Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencils - Nude Pink, Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Ever

I've always loved NYX as a brand, because it's sort of like a drugstore alternative to MAC and they always have great shade selection. Not that I've tried much of their products, because we don't have them in Slovenian drugstore, but I am always so happy when I can get some in person. Their Slim Lip Pencils quickly became one of my favorite, mostly because of the wide selection of nude shades that they offer.


It's a simple wooden pencil with black design and there is color of the pencil at the bottom so you can find it quicker. Shades aren't exactly true to their color. You have to sharpen it. I personally prefer these classic pencils over any retractable ones, because you can sharpen them to a nice point. 

In it is 1 gram of product and it costs around 4€, depending on where you get it. I saw most of these shades in person in Bipa (Austria), but also ordered some on Notino. You can also get them on Feelunique and Lič


They describe it as buttery soft formula, long wearing, goes on easily and resists bleeding.

It's in fact a nice just enough creamy formula that applies well on the lips without any tugging or hard pressure. It will never bleed, because it's thicker enough and stays in place well. Pigmentation is descent and the finish of these is like a satin matte. They aren't dry like proper matte formulas and there is some creaminess to it still, but if you're lips are dry, this will pretty much look matte on you.


They have a huge selection of 40 shades and a lot of them are nudes as well as some pinks, mauves and pops of red and orange. I went for all pretty much nude shades in various undertones.

Nude Pink - light neutral to cool pink
Natural - light warm brownish nude
Peekaboo Neutral - light warm dirty pink
Ever - darker light neutral to warm brownish mauve, but has some pink tone to it
Nude Beige - light cool grey brown 
Mauve - light neutral mauve

I decided to swatch and compare all of neutral shades that I have from NYX. It might be easier for you to decide once you see them next to each other. I know how hard it is to buy products based only on online swatches.

My absolute favorite shade out of these four is Natural. This is exactly the type of nude that I always wanted - something brownish, but still light enough and not too warm or cool. Peekaboo Neutral is my second favorite and it suits me much better now that I have a bit of tan. It's like a pinkier version of Natural. Nude Pink is too girly and too pink for my liking. Ever is supposedly dupe fro MAC lip pencil in Soar and I know this is a very popular shade, although I think it suits better slightly more medium skin tones. I like it on me too, even though it's not really a nude on me anymore. 


They wear nicely, but aren't transfer proof or particularly long lasting which doesn't bother me at all. I prefer comfort over lasting power. They feel quite lightweight on the lips and not particularly drying either.

Down bellow you can see how shades look like on me. Here I am about NC15/20 skin tone. 

Shade selection is definitely NYX's advantage compared to other drugstore brands. I don't think this formula is anything special, it's a classic pencil which applies well and feels good on the lips. If you're looking for something very long lasting or extremely pigmented, this won't be for you. I love these pencils because of such a wide range of nudes which is what I use the most. There will definitely be a perfect nude for any skin tone. If you have problems finding your-lips-but-better lip pencil shade, then definitely check out NYX. I will definitely buy more in the future, because they also pair so well with my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. 


  1. Vsi so lepi, sploh nude pink :) Zame so tole morda pretople nijanse, ampak praviš, da je izbor velik? Škoda, da ne morem to kje videt v živo. Sama najdem več pravih odtenkov zame med liplinerji, kot šminkami (Maybelline Dusty Rose, Essence big proposal in Trend it up 200) :)

    1. Nude Pink je najbolj hladen od teh. Ja, imajo kar dober nabor. Sicer, če hočeš res hladne odtenke, jih boš našla bolj v roza podtonih. Na meni zdaj res vsi toplo delujejo, ker sem še malo posončena in še bolj topla :D.

      Res je škoda. Jaz pogrešam NYX v naših drogerijah, imajo res zanimive odtenke izdelkov. bi si mislila, da je več odtnekov šmink kot svinčniko, da boš med njimi bolj našla :).