Review: Yes Love nail polishes

Hey Beauties!

You've probably seen my Yes Love nail polishes on my Instagram as well as on some other blogs. One of those nail polishes, I already reviewed here. It was a gift from my friend and ever since, the Yes Love collection got bigger and bigger. I decided to feature those nail polishes in one post to show you, which colors did I get. 

The first is a beautiful true blue shade (L009). I am never crazy about blue nail polishes, but I've been wanting this kind of shade for a few months now. When I saw it in the Yes Love stand, I immediately reached for it. It's a really nice shade to wear through the summer, especially with some blue swim suits.

The next shade is a true white nail polish (337). I've wanted one for nail art and also because I really like wearing white nail polish in the summer. It just goes especially well with sun kissed skin. I was surprised that it's really pigmented. I do however put two coats on of every nail polish I use.

This shade was a bit of a let down for me. It is a beautiful bronzed gold shimmer with a transparent base (G13-1). However the glitter is very small, but it goes on the nail very thin. I needed three thick coats to get the whole nail somewhat covered in glitter (pinky on the photo). A shame, really. I thought this would be crazy glitter overload that I could you for nail art, but it's just too thin for me.

The last is my favorite. It's a very light baby pink shade with a neon colored hexagons (G11-5). It's so pretty. I only wore it on itself, but I think this would look even more stunning over some more opaque colored base. The glitter it's really neon, although it doesn't look like so on the photo. I love the little pop of bold colors. It's also a UV nail polish, apparently. I didn't know that until I went to bed and my nail polishes were glowing in the dark. Such a cool effect. Perfect for going out parties or late night picnics.

The nail polishes cost 1.80 € and contain 15 ml of product. They blue and white are very well pigmented. The UV nail polish is very transparent, but the hexagons go on without any problems. The gold glitter polish is very thin and very little glitter goes on the nail at only one application.

I think those nail polishes are pretty affordable and the variety of shades is just amazing. I'll definitely be picking some more of these jewels. Which shade is your favorite?

Review: Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder in 01 Golden Highlight

Hey Beauties!

Today's review is of yet another highlighting product. It seems, I've became a little obsessed with highlighting, lately. Yeah, scratch the little, more like a lot. But after seeing this interesting beauty, I decided I need yet another golden thing.

It's from a natural brand called Terra Naturi. The product is called Shimmer Powder Body & Face. I saw only one shade and it's called 01 Golden Highlight. The powder has a really nice marble design. The packaging is plastic with a transparent lid. For a plastic it's pretty sturdy.

In the packaging looks like there is a bronzy brown shade with golden shimmer mixed with a white shade, that seems to have only white shimmer in it. Once you swirl your fingers in it, you get light champagne color that has a peachy golden glow to it. On the skin it looks like a light gold shade with a little bit of soft peach undertone. The shimmer in it is really really small. I think this is my most undetectable highlighter so far. It will still give you a really nice glow, but nothing too glittery.

For the very fair skin tones, this would be too dark. For me is good, but maybe the shade is a bit too dark, because of the peach tone to it. I think this will be perfect after I catch some sun and get just a little more tan. For a medium skin tone this would be a beautiful undetectable light highlighter. Obviously, this is meant to be used as a highlighting powder all over the face or on the body. I've tried it on the collar bone and it's a bit too dark for me now, because I'm very pale on my neck.

There's 7 grams of product and it costs 3.99 € (around 3$).

Here you can see how it looks like on me.

Have you tried anything from Terra Naturi, yet?

Review: Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso

Hey Beauties!

I'm so excited that I got to try the Milani baked blush. I've been seeing this blush all over the blogs for many years, but never put an effort to actually buy it. The opportunity came with a new Slovenian online store called Destination Pretty. Now, Slovenians finally have their blushes at our reach. 

Za vse slovenske bralke dobra novica, saj so Milani rdečila na voljo v slovenski spletni trgovini Destination Pretty

Let's start with the packaging, which looks really nice as far as the look goes. I love the gold plastic with transparent lid. The quality is rather cheap. It's not a very sturdy packaging. It has two parts or compartments. In the top there's a blush and it opens up. Underneath there's a mirror and a brush. I did not even bother with the brush, because I never use those brushes that come with the blushes. The mirror would be useful, if I would reapply my brush when I'm out, but I don't need to do that. 

I chose the shade 05 Luminoso. It was the one shade that looked the least shimmery and the most my kind of shade. It's a light peach shade, the one that I always go for. It also has a small golden shimmer, which is pretty small and therefore not really obvious. The blush looks like a regular matte shade in the normal light, the shimmer is only seen on the sun.

Top: in the shadow, bottom: on the sunlight

As soon as I touch the blush with a brush, it seems to go everywhere. I think the blush is not as strongly baked as it should be, so the product starts to go all over the packaging an it's a waste.You can really build up the color. If you use a little at a time you get a nice sheen, that's not too pigmented, but if you use more and reapply it, you can get a very bold cheek color. 

There's 3.5 grams of product in it and it costs 8.48€ (8$ in USA). I'm gonna say that it's not the most cheap blush considering the cheaper packaging, but the shades are pretty gorgeous. I've also heard the shades are dupes of some of the more expensive brands, so I guess it's kind of worth it.

Here you can see how sheer it looks like with a light application and how it can look a lot stronger on the bottom photo.

I really like the blush, because of the golden peach shade. I also love the small shimmer in it that makes my cheeks look so glowy on the sun. This blush was just one of those products that was always in the back of my mind, since the day I saw these on the internet. I think the quality is pretty good and the shade range is amazing. 

Do you have any Milani blushes? Which shade is your favorite?

Battle of the top coats (Seche Vite, Essie Good To Go, Essie All In One)

Hey Beauties!

You all know that Seche Vite is my favorite top coat nail polish, for sure. Well, mine came to a real end some time ago and since the stupid prohibition of our country, I couldn't order nail polisher from other countries. I mean really? What kind of stupid law is that?! Seriously! Anyway... I started experimenting with some Essie top coats, because those were like the only interesting nail polishes that I could get in the stores. Now, I finally got around to writing a review of all these top coats.

Essie Good To Go

Essie's Good To Go is a rapid dry top coat. It's transparent. It does dry pretty quickly and I find that it does a good job of making the manicure last a bit longer. What I don't like is that it starts to chip a lot faster than Seche Vite. I don't think it is as fast in drying department, as it's the Seche Vite, because this baby is really quick. I also find that it doesn't make my manicure as shiny as Seche Vite. It's pretty shiny at first, but it starts to fade away after a few days. This nail polish also starts to get thicker after a while. Just like Seche Vite. I know a lot of people have been criticizing Seche Vite for that, but guess what, Essie's Good To Go is exactly the same. The brush is thin as Seche Vite's and it performs well. 

Essie All In One

This is supposed to be a 3 in 1 nail polish. It can be used as a base, top coat and strengthener. I used it as a base and then also as a top coat. It performs well as a base, not so much as a top coat. It's lightly blue tinted, which is probably meant for making the nails look whiter, since it can be used as a base. I don't find it particularly effective in that field. This is not so good as a top coat, since it does seem to give that slight blue tone to any colored nail polishes under it. The brush is a lot wider than Seche Vite's and I love that. It makes the application really fast. After applying it, the nail manicure seems to be dry quickly, but... No matter how long I leave my nails and not touch them, the nail polish always seems to stay a bit wet. The proof is that my manicure is always smeared or has pillow patters on it. I'm trying to say, I did not like that one at all. It also smears nail designs like crazy. 

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

This is still my absolute winner in the top coat category. I admit, I tried the Essie versions partially, because I heard that the Seche Vite ingredients are not oh-so-healthy. But let's face it... It gives me the most satisfaction and wear out of my all manicures. It's transparent. The brush is thin, which is not so practical for me, especially when it starts to thicken and it gets harder to apply it really quickly. It dries really quickly and does not smear my manicure. It looks and stays really glossy and shiny. I also find it to prolong my manicure a lot. The most out of all these top coats. It's just the best!

The winner is obviously Seche Vite! I'm still searching for a good dupe or at least something very close to it, but with "healthier" ingredients. Until I find it, Seche Vite is still my best buddy :).

Also, good news for Slovenians... you can now buy Seche Vite on Destination Pretty online store. It's also really cheap in comparison to where I've been buying it from - foreign sites and Ebay. Yey for that!

Dobra novica za Slovenke. Seche Vite je zdaj na voljo tudi v spletni trgovini Destination Pretty. Cena je zelo ugodna. Vsem priporočam nakup, ker je res naljboljši nadlak, ki sem ga kdaj koli imela.

Tropical print summer nails

Hey Beauties!

Lately, I've been buying way too much summer wardrobe and I started noticing the so popular tropical prints. Now, I'm not big on prints on my clothes, but on my nails - always. I guess, to each his own. Today's nail art is inspired by one of the swimsuits from Asos. I found the print searching online for some interesting tropical themed prints, that I could recreate on my nails.

I decided to put tropical print only on two fingers and that's the middle and ring finger. I put as a base a black nail polish, with tiny blue glitter in it.

Then I used emerald green nail polish to create these palm like plants. I used orange nail polish to create a few orange flowers (please don't ask me which flowers are these, because I'm really bad with flower names). I added bigger flowers with pinkish red nail polish.

Then I continued to layer violet shade smaller flowers and after that a bit bigger daisies inspired white flowers. I finished with a top coat. 

I think the print is pretty easy and what makes a difference is layering those plants on top of each other. It doesn't need to be very precise, because I think the pattern allows the mistakes to still look pretty. Here's my original inspiration. 


On the thumb and index finger I put on the pinkish red nail polish that I used to make bigger flowers. On the pinky I just used a black polish, which was a base for the topical nail art. You can use any shade that was used in the tropical print. 

Do you like tropical prints? On your nails or clothes?

Products used:
Black - Revlon Blackest Black
Green - Catrice 10 I'm Not A Greenager
Orange - Revlon Siren
Pinkish red - Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever
Violet - Bourjois 09 Lavande Esquisse
White - Yes Love 337
Yellow - Avon Lemon Sugar
Top coat - Seche Vite

Review: Catrice LE Holomania in C01 Holo Manolo

Hey Beauties!

I know I'm very late to this party with holographic nail polishes. I initially thought I don't like this holographic effect...and then I saw this Catrice nail polish on many blog and seeing it for the fourth time in the got to me. I had to get it and I really like it. Who knew.

I got the silver shade called C01 Holo Manolo. It's from Catrice Luxury Lacquer Limited Edition called Holomania. It just seem the pretties of them all. It's a light silver shade that looks like it has a very tiny shimmer in it. I guess that makes the so called holographic effect. I'm sorry that it's not as seen in photos as in person, it's just hard to photograph.

One coat is pretty sheer, but two coats are enough. It also says on the bottle to apply two applications. It definitely gives holographic effect and I find it to be pretty long lasting - more than most Catrice nail polishes. 

There's 10 ml of nail polish and I think it costs around 2.50 €

Do you like nail polishes with holographic effect?

Orange eye makeup for the summer

Hey Beauties!

If someone would ask me what is my favorite color, it would probably be orange or all versions of it, especially peach :). Orange lipstick is huge for this spring/summer and why not switch it up and use it on the eyes. I admit, I love orange and use bronze orange shades all the time. This time I wanted to try the true orange eye shadow and I think the eyes came out quite summery and hypnotizing. You decide, if you like orange on the eyes or not. 

I started by applying bright orange matte eye shadow all over the lid. Keeping it away from the crease. In the crease and on the outer V, I used warm light brown eye shadow to contour the eye. 

I repeated the same on the lower lid, all over orange and brown on the outer part. I added a little winged liner, just to define the eyes a bit more. 

In the inner part of the eye I put a shimmery beige shade, to make them a bit brighter. You know me, I like that part on any make up look :). Finished with mascara.

Simple as that. There's really nothing difficult about this eye make up, but I think it brings a certain sultriness and sexiness of a summer to the eyes.

Now as far as the rest of the face, I used foundation, a little powder on the T-zone and bronzer on the contours and a bit all over the face. I also added a nice shimmery bronze peach blusher and beige highlighter. As far as the lipstick goes, there's a lot of choices. Mine go from a very bold combo to a more nude and subtle.

I think I like the last version the best. What about you? Would you wear orange on the eyes?

Products used

Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V1 palette - orange shade (Strike)
Avon True Color Quad in Mocha Latte - light brown shade (Shade 2)
Essence Metal Glam highlighter in Gold Digger - beige shimmery shade
Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in Black
Bourjois Twist Up The Volume mascara

Revlon Colorstay foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Essence Sun Club bronzer
Essence Metal Glam highlighter in Gold Digger

Tomato red lipstick - mixed Avon lipstick in Matte Melon underneath and Catrice Ultimate Shine in 130 Ketch-me-up on top
Light peachy orange lipstick - mixed, underneath Avon in Matte Peach and a very light layer of Catrice Ultimate Shine in 140 Ketch-me-up on top
Rose coral lipstick - Essence Rebel lip & cheek pot in 01 Peach Punk