Easter nails

I was browsing on the Internet trying to find some kind of inspiration for my Easter inspired nails and I found it. The photo below cut my attention and I decided to make my nails into different colored eggs with polka dots, which would represent the natural pattern of those eggs. I know there are also nail polishes that have those dots in them, but I wanted to make my own version of that design.

What you will need: Colorful nail polishes-any colors you would like, black polish, white polish, any kind of foam and dotting tool (or you can make your own). Black and white polishes are essential if you don't have the whole range of example light pink and dark pink. Then you can get your regular pink nail polish mix in some of the black to get darker pink or mix in some of the white to get light pink color.

First paint you nails any desired colors. I was trying to get mine to look pastel. If you like colorful things paint all the finger different color, if not chose one color to use on all of them.

Then use a foam and tap on each nail a few shades darker color. For example for the ring finger if you used light pastel pink, use now bright pink and tap this color on with a foam, to get that gradient effect. I decided to cover two thirds of my nail with that darker color.

Then get you're dotting tool and create dots. On the upper part where you have light color use that dark color on the bottom to create dots there. On the contrary, on the bottom part, which is darker, use a lighter color from the top to create dots there. Make sure that your dot are different sizes. It will make the pattern more natural looking.

Now all that's left is to do is clean off any mess around your nails and use a nice top coat to seal in the design.

Easter...I decided to make my own stickers this year. As you may see I have been a little more than obsessed with this character from the Cut the Rope game :). So I decided to make my Easter eggs inspired by Om-Nom (I believe they named him like that :) ). 

I wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and may you get lots of sweets :).

Galaxy eyes and nails

I've been seeing a lot of galaxy inspired fashion items. From pants to shirts. So I decided to transform this trend on nails and eyes. The beautiful purples and blues of galaxy have inspired this post:).

Galaxy eyes 

Lets start with the eyes. You need all sorts of pink, blue and purple colors. For the stars use any sort of crayon, gel eyeliner or something that will go on smooth and create some shine on the eyes.

This is very simple. All you need to do is start applying pink, purple and blue eye shadows on the lid. This doesn't need to be in any particular order. Maybe start with light pink on the inner corners of the eye. Use light purple on the lid. Put darker blue in the crease of an eye. Than blend this blue with a light blue towards the brow. Then use some darker violets on the outer corner of the eye. The most important thing is to BLEND after every application of another eye shadow color.

 Do the same on the lower lash line. To give your eyes more spark maybe use some light color in the center of the lower lash line. You can stop here, put some mascara on and your done.

Or you can start adding stars. You can do just different sizes of dots or make dots and then blend them a little. I decided to use Avon Supershock gel eyeliner to create pearl light pink shiny dots to represent stars in the galaxy.

Finish off with some black winged eyeliner and a lot of mascara.

Galaxy nails

To create galaxy nails you will need different colors of nail polishes. You can choose any colors you like. I used colors on the photo below. 

As a base for this nail design I used this electric blue nail polish color.

Then  I used a regular foam and all those different nail colors to create colorful galaxy. All you need to do is put small amount of polish on the paper and dip in the foam. Then tap the foam on the nails to create specks of color.

Continue with this process until all the desired colors are on the nails. Then use a white nail polish and a doting tool. Create a few dots to represent stars. Dots can range from small too bigger. You can also create shiny stars. With a doting tool draw on a dot. Then use a toothpick or nail stripper to create four lines going out of that dot. 

Use a top coat to seal in design and clean off any mess around your nails. 

10 products worth the money

1. Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick (the price varies in Avon catalog-it’s now 8 €). This is the best hydrating lipstick I own. All the other lipsticks dry or don’t have good color payoff. But this lipstick stays hydrated.  It feels like you have on Vaseline or some sort of butter chopstick. It’s probably because it is made out of avocado and coconut oil. The color range is pretty big. It has a lot of reds, plums, pinks, burgundies and some neutral shades. Some of the shades are really pigmented, some less. The range is probably not for someone who likes simple, natural looking lipsticks. Although there is one shade called Natural Glow-and that is the one on the photo below. I bought a lot of testers of other colors. And I love them all. But this one is on my daily basis.

2. Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lip Gloss (don’t remember, around 2.5 €). This is the lip gloss that feels really nice on my lips. It is one of those that make your lips really juicy looking and it doesn't dry your lips or make them feel itchy or dry afterwards. It is in my opinion a really nice simple lip gloss, that doesn’t have some of the annoying after effects-like stained lips or chipped, dry lips. I just wish they would have a bigger range. I personally would love some brown, nude colors in the range. But they have mostly reds and pinks. I have it in shade My Favorite Milkshake.  It’s sort of soft pink.

3. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination to Oily Skin (around 15 €). I like it because it actually stays on for a lot of time and it is somewhat medium to full coverage. It actually doesn't go off easily so be careful if you put it on your hand when applying. The color range is nice and it has even some lighter shades than some of the other brands have. I think it’s a good price for someone that wants a nice coverage foundation and sustainability. Although be careful, because it actually turns a shade or two darker when it oxides on the skin, after a few hours on.

4. Avon Basic Color for Eye Shadow (again it varies in catalog, now it’s 3.90 €). I got this one recently and so far I love it. It’s the best eye primer I've had so far. It comes in only one shade in our country and that is in light beige. The color is pretty much the same as most of light skin tones. It is very creamy, so you need very little of it. It dries to a nice velvet finish and I actually think it makes my eye shadow last a bit longer than all the other primers did. So for the price, this is the best eye primer for me.

5. MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette (7.95 €). It is an eye shadow palette that consists of mat and shimmer colors. The colors are variations of neutrals with some brighter colors. I think this palette is great for those that don’t use a lot of eye shadows, or are getting into all that make up stuff. Others will find some nice shades in the palette too.  The colors give a good payoff, but they tend to fall down.  That can be easily fixed. This is supposed to be Urban Decay Naked palette color dupe. I don’t have it, so I can’t say. But I recommend investing in this palette.

6. Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner (the price varies in catalog, now it’s 4.50 €). This is the SOFTEST eye pencil/gel eyeliner I have ever tried. It goes on like butter. The texture of it is like gel eyeliner, although it is in a pencil form, so you can sharp it. In our country it comes in 4 shades, so far. Shades: black, silver, light pink and blue.  Some of the colors are shimmering, some mat. If you are in the search of really soft eyeliner, than this is the one. I think it is also very good for creating smokey eye. I have colors Flash (light pink) and Black.

7. Look by BIPA Makeup Brushes (powder brush 3.99 €, blusher 2.99 €, eyebrow 1.99 €, kabuki 3.99 €). Those brushes I bought in Austria in shop called BIPA. The brushes are one of the SOFTEST brushes I've had.  For the price, the quality of the hair is amazing for the price. They are really soft. I can’t stress that enough. Obviously the handles aren't the best quality, but I can forget that. They feel very nice on the skin. So I recommend them for everyone who wants a really soft brush at a reasonable (if not cheap) price.

8. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire (100 ml is 5.46 €). I got this to clean of my eye makeup, because I got very sensitive eyes and even had some medical problems with them. This is the best product for very sensitive eyes. It doesn't have a smell, and it feels like water, so it doesn't irritate eyes at all. My eyes are grateful for this product. It really is a nice sensitive product for all those with sensitive skin or eyes.

9. Redken All Soft Heavy Cream (around 26 €, but there’s always some sort of discount on some online shops).  This is the best hair mask, if you want to have really soft hair. It does what is says. It hydrates hair and makes them feel oh-so-soft after using it. The texture is like a liquid paste and it smells nice. Nothing distinctive, more like some version of vanilla, something like that. I bought it a few months ago and I still have more than half of it. You need very little product to do the job. Plus it feels very hydrating when it’s on hair. One of the ingredients in it is argan oil.

10. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (prices vary, around 14 €). This is the best top coat, if you like doing any kind of designs on your nails. It makes your nails extra shiny and it dries really fast. Plus you can use it right after drawing the design and it won’t smudge it. This is a must have. It also makes nail polish last a lot longer. The only problem with this top coat is that when you use around half of it, it starts to thicken and it’s not as nice anymore. It gets to the point where it’s really sticky. That can be fixed. The company actually sells a product with it that thins out the nail polish, but you can use pure acetone and it will do the job the same. After that it’s back to being like new. So no problem there J.

Cut the Rope inspired nail design

Lately, I have been loving this application on my phone, called Cut the Rope. It's a game where you have to bring candy to a little "oh-so-cute" green monster. I liked playing it just because of the look of that little monster. He's just so cute:).

So I decided to do inspired nail design. It's green, which is perfect for finally-to-come spring days, and emerald green is supposed to be the color of the year?! I think I heard that somewhere. Well, I love green, so I gave it a go.

For this design you will need: light green, darker green, lime green, black, white, yellow and red nail polish. You will also need a base coat (optional), top coat, stripper and dotting tool.

Step 1: Of course, first use a base coat, to protect your nails.

Step 2: Paint nails a light green color-that is going to be the background- in this case a box, where this little monster is in.

Step 3: Take a darker green (I mixed my light green with a darker one, to get the in-between color) and create the shape of a monster. Make a box, with his little hair on top sticking out and two legs on the sides. Let it dry.

Step 4: Use doting tool to create two white dots holding together in the middle.

Step 5: Outline the little monster with black nail polish and stripper. I just used a stripper from a white nail polish.

Step 6: Draw on little monster teeth and outline them and create two little dots on top of white dots.

Step 7: On the middle finger create a yellow dot. Let it dry and create 4 red swirls/lines in this yellow dot.
This is going to be candy. Outline it, or not, if you don't want to. I decided to do it, and create a back line going down to it, so the candy can hang on that.

Step 8: On the pinky, create a big black dot. Then use smaller doting tool to create little dots around that bigger black dot. That is going to be fluffy spider. Let it dry. Then do two white dots sticking together, and on them add two small black dots.

Step 9: Now just use a lime green nail polish and create dots on light green background.

Step 10: Use top coat to seal the design and make it extra shiny.

You'r little monster is ready to play:).

On the other hand just create a green background with lime green dots. And maybe add some spiders, those are easier to made. Because if you are right handed, like me, your left hand should be as simple as possible.

Joico K-Pak products

I have a long, thin, damaged hair that have been colored too many times. I have been light brown (sort of dark blond), orange, caramel, red, dark brown...basically everything except blond and black. And my hair noticed it. So it put up a fight with me. I had no choice but to decide to try something new.

I wanted to use something better for my hair. Some new hair brand. I found a brand called Joico. It's an American hair brand. They have products for different types of hair- thick, thin, dry, colored...you name it. So I decided to buy something.

I have been using these products for one year -on and off... I tried some new products in between. Thought you have to know that I didn't buy all of the range at once. I have been upgrading my range slowly. Because that would have been too much for my student wallet.

My K-Pak range includes: shampoo, conditioner, liquid reconstructor, deep penetrating reconstructor treatment for damaged hair and intense hydrator treatment for dry damaged hair.

Deep penetrating reconstructor treatment for damaged hair
That is definitely the "star" of the whole range. It is sort of a mask for your hair. Some argue that it is not a "real" hair mask, because it says to use it for 5 minutes (i think, something like that). And "real" hair masks should supposedly be put on for at least 15 minutes. I personally liked it a lot. It did make my hair look healthier and moisturized. The damage was less seen, then without using it. It has a really funny smell, sort of like banana..and consistency is weird - it looks like it'd gone bad. It's very liquid, and it looks like baby food.

Intense hydrator treatment for dry damaged hair
This product goes hand in hand with the previous. When I was using the deep penetrating mask, I always used intense hydrator afterwards. Because the deep penetrating mask would give your hair proteins for damage and the intense hydrator would give them moisture. That said, it is a great product on its own. Pretty thick consistency, no weird smell and it makes hair feel very moisturized and soft.

Liquid reconstructor
This product you spray on your hair after you have washed them and before drying. It is a supplement to the previous two products. It makes hair very soft, they look moisturized, and they feel a bit oily-but not in a bad way. If you go through the hair with your hand you can feel the grease on your hand, although it doesn't make your hair look greasy or make them look heavy.

Conditioner is a good product. I wouldn't say it is the best out there, but it feels and leaves hair nice. I personally don't believe that a conditioner or shampoo could make a big difference in the health of your hair, but it is nice if it makes your hair feel better, when you wash it. A lot of products made my hair feel dry or look damaged, but not this conditioner. It is good, but I rely on hair masks, more than conditioners, to make them look healthier.

Like I said before, good, but nothing special. It makes hair feel clean, but in order to make them feel  and look healthier, I always need to use a conditioner. Plus I can't brush my hair without using a conditioner.