Review: Avon Distillery Shadow Shots Eyeshadows and Lash'd Up Mascara

I have already talked about Avon Distillery skin care range which was first vegan range from Avon. Recently they also added Distillery makeup range with pressed powders, mascara and single eyeshadows. I have tried most of them out. Here are my thoughts on this range.

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencils - Nude Pink, Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Ever

I've always loved NYX as a brand, because it's sort of like a drugstore alternative to MAC and they always have great shade selection. Not that I've tried much of their products, because we don't have them in Slovenian drugstore, but I am always so happy when I can get some in person. Their Slim Lip Pencils quickly became one of my favorite, mostly because of the wide selection of nude shades that they offer.

Review: NYX Epic Ink Liner - Black

Since Asian products are harder to get these days, I look for alternatives that I can buy in Europe. While researching for a good brush tip liquid liner, I came upon many great reviews for NYX Epic Ink Liner. I decided to try it out and it turns out, it's as nice as they say.

Review: Viseart Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Edit

Viseart is one of those makeup brands that a lot of makeup artists swear by. It's a Parisian brand known for their eyeshadow palettes mostly, but they do other products as well. I have had my eye on them for a while, but I am always hesitant buying more expensive products before trying it in person. Usually that only happens, if there is a good deal on it and Warm Edit was on sale.

July 2020 Favorites

In July we went on a short trip to the sea and my favorites reflect that. There is a lot of new skin and body care in my routine and much less makeup, because I only used my basics.