Review: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Pebiotic Moisturizer

La Roche-Posay is one of those brands that I always recommend for sensitive skin. They seem to make fairly basic products that don't interrupt your natural skin barrier and help to protect it. I believe their Prebiotic Moisturizer is one of the newest products. If you're a skin care junkie, you must have heard about probiotics and prebiotics in skin care. They are definitely something to look for, if you have dry and sensitive skin.

Red For Christmas

I've been seeing combination of purple eye makeup with red lips a lot. So I thought of doing something similar as Christmas makeup this year. Instead of using bright purples, I used mauve shades and did a bright pastel lavender in the inner corner. No Christmas makeup is complete without the signature red lip and I went for metallic option which is so on trend this year.

Christmas Rudolph Nails

I realized I haven't posted any reindeer Christmas nail design on my blog, but I'm pretty sure I did it already on my nails. I had some spare time and decided it was time to do it now. The holidays are here. I call it Rudolf inspired because of the red nose. Red, gold and green is just a classic and my favorite Christmas combination. 

Review: Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair 1993 (Lipstick and Lip Pencil)

I got this Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair 1993 set as a gift by lovely Astrid in the beginning of this year, but I was saving review for colder months, since the color is perfect for this season. I have to say I only tried Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and recently their All Nighter Setting Spray, but this set I also really enjoyed, so I would love to try out some more of their products.

My Favorite - Nude Lipsticks

I consider nude lipsticks those kind of shades that look similar to your natural lip color. My natural lip color is pretty pale, so every nude looks much brighter on me. In this selection I feature some more brown tones, some warmer leaning towards peach as well as some more pink tones. 

New In (21)

Today I'm talking about some new affordable drugstore launches as well as some new to me products that have impressed me. There are also some of the usual repurchases.

Snowflake Sparkle Nails

I believe, I didn't make any snowflake manicure on my blog yet. There's a first time for everything. Searching for some inspiration on Pinterest, I noticed that snowflakes are the most popular design for winter. I decided to make pastel blue and silver version. Making the base color matte also made a huge difference in this design looking even more sparkly to contrast glittery snowflakes. 

My Favorite - Eyeliners, Eye Pencils, Mascaras

When it comes to eyeliners, eye pencils and mascaras I don't experiment as much as with all other types of products. When I find something that I like, I'll repurchase rather than buy something new. I'm also pretty cheap when it comes to these kind of products, because you should replace your eyeliners and mascaras after about 3 months. I don't do that with all, especially the ones that still have a lot of product in it, but I always replace mascaras, because they are the closest to my eyes.

Review: L.O.V. PERFECTitude Aura Glow Powder

Obviously I am easily impressed with highlighters, but I have so many of them, that I know a good highlight when I see it. And this one by L.O.V. named PERFECTitude Aura Glow Powder is an absolute drugstore winner. I am so in love with it and can't put it down ever since I got it. 

November 2018 Favorites

Usually I include a lot of makeup in my favorites, but this month I've been a bit on the low with makeup. I have some good skin care and body care suggestions as well as some great finds in makeup brushes. 

My Favorite - Single Eyeshadows

I've already talked about my favorite eyeshadow palettes and I promised in that post that I'll do another one of my favorite single eyeshadows. I have a few single eyeshadows that I really like and only five made it to this cut. It's not just boring neutrals, there are some colorful choices in here too. 

My Wishlist

Holidays are coming and so is my birthday in the beginning of January. Usually, I buy all my makeup and skin care myself, but I have a wishlist on my Pinterest more as a reminder for me. It's also a good way of sharing what I'm currently liking with all of you. Maybe I'll give you some ideas on what to buy for your relatives and such. I even included links on where to buy it (more for Slovenia). It's mostly makeup, skin care, body care, fragrance and some other products as well.

Review: Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder Precious Petals and Coloricon Blush Rose Champagne

Wet n Wild is one of those popular drugstore brands that offers good products at affordable prices. I actually picked these up on Click2Chic, because the Coloricon Blush in Rose Champagne was at a half price. I also picked up Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals, because I've heard it's a dupe for Becca Opal and I didn't wanted to invest in that one without knowing, if it's going to be too dark for me. 

My Favorite - Eyeshadow Palettes

Along with highlighter, eyeshadow palettes are my second favorite things to buy. I also don't do it often, because they are usually quite expensive and I'm trying to buy those that add another dimension to my collection, not just repeat a lot of neutrals. I have four that I consider my favorite based on how often I use them. 

Makeup Wishlist Tag

I was tagged by Sandra from Keep Calm And Wear Lipstick blog to do this Makeup Wishlist Tag.  Thank you Sandra for tagging me. I've actually seen this tag going around and like it. It's one of those that I was actually excited to write. I'm planing on doing a full post of my current wishlist as well.

Review: Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion

Avon is currently dominating my fragrance collection and there are a lot of their fragrances that are my all time favorites. A lot of their fragrances are made in collaboration with famous designers or celebrities. They already collaborated with Kenzo Takada once on their Life fragrance, so this is the second installment. This time they named the fragrance Life Colour by Kenzo Takada.

Review: Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow Glass Bull and Super Shock Shadow Birthday Wish

I like all the products that I have tried so far from Colourpop. It's definitely one of my top makeup brands that I wish was available within the EU, because it's a hassle getting your package to your country and dealing with customs. Whenever they have good deals, I order some products that are on my wishlist. This time I bough their Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Wish, Pressed Powder Shadow in Glass Bull and Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian.

My Favorite - Blushes

When it comes to blushes I prefer something more on the  warmer peach or brown side. That doesn't mean I don't wear pink blushes, I just don't wear them as often as all those peachy ones. In general I’m a warm toned lover, so I also like warmer pinks and those that have a muddy or mauve base to it. To me blush gives a bit of color to the face, but I never want it to be the center of my makeup look, so I prefer something that looks slightly sheerer. I have a good collection of blushes, but I decided to feature only those that I would really miss in my collection, if I would for some reason loose it.

Fall Orange Nail Art (Collaboration with Katja Nail2express)

I finally got back to doing more nail designs. Part of the reason is also me going to nail courses, because it's another field that I want to better myself in. Today's nail art is in collaboration with Katja who writes Nail2express blog. Her blog is all about nails - nail art, nail polish reviews and some really useful nail tips. Definitely check it out, she will help you find inspiration for your next manicure. I personally admire her stamping nail designs, I've tried this once and gave up on it. It's harder than it seems.

October 2018 Favorites

I didn't wear much makeup in October, so I don't have a lot of favorites. Most of the new products I've just started using at the end of the month, but already love them. Some are just standard fall products that I always go back to in this time of year.

Skull Mask Makeup

It's Halloween weekend here in Slovenia and I decided to try to make one more Halloween look. Skull is a classic and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Halloween. I didn't wanted to do a classic skull makeup, so I did partial skull makeup in a way that it looks like I'm wearing skull mask. I tried to shade it to make it look more mask like. It's really simple and you don't need much to make it work, you can just use your regular makeup products.

New In (20)

Another post of few new bits that I received or bought. It's a mix of few staple repurchases as well as some new products that caught my eye. You'll find a short review of each.

Review: Blithe Patting Water Pack Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey and Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

I haven't heard of Blithe as a brand before, but when I was researching these products, I found that they are pretty popular in terms of winning some beauty awards. Their page is Korean, so I can't read it. Basically, it's supposed to be a natural brand that doesn't test on animals. Their main goal is to prevent visible aging signs caused by pollution. Ingredients are supposed to be pure and packaged into modern formulas. Because it's also sold in Sephora, I would categorize it as high end skin care brand

Jolse often times has products that they give away for review purposes and you can apply. If you get chosen, they send the product to you and you write a review for your blog. I find it to be a great way of discovering new Korean skin care that I wouldn't notice otherwise.

My Favorite - Bronzers and Highlighters

I'm continuing my favorite posts with bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers are my least explored area, since I find it hard to find light shades in drugstore ranges. However, highlighters are my love and I have way too many of them.

When it comes to bronzers, I want something for lighter skin tone, either matte or just sheeny. I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers, because I often times want bronzer to also slightly contour my face. My favorite highlighters are more of champagne and light gold shades, but I like different tones as well, considering that the formula is good. Sometimes I want something more metallic and sometimes it's all about a subtle sheen. 

Cute Bunny Makeup

Halloween is supposedly associated with disgusting, bloody and scary costumes, but since we in Slovenia don't really celebrate Halloween, why not create something more cute. Maybe I'll do something more Halloween appropriate too, if I have time, but for now here's a cute looking bunny that you can use for any costume party. I gathered some ideas from the internet and threw them together in my own way. Who doesn't like bunnies, right?!

Review: Noelle Makeup Brush 19 and Makeup Brush Case

When a was on a day trip in VaraĹždin (Croatia), I found this makeup brand called Noelle in their Bipa. As far as I could found on the internet, this must be Croatian brand, but correct me, if I'm wrong. Their makeup products are available in Bipa stores. Brushes were really affordable and I'm a sucker for eye brushes, so I got the blending one. I also bought their makeup brush case which is really well made and great to travel with. For more of their products browse here

My Favorite - Powders

When it comes to powders, I prefer loose transparent ones. At first there were only compact powders available in the drugstores and I remember most brands didn't have loose powders yet, let alone those transparent shades. As they become popular, drugstore brands also started to do these types and now you can find them in most local drugstores. I prefer these loose powders, because they have very fine powder particles, they blend into nothing, so you can combine them with different shades of foundations and in general look more lightweight on the skin.

I use powders to set my foundation almost all the time, maybe a bit less in the winter. I don't like sticky foundation feel, plus my T zone tends to get really oily, so I like locking it in with powder. Powder also provides a smoother base for any other powder products that I put on top and prevents my foundation to move too much.

September 2018 Favorites

This has to be one of those rare months that I'm actually including more old products in my favorites instead of the new ones. I've been testing some new products too, but mostly, my makeup has been super simple and for that I always go back to my tried and loved products. 

My Favorite - Foundations and Concealers

I got the idea to do these posts when one of my readers Sarah wrote to me and ask me, if I could do a round-ups of my favorites according to the type of product. I do monthly and yearly favorites, but in the wave of new products, I forget to talk about those staples that I actually love the most. In these posts I'll try to talk only about the products that are still available to buy, so there won't be any limited edition products here.

I'm starting this series with the basic - foundations and concealers. When it comes to foundations, I like a good coverage, although I also have some with lighter coverage for those good skin days. Semi matte finish is what I usually go for, but for winter I like something with a bit of sheen. I have about NC15 skin tone, when I'm not tanned and my skin type is combination and tends to get drier in the winter. When it comes to concealers I just love a good coverage as well, even more so than with foundations. Doe foot applicator is my favorite as well as liquid concealer formulas in general. 

Review: Asian Sheet Masks - Innisfree, Etude House, Missha, My Beauty Diary, Papa Recipe, Mizon

Sheet masks are one of those products that you either love or hate. Some love pampering their skin with these every once in a while and others seem to either hate the feel of a cotton sheet on the face or think it's unnecessary step in the skin care routine. I love a good sheet mask, more than I like regular clay masks. Reason being, that I associate it with pamper time and I love the feeling of sheet mask on the skin as well as the glowy effect that it leaves on the skin. It's the perfect base for special events makeup or as an extra nourishing treatment for when you're skin is just a bit meh.

Sheet masks originated in Asia, so I tend to go for their brands of masks more than European, although European brands have also been making their versions. I have decided to put all the Asian sheet masks that I have tried so far in this post. This will give you a brief review of each that I've tried and hopefully, help you decided, if it's for you or not.

Marble Nails

I've just been loving marble design on everything lately, especially paired with blushing pinks. My first attempt at marble nails was a disaster, so I looked up some of tutorials on YouTube. I used the same technique that Kristin Gardner showed in her tutorial. I think it definitely made it look the most realistic with the littlest of effort.

Trend Alert 2018: Pink Eyeshadow

Pink is usually reserved for spring. But it's making a comeback in the form of an eyeshadow this fall. I've been seeing pink eyeshadow looks on famous beauty bloggers as well as Hollywood superstars. Apparently, you'll be looking through pink colored glasses this season. Pink eyeshadow is not the easiest to wear, since it has a certain 80's vibe, but it can be done. You can create subtle rosy hues or go for bold vibrant pink shimmery lid. It's all up to your personal style and level of commitment to this trend.

New In (19)

This time I mostly have products that I purchased or repurchased. There are also some that I bought specifically for my seaside holiday. Also included are some interesting new PR products that you can already find in stores.

Review: Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Highlighters, 143 Shadow and On Board Glossy Lip

I always say, I'm not buying from Colourpop anymore, because of the customs, but then I'm tempted again. Colourpop is just one of those brands that I love and would love to buy more, if they had European shop. They really need to do that asap. Anyways, I got a few more bits from them, when they had a sale going on. I never buy full price for Colourpop products, because the shipping is expensive enough.

Review: Essence Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish - 02 razzle dazzle

I'm continuing my reviews with another Essence product that has been added to their range for this upcoming season. It's their Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish. I remember Essence having a peel off base nail polish that you'd apply on the nails and then go over with a glittery nail polish. The base would suppose to just peel off, but it didn't. However, seems Essence finally figured it out, because this one definitely peels off in one piece.

Review: Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow, Camouflage+ Matt Concealer and Soft Contouring Lipliner

I picked up some of the new products from Essence standard range and I've already had the chance to test them out, so here are my thoughts. I have to say, I picked well, because I like all of these products. If you don't know, Essence changes their standard range every spring and fall, so it's not the best idea to get attached to their products. 

August 2018 Favorites

August has left the building and so has summer. I'm finishing this post on a rainy afternoon, but my favorites are still very much connected to those hot summery days. I mostly have some new products that have impressed me this month, but also some that have been in my stash patiently waiting to be used again.

Review: Avon Trendy Beauty Box

Apparently, Avon has decided to stick with the beauty box concept and there is already a new one that you can buy. It's part of their latest campaign and it's mostly makeup, which I like. Let's take a closer look at what's inside. 

Review: Catrice Brow Colorist Brow Mascara (020 Medium) and Dewy-ful Lips (020 Let's DEW This!)

Catrice and Essence revamp their product range in the spring and fall. These two products are newly added members to their standard range for the fall/winter season of 2018. I decided to pick up only those products that really stood out to me and that I know I will use. For now. I'm sure, I'll get some more, after I read reviews from my fellow bloggers. But so far, I'm loving both, Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-permanent Brow Mascara and Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter.

Review: Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Chrome and Holographic

Avon's Gel Shine is my favorite nail polish range from them. I love the shade selection as well as creamy and not too thick formula. They often times expend their ranges and the same happened a few months ago. They've added new chrome shades as well as some that they describe as mermaid vibes.

Smoky Purples

Purple was one of my fist colorful eyeshadows I started using, when I was in high school. It's been my beloved eyeshadow color ever since, even though I don't use it as often as for example my neutral browns. Smoky eye isn't what I would usually go for, but if I do, I prefer it to be colorful. Hence why I'm posting this purple smoky eye today. In general, purple eyeshadows look bomb on brown eyes as well as green ones.

Review: Bourjois Blush - 33 Golden Lilac

I got this blush as a gift from a lovely friend Astrid. It's my first Bourjois blush, but I know this baked formula from their eyeshadows that I once had, many years ago. I wasn't sure I would like it, but the shade looks super natural, so I often reach for it when I want something pinkier. 

Review: Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream Mix Me

I'm sure you've all heard of Nivea Soft Cream. It's one of the basic drugstore universal creams for all parts of the body. Nivea in general has a long tradition among my relatives and I feel like at one point everyone used it and some are still faithful to it. This summer Nivea came out with a Mix Me set of three scented versions that you can mix and match to create your own scent.

Review: Ecotools Define & Highlight Duo Makeup Brushes

It's rare that I post a separate brush review, because I just feel like most of you aren't that interested in these posts. I've done post of my favorite brushes, but whenever I come upon some really nice for the price, I want to share it with you. Today is that occasion. I'm talking about Ecotools, which is a brand the brand that is not talked about a lot, but has great quality brushes. I've recently ordered their Define & Highlight Duo and it deserves a separate review.

Review: Avon Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette - Color Crush and The Big Intense Kohls

I recently received the most colorful palette from Avon Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette collection - shade Color Crush and I wanted to share it on the blog, because I think it's so fun. Avon has also updated packaging and added some new shades to their The Big Intense Kohl Longwear Kohl Eyeliner and I'm sharing with you new shades.

July 2018 Favorites

July has been one of those favorite months, because I got to go on a short vacation by the sea. Those always make me so happy and yet said in a way, when I have to leave back home. I've also been discovering some new favorites that I can't put down as well as rediscovering some old ones that are worth mentioning. 

Favorite Repurchased Products

I'm always mentioning new products in my favorites as well as in my reviews, but I don't get to talk about those products that I repurchase and truly love on daily basis. This is why I decided to do a whole post dedicated to those products that I'm loving and have repurchase multiple times. I think it speaks volumes when you repurchase something. It means you really like it. Especially in this day of ages where you're bombarded with new products all the time. 

Review: NYX Pro Foundation Mixer - White

I realize this review should have been written a while ago. I had this product for about 10 months now, plus white foundations tend to be more sought after in the winter time, but nonetheless, I finally made up my mind about this. It's definitely one of must have products for all of your that like higher coverage and find most drugstore foundations to be too dark for your skin tone. 

Kissy Nails

I once did lip design on my nails, but I never posted that manicure on the blog. So I decided to do this lip design again, but on nude base which I really enjoy these days. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure and everyone seemed to think I stamped it on, but it's actually a free hand design.