Review: Avon True Euphoric Volume & Length Mascara - Brown Black

Usually, Avon mascaras don't do it for me, because most of them have a drier formula which doesn't build up as much volume as I would like. But their new Euphoric mascara is actually one of the few that I really like and has become my favorite from them. I have been wearing it every day for weeks already.


It comes in a duochrome turquoise purple packaging with rose gold metallic writing. It has one of those natural bristles wand which is pretty big. Shape of it is sort of hourglass, but with a wider bottom. I don't feel like the shape of it does anything special.

In it is 10 ml of product and it costs 5.90€.


As per usual for Avon, this is also a bit drier formula, but it has just enough wetness to it that it builds up easier than most of their other mascaras. If you want a lot of volume, you will need to apply at least two coats.


It comes in three colors - blackest black, brown black and navy. I have it in brown black which is a really dark brown, almost like black. I personally didn't even realize, until I looked at the shade name, that I was using brown color. I think I liked it even better because of a bit softer shade.

Left: curled lashes and no mascara, Middle: one coat of mascara on upper lashes, Right: two coats on upper lashes and one on bottom lashes


One coat gives you defined, longer looking lashes which don't clump. Second coat gives your lashes more volume as well as keeping them fairly separated. I don't notice it clumping up, probably due to drier formula. It doesn't drop my curl either, but then again I don't usually have problem with that.

What I also really like about this mascara, it doesn't crumble on me. I can wear it for the whole day and it stays on really well. Removing it can be a bit harder than my usual L'Oreal or Maybelline mascaras, but I can still remove it with Bioderma Sensibio H2O..

This is definitely my favorite Avon mascara so far, right next to the SpectraLash one. I hate that you have to go in and really build up Avon mascara's, if you want thicker lashes and more volume like me, but it totally redeems itself with the fact that it doesn't crumble and stays on so well. It also gives my lashes such nice definition despite a good volume as well. I have been using it non-stop and actually put my L'Oreal Extatic Paradise to the side, which says a lot, because I am usually very loyal to my favorite mascaras. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Wau, ta pa ima efekt :). Samo, da se ne bo prehitro posušila :)

    1. Malo se že suši, ampak ok, jo že kar veliko uporabljam. Mislim, da se ne bo tako hitro sušila kot L'Oreal Paradise, ampak žal je že v osnovi formula suha, tako da sem vedela, da bo to možnost :). Je pa res super efekt - volumen, ki ni clumpy.

  2. Ni mi še uspelo prebrati objave do danes, ampak ravno pišem review in sem hotela dodati tvoj link do review-ja in sem tudi ravno napisala, da je tudi meni samo SpectraLash ostala v spominu, kot dobra maskara od Avona :D Sem imela v spominu, da sem na blogu ocenila veliko več Avonovih maskar, ampak očitno ne :D Ta pa je res super, ta nova Distillery pa tudi, ampak je vseeno bolj "lahka" kot ta :D

    1. Imava pa res isti okus, če sva si obe zapomnili ravno ti dve :D. Ta me je res pozitivno presenetila. Nisem pričakovala tako lepega volumna.

      Mislim, da obe dobiva kar veliko Avonovih maskar, pa ne piševa za vse ocene. Ker jaz jih ne. Samo omenim v New In, če me ne impresionirajo.

      Sem najprej hotela dat to Distillery kar naprej, zdaj jo bom pa preizkusila, če praviš, da je dobra :).