December 2020 Favorites

It's the end of this year, which if you'd say it was a shitshow, it would be understatement. I'm finishing with my December favorites which were lots of creamy makeup and some new skin care I loved. 

New In (31)

I am very late on my New In posts, so this one features mostly the products I already have full reviews on. There is a few skin care bits that I haven't talked about yet, but I am trying out as well. Expect another new in very soon with some more new products I got.

Catrice Autumn Winter 2020/2021 Products

I have had these products for quite a while now, but I just couldn't come around to write the actual review. Then I realized I accidently deleted my previous notes on these and their comparisons, but I managed to save most of my thought and write them all down. It's all about the new products for autumn and winter 2020/2021 that have been added to Catrice range. Catrice is one of my favorite drugstore brands so I am always looking forward to trying new products. 

Review: Catrice Advent Calendar DIY 2020

Catrice has made Advent Calendar for 2020 that is DIY, so you can do it yourself. They've included 24 product, each for every day leading up to Christmas and you can arrange them into small bags in your preferred order. You can also gift some of these products to others, if you know you won't be using them all. I believe this isn't the first DIY calendar by them, they've had one last year as well.  I'm a little late to posting it, but I hope it helps, if you're still considering getting it.

Wishlist 2020

I rarely do these wishlists posts, probably once a year around holidays. It's just one of the more fun blog posts that I get to do more for myself than anyone else really. This is sort of like my shopping list for when I have the budget to invest and some of these never get to my home and that's ok too. I just love doing these sort of lists so that I make better choices when sales come around and I don't just buy whatever is on sale. 

Review: Essence Hello, Good Stuff - Serum, Primer, Tinted Beauty Cream (20) and 3in1 Face Mist

Essence is slowly introducing a lot of vegan products into their regular range and I had the chance to try out few skin care and makeup products from Hello, Good Stuff collection. From what I've tried, I liked. I think it's a very descent drugstore vegan option for those interested. 

November 2020 Favorites

Very uneventful month is behind us and I only hope December will be a merry one. I've been testing lots of new products this month and I am featuring some of those that I liked the most. I don't apply much makeup these days, because I don't leave the house much anyway.