Review: Catrice Advent Calendar DIY 2020

Catrice has made Advent Calendar for 2020 that is DIY, so you can do it yourself. They've included 24 product, each for every day leading up to Christmas and you can arrange them into small bags in your preferred order. You can also gift some of these products to others, if you know you won't be using them all. I believe this isn't the first DIY calendar by them, they've had one last year as well.  I'm a little late to posting it, but I hope it helps, if you're still considering getting it.


You get 24 products in paper box with geometric design. It's denim blue, blush pink and gold vibe. Inside you also get paper bags and metallic gold number stickers so you can create your own calendar. I find this also good idea to gift others. If you want to buy calendar for yourself, but you won't use all the products, you can gift them to others buy wrapping them in those little cute bags.

Price of advent calendar is 34.99€.

Most of the products in this calendar are the ones that have been regular on Catrice stand, but have been discontinued. so there is a chance you already own some of them. 8 of those products are actually limited edition and you can't buy them on their stand. I always thought all of the products in calendar would be either their best sellers or completely new products, but to include basically old stock in it, is just weird. Why not include all of their best sellers so you know you're getting the best and therefore promote the brand further.

I am going to list the products in order that I would apply them. I haven't tried them all out, because that would be a waste. I know I won't use all of these products, so I might give them away untouched to those that actually will get more use out of them. The ones I have tried I will write how I liked them. 

Light Correcting Serum Primer Candlelight - 010 Candlelight

Nude liquid primer which massages into a complete matte finish, but tiny shimmer in it gives your skin quite opaque nude white sheen. This is pretty pale and will look dusty on anyone that isn't pale or light skin toned. It makes my skin white looking. But the sheen it gives it's so lovely. It's a proper sheen with no visible shimmer. This won't work well with dry skin, because it's not moisturizing. It has sort of a fruity sweet scent.

HD Active Performance Primer SPF30 - 010 Active Life

Cool blue toned white liquid that massages into transparent veil of slightest sheen. It doesn't do much for my skin, I think it's just a very thin layer of SPF. It's scented.

I have a review of two other shades. It's not my favorite. Coverage isn't all that high and it can look cakey on my skin, plus it's not hydrating for under the eyes. 

Allround Colour Correction Palette 

I have had other versions of this kind of palette from Catrice, so I can't say what the formula is on this one. I find their color correctors nice in terms of color, because it's not too bright so you can cover it, but sometimes formula is to slip to stay in place.

LE Advent Calendar DIY Multipurpose Brush

It has shorter, like mini version, gold plastic holder and white synthetic bristles. Bristles are tapered, very soft, slightly dense and create rounder top which is great for multiple uses. I actually like it as foundation brush to really extend foundation around my whole face in a light layer. It works good with cream blushes or bronzers and can be used for powder products as well, but it's denser, so you won't get the lighter application of blush with this. 

Golden Dust Highlighter Drops - 010 Spacegold

Pale golden liquid which dries down to a matte finish. It gives the skin elegant sheen with no visible shimmer. Sheen is golden, but with a copper mixed into it, so it reflects almost a bit duo chrome, but copper undertone is very subtle. 

Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder - 010 Jupiter's Glow

It looks like this is very cool toned shade because of the cool purple blue marble design in white highlighter. I haven't tried it though.

LE Catrice Advent Calendar DIY Powder Highlighter - C01 Soft Candlelight

It's wet powder texture highlighter with pale champagne shade and slight gold tone to it. This could be worn on cool to warm skin tones, but would look best on light skin tone. Formula is very wet, so harder to pick up with a brush. Shimmer in it is very fine, but reflects light almost metallic. It's very similar to LE Glow In Bloom highlighter in C01 Jasmine Blossom , though the one from Glow In Bloom seems to maybe be a tad more golden or yellow and just a tad less reflective. But if you have that one, skin this one.

LE Catrice Advent Calendar DIY Powder Blush - C01 Blushing Excitement

Powder blush with soft formula that is very pigmented, too pigmented in my opinion. I can't seem to apply this without it looking very intense on my skin and it's not the easiest to blend out. You have to use it with very fluffy blush and apply light pressure. It's medium muted brick red shade that will work on medium to dark skin as well.

Superbia Vol.1 Warm Copper Eyeshadow Edition - 010 Bronze Upon A Dream

Warm toned palette with matte, shimmery and satin shades.

Superbia Vol.2 Frosted Taupe Eyeshadow Edition - 010 I Cy Fire

Neutral and cool toned eyeshadow palette with matte, shimmery and satin shades. On a first look this one reminds me a lot of Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette.

Soul Searchers Palette A Porter Eyeshadow - 020 Namaste All Day

Very slim eyeshadow palette with all shimmery shades. Formula is either very wet or almost creamy.

1 - pale warm shimmery beige 
2 - pale neutral shimmery beige
3 - medium warm shimmery copper brown
4 -  medium warm shimmery bronze
5 - medium cool shimmery taupe brown
6 - medium neutral shimmery blue with slight green undertone

Shades 1, 2 and 3 are all on the wet side of the formula, but shades 3, 4 and 5 are practically creamy to the touch. Those look lighter in the pan, but once you swipe your finger across them, you notice the base layer is a lot darker.

The Blazing Bronze Collection Eyeshadow Palette - 010 Call It What You Want

Rose toned eyeshadow palette and it looks like all shades are shimmery. 

Eyeshadow Stix - 090 Beautista's Choice

Cream shimmery taupe shade in a stick form with triangular shape.

Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow - 070 Less Bitter, More Glitter!

Creamy eyeshadow that you apply with a soft fluffy flat applicator like you would lip gloss. It's very pigmented and opaque with just one swipe. Charcoal base has lots of intense silver shimmer and small glitter which reflects light amazingly. Its's the perfect party eyeshadow. It also sets in place and doesn't move or crease. I applied it on top of black powder eyeshadow here. 

Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara 24h Lifestyle Proof

I haven't opened it, but it says on the back it's waterproof and should give extreme volume. 

I actually have this in another shade. I love tiny precise brush wand which coats each lash. Formula isn't supper pigmented and it's a bit wet, so you have to wait for it to dry down. It has fibers in it so it makes your brows look thicker and gives them color. I would like it too also set them in place, but it's not the best for that. 

I also have this product in another shade. It's thicker lip gloss with fun duo chrome reflections and metallic finish. It's a bit sticky, but feels very comfortable and you can't feel shimmer in it. It looks most interesting applied over colored lipsticks. Shade 030 looks like copper red duochrome.

Generation Matt Cofortable Liquid Lipstick - 090 Girls Bite Back

Medium mauve pink shade.

LE Advent Calendar DIY Glitter Lip - C01 Blushing Excitement

It's cream lipstick that doesn't apply smooth It's a bit thicker formula that is very opaque in one swipe. Small shimmer in it gives it velvet metallic finish. It's not all that comfortable to wear. Shade is medium neutral red with tiny gold and red shimmer.

LE Advent Calendar DIY Nail Polishes 

I rarely apply nail polish anymore, so I haven't tried these, but I have many Catrice nail polishes and in general I like their formula. It's mostly creamy and opaque in two layers.

Shades from left to right:
C01 Unwrapped Nude - light taupe
C04 Blushing Excitement - medium classic to warm red
C02 Soft Candlelight - shimmery pale champagne gold
C03 Sparkling Flakes - transparent base with bigger rose gold hexagons and smaller glitter

Here I applied one of the Soul Searches eyeshadow shade on the lid. I also applied LE highlighter, blush and lipstick from this Advent Calendar. 

The price is good for the amount of product you get, I am just not convinced by the fact that there are mostly just older products in it that aren't even available anymore in their standard range. If you can't do all new limited edition products, at least include best sellers that you know most of people will love. I am not advent calendar buyer, because I never like all the products that are in one of these. Now, if you have a lot of makeup lover friends than that's not a problem, you may gift the things that don't fit you style to others, but I still think there needs to be the best of the best in calendars. I will say all of these products are full sizes which is a big plus and there isn't any annoying products in it like a nail file (who likes that?!). There is also a nice range of products for the face, eyes, lips and nails. However including concealer is wasteful, because the shade won't apply to all skin tones. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Se strinjam s tabo v praktično vsem. Res dobiš veliko za ta denar in če si začetnik v mejkapu je v redu komplet, samo mene moti, da so notri večinoma stvari, ki so že ukinjene. Kot sem že prej rekla izgleda kot da so jim ostali izdelki kot so jih ukinjali in so se jih zdaj znebili tako, da so jih dali v koledar. Bi mi bil bolj zanimiv, če bi bila kombinacija novih, best seller in LE izdelkov, ampak verjamem, da je bila marsikatera zelo vesela tega adventnega koledarja :)

    1. Ja jaz bi tudi tako rekla, kot da so vse viške ostankov kar zmetali v kolendar. Zame je sicer point teh kolendarjev, da dobiš dober vpogled v znamko z raznolikostjo izdelkov. Tu so vse možne vrste izdelkov, ampak kaj ko jih več ne moreš kupit. Zelo so mi všeč tudi ideje, da je npr izdelek nek best seller ampak v LE embalaži. Pač take pozornosti. Je pa res, da je večina potem kar zasoljena z mini izdelki, tukaj pa za denar res dobiš veliko, ni kaj.