo brusnično rdeč odtenek. Ima mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran. 
20 - hladno temno rjav odtenek z rdečimi in vojličnimi bleščicami. Ima zelo viden vijoličen sijaj, ki odtenek naredi bolj topel. Ima tudi mokro teksturo in je dobro pigmentiran.

Senčila so me resnično navdušila. Pravzaprav šokirala, ker nisem pričakovala veliko od njih. Imajo zelo kremasto gladko teksturo. Mat odtenki so izredno pigmentirani in se zabrisujejo s tako lahkotnostjo, ki nikakor ni značilna za cenejša senčila. Nekateri res bleščeči odtenki so skoraj kremaste teksture, niti več niso podobni pudrom. Imajo izjemno gladek in moker občutek, če se jih dotaknemo v paleti. Ti odtenki so 4, 7, 9, 10 in 19.

Mat odtenki se res lepo zabrisujejo, med tem ko nekateri bleščeči odtenki z zabrisovanjem izgubijo intenziteto. Za taka senčila je najboljše da se nanesejo na veke kar s prsti. Še posebej, če ustvarjate kakšen videz, kjer želite na sredino veke dodati nekaj sijaja.

Mat odtenki so tudi malo bolj drobljivi, ampak še vedno skoraj nič ne odpada na lica. Enako je z bleščičastimi odtenki. V odtenkih z večjimi bleščicami te večkrat padajo po licih in morate biti pri nanosu bolj pazljivi. 

Ne nabirajo se ravno v gube. To se lahko dogaja samo z zelo bleščičastimi, kremastimi odtenki. Ti se čez dan lahko naberejo v gubico.

Če je kakšna negativna lastnost, potem je to to, da senčila izgubijo intenziteto z nošenjem. Niso tako obstojne kot senčila dražjih znamk. Če želite zelo intenzivne odtenke, potem ta paleta ni za vas. Če pa iščete nekaj za vsakodnevno uporabo, po dostopni ceni, z čudovito gladkimi senčili, dobro pigmentacijo in relativno nevtralnimi odtenki, potem vam jo vsekakor priporočam. 

Poglejmo kako odtenki izgledajo na meni. Pri vsaki fotografiji so napisani odtenki, ki sem jih uporabila. Uporabila sem vsa senčila, da si lažje predstavljate kako izgledajo na koži.

Paleta me je prijetno presenetila z gladko in dobro pigmentirano kvaliteto senčil. Ta paleta vsebuje precej nevtralen nabor za vsakodnevno uporabo. Odtenki se zabrisujejo z lahkoto in nekateri so kar kremasti. Vsi odenki so bolj umirjeni in vsekakor niso živi. Paleto bi priporočila vsem, ki iščejo cenovno dostopno, dobro pigmentirano paleto z umirjenimi nevtralnimi odtenki. 

*Izdelek mi je bil poslan.