Review: NYX Epic Ink Liner - Black

Since Asian products are harder to get these days, I look for alternatives that I can buy in Europe. While researching for a good brush tip liquid liner, I came upon many great reviews for NYX Epic Ink Liner. I decided to try it out and it turns out, it's as nice as they say.


It comes in plastic black packaging. Brush applicator is pointed and glides nicely over the skin. It hasn't frayed yet, but you have to be careful how you put the cap on, as I have ruined one hair already. 

In it is 13.5 grams of product and it costs around 10€. I got it on Notino, but you can get it on Lookfantastic, Feelunique or Lič 


It's a liquid formula in a brush pen format. Tip is always saturated (but always store it upside down) and you don't need to go over the line. One swipe gives you enough color. It's well pigmented. It also doesn't spill into fine lines

Finish is matte, but as with any pen liquid liners it's not that powdery matte finish as some liquid liners have. 


It's available in two colors Brown and Black. I got Black which is a basic black, but not very deep in color. That doesn't bother me, but it might be a deal breaker for some. Brown seems to be pretty dark toned to me based on online swatches. I actually wanted something more lighter brown, but I might get it in the future anyway as I love the formula.


I compared it to Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner as this is the only liner that I currently have in my collection. Catrice's is much more black and actually better pigmented, but my tip frayed so bad that I was very disappointed with it. 


It glides on the skin with no problems. You can create precise thin lines or put more pressure on it and get a thicker line. It dries fairly fast and once it's on, it doesn't move at all. I can wear this on hot summer day when my lids get oily, without any primer and this doesn't move at all. It feels like nothing on the skin and is waterproof

I have to say this was one of the best finds this year. I have been searching for a good brush pen liner that I could buy in Europe at a descent price and that works well. This ticks all the boxes for me, but it might be very basic to some. Brush tip is precise, formula applies smooth, tip is always saturated and it stays put for good. It's not super black, but that doesn't bother me. I have nothing bad to say about it. It's definitely one of the best drugstore pen liners I have tried so far. 

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