Preview of Essence LE Merry Berry

Hey Beauties!

This is a first. I never make a post about Essence and Catrice Limited Editions, because I just never found any that I would be really interested in. This is the first one, that I though, I really need to get some of these products. Wishful thinking, since LE gets sold out really quickly.

Merry Berry is obviously Christmas inspired collection. It will be available from November to December in all the stores that usually carry Essence makeup. 

Two eyeshadows in purple and copper shade. The shades are called 01 The Perfect Dress and 02 The Masked Ball. The price is 2.19€.

Highlighting powder it's suppose to give you gorgeous gold glow. It comes in a shade 01 I Love My Golden Pumps. The price is 3.59€

Three lipsticks with different finishes. The purple ones give you shine and the red is matte. Available in shades 01 Let's The Berry-tales Begin, 02 Pink&Perfect and 03 Red Rocks. The price is 2.49€

Gift worthy packaging of those cute nail polishes with gold top, four shades and one top coat with gold particles. They come in shades 01 The Masked Ball, 02 Purple With Purpose, 03 Pink&Perfect, 04 Red Rocks and 01 I Love My Golden Pumps. Price for colored nail polishes it's 1.49€ and for glitter top coat it's 2.19€.

Limited Edition also has a hair fragrance and scented gold dust powder. Hair fragrance 01 I Love My Golden Pumps, gives your hair gold dust and it smells of fragrance "Like The Party Of My Life". The price is 3.79€. Scented gold dust powder in 01 I Love My Golden Pumps, also has gold glitter, which is slightly scented. The bottle is one of those vintage perfume bottles. The price is 3.79€.

Since Essence LE Metal Glam, I was hoping that Essence would came out with another amazing holy grail drugstore highlighter and for some reason I have high hopes for this one. I really hope, I can get my hands on it. Matte red lipstick seems very pretty and I would love to try Essence matte lipstick, because they usually make pretty good formulations for LE products. Nail polishes are too cute to handle. I want them all, but especially the gold particle top coat. I have a feeling it'll be similar to the one from LE Metal Glam, which everyone has, except me (sad face). I also love the packaging of the scented gold dust powder, although I'm not sure if I would like the glitter all over me. I would probably just look at it :).

So, let me know, what are you most excited about in this LE?

Modern twist on a classic makeup look - Collaboration with Taya - My Little Beauty World

Hey Beauties!

Today I have a very exciting my first ever collaboration with none other than amazing Tatjana from Taya - My Little Beauty World blog. I'm sure most of you already know her. She is definitely the best Slovenian makeup looks inspiration. I find her daring and inspiring. She loves colorful makeup and has been getting more and more into artistic makeup, which inspires me to start doing more of artistic, less wearable makeup looks too. 

A few weeks ago, we finally got together for a drink and I have to say I feel like we are on the same mind level. She is very inspiring and will definitely make you want to wear more color. Recently, she made a post about how people should be more daring, when it comes to makeup. I completely agree with her. You can read it here. Tatjana you're awesome and I hope we get to do this again ;).

It was no-brainer, that we'd do a makeup look collaboration. When I got my new MAC Lady Danger lipstick, we decided it's going to be our mean feature of the makeup, since she also has it. We went for something classic, Hollywood inspired makeup and it turned out to be a modern twist on a classic makeup look. We both, unintentionally, did a cut crease makeup, fierce liner and bold orange red lip. It's more of a modern twist on a classic makeup look. 

I started my makeup look with eye primer. Then I used light matte brown shade and put it above my natural crease. Then I added dark matte chocolate brown in the crease and tried to define it a bit more. Ok, my cut crease is actually still very subtle. 

Then I added a mixture of shimmery peach and gold shade onto the entire lid. I wanted to still go fairly classic, but with a peach tone to it. Then I used the same matte chocolate brown shade and used it in the outer V, to connect it to the crease. Around my lower lash line, I also used light matte brown shade. 

Then I added matte chocolate brown shade only on the outer half. I used black gel eye liner and did a winged liner. After that I applied mascara and put on some natural, but long false lashes. I also added champagne highlighter in the inner corner of the eye.

The star of this makeup look is MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, which is a gorgeous matte orange toned red. I'll do a separate review soon. It's a modern twist on a classic blue toned red lipstick. It makes the whole look a bit more colorful and bright.

On my face, I used foundation with a good coverage.  I used concealer to cover my imperfection and powder to make my face less shiny. Then I used two bronzers, one matte and one shimmery with more of a peach undertone, to compliment the makeup. I also used a bit of light contour shade. Highlighter is a must have for me and I used a very shimmery champagne gold shade. For the blush I also went in the similar color palette, I used peach red blush. 

For a modern twist go with a sleek straight hair. 

But I was inspired by the old Hollywood style and decided to go for curls. It's a different classier approach, if that's what you like better.  

Check Tatjana's post. The lipstick actually looks a lot more orange on her. I'm sure you all know her blog, if not you should. Shame on you :P.

Revlon Colorstay foundation 150 Buff
Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer 010 Porcellain
MAC Studio Finish concealer NC15
Catrice Camouflage Cream 020 Light Beige
Elf HD Powder Sheer
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt&Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01
The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer
Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring palette 010 Ashy Radiance
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
MAC Sheertone Blush Pinch Me

Avon Flawless Eye Primer Light Beige
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01 (Bronzer)
Sleek Makeup I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Paper Bag
Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Run Boy Run - Don't Have to Hide Away
MUA Undressed palette - Shade 6
Catrice Gel Eye Liner 010 Black Jack With Jack Black
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying maskara - Black
Born Pretty Store Lashes
Artdeco Adhesive for Lashes and Sparkles

MAC Matte lipstick Lady Danger

Review: L'Oreal Infallible 24h - Matte Foundation (11 Vanilla)

Hey Beauties!

This foundation was all over YouTube and I admit I was very intrigued, when I saw other YouTube makeup gurus singing praises about it. Normally, L'Oreal is just not my cup of tea, when it comes to foundations, but the hype made me buy it, anyway.

Choosing the right shade only based on swatches on the internet, it's a whole other story. I decided to go for 11 Vanilla. Not knowing that they also have lighter shade 10 Porcelain. Mateja reviewed this shade, so go over to her blog, to see what she thinks about it. 

The foundation comes in a practical plastic squeeze tube. Rarely do you see these kind of foundation packaging. It's mostly fancy heavy glass bottles. In contrary to those, this is way more practical and travel friendly

It cost me 8.99€ and you get 35 ml of it. The prices are different in certain shops and countries. As far as I know, we still don't have this foundation in our country. I bought it on Feelunique. 

Here is the ingredients list. 

It has a very small hole, which makes for perfectly controlled amount. It also means you're not wasting product and you can use the tiniest amount possible. The foundation often stays in the cap, so it can get a bit dirty. As you may already see on my photo.

About the shade... Shade 11 Vanilla is pretty dark for something named Vanilla. It's actually the darkest foundation in my collection. It has that very obvious orange undertone, which all L'Oreal foundations seem to have. But it's in fact more pink toned. Definitely best suited for cool skin tones. For the love of makeup, L'Oreal please stop doing orange based foundation shades. I think we've all established that Oompa Loompas are not sexy. See this is why I hate L'Oreal foundations and stay away from them. When this oxidizes on my skin, it becomes even darker than it looks like in the beginning. The shade is just really off for my complexion and I am only able to wear it, when I am pretty tanned. Even then it totally miss matches my skin tone, because I get more of an olive undertone, when I am naturally tanned. 

I compared it to my other foundations. L'Oreal True Match in N1 Ivory has the same orange undertone to it, but it's in fact the lightest shade in my collection, although it does oxidizes a little. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla is the most yellow toned and also pretty light. Catrice Nude Illusion in 010 Nude Ivory is a bit darker then other foundations, but not as nearly dark as Infallible. It's somewhat of a neutral undertone. Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff is also fairly light (not as Borujois or True Match) and it has a slight yellow undertone. Actually the best undertone for olive skin tones. 

As you can see Infallible is clearly the darkest and gets the most orange after it oxidizes, which is seen in the photo below. 

It has a semi thick consistency. It feels thicker than an average runny foundation, but it spreads with an ease and it's not heavy at all. Application is very smooth. This foundation is matte, so it dries extremely quickly, a lot quicker than for example Revlon Colorstay foundation. You can't really apply it all over your face, because it will sink into the skin, leave you with patches, before you'll be able to spread it. That's why I like to apply it with fingers and quickly massage it on certain parts of the face, one by one. 

It leaves a perfect matte finish. This being said, I have to say that if you have dry skin, this might grab onto dry patches or make your skin look, well, a bit dead and dull. I find that using very moisturizing cream underneath helps me to still look fresh with that complete matte finish, plus it makes for a nicer application, since I can spread it better. Also, what I really don't like about this foundation is that it clings to any sort of hair. By that I mean brows and hair line. If you come too close to it, the foundation just grabs in between those hair and look very unattractive. Imagine how weird it looks when I try to avoid those areas, but the foundation is too dark for me, so I'm left with lighter patches around my face and brows. 

Mateja raves about how this foundation conceals and blurs her pores, however I didn't find that it did the same for me. It definitely gives of a blurred effect to the skin, which makes it look smoother, but my pores are still quit visible. Maybe it's just the fact that my pores around my nose and cheeks are just huge in general. 

For me the coverage is light to medium. It all depends on how much you apply on. Because this shade is too dark for me, I apply thin layer, therefore I get more of a light to medium coverage. If you'd go in with a thicker or two thin coats, you'd get medium coverage. But it's definitely not high coverage (that could only be said for Revlon Colorstay in my collection). Keep in mind that concealer will be a must for covering under eye circles, pimples or any red patches. 

The matte finish doesn't stay matte on me the whole day, because in spite of having fairly dry or dehydrated skin, I still produce a lot of oil through the day. Then foundations starts to get shinier and starts to wear off. But I would say that it lasts a pretty long time. Still nothing like Revlon Colorstay.

It doesn't have any particular scent, which I like. It's one of those typical clay foundation smells with no added perfumes. 

Finally here is how it looks like on me. On the right photo it's me with no foundation and on the left photo I used a thin layer of foundation. 

This is my skin with just this foundation. 

 And this is how it looks like when I apply powder over it, bronzer, highlighter and blush. 

I like the light feeling of this foundation and the perfect matte finish, which doesn't seems drying at all. But I hate this shade and I hate the fact that most of L'Oreal foundations have that ugly orange tone to it. I also dislike the fact that it catches to the hair. I actually even like the lighter coverage and would definitely love this foundation, if only there was the right shade available for me. For darker skin tones, this can be amazing, because I think the shade range is more suited to medium skin tones. 

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 04 Peach Club

Hey Beauties!

I think it was just the matter of time, when this will happen. Yep, I got another Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. I already reviewed 01 Personne ne rouge! Those matte liquid lipsticks got a lot of hype and praise in the blogger community. You may have already seen a lot of shades. The one that I decided to get, is 04 Peach Club and for some reason, I think it's not the most popular shade. But I really like it. 

It's pointless to do a long review, because I already explained it in the review of shade 01. The packaging is plastic lip gloss square bottle. It has regular doe foot applicator and it's travel friendly. You can see the actual shade through the transparent plastic.

The price is 13.99€ (did it go up, or does the price differ between shops?), but I bought it with a coupon for only 7€. You'll get 6.7 ml of product. 

Peach Club it's a coral shade, which tends to lean more toward orange or peach coral. Shade looks fairly different in the packaging. In the packaging it's very muted and fairly light, while on the hands it looked very bright and a lot darker. I've been wanting to get another shade for so long, but I always decided that there is no more me shades. I was wrong. This is so my kind of shade. My feeling is that this could look more pink based coral on cooler skin tones. On my skin it naturally gravitates to peach. 

On the contrary to 01 Personne ne rouge, this shade goes on evenly and dries that way too. Firstly, it's very creamy and has shine to it. After about 20 minutes, it dries to a perfect matte finish. No tightening, no heavy feeling and no cracks. Only even, weightless and matte finish. I'll say, if you're lips are very dry, you may feel a bit of dryness after long hours. Maybe put a light lip balm layer over it, if you dislike the feeling or are afraid of cracked lips. This is my never ending story with matte lipsticks. 

The formula makes for a very long lasting lipstick, but it won't survive eating. It has a very artificial unpleasant chemical smell, which fortunately doesn't stay and linger on the lips. It's just the application that it's, well, smelly. 

I think, we can all agree that this is definitely more my kind of shade and probably the most my kind of shade out of the whole range. I don't mind the classic red, but this is more my every day bright shade. 

Review: Herbio AHA Fruit Peeling Mask

Hey Beauties!

I've already reviewed Kalei Cream from Herbio. If you're looking for a very moisturizing cream for the upcoming colder months, I highly recommend you this one. They gave me a chance to try another product and I chose the one, that I wanted to choose in the first place. It's their AHA Fruit Peeling Mask

It says that the mask has an effect of gentle peeling. It should remove dead skin cells, encourages skin regeneration, makes it flexible, softer and supple. It should also minimize the pores and help with pigmentation spots.

It's supposed to be for oily skin with impurities and enlarged pores.

The mask contains orange oil, lemon extract, cucumber extract, AHA glycol, lactic acid, bisabolol and allantoin. This mask doesn't contain and paraben or mineral oils.

It comes in their signature plastic pump dispenser packaging. The packaging is useful and keeps the product fresher for longer. 

The pump has a fairly big hole and you can get a lot of product out with one pump. You can control the amount with the amount of pressure you use. The only downside is that the product stays in that hole and it dries up. So you're actually wasting a bit of product with every use. 

It costs 9.95€ and you get 50 ml of it. You can buy it here

The mask actually seems more like a cream. It's firm and fairly thick. It has yellow color and it smells very fresh citrus like. 

I would say use two pumps for the whole face. It spreads like a cream and stays put for 10 minutes. I would say you may experience very slight tingling in the begging, but it vanishes quickly. Don't put it over wounds, because it will sting. 

When it dries it looses the sticky feeling and becomes matte. It seems to me something like if you would spread egg all over your face and let it dry. Not that I ever did that or know how it feels. However, it doesn't give you any tightening feeling. 

After you wash it off, you're left with soft hydrated smooth skin. Chemical peeling seems to be very mild. No irritations and it's even good for sensitive skin. I would also say this is good for dry skin, because the skin is hydrated and not at all dry, like after you use clay based masks. Plus it kind of helps with the dry patches and slightly gets rid of it. 

I can't talk about the pores, because I think this would be seen in a long run. I also don't have huge problems with pigmentation, so I can't say about that either. 

I usually use face mask before I go to bed, because I feel the skin has more time to soak up any beneficial ingredients and repair itself through the night. With this peeling mask my skin felt plumped and still well moisturized in the morning. 

My expectations of this mask were different. I thought that this would feel more like a chemical peeling and that the skin would be smooth as baby's skin. But the peeling property is so gentle, that is hard to notice sometimes. I almost think that this is better for sensitive and dry skin, which needs gentle removal of dead cells and more plumpness for dull skin. It also feels more moisturizing, then exfoliating. If you have a chance check out their products, because I think the formulas are quit amazing and the prices are not bad at all. 

Od znamke Herbio sem že ocenila kremo Kalei. Če iščete super vlažilno kremo za prihajajoče hladne mesece, vam vsekakor priporočam to. Herbio mi je zopet ponudil priložnost, da si izberem izdelek in tokrat sem se odločila za izdelek, med katerim sem kolebala že pri prvi odločitvi. Gre za njihovo AHA sadno piling masko.

Maska naj bi dajala učinek nežnega pilinga. Morala bi odstraniti odmrle celice kože. Ima tudi negovalni učinek, saj spodbudi regeneracijo kože, jo naredi prožno, mehko in voljno. Maska bi morala tudi zmanjšati pore in pomagati pri odstranjevanju pigmentnih madežev. 

Krema vsebuje olje pomaranč, izvleček limone in kumaric, AHA glikol, mlečno kislino, bisabolol in alantoin. Maska ne vsebuje parabenov ali mineralnih olj.

Nahaja se v njihovi tipični plastični embalaži na pumpico. Embalaža je zelo uporabna in izdelek ohranja dlje časa svež. 

Pumpica ima precej veliko odprtino in z enim pritiskom lahko dobite ven kar precejšnjo količino izdelka. Količino lahko kontrolirate s tem kako močno pritiskate na pumpico. Edina slabost pri tej luknji je, da se v njej nabere kar veliko izdelka, ki posuši. Zato pri vsaki uporabi zavržete nekaj izdelka. 

Cena maske je 9.95€ in dobite je 50 ml. Kupite jo lahko tukaj

Maska deluje bolj kot krema. Je precej trdna in gosta. Ima rumeno barvo in diši zelo sveže, po citrusih.

Predlagam, da uporabite dve pumpici za cel obraz. Z lahkoto se razmaže kot navadna krema in potem ostane na obrazu 10 minut. Na začetku lahko občutite zelo rahlo ščemenje, ki pa zelo hitro izgine. Ne nanašajte jo na rane, ker vas bo drugače pekla. 

Ko se posuši, ni več lepljiva na dotik, ampak postane čisto mat. Meni se zdi, kot da bi si namazala jajce po obrazu in pustila da se posuši. Ne da sem to kdaj dejansko poskusila, ampak nekako me spominja na to. Vseeno pa ni čutiti nobenega zategovanja na obrazu. 

O zmanjšanju por ne morem govoriti, ker se mi zdi, da bi bil tak učinek viden ob daljši uporabi. Tudi z pigmentnimi madeži nimam večjih problemov in zato ne morem komentirati tega učinka. 

Ko si jo sperete, je koža zelo mehka in navlažena. Kemični piling je res zelo blag. Občutila nisem nobenih iritacij in maska je vsekakor primerna tudi za občutljivo kožo. Zdi se mi, da bi bila maska super za suho kožo, ker kožo dokaj vlaži. Ni kot tipične maske na bazi gline, ki lahko kožo precej izsušijo. Poleg tega zaradi nežnega pilinga lahko pomaga pri suhih predelih in odstrani odmrlo kožo. 

Po navadi uporabim maske preden grem spat, ker se mi zdi, da koža zvečer bolj izkoristi vse dobre sestavine in se ima čas popraviti čez noč. Z to piling masko se zbudim z kožo, ki je zjutraj še vedno navlažena in voljna. 

Moja pričakovanja od te maske so bila bila drugačna. Mislila sem, da bo imela občutek kemičnega pilinga in da bo koža mehka kot otroška. V bistvu, pa je efekt pilinga zelo nežen, včasih skoraj neopazen. Maska se mi zdi skoraj bolj primerna za občutljivo in suho kožo, ki potrebuje nežno odstranjevanje odmrlih celic in poživitev puste kože. Se mi zdi, da je maska bolj vlažilna, kot kaj drugega. Če imate priložnost, si vsekakor preglejte nabor njihovih izdelkov, ker se mi zdijo formule precej dobre in cene prav tako niso slabe.

My blog has a proper directory now

Hey Beauties!

This was bound to happen. My posts have been pilling up and I realized that I still don't have a proper directory of my products, nail art and makeup looks. I do have segments for each category with photos and a link to it, but I realize it may took a bit longer to upload each page, since it's a lot of photos. I will still have that, but now I'm also giving you a written directory. Woop woop!

First are all the product reviews categorized under each type of product. For example, first is skin care, then makeup and so on. In those categories are subcategories like lipstick and then you have my lipstick reviews in alphabetical order.

It took me about three hours to do it all, but it was better to do it now, then wait for more posts. I realized I'm the lucky one, since I only have 413 posts so far. Which is still kind of impressive for only 2 and a half years of blogging. 

This was also a good insight for me. I realize I have very little reviews of foundations and powders. Shame on me, since I currently own 5 foundations and 4 powders. Expect those reviews. What I am very good at describing are lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polish. I have ton of reviews of the most "photogenic" products. 

Now knock yourself out! You can easily find my embarrassing makeup looks, ancient product reviews and "skilled" nail art. Who am I kidding, I still don't know how to make a proper nail art. 

Review: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad palettes (Day Dream, Gilded Metallics, Smoky Plums)

Hey Beauties!

I am further expending my Avon True Color Quads collection, because Avon was so nice to send me three of their new shades to try. I've said it before how much I like their palettes and I found another two of my favorites, among these three.

The palettes comes in a plastic shiny black packaging, which is small, compact and perfect to travel with. It closes securely and has a push system button, if you want to open it. 

You get 5 grams of product. The regular price is 10.60€, but they're often on sale. Right now you can get them for 6.50€ (Slovenia). 

I've mentioned frequently why I like Avon True Color Quads. I think each palette has the shade range that works and it's a no brainer to use for someone, who's not on the best terms with makeup and application. You really can't go wrong. The shades have different pigmentation. Matte shades are usually extremely pigmented, while shimmer shades can have either good pigmentation or poor, depending from shade to shade. Eyeshadow stays on well and can survive a whole day (exception being if you have very oily lids or hot weather). 

So Avon decided to expend their range and they've now added three new shades. They're called Day Dream, Gilded Metallics and Smoky Plums

I applied all the shades from the palettes as it says on the back of the box that it comes in. I applied shade one all over above the crease. Then I used shade 2 in the inner third of the eye. I used shade 2 in the outer part of the lid. I added shade 4 in the outer V of the eye.

Day Dream

All the shades in this palette are cool toned and will suit does with fair complexion. I see this as a perfect palette for someone with blond hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. The shades seem to be really light and soft. Not my shade range, because they seem too cool toned for me.

Shade 1: Matte light grey. It's a really light grey almost grey based white. It's very pigmented.
Shade 2: Cool (blue) toned light pink. One of those classic baby pink shades with cool undertone. It's shimmery and a bit less pigmented.
Shade 3: Silver based blue. It's also cool toned.  Again another classic blue with shimmer. This one is also a bit less pigmented.
Shade 4: Chocolate brown. This one is also cool toned, almost has a bit of silver sheen to it. It's shimmery and very pigmented.

Gilded Metallics

This is a warm gold based brown palette. It's for those with light skin tones, because the shades are pretty light. It's definitely my kind of shade range.

Shade 1: Light yellow toned gold. It's very sheer, but has chunks of gold glitter in it. The base is very light yellow and shimmery. The bigger shimmer or glitter in it, is gold. It's less pigmented, because it's a lot sheerer than other shades.
Shade 2: Copper light brown. This is a very unique warm brown shade. It's shimmery and it almost looks a bit coppery or peach. It's very pigmented.
Shade 3: Gold based light caramel brown. Again a really unique shade. It has warm light caramel brown base and on top of it is a very obvious gold sheen. It's also very pigmented. It actually looks green in the palette, but goes on brown. 
Shade 4: Dark brown with gold glitter. The base is shimmery dark brown. It does actually look more cool toned, but on top of it is gold bigger shimmer or glitter, which makes it warmer. The glitter is the same size as in shade 1. It's as well, very pigmented.

Smoky Plums

This is for anyone that loves matte shades. It has three matte shades and one shimmery. It contains plum cool toned shades, perfect for fall. This would look amazing on brown and green eyes. It should suit most skin tones. Matte shades have a lot of fallout, so tap some of the eyeshadow off, before you apply it. Or you'll need to clean up under your eyes.

Shade 1: Very light lavender shade with pink sheen. The base is almost white with a hint of lavender. Over it is a very obvious cool toned pink sheen. It's shimmery. It's also a bit less pigmented.
Shade 2: Cool light grey. It actually has a tiny bit of purple to it, barely noticeable. It's not an average grey. It's also completely matte and very pigmented.
Shade 3: Cool toned dirty mauve. Very pretty unique shade. It's matte and very pigmented.
Shade 4: Very dark cool plum. It almost looks black. It's also matte and very pigmented.

I am in love with Smoky Plums. This is absolutely perfect fall shade and for some reason the cool undertone doesn't even bother me. I especially like shade 3. Gilded Metallics is right up my alley as far as the shades goes. It's another neutral take on browns and perfect everyday palette. My favorite shades are 2 and 3. Day Dream is unfortunately not flattering for my skin tone. It actually feels like it's too light and definitely too cool toned for me to make it work. But it would be amazing on cool fair skin tones. What are your favorite shades?

I also have some other shades of Avon True Color Quads. You can read my thought on it here:
Underwater Paradise and Precious Shells
Purple Haze
Mocha Latte

Spet razširjam svojo kolekcijo Avonovih True Color Quad palet, ker me je Avon pred kratkim presenetil z tremi novimi odtenki. Že večkrat sem omenila kako zelo so mi všeč te njihove palete in zdaj sem našla še dva odtenka, ki sta mi zelo všeč.

Palete imajo sijočo črno embalažo. Je majhna, kompaktna in odlična za potovanja. Zapira se varno in odpre se s sistemom na pritisk na gumb.

V vsaki paleti je 5 gramov izdelka. Redna cena je 10.60€, ampak so pogosto znižane. Trenutno jih lahko dobite za 6.50€. Poiščite lokalnega Avon prodajalca ali pišite na Avon Slovenija. 

Pogosto sem omenila, zakaj so mi všeč Avon True Color Quad palete. Zdi se mi, da ima vsaka paleta nabor odtenkov, ki pašejo skupaj in so res lahka za uporabo, sploh za nekoga, ki ni vešč ličenja. Ni možnosti za napačno kombiniranje. Odtenki so različno pigmentirani. To je popoldnoma odvisno od določenega odtenka. Na sploh so mat odtenki ekstremno pigmentirani, med tem ko so svetleči odtenki malo manj pigmentirani oziroma odvisno od odtenka. Senčila se dobro obdržijo na očesu in preživijo cel dan (razen na tistih z zelo mastnimi vekami ali v zelo vročem podnebju).

Avon se je torej odločil razširiti svoj nabor odtenkov. Dodal je tri nove odtenke in sicer Day Dream, Gilded Metallics in Smoky Plums.

Vse odtenke iz palet sem nanesla tako kot je prikazano na škatlici, ki pride skupaj s paletami. Odtenek ena sem nanesla po celotni veki nad gubo veke. Potem sem nanesla odtenek 2 v notranji tretjini očesa. Odtenek 3 sem nanesla na zunanjo polovico veke. Nato sem odtenek 4 dodala samo v zunanji V kotiček očesa. 

Day Dream

Vsi odtenki imajo hladen podton in bodo pristajali vsem s svetlo poltjo. Paleta se mi zdi perfektna izbira za nekoga, ki ima blond lase, modro barvo ok in zelo svetel ten kože. Odtenki so zelo svetli in subtilni. Ni moj nabor odtenkov, ker so vsi preveč hladni za moj ten kože.

Odtenek 1: mat svetlo siva. Je zelo svetlo siva, deluje skoraj kot bela s sivim podtonom. Je zelo pigmentirana.
Odtenek 2: svetlo roza s hladnim (modrim) podtonom. Ena izmed klasičnih otroško roza barv s hladnim podtonom. Je šimrasta in malo slabše pigmentirana.
Odtenek 3: modra s srebrnim podtonom. Tudi hladna. Spet en klasičen moder šimrast odtenek. Tudi ta je rahlo slabše pigmentiran. V paleti izgleda zelena, ampak na koži je rjava.
Odtenek 4: čokoladno rjava. Tudi ta ima hladen podton in skoraj rahlo sivkast sijaj. Je šimrast in zelo pigmentiran odtenek.

Gilded Metallics

To je topla paleta rjavih odtenkov z zlatim podtonom. Je za vsakogar s svetlo poltjo, ker se mi zdijo odtenki precej svetli. Vsekakor popolnoma moj nabor odtenkov. 

Odtenek 1: svetlo rumeno zlata. Je zelo prosojna, ampak ima velike delčke bleščic. Podlaga je zelo svetlo rumena in šimrasta. Velik šimer ali bleščice v odtenku, so zlate. Je rahlo slabše pigmentiran odtenek, ker je precej prosojen napram ostalim odtenkom.
Odtenek 2: bakreno svetlo rjava. Zelo unikaten topel rjav odtenek. Je šimrast in skoraj spominja na baker. Je zelo pigmentiran.
Odtenek 3: svetlo karamelno rjava z zlatim podtonom. Spet zelo unikaten odtenek. Ima toplo svetlo karamelno rjavo podlago in na tej podlagi je očitno viden zlat sijaj. Tudi ta odtenek je zelo dobro pigmentiran.
Odtenek 4: temno rjav odtenek z zlatimi bleščicami. Podlaga je šimrasto temno rjava. Izgleda bolj hladen odtenek, ampak na vrhu je velik šimer oziroma bleščice v zlati barvi, kar naredi celoten odtenek bolj topel. Bleščice so enakih velikosti kot v odtenku 1. Tudi ta je zelo dobro pigmentiran.

Smoky Plums

Ta paleta je za vse ljubitelje mat odtenkov. Vsebuje namreč kar tri mat odtenke in enega šimrastega. Je nabor hladnih vijoličnih odtenkov, kar so perfektni odtenki za sezono, ki prihaja - jesen. Ti odtenki bodo izgledali čudovito na rjavih in zelenih očeh. V osnovi bi morali pristajati vsem različnim poltem. Mat odtenki se lahko drobijo in padajo pod oči, zato je dobro če čopič prej otresete, da vam kasneje ne bo treba čistiti predela pod očmi.

Odtenek 1: zelo svetlo sivkast odtenek z roza sijajem. Podlaga je skoraj bela z kančkom sivke. Preko podlage je očitno viden hladen roza sijaj. Odtenek je šimrast in malo slabše pigmentiran. 
Odtenek 2: hladno siva. V bistvu ima rahel vijoličen podton, ki pa je komaj opazen. Ne gre za povprečno sivo. Je popolnoma mat in zelo dobro pigmentiran.
Odtenek 3: umazano roza vijolična s hladnim podtonom. Zelo unikaten odtenek. Je mat in zelo dobro pigmentiran.
Odtenek 4: zelo temno hladen vijoličen odtenek. Izgleda skoraj črn. Je prav tako mat in zelo pigmentiran. 

Zaljubila sem se v paleto Smoky Plums. Je absolutno perfektna paleta za jesen in hladen podton me sploh ne moti. Še posebej všeč mi je odtenek 3. Gilded Metallics je nabor odtenkov čisto po mojem okusu. Je drugačen pristop do nevtralno rjavih odtenkov in odlična paleta za vsakodnevni makeup. Moja najljubša odtenka sta 2 in 3. Day Dream žal ne odgovarja mojemuu tenu kože. Odtenki imajo preveč hladen podton in so presvetli, da bi mi lahko pristajali. Bi pa izgledali čudovito na nekom z zelo svetlo hladno poltjo. Kateri pa so vaši najljubši odtenki?

Ocenila sem še nekaj drugih odtenkov Avon True Color Quad palet, ki si jih lahko ogledate tukaj: