April 2020 Favorites

April was pretty much quarantine month. If someone said to me before that life as we know it would come to a stop, I wouldn't believe it. I took full advantage of this time at home with gardening, cleaning and spending more time outside. I still did my makeup every now and then and I finally used up some products that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. 

I have to include it in my favorites again, because I have been spending a lot of time outside and SPF is on my daily routine. I already used up another tube of this. It's currently my favorite chemical SPF for the face, because it's got a nice thin consistency, it soaks into the skin well, there isn't any white cast left behind and it leaves a sort of a satin finish - glowy, depending on what skin care you use underneath. It wears great under makeup, but it's scented and has chemical filters which may not be ideal for those of your with very sensitive skin.

A-Derma Exomega Control Emollient Lotion Anti-scratching

My hand eczema is like weather - sometimes it's great and other times it's hard to handle. But one thing I never do without is a good moisturizing cream - unscented and gentle, but also nourishing. I ordered this one based on recommendations, but I got lotion version, which is a it thinner. It's sort of a perfect moisturizer for warmer months, because it spreads with ease, doesn't feel heavy, has that gel lotion like consistency, yet still leaves behind a good moisturizing and nourishing layer which doesn't disappear in seconds. I really liked it and already used up the whole tube. Now I ordered the cream version to try next and I already notice a difference. Cream is definitely thicker in consistency, but it's still very light and it's a bit more white than lotion. It feels more nourishing and there is more of that moisturizing layer on top of your skin which I actually really like for my dry hands. 

I've featured Heimish Artless Glow Base in many favorites already, for a good reason. It's probably the best glowy primer with SPF I know. This is SPF, highlighter and primer all in one. It leaves skin looking glowy and sheen with a pinkish golden tiny shimmer. I usually use it as a pick me up for my no makeup days on the higher parts of the face. This isn't my primary face SPF, but I like that it adds another layer of protection although I see it more as a makeup primer and highlighter. I really love using it, but always sparingly, as it's not cheap.

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 13 Bright Beige and Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation - 036 Hazelnut Beige

I have been using these two foundations as my base this month. Missha is a light color, a bit more grey toned, but an almost perfect match to my palest parts of the face and neck. I use this in the center of the face. Catrice shade 036 is a very warm, a bit olive toned shade which is darker than my skin tone, but I use it on outer perimeters of the face almost as a bronzer. Using two colors of foundation gives your skin dimension and depth without even needing to add bronzer or highlighter. 

Avon Colourful Eyeshadow Palette

I had an empty magnetic eyeshadow palette from Colourpop and a lot of Avon eyeshadow quads which I use so rarely, because I can't see the colors from outside and I rarely reach for them. So I decided to depot them into a colorful eyeshadow palette. I especially like Avon matte formulas and they have had some really nice colorful shades in the past that I miss in my other palettes. I have already gotten a bit of play out of this palette and I hope it will inspire me to do more colorful looks in the future.

This one was a bit forgotten in my collection, but as some of the others I am using started to dry up, I moved back to it. It's especially nice for those no eyeshadow looks as it has silicon wand which coats each lash and defines it. It makes the lashes look separated and longer and therefore looks much more natural than some others. 

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush - 60 Be The Next She.E.O.

It's my third L.O.V. blush and I love it just as much as the other two. In contrary to other two shades, this one is more coral and definitely the most warm toned. It has a mix of peach and pink marble design and once you mix it together you get a pink base with peachy warm sheen which creates a coral color that leans more pink. The shimmer in it is super fine, but it gives my cheeks such a healthy glow and gorgeous sheen. I absolutely love it. 

Trying out mini testers of perfumes

This quarantine has forced us all to go through our things and get it cleared out. I realized how many small testers of perfumes I have which I never use. So I decided instead of using up full size perfumes, I will just try another tester each day and maybe I'll even find some fragrances that I want to purchase in the future. I have definitely grown my wishlist since trying a few of these out.

Avon Mesmerize Mystique Amber is another one of those sweet Avon fragrances. Amber is very prominent in this and I also smell a classic sweet vanilla with a fruity sweetness of a peach. It reminds me a lot of their Mesmerize original in blue bottle which is also very sweet, but this one is more amber based which makes it less sickeningly sweet. 

Calvin Klein Euphoria has been on my wishlist for a long time. I know there are many version of Euphoria, but I love the original. It's a sort of fresh fruity start which dries down to that woody sweet base of amber and musk. To me it's a young, but sophisticated sweet scent with a hint of freshness from the fruit. 

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso was an unexpected love. Nothing among the notes in this fragrance speaks to me, but yet, it sort of works. It starts citrus fresh, but it quickly becomes very woody, almost a bit stuffy to some. Still there is something in it that just draws me in. I have worn it a few times and I really like it for some reason. 

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo is one of those typical powdery fragrances that Kenzo does so well. I love a lot of their fragrances, even though they have a lot of floral notes in them. Powdery note at the end wins it over. It smells so creamy and comforting. It also reminds me of a Guerlain perfume that I had on my wishlist for so long that is now already discontinued. 


Since we've moved to our house, we have also gotten a huge backyard space and I knew I wanted a small garden. So far we only have one raised garden bed and a few pots of flowers and vegetables. Gardening has become one of those healing ways of spending time, especially now that I spend more time at home. It's calming and it makes me happy seeing the growth of vegetables and of course waiting to pick the crops. I am also learning a lot along the way. Roses are my favorite flowers and one rose bush already came with the land. It's light pink colored and I adore it. I have since tried to multiply it and I have also added some new colors to the pots in hopes of them growing. As for the vegetables, there is a wide array of basics that we both love to eat and use a lot in the kitchen as well as some herbs. I can see gardening becoming more and more popular in a way, but I come from a home where my mother grew most of our vegetables and fruits, so I knew I wanted to continue that. Nothing tastes better than a home grown product.

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