Review: Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - Pillow Talk, Supermodel, Walk of No Shame

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup brand created by makeup artist. Charlotte is a very well known makeup artist and her brand represents her and the kind of looks she likes to creates, which are very chic and flattering. It's sort of natural or classic colors that emphasize each eye color and shape. It's obviously a high end marked brand, but I've seen so much of her products being loved by other fellow makeup artists that I wanted to try it as well. 

February 2023 Favorites

Review: e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter - 1 Fair & 2 Fair/Light

e.l.f. Halo Glow Filter has become one of e.l.f. bestsellers and for a good reason. It gives you luminous glow to the skin that will make you look expensive and like you have the best skin care routine ever. 

Review: Vegreen Nature Mucin Serum and Tea Tree Gel Cream

Vegreen is Korean skin care brand that focuses on natural ingredients with eco-friendly design. I love Korean skin care in general and I had a feeling I would love these products, because the ingredients sounded perfect for what I usually like.

2022 Favorites

Another year has passed and as per usual I have here my yearly favorites. In this post you'll find products that I have discovered this year, but may not be all brand new. They are just the products that have impressed me and I have used a lot. Some I have full reviews of, some not yet. 

January 2023 Favorites

Review: Geek & Gorgeous 101 Stress Less Serum and A-Game5 Retinal Serum

Geek & Gorgeous is skin care brand that offers a lot of active ingredients without the necessary fragrances, dyes or drying alcohols. Creator of the brand was battling acne. I find this brand so interesting, because it has very affordable prices, yet offers really nice formulas with active ingredients that actually work. In skin care is not about fancy packaging and good smelly stuff anymore. Most of consumers are more and more informed on ingredients and are choosing based on that. 

December 2022 Favorites