Review: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer - 00 Ivory

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser is somewhat of a cult drugstore product. It has been around for a really long time and it seems people still like its formula. I am one of those rare ones that has just tried it out right now. 


It comes in a transparent plastic packaging. Sponge applicator helps you to evenly spread product, but it's fairly unhygienic as well. I like convenience of the sponge, because it blends the product a bit as you're applying it, but you still need to use separate brush to blend it in completely or you'll just be smudging product from one side to the other. 

In it is 6.8 ml of product and it costs around 10€ - depending on where you get it. I got it on Notino when it was on sale for 7.45€.


It's sort of like a mousse formula which has good enough glide to it. It reminds me of old school mousse foundation formulas a bit where I don't feel it really blends into the skin. It dries down to a velvet matte finish and has light to medium coverage.

There is some of that typical foundation smell to it, but no added scent.


It comes in 18 colors, but in our stores you'll find five to seven at most - mostly just for light to medium skin tones. I have one of the lightest shades called 00 Ivory (US has different shade names) which is almost too light for my winter complexion, but it's a neutral to warm fair shade. It matches my always pale neck in the winter perfectly and I could use it as a sort of highlighting product on my face. 


Maybelline Inastant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer 00 Ivory  - It's the lightest pale neutral to warm tone.
Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer 010 Light - Slightly darker, more neutral toned.
Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 010 Porcellain -The darkest and more  neutral to warm toned.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer C1 - Another very light shade, but a more neutral to cool tone. It's just as pale as Maybelline. 


Despite being sort of velvet in finish, it doesn't feel drying and it lets sebum through, which isn't ideal for oily skin. Sometimes I noticed it sitting on top of the skin and sort of emphasizing dry parts and fine lines. In general, I prefer this on no foundation days or instead of foundation, because it has descent coverage and feels lightweight on the skin. 

I wasn't as blown away by it as I thought I will be. It's a good concealer, but I prefer other formulas over it. I think this will be perfect for normal skin without any major imperfections. Coverage is surprisingly good for such a light formula. It sometimes sits funny on my skin and doesn't stay matte on my combination skin. I love very pale shade which is rare in drugstores in general. On my skin it looks best applies just over skin care and no foundation underneath for a light coverage on minimal makeup days.

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