Review: Hada Labo Tokyo Skincare

Hada Labo Tokyo is Japanese skincare brand available in our DM drugstores. I have had some of their product already, but other ranges not Tokyo. In Slovenia we can get four ranges of products - white, red, lift and premium. They target slightly different concerns, but they all focus on hydration with different types of hyaluronic acids. 

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser All-In-One*

That is actually the one product I bought myself before I got to try all the other products. I was exploring more high end cleansers and this one seemed nice and I was right. It was love at first try.


It comes in a plastic tube with 150 ml of product and it costs 14.59€


It's a thick silky cream that lathers really well once it gets in contact with water. You need the smallest amount, because it lathers so well. I would say pea size is more than enough for the whole face. 

That is also why I can justify the price. This one tube lasted me five and a half months and I still have some left. So this can easily last you half a year, if you use it daily morning and night. 

It has a few hyaluronic acids in the formula which are humectants that hydrate the skin. I love that the formula is fragrance free


I used it in the morning as well as in the evening as a second cleanse. For the first cleanse I always use cleansing oils to remove most of the makeup or SPF filters. I love how well it leathers. It's so creamy and feels sort of soothing, but then you get the cleansing benefit as well. 

It makes the skin feel super soft. I noticed that once I used it for longer. It's not striping so this is a product I would recommend to anyone - those with dry skin as well as combo and oily. Sensitive skin will like it too. 

Lift "No-Wrinkles" Lotion Super 3D Hydrator 3D Hyaluronic Acid & Soy Isoflavones*


Lotion is from their Lift range. It comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. In it is 150 ml of product and it costs 22.99€


It's milky liquid lotion that has lightweight formula which absorbs into the skin well. It has four types of hyaluronic acids as well as soy isoflavones in the formula. In it is also glycerin, meadowfoam seed oil and squalane


I would say this falls into the lotion/serum category for me. I would use this after cleansing and topped it off with moisturizer. It's lightweight, but still leaves nicely hydrating and moisturizing layer on the skin which makes this skin instantly look plump

This is light, yet still gives the moisture. For oily skin this could be a moisturizer

I love that it makes my skin instantly look hydrated. Because it's fragrance free I can even use it on my neck, where I sometimes get atopic dermatitis patch and it doesn't irritate it at all. So I would say it's sensitive skin approved.

Absolute Smoothing & Moisturizing Cream Day & Night*


This is the moisturizer from the same white range as the cleanser. The cream comes in a heavy duty glass jar with plastic top. In it is 50 ml of product and it costs 17.99€.


It's formulated with glycerin, squalane and their four types of super hyaluronic acids. I also noticed some silicon in the formula which makes it so smooth to the touch. It's a lightweight gel type of cream which has very slippery super smooth texture. 


You need very little of it, especially if you have combination skin like me. It makes the skin plump, hydrated and gives it healthy glow. It's lightweight, yet it leaves on the skin that nourishing layer that lasts

It's also a great base for makeup, because it leaves on the skin a slight stickiness to the touch which makes makeup grab on so well. It feels like the skin had a drink of water once you apply it. 

Another formula that's fragrance free, which I just love. I would say it's perfect for dry to combination skin. It might be a bit too much for oily skin. But if you apply it in a very light layer, it might work as well. 

All the products are available in Slovenian DM

Left: without skincare: Right: with Hada Labo skincare

From trying all of these three products from Hada Labo I can conclude that they make hydrating and moisturizing formulas that feel lightweight, smooth and make the skin look super hydrated and glowy. They seems deceivingly lightweight, yet they leave a nourishing layer on the skin. Despite the higher price tag, these product contain a lot of product. You need so little of it to give your skin that hydrating effect. I will sure be trying out more of their products in the future. 

*Products were sent to me. 

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