Rimmel: Exaggerate Eye Definer, Wonder'Swipe Liner to Shadow and Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara

I received a package from Rimmel a while ago. It was inspired by a London look which I can see with these color schemes. I already have some of my favorites from Rimmel and I was excited to try new products out. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer - 261 Noir


It's a regular thin eye pencil packaging with a twist system, so you don't need to sharpen it. However, there is a small plastic sharpener on the end with which you can make your point extra sharp. On the end is also a sponge tip which you can use to smudge it out.

In it is 0.28 grams of products and I am not sure what the price is. I didn't have the chance to check it in store, but I assume it's somewhere around 5€


It's one of those thicker cream formulas. There definitely isn't a smooth glide to it, but I don't have a problem with it applying either. It's one of those formulas that doesn't apply super smooth and you will probably need a brush to perfect the line

It's got a sheerer pigment, if you apply it with just one swipe, but if you're like me, trying to perfect the line, you will get it to full opacity in few swipes. Finish is matte.


There are 5 shades of this pencil, although I am not sure how many we have in Slovenia. I got 261 Noir which is a classic black


Like I said, usually I expect more glide with these kind of eye pencils, since formulas that don't need to be sharpened have creamier formulas. Not this one. You will need to use a brush with it to get precise edges and super thin sharp edge. It's not going to be ideal for smoky looks

I wore it on my upper lid and it transferred a bit, since I have hooded eyes, but I've had worse. Staying power is nice. It says to be waterproof and I agree, although I can't say how well it wears on water line. 

Rimmel Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow - 010 Cool AF


It's one of those felt tip eyeliners with black plastic packaging and a cap in the color that's inside. It's not exact match, so don't judge it by the outside color. Felt tip is long and fairly thin. I find it easy to work with.

In it is 1.7 ml of products and I believe the price is around 8€


It's a liquid formula which isn't runny and it's got a nice glide on the skin. Pigmentation is again a bit sheerer, but if you go over it twice, you can get a fully opaque color. Finish is somewhat shimmery, because the base is matte, but shimmer in it gives it that gorgeous sheen. 


There are 16 shades available, although again, I can't say how many are available in Slovenian stores. I love that these come in a fairly colorful shades. I already have one in shade 001 Slay which is such a fun shade and I actually wore it a lot.

010 Cool AF is medium to dark cool blue with a bright sapphire sheen to it which is due to the small shimmer in it. I absolutely adore this shade. It's definitely my favorite blue eyeliner so far. 


They say you can use them as eyeliner or eyeshadows and you can. I would personally use these as eyeliners, but they work great as eyeshadow toppers because of the small shimmers in them. Especially lighter shades are great for layering on top of other eyeshadows with just a finger. As eyeliner you can create a very thin line and it doesn't bleed

This formula dries fairly fast, so you don't have fear of smudging. It will stay on very well. If your eyelids are very oily and hooded, it may transfer a bit - at least the shimmer in it.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara - 001 Black


This is Rimmel's newest mascara and it comes in red plastic tube with silver writing. The wand is one of those natural bristled ones and it has an hourglass shape which means it's thicker on the outside edges. 

In it is 12 ml of product and I believe the price is around 8€.


It's on a wetter side of formulas, but I find it just right. As I have been using it longer, I noticed that it got a bit drier


I have it in 001 Black which is a classic black color. It's also available in brown black.


Rimmel says that this is mascara that lets you customize your volume by how much coats you apply on and that it's clump free. I definitely agree that the more you apply the more voluminous it gets. This formula is one of those that gives you descent volume, but it doesn't clump up your lashes which means definition is still there. It's one of the better drugstore mascara formulas I have tried so far. Let's say it's less volumizing than L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara, but more than Maybelline Lash Sensational. I find it to be somewhere in between those. 

My only problem was that as the mascara gets drier, it becomes harder to build up and you don't get that much volume as you did in the beginning. But I absolutely love the fact that lashes look multiplied and wispy, not clumpy. 

It didn't make my curl drop, but I did notice small clumps of it falling down during the day, although it wasn't too noticeable. 

Left: curled lashes with no products, Middle: One coat of mascara on top lashes, Right: two coats of mascara on top lashes and one on the bottom lashes

In Slovenia you can get Rimmel in DM stores

I am most excited for Wonder'Swipe blue eyeliner because that color is just amazing. I love how precise the tip is, formula is easy to apply, if you just have the patience to go over it one more time and it stays in place. Scandaleyes Volume On Demand mascara positively surprised me. Usually, I don't like to experiment with mascaras, but this one was lovely. It gives good amount of volume and makes lashes look so wispy and clump free. I just wish it would stay wetter longer. Exaggerate pen was the only product that was just meh. I don't like thicker formulas in pencils like these. They are harder to apply and blend out, but it stayed on well. 

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